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iPhone 6s Photography

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Quick and Hidden Tips on the 6s Camera

Julia Kelleher

iPhone 6s Photography

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

2. Quick and Hidden Tips on the 6s Camera

Lesson Info

Quick and Hidden Tips on the 6s Camera

So first off let's talk about some of the quick tips inside the iphone six s one of the best things about the iphone success is this new feature called three d touch three d touch is basically right clicking for your iphone so when you're inside of it you basically just hold down touch and kind of press firm and hold down on your screen and it will come up with all kinds of neat functions. So but this on ly technically works right now on aps that are native to the apple iphone, but I imagine since this is really new technology that all the app makers out there are going to start utilizing this feature as they update their aps that includes editing camera and image editing features as well as printing the's print aps as well will start to utilize the three d touch feature, but right now it works in your camera it works in safari it works synapse that air native teo the apple iphone with that three teeth touch feature can become really important when it comes to accessing your camera qui...

ckly on your desktop screen here so a little hidden tip tio get to your camera quickly you can either tap the camera icahn and hold it and that will immediately give you options to take a selfie record video records loma or take a photo so that's a nice quick way to get your camera app easily you can also from a locked screen, simply swipe up and touch the camera icon down here, and that will immediately get you into your camera quickly and easily. You can, also from an unlocked screen swipe, exiting from a lock screen, swipe up and hit the icon from an unlocked screen. You could do the same thing, swipe up and hit the icon, and this is so important to learn this little quick tip in a shortcut, because all too often, my kids running around with all my great great snaps off like that, the camera out quickly and type like code in and it's, just the moment's gone right? How many times has that happened to you? So by learning some of these quick tip features for getting your camera open quickly, you won't miss that moment, so this is a really great hidden feature to start usual izing right away in your iphone. Ok, so using the grid, the quran is a feature that you can either turn off or on inside your iphone, and when we start talking about composition, you may want to think about turning the grid on, because it's going to help you compose your image is a little bit better, so to get into it, you're going to want to go to your settings, camera and photos, and then selected turn on the grid and you can see here I've kind of screenshot of it for you and I have the grid turned on there you could see with the green the button turning green that means it's on so what does that do? It basically puts a tick tack toe box on your iphone screen what's nice about that is that tick tack toe box marks the power points in on your screen what is the power point when we get to composition I'm going explain this a little bit more but basically it's the rule of thirds for composition if you put your subject on one of those power points where the tick tack toe boxes meet up that's going to be much better composition rather than just smack dab putting your subject in the middle of your frame so having that grid turned on we'll remind you to think about your composition when you're composing your image and will help you take better images right out of the gate okay? So setting focus and exposure in the iphone this is one of the tips that so many people don't know about and it's awesome and not only is it on the iphone six s but it's also on previous versions of the apple iphone so what you could do is when you're in the camera app you want to just hold your camera up and then touch the screen where you wanted to focus okay, so if you wanted to focus down low you can focus there if you wanted to focus up high anywhere in the screen you can touch now if you hold down that you'll see your a box for that matter kind of blanket you and then you'll get this little sign that says a flock it's a little yellow icon appear now the camera has locked focus and locked exposure now I've moved my camera around so it's not going to be accurate but when I do that again hold on lock now I can press on my photo button taken image and where I have locked my exposure and focus is where the image will be in focus and that's another really great tip other things you could do is once you lock focus you can swipe upward to increase the exposure or swipe downward to make a darker so that will help you because sometimes when you're like say out in the snow and you're shooting an image of kids in the snow the camera's going to want to make the snow gray it's kind of how media ring system works inside of inside a camera but snow of course it's not grey it's white so simply by locking focus and exposure and then swiping up you could brighten up your image and making a more beautiful shot straight out of camera without having to go back in and edit and brighten it later okay so touch and hold the camera screen where you want to focus and then of course swipe up or down to adjust that exposure that's a super helpful hidden tip and one that not a lot of people know about but it makes things on the go it makes things afterwards that much easier where you don't have to edit the image or do a lot of work to it which of course saves time, other hidden tips the burst mode and more of course going to demonstrate this but I wanted to talk to you about what it is first if you're trying to capture fast action so say for example you have a little kid running across the field or a dog running towards you you can press and hold the shutter icon you know to take a picture so you see like if you take a picture but you just press and hold and the iphone will burst and they'll take multiple shots per second so that you capture that one awesome shot that you were looking for we get a few out of focus of course you will but it allows you to capture fast action and get that one shot that you were looking for rather than just having to guess and hope that you made it on time so burst mode is really awesome for fast action how they recommend trying to use it make sure you have enough light that the quality and quantity of light is sufficient or to take the image. If you try to do this in the dark it's going to be really, really hard and you probably won't get too many images that are actually in focus, so keep that in mind with the six s there's, a new feature called live you okay live you is really, really cool, and I have a feeling that this is going to get more and more popular as the six s and the subsequent versions of the iphone start to come out. So what is it? Well, live you is basically a mix between a static image, an animated gif and a full on video. I know that sounds really confusing, willem explain. It works by capturing moments before and then right after you snap a shot on the apples in aid of camera app. So basically it takes a little bit of you still frame and a little bit of video, ok it's kind of neat and it's a really short moment that gives you the feeling of being there as if in video, but also gives you that image as well with it. So to turn it on, you go into your camera app. Ok and you hit the button at the very top it's this little icon that kind of looks like a little sunshine or concentric circles and you'll see it turn yellow and that means that live you is turned on okay when you take a live you image you want to make sure and hold still a little bit because it's recording video before and after the shot that you took you also need to keep in mind that it's recording your audio too so don't say anything you don't want her e I guess is this is a trick to it, but it's going to need it really gives you that aspect of taking a photograph but still living in the moment by having that little statement of video before and after the actual snapshot. Now unfortunately, right now on ly people with iphones six s is can you share it with those the only people who can actually see the animated gif that's associated with it? Otherwise you can still send the photo to family and friends, but they won't see the video on the front or the back unless they have an iphone six s as well. But as of course technology begins to change and more and more people adopt the new technology, more and more people will be able to see the animated gifs that go along with a live view when you take that now also keep in mind that the animated live you does take up more memory so when you're shooting images with it if you don't need it, turn it off because it'll just hog the memory from your iphone so really important t keep that in mind I only turn on live you when I really want to use it and I know it's gonna be something that I'm going toe send a family or friend who actually can see that part of it hdr is another really cool feature turn it on by simply hitting hdr if it's not on you'll see and kind of a line through it saying that it's not on you simply have to touch it and you can either put h e r an auto or on manually one ht arias it's called high dynamic range and us photographers professional photographers like to think of it as opening up your shadows and toning down your highlights so it really brings out the best in your shadows and highlights and really makes for a sharp, crisp clean image and sometimes hdr can be super effective in situations where you have high contrast so you're like in bright's son, we've got really deep shadows and super bright light it'll help tone that down a little bit I wouldn't however use hdr and burst mode because hdr tends to cause what we call a shutter a shutter lag and makes the image blurry and looks like movement is going through your images so burst mode you want to keep hdr off, but other images, like portrait's or landscapes, especially landscapes and food shots hdr is going to look amazing and give your images that extra little punch. Okay, time lapse, make it speedy. So basically, if you set up your camera and put it in time lapse mode and hit record, it will take a siri's of still images over time. So say for example, I don't you and your family are building a tree house, okay? You can set up the camera, profit on something, and then press record and time lapse will take a shot every few minutes, every few seconds, and then at the end of it, when you go back to play it, it'll string all those together in a video, hence speeding up your action. So what took you two hours to create is now all of a sudden condensed into just a few minutes of video, making it look like you built the treehouse. Really, really, which could be great for taking long projects that you and your family are doing, and sending them to family and friends and a quick condensed video there by giving them the whole story in just a few minutes, so I love time lapse it's fun I've done it building a sandcastle where we spent you know, two hours making a sandcastle literally shoved into a couple minute video it's fun, it's cheeky its quirky and family and friends love it so basically show a long process very quickly slow motion the iphone six s and previous versions of the iphone have a feature called slow mo basically your take fast action and slow it down just the opposite of what time lapse does so it records that fast action slows it down, making it a fund a watch especially like for example, if family and friends are making funny faces or they're doing silly things I've even taken on iphone slo mo video of a fire like a campfire roasting marshmallows it makes the fire lick and dooney things so experiment around the slow motion it's really fun as well and kind of gets a new take on video with your iphone and finally panorama this is basically taking a shot three hundred sixty degrees around you so I can hold up my phone, keep my horizon line and do a one hundred eighty degree view of a room anything really could be outside it can be inside and it gives justin need image now granted it's long and skinny so printing that can sometimes be a challenge you'll need to go through a professional printer tio get that kind of long shot actually printed but for sharing on social media and keeping it as a digital file format it's a lot of fun and can definitely bring some interesting dynamics t taking images now the six s has some amazing video improvements as well it has four k video this is huge now granted it's important to understand it doesn't make a huge impact on your phone when you're watching it this kind of video for k or even on most tvs really because most people don't have four k televisions at this point yet thankfully, pc monitors do support for kay and sodas youtube so adding that ultra high definition video format to the new iphone puts them on better footing with gopro cameras so allowing you to combine footage and still seeing that nice sharp reveal resolution so that added to four k and new extremely wobble free technology these six s plus has that optical image stabilization so when you're shooting four k video it's going to help you buy by stabilizing avoiding the camera shake that your hands naturally are going toe have so just to know that optical image stabilization is on ly on the six s plus it's not on the regular success so if that's something that you think you need you might want to definitely think about investing in the larger version the phone because it will help take your video up a notch by helping to keep you somewhat stable so four k video is incredible it's ultra high resolution the four k format was named because basically it has four thousand pixels horizontal resolution and meanwhile, standard ten, eighty and seven twenty resolution were named because of the vertical resolution, so that new standard renders more than four times higher image definition than ten, eighty, for example, s o not something you're going to see right away on televisions, but as more and more people adopt that four k technology into their tv it's really incredible display and creates neat videos that are sharp have that incredible resolution and great color. Okay, so overall, the success improvements it has a better censor just the camera alone. The front camera here has twelve megapixels the's selfie camera has been improved and upgraded to five megapixels. So now you're taking an image as a selfie, you're going to see higher resolution and better quality as well. On, of course, those live you photos air also that new feature on the six s, so the selfie camera also, of course, has that built in flash feature. There was so many times when I used to take a selfie in the dark and there's no flash on this side with the older cameras, well, now the new success. Creates like lights up the screen to give you that light that you need in a dark situation for taking snapshots at night. When you're out to dinner and center, it said, you're just a little thing. That adds a lot to your images.

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You’re using your Apple® iPhone® as the interface for your personal world, but its value transcends that. The Apple iPhone 6s is a powerful, versatile piece of technology – particularly when it comes to capturing important life moments. Julia Kelleher will show you how to use your iPhone’s creative capacity to transform your pictures into professional-grade photographs.

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Easy to understand, clear descriptions of iPhone capabilities, settings, and examples--and invitingly presented. More than just a description of the phone, etc. I feel excited and capable to take more and better pictures because I am more equipped to try new ideas rather than just point and shoot as usual. Lively and fun to watch! I watched the entire class!


Julia did a great job covering more than just the basics about iPhonography and the upgrade to 6s. I shoot professionally and was able to glean many great tips from her. Her suggestions on lighting, composition, etc are outstanding and well worth the time to watch this video. Thanks, Julia! I'll look for you on social media and begin following your work!