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Lesson 9 from: iPhone Photography & Mobile Photography

Philip Ebiner

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9. Flash

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So let's talk about flashes on mobile photography, cameras, flash is pretty self explanatory, right? It's a light that flashes when you take your photo. Now, a lot of mobile photography cameras on the back camera have a flash and on your front facing camera where the screen is, a lot of cameras will flash a white like screen on your screen to help illuminate. Um flashes on cameras haven't really gotten super advanced on your mobile phones yet, mostly because it's hard to pack in that much power. Um So it just depends on how you want to use it and what your style is. I personally am not a big fan of a flash. Sometimes it can look a little artificial uh if you're trying to create some sort of uh creative, artistic thing, it might be overpowering. Um Other times it just won't be strong enough. But so, you know, on most mobile phones, you can turn it off and on or you can have it on auto and really it just creates a big powerful light as much as you can out of your phone to fill in anythin...

g that's too dark in selfie mode. The screen will actually flash a white screen to help illuminate your face. Now, there are also external flashes that you can get like a ring light that you can put on your phone. Um or there are external flashes that you can get, that you can sync up with your camera.

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Definitely geared to beginners, but the class has a lot of good information. As an advanced camera photographer still trying to get to know my phone camera better, I learned a few things I didn't know (like you can use portrait mode for selfies, what hyper lapse is and the VSCO app). Nice job!


Good course for everyone starting out and needed to have some more basic info beyond the common snap shot. I had wished for more info on using mobile in the more professional field like when switching from camera to mobile. Additional lenses and flashes and things like that. But this course was obviously not targeted at this. So overall still a nice brush up.


Great class. Well organized and clearly presented. Would be very good for beginners and mid level users. highly recommend.

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