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Lesson 10 from: iPhone Photography & Mobile Photography

Philip Ebiner

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10. Resolution

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Resolution is something you've probably heard quite a bit about whether it's the four K television or the 12 megapixel camera. But really, what are we talking about when it comes to resolution we're talking about pixel count. So 12 megapixels comes from 12 million pixels, 12 megapixels and that is generated from roughly 4000 pixels a little bit more over the top. And somewhere in like 2500 pixels along the side, you times those two together you get 12 million megapixels A four K TV means that it's 4000 pixels across the top. It's four K. Why it's important to understand resolution is really for two main reasons on one end, it's the viewing possibilities. So if I'm able to have X amount of pixels, I can print an image a certain size. Uh or if I'm gonna view this image on a TV, that has 4000 resolution or um is standard HD, your resolution count will matter because it's gonna affect how good that image looks. If you try and show something that has lower resolution on a higher resolution ...

device, it's not gonna look as good. The second way that resolution sort of comes into the realm of photography is, you know, why would someone want to shoot with a 50 megapixel camera? Now 50 megapixels that's 50 million pixels. Uh to some extent, if you want to print really big photos, you need that resolution. The other way that's used is to be able to crop in and hold the quality. So when you really think about 12 megapixels is roughly a four K resolution. So that image will look great on a TV or in most ways that we're going to view these images by having 50 megapixels I could crop in a significant amount, hold the quality and still have it look really good on most devices today.

Ratings and Reviews


Definitely geared to beginners, but the class has a lot of good information. As an advanced camera photographer still trying to get to know my phone camera better, I learned a few things I didn't know (like you can use portrait mode for selfies, what hyper lapse is and the VSCO app). Nice job!


Good course for everyone starting out and needed to have some more basic info beyond the common snap shot. I had wished for more info on using mobile in the more professional field like when switching from camera to mobile. Additional lenses and flashes and things like that. But this course was obviously not targeted at this. So overall still a nice brush up.


Great class. Well organized and clearly presented. Would be very good for beginners and mid level users. highly recommend.

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