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Hosting Your Show in Libsyn

So I'm really excited about today. So, up until now, what we've done is really done. A lot of the foundational piece is figuring out what you're going to talk about. What your show title is helping you have that confidence around actually launching your podcast. Then yesterday afternoon, we went into a lot of the technical piece of how to record how to set up your home, studio your mikes and then actually start to record your audio or your videos. So today we're going to go into how to actually launch had actually put your content together, create your feet and lipson, which is going to be very simple. I'm gonna walk you step by, step through that. Then we're going to go into your launch plan. Your marketing plan and then on howto market and monetize and I have some incredible guests coming on in the next couple episodes as well to talk through that so I'm really excited about what we're going to be going over now with well I should have the slide up but so we'll be talking about right...

now how to produce your successful show and then howto launch and the blueprint for success this is a nine step process that my clients have used over and over again and each one of them have had success who is it which was telling me there's a lot of students right now that are actually going through in launching their podcast right now and some of you it said they're in new and noteworthy right now already on top so this actually works and this is how you can get great traffic right from the start even if you don't even have your business up yet so and then we're going to go into the five surefire ways for marketing success for your business and then seven ways to monetize your podcasts and these air six figure strategies that that'll reveal here step by step on how you can actually take this and implement this for your business I've got a great gust joan lee do miss coming on he's, the founder of entrepreneur and fire, which is the top three itunes business podcast and then rob walt the v p of marketing over at lib sin, which is the premier hosting provider host eighty percent of the top podcast in the the world is going to be talking with us in the next segment two really hot a lot your podcast so really fired up and excited for today so let's get into the heart of the continent we're going to be talking about now of how to actually produce your successful show so the first thing that we want to do so now that we've talked about all of the things that have led up to this you have your album art done you have your intro done you've started to create either your interviews you've set your interviews up to interview your gus and then also you have you have recorded your first maybe three to five shows for solo show now we want to look at putting the platform doubt your foundation so what happens here with lips and lipson is a hosting provider, so this is where you actually holds all of your audio and your video, so I tunes and stitch your radio and all the podcast directories they dissed stream your audio you don't actually do anything technical on those platforms that's one of the biggest questions that I get this is where you actually do all the behind the scenes work where your album art shows up for your audio files show up for your title your description shows up so what's great about this and what I've been saying over and over again is that if you need to change anything, this is great because you do it on the back and here and then that all peer up in itunes, orin, stitcher and all the different places. So taking the action moving forward with what you've learned today, and then if you ever want to change anything like I said, dave ramsey has changes album, artwork, a lot of experts have done that, and you could do the exact same thing. So the first step is signing up for your hosting program with lipson. Now, one of the reasons why a lot of the podcasters will tell you this is one of the free traffic strategies is because it's so cost effective for hosting hosting your your mp three's in your movie files. So if we want to go, what you want to do is go toe lips in dot com and then go to ford plans, dash pricing, okay? And then what? What we could do here is you actually get your first month or two months free from lipson by putting in the code chris the lipson and I have worked together on this and it's amazing there, actually giving this promo for you so you can actually go in and test it out in see how it works on the inside with lipson. So again, it's lipson l I b s y n dot com ford slash plans dash prices. So this is going to take you right over into where you enter your information. Now, this is the most important part. Remember when we talked about on day one about key? We're targeting and your slug? This is the show name. Excuse me, this is your main key word for your show that you're going to rank for. So when you going to fill this out? I know it's a little bit small. Appear right now, but you're gonna put your first name. You put your last name and then you want to put your email, make sure you put the email. You check because this is where you're going to get all updates. All notifications. You want to make sure you have a solid email on there that you remember. So what I like to use, I like to use last pass l a s t p a s s dot com that actually saves all of your passwords and it's. Just one password you have to remember. And then you can have all of it organized for social media for your banking for your podcast so all of these you know, audio jungle all these sites we've been talking about how many of us have one hundred and one passwords to remember all of them absolutely not so make your life easy and simple by using that platform okay? So when you go in and put this and then you'll create your password and then what you want to do is this is where it says show slug so it'll have http colon forward slash it'll have a space and then it will be dot lipson dot com so this is what starting to create this is your rs s feed and the pages were that directs to your domain so what you want to do is that's where you'll put your slug in so make sure you choose appropriately so let's go back if if you're just tuning in from from the course right now, your slug should be your name if you don't already have a lot of real estate on google what I mean by that is if you when you you google your name on google and you don't have any links that show for you that should be your slug because you're going to want to rank for that for your name because we all google things today when we go search for things second if you already have that covered what's the name of your product or your program or your brand so this could be very, very simple this doesn't have to take a lot of time to decide so you want to use that and then third, if you have all of that covered the new connection actually pick a long tail keyword that's going to make sense for you to be found online for what your clients are prospects will be searching for closer to where they're ready to buy I want youto really get hyper focused for yourself, so your show pops up when they're actually in a state of looking for that information to solve the problem. Absolutely I would love for you to pick one of us and use us as an example to pick our slug perfect okay, well, let's talk about me, okay? All right, so and I kind of come back to this in terms of getting my real estate so thes air my options, it would be dr kate brennan or it would be the ultimate mom's guide. Or it would be the third one, as you said would be something that we're the person's ready to buy. So, um, I don't know if this actually works, but expert parenting program or something like that, so I think we talked about on day one how someone else has your name well says that my name is comments if you plug it in, you get other caper and ends up floating up, I would go with that you would go with? I would go with your name, onem you the number one thing. And I know if you already have a bunch of people that already are popping up because that that happens with google you wanna have atleast try to get one or two things that can pop up for yourself? I mean, your name is so important because no matter what it could be let's say ultimate mom by ultimate mom's guide. Right, there's still going to type in cape brennan ultimate mom's got there going type your name in with your thing always that's kind of how we search naturally, we type someone's name in and then whatever that thing is I mean, if you think about music, you type in the artist name and then that song behind their name or vice versa. So you wanna have your name be found? So that would be the first place to start is what I would suggest. Cause then your brain ing out. Ultimate mind mom's guide so when they come in and tune in and listen to your show you're directing them, but see that's after they've already started to hear you connect with your brand. So then you can refer them where to go. The first step of the process is how they actually naturally organically search for you. What you want to do is think of what happens. People already have trying to make them create a new habit. You want to actually do what they're already doing, go the route that they're already thinking of searching. Okay, does that make sense? Okay, great. Yeah. And I know what it was that long. I would have asked me first. Okay, um, kind of actually along those lines, then I can count, but I do have an uncommon name yet, but when I put my name on its, you know, things I've done in the past as faras seminars, presentations, the crossfit, but nothing that drives it to the rethink website. What I then rather have my name as the slug or the rethink your health. I think for you, since you have a lot of brandy and your name already and that's really taken care of because you've got videos, you've got a lot of content, other things that are up there, and now you're going to tow. Like essentially rebranding into rose think I think you should use rethink brandon okay, I think that would be great this is the slug that really you put it in once and you can't really change it yes yeah so once you have this set up and you start adding content you put your feet in it you can't change it so I like to just say right from the start pick the one that makes the most sense and you know if you end up later on deciding I wish I would have changed something else you know what? This is just one component of one of the benefits that happens from podcasting you realize that the majority of downloads come from people finding you in itunes from your podcast and then also how you're sharing on the networks because how google's change it's a lot about social engagement now so even though I talk a lot about organic google search that's because you can have that benefit you from podcasting but if if you know later on down the road you can always launch another podcast too, which is another option but I just want you to know up front that I don't want people to get started and then they're like oh, I want to change and then you can't so just pick the best that where you're at right now and just keep moving forward okay great line was long too, so oh, no, that's great. I love I love the engagement because this is what I want in a lot of the viewers can understand through what you're asking. So I really, really appreciate it. So the next thing that happens that is, you'll have a credit card information there. We all know how to fill that out. And then the subscription options at the bottom here now, there's a bunch of different plants and people always ask me, well, what do we actually need if I'm going to do you know, once a week show if I want to do ah lot. So what happens here now? These plans no, they do change and they will be fluctuating. That's going to be happy. That happens like when he was talking about everything always changes in every industry but what's great right now with how lips and has a setup is it's very simple to decide your plan on dso with lips in classic that's. Five dollars a month. So what I suggest the typical range that most people are going to be around is the lips in classic two hundred fifty between four hundred now I do one show a week it's about an hour. To an hour and a half at most so that's about six hours of content and I'm still I'm at the twenty dollar month plan and I still have tons a room to go now if you're going to be doing a longer show, then you khun ad you could you could add up into higher plans. You could always switch your plans as well. Now the one thing I want to talk about and then I'm going take questions for sure is there there's a lips and app? So what they will do is you can connect over with lips, and as you've grown your audience and start to build that up now, you can create an at platform where they can actually signing from their phone into your own app for your show, and then you can have more features in there know lipson will help you with that they have a custom group that will help you set that all up, which is a amazing so right at the beginning, though, I don't suggest worrying about that, you don't need it it's growing your audience, getting your platform out there, and then that could be another added benefit and it's actually great, because once you have your audience built up, then they're going to be excited about, you know, your your launch about quick question, what are the numbers refer to the fifty criticized, the file size is the size of what they so time like size, meaning like kilobytes or size, meaning hours exactly. So how much space you're content will take up, which is great it's not based on how many downloads it's based on let's say you four hours of time, you know, you have that much more space to open up. So it's, just based on the amount of content you put in there, so if you're gonna be putting a daily show that's an hour show, you're gonna need the unlimited for the amount of time that you're gonna have per month. Ok, so so four hours equals how many do you think? I think? I mean, you mom, I like I would just do the two fifty to protect herself, and then you'll see you'll actually see when you log in, you're the bar they have, ah, progress bar of how far you are with your contact, like home, how much you've actually tapped into, and then they'll let you know if you're getting reaching your plan and you need to upgrade so hewlett's room, they make it very simple. Lipson is an amazing interface, and they've just redone the whole inside that I'm excited to share, so they really are about support, they have a amazing customer support on dh that's really simple they've got a great helpful. They also have an amazing podcast that will go over any tips, anything like all the latest tips, trips, all the technical things that you want to know, they have that going out about podcasting so it's a great network tto be apart of and to have that support for your hosting because asked things, as we all know, technology changes, things shift, so they great support there for you. So then that's, where you put entered the promo code, and then you'll go through the terms of service there and then click sign ups, and now you've taken the step to actually start to launch, which is really exciting. Okay, so now this is the dashboard of exactly what's going to pull up in the top of lips, and so when you log in and you've entered your show information now I already have my information filled out, so you're not it's not gonna be blank. You won't have anything there that you're in it that you're going to see. Now, if you notice there's the new interface, which is lips and four and then we have the old interface. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over the new interface, and then I have a bonus training on the inside that goes over that interface. That that's an easier way for you to look at things. Okay, so I'll walk you through both, um, let's see here. So the first thing that I want you to do, what happens with lips? Him. So, like, I talked about before, remember when we looked in itunes and you can see the album art, you can see the name of the show, you can see all the descriptions, that's all what happens on the back and here. So there's not be. Don't log into your itunes account and go type in anything and do anything with any of your show titles, everything happens on the back in here so you can see what it's gonna look like. And then you know how it's going to show up on itunes, and that way you can chuck so it's actually, really, in the one thing I want to point out here with how itunes updates it when you if you want to go in and edit any of your shows, it could take anywhere from two to two days to show up now, if you're editing what we're talking about here with your show setting that could take up to a week, so just realize the reason it's how itunes index on their platform so just realize that if it's not showing up right away, just just be patient and wait a little bit on your show back up. So the first thing we want to do is set up your actual show channel. Nathan no that's fine. Uh, I can't remember what it was for, but I think yesterday at some point you were saying that itunes had had an issue with something, uh, can't remember so few if you put all this stuff into lipson does it then go to itunes on itunes? I would say, no, sorry, we can't have this or this is wrong and then lips and will contact us, or how does that? And I'm going to go through that so we're going to set up your show and then your this actually creates an rs s feed your feed that I've been talking about, really? So our ss is really simple syndication. So that's what allows when someone clicks to subscribe in itunes that are automatically downs to their player of choice, and it keeps downloading. Okay, so we're going to create that feed over here and that this feed you control everything for set up your show title. All of that on the back on what I was referencing yesterday and thank you for bringing that up when we go in tow add your file your media file whether that's an mp three or an mp for it's how you save the title? Remember, we talked about the title of what we save our mp three files him if you have weird characters, this happens with html and with with feeds if you have were characters in any way like you no question mark that khun mess up the feed that's why I say keep your title's very, very simple just the name and then you can use underscore but don't have, like, slashes and ends and all those were characters it's just kind of how the code works and I'm gonna look for this for later yeah, maybe we could circle back around to if we have time what's a really good way to systematize saving our shows, you know, you know podcast zero zero one zero zero, two whatever. But I'm gonna show you that in their advertising way absolute and there's a reason to do that, too, and I'll get into that in a second of how we is podcast listeners how we go through content, so absolutely great question. So did I answer that was that perfect? So the first step is going over, you'll see your dashboard seal dashboard, you're content that's where you're gonna upload your audio, your video files destinations were going to come back to that in a second, then monetizing tab your statistics. This is where you could see your stats, where you can see people are listening, what shows they're listening to, how long their download or who's downloaded the most it's a great and you can see the country it's a great tab for youto see for your own show stats, then we go into your storage so that's where you can check and see if you're on par with how much car you're content, and then the first have that I want you to look at here studying so this is what we're going to go actually start up your show studies, so if you go into settings and go at it, show settings and your billing option, is there a cz well, and then if you ever want to close that show out, you could do that. One thing I want to know is if you ever do you have to close your show out, you can never re enter that feed toe itunes so just make a note if you're if anything, if you ever do shut that out, you can't you have to create a new feed to put into itunes, okay, I don't want to get too technical, but I wanted that really important. So the next thing that we want to do so this is what's going to pop up, it'll actually be a longer screen, and we'll have each of these organized really nice, just like this is shown here, so it's has required information. So the first have the one thing that has shifted in just recent with itunes is that their search feature you, you know, when we do the youtube videos that when he was talking about and you can put your takes on there your key words, same thing like I've been talking about with itunes, where you could be found for those keywords the differences, though now you wanna load, really make sure you're conscious of floating your title and your description because there is a tab this is still in in lips, and that will say tags, but that's not as prevalent anymore, so but that's. Okay, so what you want to do is just make sure your show title has the key words that you want to be found for, and then your description so really simply and a great keyword so let's, let me back up for a second. So your show title, this is actually what will show up in itunes and I'm going to show you in a second one, it looks like it'll be the first, you know, it'll be the title, and then the description shows up second, so you don't have very much room for people to actually see what what that isthe so I want you to keep it short and cured dunce and the reason being is people member I talked about listeners go in cherry pick different episodes, they don't just come in necessarily and download everything they're going to come in, see your channel and be like, oh, episode thirty seven that's really, what I want to know more information about and what happens is a lot of podcasters don't take the time to think this out, how they're their audience is coming in to read it. So remember, we talked about not wasting your audience is time and making it really easy for them to tune into your content and then also they want to share its and I'll show you how they could do that, so make sure that your title is very simple not to like you don't want it like three sentences long. You want to, you know, seven to eight words, I think even after that, you can't see it. So what I mean by that is an itunes, you know, we can hover over things and it pops up more. It doesn't do that. So the title you want to make sure it's short now you want to add in I a lot of people do they have different philosophies on this, you can put your initials of your show and then zero zero one. So what happens? The reason we do that is when you're on your phone and you're listening to a podcast, sometimes we're like, well, what episode are they? Listen to you and if it said seven oh, yeah, I listen to someone already. So it already has that now you also when you record your show, I have a mini and tro where I say this is episode one of the less entrepreneur podcast and I'm gonna be interviewing x y z. This is what we'll be talking about. I already profits and set that up so they know it is exactly. What that podcast is about now that's a personal preference, but the one reason I like that as well is you'll have a lot of audience with that podcast that listen that are blind so they can actually hear where they're at in your podcast and then no we're out so that's another nice feature and also just for all of us it's nice to just I already know what the show is going to be about yeah with that many intro yep, that goes before the intro we've been talking about exactly and that's a personal preference if you want to do that, you could move that later but I like to do it right up at the front cause I know my listeners I know how they are and they wanted to snow is this for me or is this not what is this really about so that way then and a lot of people do that so that actually lets them know what the show is you go into your intro, then you have your content and then you have your trophy. Okay? So in this case you let's for that example, if we're going to use that you could go zero zero one colon and then you could put in what your specific specifically talking about or with your guest what you're talking about so you will be ranking for that person's name of that expert and then also what you're talking about, how to lose thirty pounds and whatever and then with expert whoever your experts name is ok, so people will be searching for things like that that's how you can be found in discovered all right, then your show slog will always show up so that's the key word that you already packed as you notice here you can't change or do anything, they're ok then it's going to go into your show description? So now this is what's going to show up and I'll show you the itunes interface in a second so you can get a better idea of it, but that will actually show up, so we'll have the first line with their show title than the next is going to be the description now that you can have her over and you can see all of the content so that's where some people choose to put all their show notes where they had their show transcribed and plot that and itunes or some people like to just keep it short and simple so that people go and listen to the podcast again that comes down to your avatar and just kind of figuring out what is most convenient for you as well as the content producer of what you want to dio so what I always said just tow have here is a really engaging description that's going to be going on so this show title this is your studies of your show. I'm like jumping ahead, so this is going to be the title that shows up at the top of itunes. Okay? And this is your description that shows up right at the top of itunes as well. It's the same I'll show you in a second. Sorry, guys. Yeah, yes, I'm so sorry that I was like, I already know how to tanja and I'm like, I kind of remember that one. So okay, so when we log it and it'll make more sense that I can show my by the attitude side of it, so this will be your main show title that shows up at the top of itunes, you'll have your album art here, you ever show title and then you're gonna have your description. So in your description, it's the same concept, so I'm going to be teaching in a second when you do your episodes. But you wanna have an explanation about what your show's about your credentials, kind of like what we do with the intro. A lot of people use that every purpose that where they go into what their credentials are into what the show's about all your keywords so all those keywords that we did on the first day were you found like all those juicy words that people would be searching for, you want to talk about that? This show is going to cover x y and z, and we're going to interview ex data these top experts, maybe some other names, if you already have them done and then you're called action, I would like to have another little call the action there. Some people read it, some people don't but it's, nice to have that so people know where to go and what your show's about. You also have a link that will that will see your website and itunes. But the majority of people tuned into your show first, and they're gonna listen to you. They're connect with you there, and then that's where you drive traffic over to where you want them to go. Okay, so this you could always come back and at it there's not not a problem with that. So if you and what happens is itunes will sometimes change the length like a few months ago, the length of the title, like, got shortened up so you could like, stuff it with all this stuff, so it just noticed that that will change every once in a while, yeah, what is your call to action on your show description just is just to go over to get they're free podcast blueprint and many course over at lifestyle academy and so that it's, it's there's like a hyperlink and then it doesn't make a hyperlink. Okay, yeah, but I still have it up there so it's part of branding and just having that because some of the shows I go to you and I want to learn more about him, it's harder, I have to like and if they don't have it connected to their website, which I'm going to show you how to do, it makes it even harder, because then you have to go to and some people are going to want to just come check you out on itunes, see what you have and then go right over to your website. I've had multiple people reach out to me and say, hey, I haven't even listened to your podcast yet, but I hope, you know, I heard about it found this and I wanted to go right over to what you're doing so that's, why? I just like to try to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with you. Did you have a question? Yeah, so this is an episode title. This is show title. Yeah, fine. They just want to clarify, let me clarify, this is setting up your show studies that's going to show up main at the top of itunes and they were going to go through how to finish that up and then we'll go into the episode so then I'm going to go backwards a little bit so key word rich title but if I so let's just say, for example, using mind so the ultimate parent what is it the ultimate mom's guide now that's my title. But do I have to monkey with that? To get a key word rich just put my title in. I would do the doctor kate brennan show like a line of colin whateveryou want ultimate mom's guide gotcha so that you have your main show and then you can have your take line or your benefits. But just make sure when you, when you launch this, you go back and see what it looks like a night because it might be too long where you might have to adjust it a little bit. This is a more specific keyword question, but I think a lot of people might be searching mindfulness that search. Mindfulness. Well, well, I would appeal to them, right? So how important is is it to have mindfulness in the show title as long as I cover it may be in the show description and certainly an episode is that okay? Or is that really important heaven title no, you want you wanna have your title where it defines what you're showing and then either those benefits strategies or you wanna have your take line? You want that to be clear and concise because that's the first thing they'll see and they look at your album art but then they can see the actual title of what that isthe and when we were looking at the album art um the ones where it had the three benefits strategies in the bottom like she would put the doctor keep running show colin the tagline what I put the three even though they're sort of separate what I do put the three and would you separate them by a comma? Yeah, I do just a line just a dash line, but I would do that vertical like hell, but it just looks like a like a line, I assure you no second. Okay, okay. Yeah, because then it just then you have that if people are searching for that and then if you do change into a take line later, you could change that out and have that up at the top as well. And then your description here that's where it's going to go the first liner to know you only have, um I think it's like three hundred fifty words where it because remember when we're talking about where there's that more button and it clicks down same thing happens in itunes, you've got a little space to put your description, and then we'll be a little more button. I try to keep it all in that top tabs, so they're not because otherwise, if they see a big chunk attacks on that goes on, more people don't read as much. I mean, I don't really think as many people read this type of information, I think it's more than getting into your content. This is more free for you to be found for your descriptions of what's changed so that's don't don't overthink this is much so the show description. Just go into the title. Excuse me the first line about who you are, what your credentials are. One sentence, you know, short mini and then you can go into what the benefits are your key words there, and then any guest that you may be interviewing as well. And then you're called action. Okay, so once that's done that, so this will be the top part of the screen. Then the next step beloved, that is going to be recommended information. Now you could enter your takes and key words here. Don't overthink this, though, because this isn't a strong about future any more than you want to put your mean website address here. Now this is what's going to pop up, and I'm gonna show you how we'll connect this so it make sure it goes to that link, but actually, when they click on in itunes, you'll see we have your album art and then right below it'll have like the copyright information and above that will be your website links so people got shit can click on that and go right over to your website from itunes. Okay, then you want to put your main contact? Email again the email where you want information to be sent to you. This is important stuff that you want to know. If anything changes also, itunes will send you information based on your show, then the default show feed you want to keep the lips in classic feed, and then here you can put your copyright notice so you could put the year. Put your website again. All rights reserved your name, your business name your brand. However, you wanna have that for ownership of your contact, so I notice it says public contact email so but I would just want stuff to come to my private box and then there's the the box for the customer, this is on your feet side on that website. I really, honestly, I don't get as much. Most people come through the main website that you go when you're referring over. So if you want to put more of your main whatever website that you like, that you just my private one? Yeah, but that's not for the public. Okay, do you have another email? I have lots of emails, but I've got one for the business and then just I have my own private business one up for the business. Yeah, you're not going to get that much from that. They're going to go to three different because I remember they're listening. They're tuning in that way. That's really were in the majority of that's coming from this is just shutting up with setting up the shell of how your show looks in itunes. Okay, um and so once you have that done, then what happens is then you upload your cover art. So now you come to this section. There will be nothing there, but you'll have a taboo word says upload eso this already was uploaded. So if you notice here I saved my my album art. With keywords and they're all underscore. Okay, so you can say that is what you want because that take also lt'll be safer keywords, another way to be found. And they make sure it's fourteen hundred by fourteen hundred pixels like we already went over on dh that's all set up. And then when you upload that that'll show up so you can actually see what it's gonna look like. All right, and then next, what what'll happen is this where you can actually create a costume domain? Now, this is a new feature that lips and added so what happens is when you actually create your feet, it'll be w h t t p you know, colin hyper thought, you know all that stuff that we go, and then it'll have your key word dot lipson dot com flash are ss that'll be your feed, but they're actually creating this where you can create a custom domain for an extra two dollars a month that will ford over to your custom domain. It'll have to be a different one than what you have, but it's a really nice feature. If you wantto have that. When I show you, when you connect to your blogging, people want to download your feed or subscribe to your feet. Okay, so that you can connect with lips and on that's how they do that, you'll just email them and they'll set that all up for you and help you all. It's really knew, so if you have any questions, you can connect with them and they'll make sure you understand you don't have to worry about that, though in the beginning you could. You could do that later, okay? Yeah, we had a question regarding that from let's. Do this in the chat room and just to be clear, you mentioned having this custom domain. Can you skip lips in and just host this on your own dot com? If you already have that set up you. So if you have so lips in, is that there's a lot of different ways to podcast it's, just like anything there's. A lot of different ways you can do it. The reason I like having lips and host the feed is because what happens with a lot of my clients? They're entrepreneurs and they're having membership sites they're creating a lot of plug ins on their website and so if they're taking their feet from the web site we found so many people have problems with feeds interacting later on and lips and his amazing they just they have such great support so in regard to that question there other ways absolutely and I have a bonus material that shows different ways you can do this it's still with lips and as the hosting provider so I'm not sure from answering that question exactly make sense but okay basic of basic question yeah, I think you know the answer but I want to make sure that it's right first for the key word my name or of the slug my name erika walters I need to put that in I canoe erica space wolf others right? It'll actually put it together I will and that's ok yeah I mean you can have you can have an under dash I mean I would just do erica will just have your mean actually no, I don't think it does that actually you just have to have your first name your last name we'll just put it together then we'll do it on the slug you can't have any characters yeah, you're fine with up all right, so next then now we want to finish setting up part of your show so the part of the show that set up there is the front interface and itunes that'll be your album art your show your title now we want to pick where your categories around and how your whole show gets discovered. So the next thing that you want to remember that tab I showed you at the top that's the destinations, then you're going to click and you could go add new or edit and view existing so what'll happen is this will be, and if you'll see here, your classic feed will say, you're don't your your key word now dot com forward slash our ss that his lips and created your feed for you now so now what you want to do is you want to go into the lips in classic feed and click at it? No, and what and you'll see your website is there too. So if you miss that, you can go back and edit that at any time. So your destination fee is your lips in classic feed and what'll happen now this looks a little different. We're playing around with some stuff online, so it looks a little different than what should show up your should show, but your key word. Andare sauce but then this is where you pick your itunes categories so this is where what'll happen is when you drop this box down my first one is in business and then management in marketing so you can see business as the main category or you can pick business and then it will have that little arrow into the sub category so you'll know which category you want to rank now for some cat now itunes remember is the eight hundred pound gorilla okay it's amazing platform and network to partner with and work with but they do things on their end so it's sometimes if you pick a certain category and your show shows up in a total different category we've seen that happening I think they've taken care of all that but just so you know if that does happen they usually correct that right away it could take a couple days but some of them will be a little funky that way so your main category or pick and then you can go in and pick your subcategories and you can even pick those into sub niches as well. But the category number one you see the little asterix that's the main one that your show will show up and so when people see your your feet on itunes they'll have your copyright and they'll say the category that it's in no kind and you can always change those later a swell um like it makes sense to me that you have business and then it goes down to management marketing um eyes their rule of thumb on when you would pick the more broad category instead of drilling down into a smaller category like is it easier for if like for example health the category didn't seem maybe as populated as the business category great point so if I were mike mean category was health what I want to just pick health or would it be best to drill down I would four and that's a great point so business has become very very popular you know goes comedy in business and then not to say that the other categories are not as important it's just that they're not as populated right now so I would pick your main dominant category c who's in new nor worthy and you'll see how big new and noteworthy is and then you also see how many podcasts are in that area and see who the names are so maybe if you want to switch into if there's a lot of popular people in one category you khun switch over into one that still relates for you that you could show up maureen knew and noteworthy in the beginning no crime so just that what comes back to day one with your research seen who's out there who's actually podcasting if there's a really big void right now you can still step into on be able to take that your show up in that area so kind so once you've done that, then what we want to do is this is where you create your subtitle and your summary and you put your author authorship so this subtitle this doesn't show up but it's actually we'll have keywords in there for you on your description part so that's where you can put the subtitle of what your show's about and then put a summary and of your show and then the author this shows up with your name so what I like to do is put your name and then dash when he any credentials that you have a best selling author maybe some accolades anything that you have with that um the only thing I want to share to is if you have a voice over doing the enter of your show, some people like toe have their party, their party, their description and third party format like somebody else's introducing them that's up to you again that's your branding you're positioning how you want to have that set up okay, but again you could always come back and change all of this that's what I love about this it makes it so simple to be able to update if you want to change it up to be able to show up any any questions so far because good all right yeah, you see what that looks like? This is what's going to show up on the itunes store will see it but I really always go back and see what how it shows up in itunes tonight if that's what you love to see that so to give an example of how that I will kick you up exactly okay next then this is your language section where you're going to talk about searching visibility so if you're if you have a podcast in a different language which I highly suggest that's a huge opportunity right now if you speak multiple languages if not it'll always default to english okay? And then you could also know you're gonna have people in other countries that are tuning in even if you speak in english so I just want you will that's what so greatest my students get started they'll be like, oh my gosh it but my downloaded in fifty countries already and so it's really exciting because people can tap in and find you all over the world from itunes and on the other networks and platforms so then this is your content rating so this is where you want to state you know ifyou've got explicit interviews you want to make sure you let people know that and you khun set this for each episode as well so if you have a guest on that all of a sudden goes different than what you're shows usually usedto having you consult the rating on that and then that's where you could put the key words here I don't I don't worry about that they even tell you right here itunes has recently dropped support for that so you don't need to worry about that just that's why focus on your title and your show descriptions with your key words oh crap yeah it's silly question possum not if you have your interviewing in your interview our interviewee, whatever that is called swears yeah, for example, do you have to go in and put explicit for that episode because of a rating system at all? No that's more for letting people know when they're tuning in. Okay, what? Because if a new person comes in and all of a sudden you've got like all those swearing going on there like what you just want to let him know? Okay, okay, so but that is on your show. This is based on your whole show. If it's going to be explicit so that'll that'll rank there on dh then you want to put your owner this is actually the itunes contact info I put that in both sections as well do so shows up but see how I did the little the guy just like that because it's easier to read and then I just I'm separated out and then your email again your bust email. You want to be contacted at that's, where you're going to get notifications from itunes that your feed's been accepted. And also your itunes idea of how you put it in there. Okay, so then you just push safe and so that information is all set up. So if you need to go and edit anything, you just go to the study in town or you go back to destinations and go edit, and it'll pop this all up for you. A gun? Okay? Yes. Uh, what? Um other advanced options? Are there anything that we really need to know about our day with there's? Not a, but I mean, there's, you can go in and look at that. I don't want to over complicate things. That's, actually with that. Yeah, but it's actually, any time you ever have questions, lips and has a block feed that will any questions that you have just search and it'll pop up it'll. Lipson will always pop up first on google and there, very explicit about how they explain that. Go step by step through it. So they really have a good support system there to make it really easy for you, okay, yeah. And then so now here this is where we add your content so if you notice the navigation is very simple it's very simple easy this isn't over complicated technical and what's great about this is if you take what I'm teaching here and just put step by step by step for your show this is who you consent to have other people do this for you so you now have the blueprint to get this out of your kitchen so you could just be the creator the talent the presenter focus in on getting really good at presenting, interviewing all that type of stuff and you can produce more shows like elena was talking about yesterday I was talking about I just wantto the technical side of it was overwhelming for me and she goes once I got out of that found somebody that could do it look at her she's like booking upper shell left and right so just just be conscious of that figure out what area is holding you back where that you know oh, I'm nervous about the technical and work nervous about this and figure out what that is and if you can get that off your plate because then you could actually make a quantum leap in your business to move forward all right so and that's another reason I love working with lips because they make it so simple for anybody to get started

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