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3 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Podcast

So let's get into segment to here. So the making of a world class podcast. So hear what we want to do is really I want to start to talk about what is your podcast blueprint? Just like what shrink, he said, really getting focused in on who that listener is and that audience that you want to tap into about being very, very niche because it truly is when you like, even when you bring on one new prospect into your business, like serving them and over delivering that just starts to stack on. So get focused on that one first person to start with and that's how you start to build your community and grow with it. So the three million questions you want to ask yourself, and I want you to write this down seaman in the the home studio audience to write, who do you want to attract? We're going to go into the listener avatar exercise here, which is a really deep exercise to help you understand who you want to attract the number one. Biggest problem I find with all the prospects that I talk within m...

y clients are that they really can't define who their ideal prospect is for their business your listener and your prospect or very much the same I'm not all listeners obviously going to come into your business, but they're going to follow you and grow and you never know when in that their learning process that they're going to want to come into your business I had a woman that had contacted me she'd been listening to my podcasts for a couple of years and then reached out to me so you never know when that happens and when that shift takes place for your prospects so that's one of the great wei so I want you to think who do you want to track? Who is your ideal client that prospect that listener and this will help you really determine the programming, your content and your engagement and your monetization strategy along with what that theme is just like what sri was talking about developing that theme that could be really uber focused so it creates that me two moments when that listener tunes and they're like, oh, this is exactly what I want to listen to and then they want to share it then they want to tweet about it then they want to share it on facebook they want to connect with you more and more and more so the next thing I want you to write down is why are you launching a podcast? You know, we talked a little bit about this in the first segment but there's so many ben if it's a launching a podcast but what's the main reason of why you want to launch how could you make your podcast unique to stand out and to fill that void in the marketplace? So what I want to do I'm gonna take a second here and I want to put put you guys on the spot and I want you to think about what area in your business right now that you're going to fill the void with with your podcast or you guys open a playing with me a little bit here, all right? Awesome. So I'll let whoever wants to start we'll go popcorn style here. Yeah, so I've noticed a lot of presentations workshops I go to in terms of nutrition, health, fitness all that the whole gamut most people that go end up leaving a little bit more overwhelmed than when they got there and they just don't know what to do so kind of the void that I that I plan on filling is creating uh, tips every single week just I want to say focus on this one thing for that week create a habit and then next week I'm going can't come at you with another tip and then another tip social one thing at a time they're going to be focusing on and, you know, over the course of a year will probably adopt maybe twenty, twenty five of those and in doing that, they're going to be living a much healthier lifestyle in just a year's time. It's brilliant and the reason I love that too, nathan, what is so brilliant for that? For anybody that's wanting to have more of an expert based show is when you give them one actionable item to take away and they get results, you're building that trust your building? Uh, okay, I got it now I could do this, you're in jean, you're prospect along in your listener, along in your unique process, in building more trust, more likeability and more respect for your processes and what you teach so tippi shows they're very, very powerful. You could do that once a week and be able to drive traffic and use that in your business that way, but it also makes it find an engaging for you, and it doesn't lose the listener if you've got fifty things, if we think about how many times if we go and we listen to something on theirs, do this, do that do that and by step three you're like, oh my gosh, I don't even know what to dio and then you you're you know back to square one or you're trying to find somebody else to help you that's a great brilliant strategy to be able to do that position yourself on the back spurt and have you no takeaways for for your listeners all right? I just I had a life all moment when you talked about that because I thought well, you know I'm new to this I'm not real clear on what all of those out there um but what you had said it seems like there are for like mindfulness and being present and connected with others there is a lot of information out there john cabins in has a awesome a lot of information but having that one call the action that everyone can implement and then talk about how it's implemented talk about how it's going and then become connected within that community while they're trying to be connected with everyone else well and think about just the engagement you guys have had from different questions you've had here a different ideas that's the same thing that can happen there and that's I love that and that's why having your hub where people can connect and start to comment and connect really creates that engagement I do have a question about what a community might look like around the podcast so I have an idea of what a community looks like ana blogged or that kind of thing um is it similar is a different I'm sure there's a million different answers to that, but they're sort of ah, can you give me a better idea of what a community looks like built around a podcast? Yeah, and a lot of that's going to be on, you know, it can still be the same experiences a log where you have people connecting in, leaving comments. I like to engage people through twitter a lot on dino that's, more ptp again in that format, but you can create a group you can also have them engage, you know, I have a lot of podcast friends that have live event, so they've got their listeners and then when they're at events, will bring people in so you could do a lot of different things that way. First start by going back to your blood, building your hub, getting that brand known and where they could get comfortable on dh, signing up on your email list or just engaging with your content there. But then you also again it's going to come back to your listener, knowing where they hang out and what they like, tio, where they like to hang out, how they like to engage some people aren't, you know they're on different platforms, maybe it's google plus maybe by having a live hangout. Once a month where you answer questions, turn that into a podcast, your community might just happen and flourish right there, so some of you might be playing around a little bit and we're going to go into more about that by picking just one or two main social networks, not overwhelming yourself, but knowing where your prospect is and where they like to hang out is the key to really finding your community. All right? So I'll be totally transparent here. So when I first started, maybe back last spring looking into this idea, um what I noticed is that there's a lot of parenting information out there, but no one was really speaking about in order to to be able to implement parenting, you really have to feel up for the task that oh, wow, there's my unique thing we lo and behold, but there's, somebody that's just shown up helping mothers toe also feel balanced. And so then I began to spin out a little bit, and when I realized as well, if there was only one real estate agent or one dentist, we'd all be in a lot of trouble. So there is room for more than one person, and I guess I just wanted to say that me totally transparent because in one sense I feel like, well, there is sort of a unique element teo working with the parent before the parent is trying to implement their parenting techniques, but I'm not the only one at this point and I think that they'll just it it is it's a medium that's really taking on so they'll be more and more I'm sure absolutely and you know every industry there's nothing new the really isn't it's just our unique spin our unique personality and are unique take on how we want to connect and be able to bring that to life so I realize that there's always going to be another expert out there there's always going to be someone bigger oh someone batter someone, whatever whatever that you know terminology is but in your mind I want you to get really clear on who you want to work with what you want attract on what your mission is with it because when you could engage with it and you have fun and you start to enjoy it that's where you start to grow your community but also your following but more importantly what's going to start to happen for you are the different ideas where you could take your business again it's all about getting launched, taking one foot in front of the other and just keeping moving forward so she's passing out right now the listener avatar exercise which we're going to get into and just in a couple minutes here but do you want to share? Yeah, for me, like I mentioned at the helmets in conjunction with some events that I do, so it grew out of the void I was trying to fill with the events and I attend a lot of events that produced a lot of events and what I was finding that was that a lot of events were either sales e or you didn't get a lot of information. It was sort of like a big tease or it was purely inspirational, and I think inspiration motivation are great, but what do you do with that? And so, you know, that's what I shape the events around, so I took the same, you know, thing with the podcast that we want to be practical. We want to be actionable, no one's selling anything on the show, so everything is something that you can apply and we always end with a tip. You know, the most important tip from everything we've talked about that you could take an apply to your business to make it better. I love it. I love that that's one of the big things of my podcast two is more than how to I know for me I was so overwhelmed in so many different things like if I could just find where it had all the right experts I could kind of guide me along and give the how to first and then I could pick those experts that I resonated with that I wanted to go work with that was the whole basis there's no selling anything on the podcast so and that's what's great is you realize that for what you want to create and how you're using your your podcast to position that's brilliant I love it um tip base as well but I also want to help them with overwhelmed there's. A lot of entrepreneurs are would be entrepreneurs who say I've been here a lot of people talk about passion, this passion that and I mentioned earlier mindset, right? But I want oh wanna hone in on what is a couple of tips that you can take away with you maybe have a link to where they could go to a pdf if they pdf file if they want to you know how that printed? Um I also thought what if we had polling where we pulled the audience to see what types of things are they dealing with that they'd like to see us discuss on this show and then from that also provide tips and how to oh, yeah, yeah, yeah it's a great one to a lot of podcasters can use that there's some other two we'll talk about, but you even just speak pipe where they can actually leave a message on your blogged and be ableto then take the question of the week or if you're using block talking, repurpose in content used that as the life form at get the live, engage with the questions and then repurpose that and use that and really and be able to open that up for you. Khun, it makes it easy for you to because then you know what they're already looking for, you know, just even emailing your list, what topics? What do you what do you want to actually have as interview is just having dinner with the least dunham's last night? And so she teaches experts how to get there book out of them. She just launched. We just want your podcast a couple months ago, and so she sent a survey out to her list, and they're like, we want this. We want this, we want this and it was different ideas than what she even thought, so just opening that door up. And being approachable for that is brilliant, and you're going to get more loyalty from that as well, because they know that you're trying to really serve them and help them in their business or whatever format for mindset or overwhelmed, which is a big a big area. Do anybody else have any? Yeah, um, so it sounds to me, everybody's, so on it here, um, because I wanted to do a two piece, I wanted to do, like a q and a, a style q and a, because I wantto and still confidence, and really, when I work with clients, I transform them, kind of, you know, through their clothes and and how they look. So I wanted to do one podcast during the week on cue, anywhere the reader, the readers so used to writing, the listeners can ask me questions, and then I respond, and then go through that so that's, the tip based part, but the other part, that I feel there's a void in the fashion style arena is having smart, intelligent conversations about style, you know, there's a lot of fashion bloggers out there that I love, um, but I know a lot of people in the industry, and I want to bring those people on and share that kind of behind the scenes information with the audience so it's a two part like so would that be too different? Um, it's all on style, one podcast, but two different segments per week. I think absolutely you could have it, you know your question answer on monday and then your live engaged or your you're kind of get fried oration exact, and that could be start that we'll talk about that, but that'll be start teo, for your format of what your listeners than going to show up and want to know, because they're going, they're going to let you know, hey, where's, your podcast, I wantto know what's going on, so having your format there and having that segment, then they'll look forward to that every monday or wednesday or friday whenever you launch it. Okay, then you have a systematized approach for your business as well, and then you'll get more people following that by setting up that structure and the one thing I want to point out to you, especially for you, with what you do, a lot of what what you're doing is helping with the psychology to have confidence, so it's not just style its inspiration and exactly and so with that we can have tips and we can have you know this great content we're sharing but also even just transformation with what you're doing in the health of the mind set you can incorporate more things that are going to help people in in whatever that transition is so it doesn't just have to be you know what the style the weekends go deep I challenge each and everyone of you to go deep with your podcast because I think there's a huge void in all of our industries where people just aren't deep enough they don't go deep enough and really tap into what the real problem is what the rial you know causes it's really the cause of behind that problem and really helping them address that and become crystal clear for themselves if you could do that you will never be out of business I mean you'll have clients coming to you for forever and so opening that door up can be very powerful the one thing I also wanted to add to is for your show farm at make sure what you start with you're gonna want to stay consistent with what I often see is the you know excited ninety day entrepreneur I'm so excited I'm gonna lodge it they get out there and they do it and they congrats you know on that but I want you to stay kans assistant what you could do so that's why this is great you know play and have fun with here but then realized what realistically can you handle with your business as well to make sure you can stay consistent that was the big thing like I knew I could easily think of fifty two people that I wanted to interview for my show and so I thought well maybe I should do it twice a week three times a week and I worried about the consistency and I thought you know the minute people get used to three times a week and I have to travel or do something and I can't deliver that it becomes a problem so the way I've decided to do it is have a weekly show and then if something amazing comes up or that's topical I can do like a bonus episode and then it's just sort of extra oh yeah and that's brilliant to know that and to recognise that for yourself I mean I could interview people all day long but that just doesn't fit into my whole business model so it's really about leverage in your time and being able to then market those shows out there so even if you're doing one podcast a week you have the natural audience and itunes and stitcher and the podcast directories but then I'm going to show you howto leverage that is by sharing in other areas and how to really use however, using your podcast to get the results that you want, but but being conscious of that is really, really powerful. So, okay, that's, do we have anything in the audience that we want to go? Teo. Yeah, I haven't update here from earlier we were talking about l see jiro in the romance broadcast, so they say, I want to reach out to the readers and be relentlessly helpful. I want that I want to be helpful for my readers and my listeners. Yes, there's. So much of the commentary on romance novels is snarky, even from within the industry, so I want my podcast to be more positive. I love that, and I think making a shift in how your industry functions and what the standard is. People are probably already hungry for that already, and looking for that so you could be the one, the advocate. To start that and I would definitely have called actions on your podcast toe create that community over on your blogger or even if you want to start, you know, google, plus community or facebook community where you going? How people start to interact in there and start to help facilitate? That was one of the biggest things that I've noticed for me and my business when I could be a better connector when I can connect people to who they need to be connected with your business starts to massively grow so that's a really brilliant way for you to create a really fun community. And also, if you want to have events, are things in the future as well, I think that's brilliant to step outside that box and channel it the way you want it to be, because I guarantee you the rest year, a lot of other readers out there are looking for the same thing as well. That's brilliant there's, no question that came in from james. Many use a voice teacher and wants to do to book two podcast one for students and another one for other teachers. Uh, the question is they haven't found any other podcast. Like that and they're wondering, is that a bad sign? No it's actually a really good sign s o what's happening right now in podcast land there's there's a lot of podcast out there, but there's also so much opportunity for the unique that want to really step up and own a new space. If you look at the blog's, I bet you could go find a hundred bloggers on voice techniques voiced, you know, talking, but what's different is your that's your niche to be able to talk to people and have them understand how your coaching them so it's actually a brilliant platform for you so it's really destruction your podcast the right way and then being able to have an opening and avoid where a lot of people don't have that access to, and then I would start to connect with other networks where you could start to share that other bloggers that have the same. So you have that collaboration, an interview there, gas to start to bring them into your audience, what I would suggest. So I think it's actually a really great idea and something really needed in the in the marketplace. I know a lot of speakers need help with vocal training and tips, and it also builds confidence again like what I'm talking about, jill jill isn't just a stylist she's actually building confidence in women and so the same thing that you're doing by giving vocal teaching you khun position that for your podcast is small excellent well, great, well, let's keep going along here then so again, I keep reiterating this but even like what? Sri me was talking about the goal of what they're looking to dio, you know, shifted and evolved and so I want you to think about what the goal is for your podcast. So what? Their new branding they wanted people to tap rate into the podcast to connect with them right away on their website. So what I want you to think about is this more for building community for you? Is it that connection are you repurpose ing content to serve what you've already built? Or is it more different things that you're looking toe? Actually, um like email sign ups or is it more for just recognition to establish yourself as an expert? So I want you to really think what that main goal is and then that's how we're going to reverse engineer putting your podcast together to have a question this's things like, you know, gives me excited and a little scared, huh? Because at the end of the day I'd love to create an ever thoughtful movement, but since I'm just starting out, um it's scary to say that because I'm at point a and point b is here well thank you for sharing that and thank you for I'm gonna help you with that we're gonna walk you step by step everybody has to start somewhere and it's always scary if it's not scary I don't think that you're pushing yourself enough so this should be a little bit nerve racking where you're like oh because I was the same way and I think almost every single person that I know that launched the podcast or anything in their business you have that little bubble of that anxiety and that's good and so what? I'm going to show you those how we can help you keep moving forward through with that so so think about that for your goal and then here's what we want to do now is we want to start to research for your podcast so I want you to really dive deep into this and start to see what else is out there so the first thing is searching it itunes for podcast just what resonates with you I know like sri talked about he didn't know a podcast where I was the same way I'm like well you know I had to go and kind of do research and see what I really liked it when I resonated with so I want to go in and notice this format take note of the show format how they talk how they interview their gas look att maybe questions they asked on tip bay shows you can see what they talk about. You can talk about even just listening to some of the comedians and seeing how they engage their brilliant at that with our podcast, then where you want to do is research experts in categories that interest you because what I want you to tap into here is seeing what other people are doing that really brings engages you because then what you're thinking about is exactly what your prospect will be doing when they find your podcast as well. So find things that you're like. Oh, I really like that, and you can kind of start to piece together how you want to structure your show and have a lot of fun with it, because what resonates with you is more than likely going to resonate exactly with your listener and then research trending topics. This is a great one to be found in itunes and the podcast directories and online, but also to give you ideas. I think the number one question I have for most people starting their podcast is we what do I talk about? And so this is a great way to have fun with it and already see, like we said, there's, nothing new. To put your spin on it so amazon is a great place. I like to look at the bestseller books you could go into each one of those categories and see look at the reviews and what people are talking about. What you know what there's a controversy if there's a controversy and anything that you want, you could talk about that's fun because people always want people always want to put their two cents in, but they also want to hear what other people's two cents are, so it'll make it fun news if that's something that you could bring into the trend, you know, with style or with with a lot of women events are happening now so you could talk about things that you're seeing are women entrepreneurs? Forbes article on this is the year of the entrepreneur for women very, very exciting, so you can kind of bring that into your context and actually have references that will also bring people back to your blawg when you have other third party sites, credibility starts, engage them more forums, go check out and see what people are talking about. You know these are great ideas also to help you start to create your own first product if that's what you're looking at, do I work with water entrepreneurs to help them? Create their first product, and a lot of times, they're not quite sure what that is. And so, going into the forums where you can find out what moms are talking about, what their problems are, if you can create shows that actually helps solve people's problems, they're going to keep coming back to you again and again, because they know that you're doing the work to find what it can actually help them in their business on groups. You know, facebook groups there, so many great groups out there today that you could go connect on and just start teo that's. Also, these are great places to share your podcast episodes as well, when she found a group that has a lot of engagement, so think about those. So the way to research another o one thing I want to talk about here. Um, this is for alternative niche research on google. So the one thing that you wouldn't do that I'm gonna show you an itunes here of how you search is the expert named plus podcast to find it. But you can also do that on google, or just searching topics. I mean, we all know, you know, the great google, the verb of today, of how we search. But look at your google competitors. Look at their key word, so the easy way to do that is to go when you type in your key word. See what web sites are popping up in who's ranked for that, and then go see what they're blawg posts are about. See what they're talking about, see what different topics are out there, that that's going to give you some great ideas, but also give you some great keywords. You, khun, look locally, too. Maybe you're looking for this is a great way we're going to go into keyword research is thinking about who. What's your main keyword that you want to rake for online. So I work with a lot of chiropractors, and often times they want to rank on page one. But there's, so many chiropractors already loaded there. This is a great strategy to actually be able to leverage you to have your show and then pull your blawg up to be on page one of google. So that's, a great way to search for a swell. So make start to make a list of all the possible trigger and key words for your industry. Because that's, what people will be searching for that you can start to be found, whether that's an itunes or directories, but also to pull your blawg as well to be found. So, like with lifestyle on different things, it could be any of those trigger words that you've gone through that you've searched. Write all that stuff down because I guarantee you that's what some of your listeners will be looking for as well.

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