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Doing Epic Interviews

So let me see the celebrity interviews I want to share. Now, this is a great website you can go to and also to reference all I know, we've talked about a lot, a lot of websites and things that will all be that's what I love about creative life, they're going to go back and put all of these on the slide. So anything that we reference, I know wendy had quite a few girls that we didn't have up on the slides that will actually be out each one of those slides and on the movie. So you know exactly where it's at. So with epic interviews, this is contact any celebrity so you can go to this website and then what's great about this is that let you know what's going on with celebrities and how to get in touch with them, how to get in touch with our agents how to get in touch with this is a great sight for the royalty free music you can find out who the producers and the different people are as well. So if you put your name and email and I think this one has ah, free try, yep, fourteen day free te...

st drive. Test drive so you could actually go in and get a lot of people you're looking at just to get started with, but it's a great place to already know where to go their proper channels to set that up. So here, when you're contacting them again, make sure that that celebrity or that person you're looking to connect with really relates with what your cause, your brand, your purpose and it's on par with what they're promoting right now, what they're doing or what's coming out. Okay, make sure it's it's aligned in that format. Another one here is I will it's a longer website there, but it's, I am d b pro, so I am d as in dog b as in boy pro, so here's another one that you can start a free trial here for two weeks and there's tons of people in the entertainment world and news in politics. I mean, you'd be amazed at who's in there and that's where you can start to see to connect also it's great to see maybe for people that you've already done your database of where you're at, you goingto live events, highly goto live events that is, where you get interviews, you get a bump, shoulders with people connect with them and they get to get to meet you. For who you are in person, that makes a huge difference. That's how I've gotten almost all the interviews is just meeting about live events, we connected, and then I'm like, hey, are you open to an interview? And they're like absolutely that simple. So people that you think are so top that you could never connect with if you're at events, it makes a difference. But then, if you've gone through that, this is a great for my toe look for other gas people outside of your industry that you could bring in to talk about your topics remember, I think sweeney was talking about that go outside of your industry, and if you could, you know, if you can provide a that together, that could make for a really fun, engaging conversation, and then I think, um okay, so this was kind of my step by step with how to get top interviews compliment? Now I'm not talking about flattery, I'm talking about compliments, okay? So I mean, everybody loves a good compliment. So how foam with that and really be sincere. I mean, people, I bring on my show, I've either learned from them I've promoted them or had been a part of their programs, so I know them. Very well. And I know what my listeners are going to get out of listening to them and the parts that I really appreciate about how they teach or how they, how they help people. So really, really take take the extra mile with that talk about your cause, and then how you can promote like what, what your databases or what you're going to share share out for for them, okay, how you're gonna promote it, and then how you can help them. This is a great way. We're going to talk a little bit more about this later, but this is how you open up the door to joint venture strategies. One of the things that I think is the most important is when you figure out the right interviewees for your podcast opening that door up to how you can help them and how you conserve them. One of the things that's really help me is I. I'll open the door up two different ways of what they're working on and how I can help them no matter what if there's pay or not like I'm not even worried about that it's about serving because that opens the door up for so many different things so in some cases I'd set up their podcast in the beginning when I was first getting started and connect with them and open that door up and then relationship started to blossom from that and then that turned you into a joint venture partnership so what's great about that is that is where you can start to really monetize your podcast efforts and really start to grow your audience and commitment they're going to events we talked with that start with your rolla docks and then always always always asked for referrals because they'll know more people that you can connect with and different people tto be able to help them all right? So I want to do this live interview here are you good? Okay, okay, we can answer call me but I don't know fall enough time but so joe I'm gonna have to think what we'll do is have the two of them stand we'll let you take a seat on the perfect school yeah let's do it so um do you want me to sit over there and yeah, okay, I'll get out of the way, all right barbara walters alright so welcome toe on style erica how are we're here should I pretend I'm on the show go for um why don't we do the intro music and all that you just don't get it I know okay control like right now oh, I don't have the script anyway hi guys. Welcome toe on style with me your host jill seaford uh today we have an amazing guests she is absolutely fabulous and I hear she's going to launch a new podcast soon. Uh her name is erika walter walter's erica welcome. Thanks for joining me today so sorry. Okay, let's get in here. You ready to talk about style and fashion? Ey e say that. All right, so, uh let me start off by asking you first tell us the audience a little bit about your business and what your podcast is going to be about so I am all about slowing down getting present in the moment becoming your authentic self being being okay with being vulnerable and then really connecting with others and making authentic relationships all right? Well, too perfect things there because I'm all about authentic style and really communicating to other people and connecting so we have those two things in common so so let's talk about that I know you guys you contacted me because its transformational tuesday and I know that you're getting ready to launch your podcast and you uh you have some style questions so since your brand is uh what is the name of your brand again every thought ever thoughtful so since your brand is about authenticity authenticity and connecting, how do you feel right now? What is your largest style challenge? My largest style challenge is over the past year and a half I've gained weight ok? And so whereas you know, when I was my smaller self I felt pretty comfortable wearing a lot of different things and I felt pretty comfortable with how different clothes felt and looked on my body but because of the weight gain, I'm not sure how to dress my body because of that and I'm not always that confident in that okay? So since we're talking about your presence and connecting with your audience forever thoughtful you wantto what are three words you can describe maybe that you want to connect with your audience three adjectives that would work like my relationship with my idea yes, yeah because it's a podcast I'm not going to see you but in all your promotional material like your promotional video, your brochures, your website what just by looking at it what would you like to convey to your audience without speaking even though you're gonna beat authenticity is often to number one okay um, so okay, let me ask you this, how about give me three words that describe your personality because a lot of style has to do with your personality compassionate but I don't know e I really want to be, um uplifting uplifting okay alright. Vibrant yet relaxed okay vibrant um relaxed and what was the first one uplifting uplifting okay. All right um let me ask you another question where where do you live right now? What is your lifestyle like? So you live in an urban city apartment dwelling? Um okay. So forever thoughtful you want to be thoughtful about the message you convey to your clients and I'm looking at your photo right now, okay? Because you're not standing in front of me and what calls out to me is the color of your eyes they're very uh what's the word I'm looking for here help me out, erica they're very strong, so I would since you have the word vibrancy and relaxed I would suggest incorporating maybe some bright like what are your what colors do you feel comfortable wearing? Well, that's part of my struggle with the weight gain is I sort of feel like just wearing black off e I know yeah it's more of a hiding uh thing than a open embracing and usually what I like to help you know what I want to help you with is to lift your confidence and be able to convey that to your clients so how would you feel about wearing blue for example because blue would match your eyes and it would be a good color to go with your skin tone yeah, open toe that way should we keep going? Okay, okay. I could talk for hours, okay. Um uh okay, um I did it to do um okay, one let me ask you one other important question erica where would you like to be in a year from now? What would you like people to look at your image when they see your video? Your promotional videos about your podcast? What where where would you like to be in a year from now from feeling confident maybe in your clothes seen as an expert okay, scene is an expert so authoritative yet accessible yeah, yeah. That's perfect. Okay, authoritative yet accessible um and happy okay, because some people really take images and you know, their style doesn't shine through and they seem very serious so you wanted to be uplifting you had mentioned and any last style thoughts? Um no. Well, I think what what I what would be helpful for me is knowing why I shouldn't wear black all the time or why blue would be flattering on me like you said with my eyes like that's helpful yeah, it will black azi it's like psychology of black is very severe. And while in different cultures, it means different things, right? So it's, like a lank color is a language and style is a language. So what you want to communicate is you want to communicate friendliness and openness, nick, navy and blues. Why had suggested blue, for example, is because it's a trusting color ah lot of banks and an education use blue, which we see in the studio here to know we're not the studio today. So blue conveys a sense of trust automatically when you wear a blue. So I would suggest something in, uh, the blue tones, um, looking why would go more and more into it, like body type and all of that, which I'm not doing, but wait, stop there, okay, go more and more into it. This is actually a perfect example of why we did this, because for to have a live interaction. One thing that'll be great for you is to have your guest already have a survey filled out and to understand more about where you're gonna take the conversation, because this is exactly the type on your transformational tuesday's that will happen is you have. Brand new people that have been listening to your show, but that when they get on the mike, they don't, they might not know where the conversations going or what you're directing, so if you can have that set up or you know what their biggest frustration is with style, what they're looking help for on what they're and have that guided. So every transformational tuesday, people are going to know what they're going to come on the show for what's gonna happen, and then where you're gonna take them through that, so then you're going to get more people that are gonna be like, oh, I want it. I want to be on there now, right? Because then they're going to see that transformation happened. So the more you can portray that and help people do that in that half a knauer, more people are going to wantto want to come on and do that. But this is great, yeah, absolutely great job, you guys all right, thank you wei have loss of comments in the chat rooms just giving lots of props to the both of you for your bravery for getting up there and just doing it I know I don't really appreciate you guys I know I just throw stuff out there but that's part of this when you're on the podcast when you're doing your interviews your guests make me answer a question too short and then you have to fill the gap and you have to like think of the next question or they're going to keep going and then now you got to spin off cause they cover all of your questions now so that's where that's gonna happen? Ifyou're formats a little bit different if you're doing more of that freestyle type of podcast ok, so great job so a lot of it again is just to brace the challenge with it have fun with it and then try to set yourself up for us much success is possible so having your questions or having your frame of mind put together so when you go into that conversation because journalists do that they already have the questions that they're going to be asking they know exactly where they're directing that conversation and they do it beautifully so that's where you can incorporate that but incorporate your own style with that your own personality, your own flair so I think we have covered absolutely everything in this yes, that was the hot seat, so we've done it. So is there any other questions that people have right now on what they're looking for? Any questions they have on their interview? Maybe their show format, how to get interview ease or yeah, it was just kind of a when you set up the interview, how much time do you need? As far as you know, do you actually converse with your interviewees before hands, like, fifteen, twenty minutes before and say hand would ask this or this or just shooting emails saying, this is what I'm gonna cover? Yeah, how much prep time is there before the interview? Or do you just call and say, hey, yeah, so I usually have there, you know, pretty much in advance some of the questions we're going to be going over or if not, they're totally cool thought they're not worried about it, but what I do is I usually, you know, check shooter, chat with him, I make small in that small talk, but I find out a little bit more about them because they usually have a few minutes and you got you have to read your gus a little bit, some of her work, and I want to talk someone aren't there is going to want to go right into the interview and get off the phone, but that's. Where, when you're selecting your gust you. This is where I really like the podcast format. No, nothing against block talk or some of the other platforms out there, like radio, but a lot of times, you don't get it. Connect with that guest as much. So when you come into that, you're you're on hold, you go and talk, and then you're off, and there was no guest. Connection and so the one thing that's really powerful with a podcast is it is recorded and you produce it later. So you have that opening to connect with your gust, opened that door up, get them to know and trust you, because at the same time, they're still looking at you like, yes, they'll interview, you know, interview with you and connect with you, but still they still don't know that much about you. So as you ask really good questions, you engage them a lot that opens trust factor up with them, and then when you get to the end of the podcast that's where you can find out more about what they're doing, maybe a project they reference you could say, hey, I can help you with that. This is what I'm working on. I've got this audience, I'm doing this, I've got in a live event, um and that's where you could open the door up where you can bring more business, if you know if you want to open that door for joint ventures. So really that's where I take a lot of carrying on my interviews to do that, no, not everybody that's going to be a fit for and maybe one out of every ten people that you interview, but one partnership, one connection can change your life and so a podcast is a way for you to have a platform for them to say yes to open that door up so I hope that answered oh yeah? Because I had no idea what happened behind the scenes yeah, well that's an and that again a gun it's the art having fun with that but I like to do research to find out what is that guest working on right now? What are they promoting? What are they doing? How can I help them? How can I serve them and then open that door to let them know that I can help them without so definitely quick question from the internet before we wrap up this segment and now this comes from the cole and I think sri knee may have touched on this but curious to get your opinion on this nicole says have you ever had a dull interview and wanted to scrap it because the guest was just plain dull and that came before our mock interviews so that is not an indication of that interview. We just did just want to make that clear but sometimes if it's not a good fit, how do you approach that with the person you interviewed? You know, fortunately I have for I mean my guests have been absolutely amazing engaged that I have worked with but that but I know exactly what she was talking about because that will happen, I mean, he's interviewed close to five hundred people, I mean it's it's, a massive show him what he's done there so and he's very spread particular on who he wants on his show and the creativity aspect of that and how they dive deep like we've been talking about into that content. So what I try to do is if you're having trouble with your gas where it's not pulling out the contact, try to get, try to disrupt the same pattern and get them to talk about stories, and then if it really doesn't fit and you're not comfortable with it, you don't have to produce it that's, that's a personal preference, but to help yourself with that, try to pull out and sometimes, you know, I want to point out that sometimes we think it was a bad interview, but your guests will love it it's so interesting because we get so critical of ourselves, and I put things out there where I thought I was interviewing as well, but I still wanted to interview to go out there and people are like, this is one of your past interviews. This is, yeah, I had an interview like that where it was kind of the middle and I didn't go the shrinky method by cutting off the interview like I actually finished it right? But I just sat with it. I'm like, it doesn't feel right to me, it doesn't feel right for the audience, so I haven't produced it. I probably won't, but what would you suggest about contacting that person was actually a person that someone else referred to me. It wasn't a guess that I actually invited mice self. So how do you manage that relationship or say to them that basically you're not going to put this out there? I've actually gone I actually I have had one interview and it it actually was because of the technology piece it was going in and out, and then she couldn't hear I was asking questions, and so I she knows I haven't produced yet, but I just went back to her, I said, hey, I coached her on what I wanted for the best for my audience and just gave her a few tidbits and said, this is what we're really served my audience, so they're going to want to learn more about you if we can go in this style. So I gave a little bit more feedback if some people are open to that, some people aren't I mean, hopefully you don't really have that much, but I would just let's, go back and say, hey, you know what? I really listen to it and there's a few edit things that happened that we wantto tweak up and then see if they're open, teo redoing that because it's going to help them as well. I mean, if you don't like the interview, it's, not the right fit that's probably happen in other areas as well. So but yeah, and the other thing I like that you talked about is you still went through with it. You'd be surprised. Sometimes your chemistry, it just takes a while to get into it, and you can cut into an interview right when it gets really good to start with. So if you need that time, I mean, obviously you don't want to waste the people, the people that you're interviewing their time at all. But sometimes if it's a little bit plug, plug, implode, and then all of a sudden it just blossoms and opens up, start there and leave that best interview that's, what you want to put out there

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