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iPhone Photo Editing Using Lightroom Mobile CC

Sean Dalton

iPhone Photo Editing Using Lightroom Mobile CC

Sean Dalton

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Class Description


  • Have a firm grasp of mobile editing and the capabilities of Lightroom Mobile CC.
  • Work with different image formats such as RAW, .jpg, and Adobe .dng.
  • Master editing and emotion and translate emotion to tell a story with an image.
  • Find your unique editing style and the essential apps to help you achieve it.
  • Master color theory and the anatomy of color.
  • Work according to a professional editing workflow.
  • Apply and work with presets in Lightroom Mobile CC.
  • Edit various styles of photographs including moody portraits, travel landscapes, warm lifestyle shots and gritty street portraits.


If you want to take your photography from ordinary to remarkable, you need to have a strong foundation in editing technique. With all of the powerful programs available for editors, the sky's the limit with what you can achieve with your photos. But what happens when you need a fast and convenient editing solution? Lightroom Mobile CC is the perfect app for creatives who want to edit on the go and still create professional images.

This is your opportunity to dive into the world of Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC. You’ll learn all about visual storytelling, how to evoke emotion in an image, expert workflows, how to apply presets, find your editing style and use all of the basic Lightroom Mobile tools to achieve it.

The class is for all experience levels and is designed to take you from beginner to pro with practical examples, exercises and expert tips and tricks to get you started.


  • The digital anatomy of a photograph
  • The basic principles of visual storytelling
  • How color exposure, lighting and contrast affect emotion in an image
  • How to import and prep the photo in Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC
  • How to edit exposure, tone curve, color, detail and more in Lightroom Mobile CC
  • How to fine-tune your image with selective edits
  • How to avoid common editing mistakes


  • People who have no to little experience with Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC
  • People who need a refresher class on Lightroom Mobile CC’s features
  • Photographers who want to start editing their images on the go
  • Travel vloggers and bloggers wanting to edit content while travelling
  • Editors who want to fortify and enhance their existing skill set
  • Creatives who want to add Lightroom Mobile CC to their offering
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to use Lightroom Mobile CC
  • Digital nomads wanting to learn a skill that they can do from anywhere in the world
  • All levels of experience


Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC


Sean Dalton is a lifestyle & travel photographer with 65k+ Instagram followers and an obsession with capturing the essence of a live scene on camera. He is always looking for interesting stories to tell through his lens with raw emotion and visceral storytelling as the pillars of his craft.