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How to Take Aerial Shots

Lesson 8 from: iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Video

Chase Jarvis

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8. How to Take Aerial Shots

If you’ve got an iPhone X, you’ll be able to shoot sharp images because of its optical image stabilization technology. Here’s a great lesson on how to take aerial shots with your iPhone X.

Lesson Info

How to Take Aerial Shots

helicopter is not required for great landscape shots. We just had this opportunity and we wanted to demonstrate the optical image stabilization of both these lenses. But that is is that is a technology that's in both of these rear facing lenses. That's new feature to the IPhone 10 on What we're gonna demonstrate is that when you're up in a helicopter, there's a lot of high frequency vibrations, and we're going to demonstrate that we're able to take really clear Chris pictures despite the fact that we're in basically a flying lawn more. Um, it's also really useful this technology when you're zoomed in on something because it allows you to keep that stable and also in low light when your shutter time was a little longer on optically stabilized lens will allow you to take a better photograph, a sharp photograph when the lights not so high. So let's hop onboard. We're gonna go out and fly around Seattle got a beautiful day, but the second test way out over the edge of the water goes night ...

with partners, and when you get to where you want to be to get flattened out of place for a shot here. We're gonna be about 1200 feet over the city and to the left side. I'm gonna put the space needle to the right side. I'm gonna put Mount Rainier and frame of a nice shot with sun falling on the city from the west. It's gonna be beautiful. Beautiful, shoveling right in here. E one done too much. You know, when you get your turn leveled out. Go ahead. All right. So this is just a nice, gorgeous little shot here. I'm gonna zoom in and use that to excellent right there, facing over the left whole. Here, get a little altitude. Great. Yeah. Oh, that's gorgeous. Diamond Zoom. I wouldn't normally do much here, but nice shot. I'm gonna goto vertical with space needle in the mountain lined up. They're still catch a little water. You can see I'm working really quickly here, less focused on the horizon. Let's go ahead and keep this back trajectory that we've got right now. Like speed. I'm heading that you got right now. All right, zoom in to X. They're nice shot. What? What would happen if we did? 1/3 passed at a slightly lower altitude. I wouldn't get too much trying to get the the space needle against the water of the post against the plan. One more circle, just that last 30 seconds of that passed right now A little bit lower here. He'll tilting rotors back out of the way for me and looking. Just There's high frequency vibrations. I'm gonna wait. Move the space needle out over the bay. Gonna get a couple of good ones here with two X on that city. That buttery arena. They're heading up. This is perfect. Now, slow down A little better. Really wanted nail this one. Now the state finals. Right where I wanted to get the mountain back there. White back. Oh, great. Let's just gains amounted to now. All right, Brain here, right behind the city. Sorry that I'm ignoring you. Space Needle. All right, so you're really nice job. Just Scheindlin. Enough space again to the left. You know where the second or third path have done here? Trying to capture some of the water tonight. Some in there again press that mountain on the focus on that, you can see Mt. Rainier popping up in the background. Look really pretty way careful. Rotor. Sampson really good dropping around, my friend. But just lending because you don't really see it in the camera speed in all your pictures. Perfect. Maybe maybe. Take me up there. Go see. I'm putting the space needle. Just fact behind the water, their little in the world, your climate. It can well happen on this guy to get my exposure where I wanted to darken it. Just a way to do that in post production. Probably games amount to take care of looking to get a nice back. One shot of the city with son in the background waiting. Climb. Now we're doing that like, get reindeer behind the building. Got a different shot in the last five. Trying to keep up with variation Not in any way with friends up against the water. And they're that nice cloud formation moving in. Rainier in the background. I'm trying to couple different exposures here. Nice and slow. Booth region helped up. I gotta be careful. The helicopter blades. You can start to see a beautiful way of getting the shot. Now we're trying to really get some interesting variety. That's why I had my feet hanging out all those things. There with you don't expect to be the great shots is gonna be great shots with wear standing a little froth pilot, Thank you very much as I'm looking just here initially reviewing some of the shots so many of them are tax sharp, which is that technology working for you, but And remember, the same thing is true if you're in low light and you gotta hold your camera really still to get a shot, That's another way that these image stabilization technology comes into play. Also, if you're zoomed way out, you know, if you use the optical zoom and then digitally zoom in as well, and you could see it's like you move just a little bit. That's another way where this kicks in so you don't need a helicopter, although they're pretty fun. Toy don't need a helicopter to make use of this technology. We just wanted to find a really simple but extreme way of demonstrating it, so let's go back and check out some shots

Ratings and Reviews

JB Minton

This is a fantastic kick start to giving you the fundamentals and inspiration to pick up your phone and start documenting the beauty around you, every day. Taking photos has become my favorite social expression now, given that I can do it without getting into politics or descending into the negative energy that infest social media. Taking photos can be 100% inspirational and positive and this course is a great beginning to makin that happen. Chase is a great instructor and you will walk away with more knowledge than you came in with. Perfect length of course also! Loved it!

Nicole Abate Ducarroz

WOW! Just Wow! This class was not only very informative but also entertaining and kept moving right along. I loved how Chase teaches and would take a class from him any day. It was organized, yet very casual and natural. It was relevant and applied to not only iPhone X users but all iPhones too. I LOVED this class! Thank you!

Hannes Schiebel

Yes, you can find many if not all of the that stuff shown here somewhere else - probably for free. But in my opinion, this is a great class. Chase Jarvis does a really great job of sending the most important message of photography: The best camera is the one you have with you - and he shows me that the iPhone X camera is a very good camera. Take this class, be inspired - I think I will take better photos now :)

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