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Editing Photos on iPhone

Lesson 9 from: iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Video

Chase Jarvis

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Lesson Info

9. Editing Photos on iPhone

Chase will teach you about editing photos on iPhone to optimize your light, color, contrast and more.

Lesson Info

Editing Photos on iPhone

it's really important to know that photography the capturing of vehemence. It's just one part of photography. There's a whole other world in post processing, so I don't think we can cover everything there is to know. But I did want to touch base with a handful of photographs that we'd already made and show you a little bit about my thought process and walk you through some ways that'll help you process your images on the IPhone. 10. All right, I'm gonna go in here into the photos section. I've created a little album down here called My IPhone. 10. Edits. Let's click in there. You can see I've got nine photos in there. A couple have already been edited of. This is one of the ones from my shoot with Ryan from earlier. Here's another one. I think those just look great, but let's go back and I can show you a little bit. Maybe using this photograph of Miss Indigo Blue Um ah, a couple of tips that I know about processing my pictures. So I'm going to start off by just going in the upper right...

hand corner and touching edit that opens up this editing pain where I see a handful of tools, everyone. So I like to go appeared Just tap that Magic one in the upper right hand corner. That's the auto enhanced feature. And sometimes just touching that button one time creates a really nice effect. In this case, I'm going for a black and white image, so it's not gonna work, so I'll turn it off. There's a couple of tools across the bottom. There, you'll see the crop and rotate. I don't need to do that. You can see that Colors, these air just presets. I'm not gonna mess with those. In this case. I'm gonna go to the tool that looks like a little dial there. I open that up and I see a handful of pains. There's light color and black and white. If I open the Lightman, you can see a handful of different selections here. I know that in this situation, I'm just going to change the exposure a little bit. Gotta Brighton that up a little bit and I like to increase the contrast Justice kohsh. I'm gonna go back in here now. I'm gonna close the light pain Now if you look under color There's a handful settings there saturation, contrast and cast. But ultimately I know I want this image to be black and white. So I'm just gonna open up the black and white pain in there. You'll see intensity, neutrals, tone and grain. I know that I'm gonna go right into intensity. And as soon as I start moving this, the image changes to black and white. I was gonna find a place that looks nice in there. Then I'm gonna open that backup neutrals in tone. I know I can use these as well. This is a really powerful tool. You can see the neutral like down there in her dress. I want to find a nice place where I can see a little bit of that detail. I'm gonna leave that right there. And lastly, I'm gonna go in here and click tone. You'll see. Also, this is a really powerful tool. You can see that the it's almost like the contrast slider, except in black and white. It creates a little bit of a silver feel. In this case, this is exactly where I want it right there. If I look in here and I see grain, I don't really want apply grain. That's not the look that I had in the Seattle 100 so there's no need for me to touch that. I'm gonna close that, and all I do now is hit done. And there you have it. With just a couple of taps and a couple of swipes, I'm able to create a really, really stunning black and white image. I may go in and touch that up a little bit more and play around, but for right now, I think that looks great. So now let's go at it. That action photograph of Sauron on his bike. I'm just gonna tap on there and hit the edit tab, and then we're off, and I want to introduce a future we haven't talked much about, which is the live feature in this case. When you tap the button one time, it creates a bunch of different photographs. It's sort of like a no auto driver, a speed drive when the cameras taking pictures. Even though you press the button one time, What you can do here is, you can see is I smooth this little square around. I can stop on any one of these frames and edit that particular frame. In this case, we're gonna go with the one with a little white dot there. That's the exact moment that I really want to focus on from there. Of course, I could go into the color and adjust any of these preset filters, but I know I don't need to do much this photo. I really like the natural color. So I'm gonna open that other tool with a little dial and go in, and it just just a little bit. I'm gonna just the brilliance just a little brighter. And then there's one of the thing I'm I'm hunting for here, and that's the shadows. I want to adjust the shadows just a little bit up from where I'd played with it before. And I want to make sure I can see his face inside the helmet. Uh, nothing else I really want to mess with here. I'm going to go in here and I'm gonna bump the saturation just a tad just to highlight what a beautiful day it was. And then I'm gonna call that good I had to do is press the done button and then I'm back into the album Such a cool photograph. We can zoom in there and see close ups of soaring. You can see the clarity of his face or, like all the little detail on his glove there, even seat. Wow, there's a little airplane flying behind him in this guy. How about that? But again, what a really cool photograph. But that one complete. Let's go back to the album now, since we're on the topic sore and I'm gonna go to this school portrait I shot AM Road Natural Lid. You can see sort of side back 3/4 that nice little room light on his nose cheeks chin there, Let's go ahead and edit this one again. I just go into the edit section and you'll see there. I shot this in portrait mode, so I haven't my disposal. All these different pre selects. I'm gonna leave this pre select. You should play around with this and see if there's things that you like. In this case, I'm gonna keep on the naturally lit portrait feature, but I do want to crop this photo in a way I haven't cropped in the other ones before. Let's crop this one and in this case, you can see it did an auto rotate toe level. That that's a pretty cool feature. I like how that turned out. The only thing I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna add a square crop. So I just hit that little button in the corner there. And this brings up a bunch of different preset formats. I'm gonna tap square. It's gonna bring that right into the square. If I want to change how it's cropped, all I do is drag that corner around. In this case, I'd love that framing right there so I can hit done there. But I also want to play around a little bit more This photo I'm gonna go to the next tool over and again. You can see here all these presets, uh, all the way. You know, the far right here in the black and white couple different versions of that ID Love this vivid shot. I think that's just a simple one. Touch filter makes him look great again. Underscores and highlights. What a beautiful day. It was a great kid. Great smile On great day. I'm gonna call that good. So just hit, done. And there you go. One thing that's really important to cover in this section right here is the share button, which is in the lower left hand corner. That little box with the arrow coming out of my tap on that that does is it brings up a variety of ways that I can share it from. Texting to email can share to ICloud photos or any of these other applications. It's very easy to share. All you would do is touch one of those in this case text, and you can put in the number of where you want to text it to. And the photo just gonna go there to hit, Cancel to get out of it. And I'm gonna get back era one more time to get back to our album. Now let's get this macro shot of the bike tire on Sauron's bike. We can zoom in. You can see all of that detail there. That is just incredible. I love seeing that close up in this case. I don't want to do too much to this photograph, but I do want to tweak it a little bit, so I'm gonna go up and hit the edit tab you again. This is a live photo so I can work on any one of these versions. I'm gonna keep it to the one that was pre selected for me. And I'm just going to go in now into that that dial tool where the light color and black and white pains live. I'm gonna open the light one. I'm gonna brighten this up in the exposure just a little bit, so we can see a little bit more detail was a little bit heavy again. You could play around with this stuff for a long time, or you could just do one or two quick touches and then share. In this case, I feel good about that. That's right where I want it. I'm gonna call that one. Done. Lastly, I want to go. And we've got two different images from our helicopter photo shoot. I do like that one with my legs hanging off because it looks like I'm being kind of risky there, and I'd be a cooling to share on social. But let's go over here because I think this one I see something I want to do on this particular image. So again, I'm just gonna go in here and tap the edit tab. It's going to bring up again this live photo. I'm going to scroll through these to make sure no one is not better than others. I'm looking at the Space Needle. They're kind of like it where it's basically it's centered right in that little slot of water there that looks perfect. In this case, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna skip the color toe one here cause I don't need any of these presets. I'm gonna go right into the dialogue again. That shows these three different pains the light color in black and white. In this case, I know I want to pop the brilliance just a little bit. I also know that I want to increase the contrast on this image. Justice Scotia. Lastly, toe underscore what a gorgeous day is. I'm gonna go in here and give it a little bump in the saturation to highlight that sunset that we see there in the background and wallah and hit Done. Turn this one sideways, make sure like it zoom and just a little bit. Oh, that's awesome. You can see Mt. Rainier in the background there. That looks great. All right, so that wraps up this little segment that we've got on post production. You know, there's a lot more that you can do to really create a lot of nuance in the images. But what you need to know is that this is just another layer of creativity. On top of the image that you've already captured. The only thing you can do wrong is not experiment is not play. You can always hit the revert button on the in the photo out there and go back to the original image. But if you're never experimenting, you're not going to see what's possible, so get out there and play.

Ratings and Reviews

JB Minton

This is a fantastic kick start to giving you the fundamentals and inspiration to pick up your phone and start documenting the beauty around you, every day. Taking photos has become my favorite social expression now, given that I can do it without getting into politics or descending into the negative energy that infest social media. Taking photos can be 100% inspirational and positive and this course is a great beginning to makin that happen. Chase is a great instructor and you will walk away with more knowledge than you came in with. Perfect length of course also! Loved it!

Nicole Abate Ducarroz

WOW! Just Wow! This class was not only very informative but also entertaining and kept moving right along. I loved how Chase teaches and would take a class from him any day. It was organized, yet very casual and natural. It was relevant and applied to not only iPhone X users but all iPhones too. I LOVED this class! Thank you!

Hannes Schiebel

Yes, you can find many if not all of the that stuff shown here somewhere else - probably for free. But in my opinion, this is a great class. Chase Jarvis does a really great job of sending the most important message of photography: The best camera is the one you have with you - and he shows me that the iPhone X camera is a very good camera. Take this class, be inspired - I think I will take better photos now :)

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