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Shooting 4K Video iPhone X

Lesson 5 from: iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Video

Chase Jarvis

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Lesson Info

5. Shooting 4K Video iPhone X

Learn how to shoot 4K video iPhone X.

Lesson Info

Shooting 4K Video iPhone X

shooting video is so painfully easy on the IPhone 10. I've just All I did is open the app, move the slider from, you know, from photo over here to video and press the red button. Now a couple of thoughts when I'm when I'm shooting videos that trying to keep the camera really still because a shaky image. Nobody likes that. So is a couple of things I like to think about one. I just you know, I try and stabilize the camera with a couple different places want, you know, usually with one hand. Then I'll just put another hand here. But I am just holding it just very simply. I don't just try and put a couple different places over here and over here to stabilize it. And then I just follow the action a little bit, or I'll set up the the camera phone and let the action come into it. Either one of those will create a really good result. A couple of things you should think about when shooting video is sure it's just fine to shoot a vertically oriented video, But if you're trying to make something ...

more cinematic, you want to be able to watch this have a cinematic feel on a TV screen or on your computer monitor, not just consuming on the phone, turning it, turning it side. It's called landscape mode. That's the sideways mode here is gonna give you a little bit more of a cinematic feel on notice. That's not a button. I'm just on the regular video setting here, but I'm holding the phone horizontally. All right. Ah, Sauron, let's go by. Go ahead. I'm just gonna click the red button. Get that camera roll on. The numbers were taking up top there. Nice. Super easy just followed the action. I tried to keep my shadow out of the shot because the sun's behind me. I was able to do so and of course, sore made it really easy. Just super smooth on his bike, up one transition and down the other. All right, let's do that in slow motion one more time, But I'm just gonna give it a little different. Look. Well, juxtapose these two things in a couple different settings here. Okay, Bud. Ready when you are Nice. Good. Awesome. I'm just in regular video mode now, which is that four k this big, beautiful image, and I kind of like to move the IPhone. That's one of the things that makes a great shot. It's not. It's not always, like, perfectly still video. If the camera can move as well as the action moves to me, that that makes it really special shot. So I'm just gonna use what I think the best the best tripod and Dolly that there is in the world is right here. I'm just going to use those and walk past him as he's doing his thing. OK, But I'm ready when you are. And this time I'm gonna try one on slow mo. I just click over to the slow mo my camera. I'm gonna crop in on him a little bit because I'm gonna get much closer so we can see some of that detail. Okay, Bud, ready when you are. As we wrap up the video section, I don't want you to be intimidated by video. That's a thing of the past. What this device does better than any other is make video more accessible than ever before. So she get in there and play around with the regular video features of the different speeds and feeds play around with slow motion video And whether you're shooting, you know, action, like I'm doing here at the skate park was soaring. Whether you're shooting a wedding, just pick the thing up, pointed the subject, and I think you're gonna be really impressed with the images you get.

Ratings and Reviews

JB Minton

This is a fantastic kick start to giving you the fundamentals and inspiration to pick up your phone and start documenting the beauty around you, every day. Taking photos has become my favorite social expression now, given that I can do it without getting into politics or descending into the negative energy that infest social media. Taking photos can be 100% inspirational and positive and this course is a great beginning to makin that happen. Chase is a great instructor and you will walk away with more knowledge than you came in with. Perfect length of course also! Loved it!

Nicole Abate Ducarroz

WOW! Just Wow! This class was not only very informative but also entertaining and kept moving right along. I loved how Chase teaches and would take a class from him any day. It was organized, yet very casual and natural. It was relevant and applied to not only iPhone X users but all iPhones too. I LOVED this class! Thank you!

Hannes Schiebel

Yes, you can find many if not all of the that stuff shown here somewhere else - probably for free. But in my opinion, this is a great class. Chase Jarvis does a really great job of sending the most important message of photography: The best camera is the one you have with you - and he shows me that the iPhone X camera is a very good camera. Take this class, be inspired - I think I will take better photos now :)

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