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iPhone 6s Photography

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Tips to Taking a GREAT Selfie

Julia Kelleher

iPhone 6s Photography

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

7. Tips to Taking a GREAT Selfie

Lesson Info

Tips to Taking a GREAT Selfie

Whether you like them or not, selfies are here to stay. Everybody has shot a selfie, I think in their lifetime, especially with something like the iphone success, of course it has a camera in the front of it, so you can simply reverse the camera and take a picture of yourself wherever you like. Now. Yes, selfies can be overused, but they are a lot of fun and especially with the six s with the new features in the camera, you can actually take much better self is now so what's new? Well, the stealthy camera on the six s is now a five megapixel camera, which gives them a lot better resolution. It sees light a little better, you're going to get a higher quality image, especially in somewhat low light situation. So tips with selfies. First of all, hold the camera up high when you shoot down like this, you're going to shoot up your nose and that's just not attracted to anyone. So hold the camera pie it's going to take about ten pounds off you believe it or not, and you can either shoot with ...

one finger and, you know, snapped the shot kind of putting yourself in the third, and what fun is that mile to shooting me right now for the video is going to be in it and we're doing I have a live view on, so not only can you do live view from with the forward camera, but you can also do it with the selfie camera too, which makes a lot of fun, especially when you've got action happening before and after your selfie. It kind of creates that neat look that the gift does on the success, so you want to hold the camera pie and finally make sure you actually look at the camera instead of the screen? So the camera is up here just above the ear piece where you were here's a conversation on the phone, so when you take your selfie, I know there's a huge temptation to want to look at yourself when you do it, but don't look up at the camera and stamp a shot to keep things nice and high, and it will actually slim you down a little bit and give you a fun image so let's, go ahead and look at those and you'll see that when I hold and press down that there's a little bit of video action and I kind of made a mistake there actually believe it or not, the when you do live you and you take the shot, make sure you hold still for a couple of seconds afterwards because the camera's still recording that little snippet of video and as you can see in this one when I tried to do it, I got the video. But then I took the camera down too quickly and didn't get the back and video, so to speak, but live use a lot of fun. You can create some neat images that kind of capture that moment, and along with it, give you a really fun selfie. So selfies, they're great. They're here to stay. Just learn how to take better ones, so your feet doesn't get, you know, obnoxious with people going so so.

Class Description

You’re using your Apple® iPhone® as the interface for your personal world, but its value transcends that. The Apple iPhone 6s is a powerful, versatile piece of technology – particularly when it comes to capturing important life moments. Julia Kelleher will show you how to use your iPhone’s creative capacity to transform your pictures into professional-grade photographs.

In this class, you’ll learn: · 

  • New features to the iPhone 6s 
  • How to pose and light your images 
  • Use powerful apps to print images and edit videos 
  • Share your photos in print and on social media 

Julia will help you identify how to take advantage of the Apple iPhone 6s high-resolution capabilities by choosing the right apps and add-ons. Discover how quickly you can become a contributor to the thriving digital photography scene, or the official documentarian of your family and community.

Your phone is a potent tool to unlock your creative potential, and it’s probably sitting right in front of you as you read this. Sign on with Julia Kelleher for Apple iPhone 6s Photography to find out what you’re capable of!  

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I loved this...Julia was awesome, the quality of the course was amazing and now I'm going to go upgrade my iPhone 6 to 6s b/c I loved this so much

a Creativelive Student

Easy to understand, clear descriptions of iPhone capabilities, settings, and examples--and invitingly presented. More than just a description of the phone, etc. I feel excited and capable to take more and better pictures because I am more equipped to try new ideas rather than just point and shoot as usual. Lively and fun to watch! I watched the entire class!


Julia did a great job covering more than just the basics about iPhonography and the upgrade to 6s. I shoot professionally and was able to glean many great tips from her. Her suggestions on lighting, composition, etc are outstanding and well worth the time to watch this video. Thanks, Julia! I'll look for you on social media and begin following your work!