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Our Favorite Apps

Lesson 31 from: iPhone Photography & Mobile Photography

Philip Ebiner

Our Favorite Apps

Lesson 31 from: iPhone Photography & Mobile Photography

Philip Ebiner

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31. Our Favorite Apps


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Our Favorite Apps

Now that we've talked about backing up photos, let's talk about the actual editing photos. And what I really love about taking photos on a smartphone is that it's a smartphone. You have tons of apps that you can use to edit your photos. And I think while there are so many choices out there, these are so the ones that we have time and time again used, even as we download new ones, we keep coming back to these three apps. Now, the first is Lightroom. Lightroom is part of Adobe's Master Suite. Um You can connect this with your desktop, your tablet, your phone and it all integrates, but you can also just download lightroom for your phone for free. And it's a really powerful tool for editing images. You can do a lot of fine tuning customization. Um But it's very, you know, pro level, it's very simple. There's not necessarily a bunch of filters you use or presets you're really dialing in. And then based off of your own creation, you can create a preset to then copy across photos. It's amazin...

g tool. The next is photo seed. The next is snap seat which is created by Google. It's another really powerful tool, but a little bit simpler, I think in some ways and a little easier to digest than light room at times. And it's something that just over the years, I've always come back to it and thought that it's really well created user friendly and easy to use. Lastly is vseo and this is a great tool. It has its own social uh platform, you can do tons of filters through it, but you can also, you know, do that fine tuning and editing in app. Now, these three apps I think are really powerful and we're going to show you how we edit on them in the next videos, just with all the photos we went and took, we're going to go in and sort of play with different styles, different looks and show how these, each of these apps is used. We'll lastly cover sort of in phone editing. So if you don't want to download an app and you just want to use what the phone provides, we'll also cover editing with that. So let's dive into actually editing some of these photos now.

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Definitely geared to beginners, but the class has a lot of good information. As an advanced camera photographer still trying to get to know my phone camera better, I learned a few things I didn't know (like you can use portrait mode for selfies, what hyper lapse is and the VSCO app). Nice job!


Good course for everyone starting out and needed to have some more basic info beyond the common snap shot. I had wished for more info on using mobile in the more professional field like when switching from camera to mobile. Additional lenses and flashes and things like that. But this course was obviously not targeted at this. So overall still a nice brush up.


Great class. Well organized and clearly presented. Would be very good for beginners and mid level users. highly recommend.

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