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Knit Maker 102


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Class Introduction

Hey there, I'm Vickie Howell. Welcome to Knit Maker 102. I'm so excited that you're here because if you are here, you've already been knitting at least for a little bit of time. This class is great for you if you've already made maybe a project or two or three and you're ready step up your skills just skosh or maybe you're a knitter from beyond, not beyond. I gotta start that again (laughing). Not from space. Okay, I'm gonna pick it up. Ready? Hey there, I'm Vickie Howell. Welcome to Knit Maker 102. I'm thrilled that you're here because if you're here, that means that you've already been knitting just a little bit. So that means that you're hooked, and I love that. We are gonna go over a ton of stuff in this class, but this class is perfect for you if you have knit maybe a project or two or three and you just wanna step up your skills, you're ready. Maybe you need a refresher course. You'd been knitting a ton, but then you set it down for a few years and maybe just want a few reminders...

, or really just for anyone that just loves fiber and needles. So were gonna go over a bunch of stuff in this class, like I mentioned. We're gonna cover some increases, how to block, which is how to shape things at the end. We're gonna do some mosaic color work, some lace stitch, some puff stitches, tons of stuff that goes beyond just basic knitting and purling.

Class Description

Are you a beginning knitter ready to advance your skills? Join Vickie Howell and learn how to knit advanced beginner projects like hats, mittens, and chunky lace cowls.

This class will give you both the confidence and the practical tools you need to take the next steps in your knitting process. As you build on your basic knitting skills, you’ll learn how to:

  • Work with advanced tools, like fancier yarns and double-pointed needles
  • Pick up stitches and knit in the round using double-pointed needles
  • Read a knitting chart
  • Increase using the M1 and kf&b methods
  • Decreasing using the k2tog and ssk methods

Vickie will guide you through the creation of bobble stitches, cable knits, mosaic color-work, how to block your projects, and basic lace knitting.  

Don’t be afraid to try out more complicated projects and produce more elaborate knitted goods! You’ll leave this class in it to knit it, with the confidence and tools you need to create gorgeous work.


Ramona Morrissette-Nagai

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