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Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips

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Shoot: 1 Month Old Ryatt

Julia Kelleher

Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

6. Shoot: 1 Month Old Ryatt

Lesson Info

Shoot: 1 Month Old Ryatt

Thiss wonderful wonderful mother here is of course chelsea who is our exact our new executive vp of photo uh here on crete applied so we're very excited kid and this is riot correct are y e t t such a cute and he's hold four weeks today, four weeks today oh my gosh, this would look like she was a baby this awesome okay, so he's sleeping right now so I think we're just going to go ahead and keep them in your arms I'm gonna go ahead and take a little fox off and I want you to take off your little rubber band to let me put a little bank over here he's so happy looking him and what you'll notice to his babies at this age for all you moms out there they always get, like kind of concern because babies start around three weeks or so they start getting little acne and little skin things you know their skin is so fresh and new that they literally just come like are adjusting to the air. Um so I'm gonna have so that but that all that can be edited out later if you want even in acts like photo ge...

nie that could be edited out so let's go in have you sit down here mama kind of kind of have you just in case it like this and it's just lino here and we're gonna have you kind of keep him in your arms and struggle within my cares if you're just hanging out on the couch okay okay I totally want to move my life how about is that? I'm like I want to know my life is not the right spot it's my way no, I can't but ok, so I'm gonna have you help up just a little bit so I can move my couch instead because I can always move the furniture in the room, right? The reason I'm moving it back like this is because I want more light in front of her. So if this was a window I put her on that back corner of the window so you can have a seat. The big challenge for me, teo not like curious what a sweet lady okay miss chelsea and you have you go ahead and just put all your weight come on the seats bone and I want you to kind of yeah, perfect like that and lean and like, you're going to go to sleep on top of them. Perfect. Yeah so we can all move him around, so don't worry about that you're doing awesome, so this is like classic imagine mom and dad coming home from hospital is like classic scenario where this would totally work soak it and sometimes I always say you don't necessarily need to worry about seeing babies face I mean in a portrait situation like in the studio I would be all about baby space like turn that pace towards a lot of make sure but this is about being home and the environment that they're in and you're good belinda I think rose since mama's here right now we can kind of um we can kind of hang out ah and just kind of like photograph mama because this is what daddy would want to do with me he'd want to shoot mama like this against the pretty window the light soviet really likes already ok so in the camera in the iphone you can see I've got miss chelsea here and sometimes the iphone as far as color goes it's going to get its its white palace is what it is you cannot like do a custom white balance on on an iphone so it's really important to note you're going to look at it like oh my gosh the color is just not quite right that's ok so I get down nice and low here I've got some things that are kind of in my way see how I'm kind of seeing my composition I'm going back and forth and going ok where do I want her which power point do I want her how can this look the best and I'm going to break a little bit of my rules okay now that mine on the floor back there I really don't like but I'm going to go ahead and shoot it because I'm in limited situations awesome size. Honey, can you turn your nose towards baby like you're gonna snuggling and go ahead just given kisses for me? Perfect, beautiful and you could just don't pay attention to me. You could just blow on him because he's so cute and often times when when I tell my clients or people who I'm photographing not to look at me, it gives the best moments ago and just live on because he should huge oh my goodness! And then I can go from above, but you'll notice and just kind of struggle on in perfect I want your nose towards me perfect chin up for me attention, and I know it feels weird looks great awesome I'm just getting kind of getting some angles that I love now also, keep in mind that the iphone is a wide angle lens, so it is going to distort things a little bit it's not like a pretty portrait lens, so sometimes stepping backward instead of being closer is going to be the best shot you want. Okay, I'm gonna have you show you you can't I want you to kind of scoot more like that's your legs were out mortar one side, perfect, awesome oh, and I really wanted this to be a natural environment I'm sure of those of you who know me and know when I'm in studio I am like a nelly retentive about details but this is a home environment cute, right? Love babies I just get so attached them um this is a home environment where it's natural it's about the moment it's about the relationship my honey soak it and just kind of fall asleep on close your eyes but you can see that the quality of light is what's going to really be impactful now it's a little hot on his skin so I can use my exposure and then lock my exposure by pressing down on that spot see how that a lock button and then I can swipe up or down to reduce the exposure beautiful mama, I can go vertical and see how it's keeping the lock on the exposure some chin up just a touch, mama perfect on the count of three you're going to look at me once two, three awesome focus one more time drop that exposure down bam gets a whole different image ok, so go ahead show you guys what this looks like what you see, how just reducing the exposure a little bit now the lie is not in her eyes as much as I would like but that's kind of a matter of tilting her tilting her head up and down to get that catch light in there so let's go ahead and try that we'll get him so happy mama don't you knows towards my life just a little bit more perfect in them oh thank you what does we hurt okay all about the snapshot and just kind of getting the moment all right so let's go ahead and I'm gonna have you mama hop out and we're gonna photograph the little man by himself okay um linda I'm going to go ahead and have do we have a little rap for him like a swaddle of any kind actually maybe I will go ahead and just kind of shoot some details you know, man I mean you're gonna get yeah I'm just gonna have you kind of stand I'm gonna shoot from above okay and just kind of put your head and he's he's gonna be wiggly but that's okay it's not quite asleep e but one some of the fun things that looked especially like because in the border photography were all about the arms and legs staying in right being attacked and swallow with your iphone sometimes the funnest thing to do is to just you know, start composing images he's going to be you could be wiggly and this is where burst mode might come into play actually let's go ahead and turn him to the side and I'm looking for light just kind of let them hang out and I love his little feet kicking around like this so often times what I will dio is just start shooting the feet and sometimes I let the focus just do its own thing because they're gonna get it burst mode baby who? Maybe a few too many but you can see how easily you can kind of come in and compose things later and he's probably not doing tummy time at this point so it might be a little bit much to put him on his belly. He might get upset with me but let's it's good for your practice. Yes, it's good for your practice, huh? You're gonna be okay with that? Here you go. Yeah, he's like I don't know. Here we go job he's like I don't know. He said that this little froggy leg thing and granted my life is kind of in a direction I don't really want it, but creating that little froggy thing with the lines on the couch can be really cute too. I mean, how what a cute little memory is that for mama and it's totally flat light it was coming from that direction, but who cares? Okay, but the color, harmony and stuff is what makes it cute now the iphone app is not like what are you doing to me, lady? I want to block my life so I'm gonna kind of shoot upside down. Um sometimes I just get really kind of creative and sometimes they're not very good and then other times it works okay says yeah let's go ahead and grab him off of there and you're such a good boy on the other thing you could do like if they're wiggly like this is go ahead and swaddle them and I think she lets go and spot on the move bring as aaron just going to keep your hands on him. I'm just I just always worried they're gonna roll off okay, so the swallow, like just a classic swaddle make a square like that. Okay, he's going to lift him up? Okay, then I take this edge first and rapid over. I think I'm doing this right. Forget the basic swaddle, okay? And then the bottom edge goes up over the shoulder. Oh, yeah you're gonna be so happy in the thirty seconds and then this goes over to the side like that. And with snapshots like this, I don't worry about it looking that pretty it's about making a a memory yeah, look at those eyes, but if you notice I put him he's really your strong if you notice I put him with hiss head towards the light why did I do that? Let me what, sweetheart? Because I want that kind of butterfly pattern on his face okay boy, you got a little julie's coming down ok? I just want to go ahead keep your hand on him and move over here so I can take the shot but, um keep your head up until I'm ready he's just awake and wiggly unruly and if he rolls too much that would be yeah. Okay when your anyone you three get backed up hi now the light is not perfect on this face do you see that? So if I was being anal about stuff go ahead and keep him I would do this with the sofa teo angle the light so that in his face and you have this tv in my background and sometimes those babies like this they can't really focus so keep that in mind so instead I'm going to kind of wait for himto look this direction only it was a good face yes don't do that. Oh yeah and these faces air what's so beautiful at this age so really capture this those expressions and faces and you can get used t g I love about what ah uh that's the fun part is a mom I mean oh my gosh that's what you love most

Class Description

Learn how to capture charming, gorgeous, and emotional images of babies with the phone you have nearby in Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips with Julia Kelleher.

In this beginner-friendly class, Julia will help you understand how light behaves and how take advantage of it when composing a shot. You’ll learn about the hidden options in your Apple® iPhone® camera and how make adjustments to get great images.

Julia will also share her foolproof communication techniques for getting sweet expressions and natural poses. She’ll also open up some of her favorite apps and teach you the ins and outs of enhancing your images and sharing with loved ones.

Your baby’s first year is full of moments you’ll want to capture and keep forever. Join Julia Kelleher for Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips and learn get the most out of the camera you always have at hand.

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I've just managed to watch this short class while my 18 month old had a nap. I have picked up so many useful tips, particularly on composition but also with how the iPhone camera functions. The suggested apps look fantastic - I would love to find a UK company a bit like which will make Instagram pics into books - such an amazing idea. If you can spare an hour and want to pick up some great tips, this course is worth the money. I now feel I have more tools to hand to get the most out of photography on my phone.

Peggy Nugent

I am in love with my DSLR and seldom use my phone camera for artistic shots. I watched this workshop only because it was part of Photoshop week. What a wonderful surprise when I not only picked up some great iPhone tips, but also a better understanding of what I had known vaguely and intuitively about composition power points. Way to go, Julia! Your class is totally worth the price of admission.

a Creativelive Student

Cool, part of PhotoWeek, 2015, just now watching. Cool info, Great introduction to learn more from there.