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iPhone 6s Photography

Lesson 11 of 11

Keeping Pictures: Digital Files vs. Physical Pictures

Julia Kelleher

iPhone 6s Photography

Julia Kelleher

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11. Keeping Pictures: Digital Files vs. Physical Pictures

Lesson Info

Keeping Pictures: Digital Files vs. Physical Pictures

Well one of the things that I see so many people do is not print their images and I'm just as guilty of this is most people you know I have probably four five thousand images on my iphone and some of them will never see the light of day they just stay on my phone and that's it however I do have a few that I've converted to black and white and I've made a black and white printed wall in my hallway and it's all my child and I need to update it like you know the shoemaker whose kids have no shoes right that's me but printing is really what allows you to enjoy the images you know keep it on the phone back it up to the icloud where you can you keep a good backup of that digital copy but also print printing your files really is the safest place for them and I'll explain while why in a minute this image is so popular with all of my photography students the image of the cd on the wall with the quote honey that cd looks perfect said no one ever and it's true no one puts a cd or usb on their wal...

l and goes oh that looks amazing you have to print your images and in the digital age it's a challenge to do because we're all in a hurry we want that instant gratification we want to share the images well printing is what's really going to take that to the next level? Digital files are extremely sensitive they're not archival it's not a fact they haven't figured out a way to make any elektronik file archival whether it be a next cell spreadsheets, a word document whatever and some scientists out there are really worried that this generation of people the next century or so it's going to be another dark age because we'll have so many elektronik files failing and since we keep everything electronically nowadays it is a real danger so the way you can prevent that with your own family's heirlooms and images is to print the images digital files are easily corruptible, they're easily lost I mean if someone steals your iphone or you leave it on on an airplane somewhere, your images are gone and it's so it's so important to back him up to the icloud number one and the number two truly print the ones that you are your favorites and they want to keep around for forever reason why an archival professional print is archival to one hundred years or more it's permanent it's indestructible for the most part very easy to store to store in a cool, dark dry place it's easy to enjoy and it's built to last and I want you to think about it this way we can always scan and make a new digital negative from a print okay, yeah, we'll be is high quality? No, but at least you'll be able to reprint it again if you have a corrupted digital file it's gone and we can never print from it ever. So a print is a great way to at least are somewhat archive lee, preserve your images, keep them forever and again, we can always make a new digital negative from a print we can't print from a corrupted file, and I tell my clients that every day and yet does it scare him a little bit? It does, but it should, because digital files technically are very transitory, they're very flimsy and they're not going to last so it's really important to back the stuff up as well as printed because one little glitch in that file and you'll never be able toe print it again. And what a shame that would be to lose some of your family memories. Printing from your phone is very easy. As a matter of fact, there's so many acts out there there's an app for that to do it, and I'm going to suggest some to you here. I love artifact, uprising, they have good color, their professional lab, they do amazing books and albums mosaic books is the same way books to me. I used all the time they are a professional lab that's connected to your instagram account, so when you sign up for books to me, you have to put in your instagram information and then every single image that you post on instagram every month or every quarter depending on how you know you asked to have it happen, they will send you an album of your images so every quarter my the lab books to me sends me an album of my inst I can feed and nine times out of ten it's of my son. So I have these beautiful snapshot books four of them per year that are recording his life every year in four different volumes of all of our snapshots, and I don't have to think they just charge my credit card however much it is per quarter, I think it's like forty dollars a quarter and I get a book filled with instagram images that I've shot throughout that entire three month period and picks is another app great for just simple prince as well as postal picks and print studio. Some of them have really, really neat different fun things to do with your images from copy mugs, toe wood blocks, two books toe albums to just basic prints that prince on metal stuff like that that make excellent gifts especially for a holiday season or for birthdays mother's day things like that I am an instagram person, so I love following people who have beautiful images, and you can learn so much by studying other people's work. So here's, a couple of fun accounts to follow. I'm just gonna go ahead. List these here, and you guys can. We will give these in the in the bonus materials that come with the course. These are fun accounts to follow, that are really inspire you to shoot beautiful images with your snapshots. And if you want to find me on social media, this is how to do it. I'm pretty much everywhere, and, of course, I always love sharing with people and with students worldwide. So this has been the iphone six s plus and standard class, hoping that you'll take better snapshots to create beautiful images and family memories that last forever, thanks so much for watching.

Class Description

You’re using your Apple® iPhone® as the interface for your personal world, but its value transcends that. The Apple iPhone 6s is a powerful, versatile piece of technology – particularly when it comes to capturing important life moments. Julia Kelleher will show you how to use your iPhone’s creative capacity to transform your pictures into professional-grade photographs.

In this class, you’ll learn: · 

  • New features to the iPhone 6s 
  • How to pose and light your images 
  • Use powerful apps to print images and edit videos 
  • Share your photos in print and on social media 

Julia will help you identify how to take advantage of the Apple iPhone 6s high-resolution capabilities by choosing the right apps and add-ons. Discover how quickly you can become a contributor to the thriving digital photography scene, or the official documentarian of your family and community.

Your phone is a potent tool to unlock your creative potential, and it’s probably sitting right in front of you as you read this. Sign on with Julia Kelleher for Apple iPhone 6s Photography to find out what you’re capable of!  

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I loved this...Julia was awesome, the quality of the course was amazing and now I'm going to go upgrade my iPhone 6 to 6s b/c I loved this so much

a Creativelive Student

Easy to understand, clear descriptions of iPhone capabilities, settings, and examples--and invitingly presented. More than just a description of the phone, etc. I feel excited and capable to take more and better pictures because I am more equipped to try new ideas rather than just point and shoot as usual. Lively and fun to watch! I watched the entire class!


Julia did a great job covering more than just the basics about iPhonography and the upgrade to 6s. I shoot professionally and was able to glean many great tips from her. Her suggestions on lighting, composition, etc are outstanding and well worth the time to watch this video. Thanks, Julia! I'll look for you on social media and begin following your work!