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Editing with the Snapseed App

Lesson 34 from: iPhone Photography & Mobile Photography

Philip Ebiner

Editing with the Snapseed App

Lesson 34 from: iPhone Photography & Mobile Photography

Philip Ebiner

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34. Editing with the Snapseed App


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Editing with the Snapseed App

Snap Seed is another very powerful photo editing app and it's actually built by Google and it's been around for a long time, maybe it was purchased by Google, but it's been around for a long time. Um And Google owns it and it's very powerful and pretty intuitive to use. So let's go to the phone. We're here in horizontal mode and we'll tap anywhere to open photos. So we'll tap this. Yes, we want to allow you access to our photos and it will come up with open from device or you can plug it into your camera. We'll go find one of the photos we've been working on quite a bit. Let's go back to our under the pier shot and we want to tap on that. We'll click use and it will come up right here. Same sort of thing. It's got uh a lot of very intuitive ways, but you can also see it's got a ton of different filters that just adds a bunch of stuff, um which is really cool. We're gonna x out of that, but it can also do all these things which you know, for another app. It's pretty powerful it's not as...

detail oriented as lightroom would be, but it has a lot of good beginner things. One really cool thing that I like is uh it'll, it'll change your head pose. You can click on that. There's no human here. Uh But it would change your head pose if you needed it to. You can do a glamour glow which is really cool. It's got different levels of that. Um Again, it's more specifically to snap. See that it has these kind of fun specific tools. Um There's a grainy film filter that you can add. Um you can do different frames, you can do double exposure, which is really cool in camera by adding, let's see if we add another photo here. We can do a double exposure, which is kind of fun to play with. You know, there's things that you can really mess around with in snap seed that other photo editing apps don't normally do my favorite thing though that other uploading apps are starting to get that snaps you has always had is a selective editing. Now, you can pick a spot like we'll pick right here and you can see how I just wanna affect that area. And I'm basically pinching with my fingers in and out to just select that area. And now we can change the brightness, the contrast of the saturation or structure of just that area by sliding left and right now, basically, I just made that area black and white. Let's add another area down here. Like I just wanna affect that area and I wanna lower the brightness to just make that area dark and not the sky. That is a really cool part of snap seed that I really enjoy. That's something worth playing with if you're into that, another fun thing they have is the lens blur. Now, that can be radio like this and you can kind of adjust and change how blurry it gets or how it doesn't blurry it gets. And the cool thing about that is you can kind of make your photos look like they're shot with either more professional lenses or make it look like it's a toy camera. Um It's really cool, it's really like kind of an intense way to think about your photography and being able to adjust the lens blur that you would normally get from a more professional lens. So again, snap Seed has um some really powerful tools. Um It all depends on what you're looking for. Now, personally, I actually keep all the photo editing apps on my phone because I never know exactly what I'm gonna need. I might have to jump over from one app to another app and my photo by the end uh before it's done, we have gone through three different photo apps before I even share it or send it anywhere. So, you know, they all have different uh specific purposes and you can decide what photo app you wanna use. If snap seat is more your style, a little bit easier to understand uh your usage, you can tailor to what your style is and what kind of photography you're doing with your mobile phone.

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Definitely geared to beginners, but the class has a lot of good information. As an advanced camera photographer still trying to get to know my phone camera better, I learned a few things I didn't know (like you can use portrait mode for selfies, what hyper lapse is and the VSCO app). Nice job!


Good course for everyone starting out and needed to have some more basic info beyond the common snap shot. I had wished for more info on using mobile in the more professional field like when switching from camera to mobile. Additional lenses and flashes and things like that. But this course was obviously not targeted at this. So overall still a nice brush up.


Great class. Well organized and clearly presented. Would be very good for beginners and mid level users. highly recommend.

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