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How to Create Epic Interviews

What I want to do now is really take us into how to create epic interviews and that podcast imaging we were talking about earlier today to really engage the listener so now they've clicked on your album art they will first they've gone into itunes or stitcher they've seen the different podcast that are out there they've clicked on your show now and now they're placed the play button and this is where this happened so we're going to come into epic interviews after we go through podcast imaging so the point that we want to talk about here again is to refresh from day one where we talked about what are the reasons that you could use this podcast in your business so this image ing is what's going to help people understand who you are and where to drive traffic to so it's going to drive traffic to your website if that's one of your main goals also this is how my students and clients are able to double, triple and even quadruple their email option rates remember stephanie from day one she ha...

d over thousands per month they still keep coming in from podcast listeners from tuning into wanting to know more about her business and she has the staffs to show that so it's really incredible what happens joint ventures this is another thing I know some of your excited about that I'm going to talk about of how to actually position that in your business by your interviews and how to bring joint venture partners into your brand and into your business. Then we're gonna talk about sponsor promotions of one of the top podcasters that monetize is most of his podcast through sponsorships that we're gonna have on tomorrow afternoon that we'll go, maura but when we go into monetizing but that's another great way, if that's something that you wanna monetize on the front end with your content and then media outlets, connections and then speaking gig. So what I want you to think back to a gun is what is your main goal that you want to achieve? Maybe you want to get more speaking events, you have to let people know what she wants if you don't tell him just like that when he said, you get all the way to the finish line and then you dropped the bomb. And so that's, what happens with a lot of marketers is they missed that last piece that actually gets people to take the action that you've put all the hard work into. So that's what? We're going to go over here with this podcast emission so again, like we talked about before podcast imaging, a simply just the branding on the front of your podcast, and at the end, that actually lets people know who you are and how it positions your podcast in the marketplace. So, one, when they pushed that play button, they haven't engaging music, they connect in with the audio there. Then they start to instantly know your show us for them, based on the benefits that you're going to tell them your expertise, and then where to find out more about you so it's, actually very simple to do this, so the show structure, like we talked about earlier, too, is that music into your introduction. Then you're called action that's what c t a s. Then we go into your body of your show, whether that's your solo show group of experts, your actual own show your excuse me on interview style show, and then we go into your music and your outro, plus your call to action had gotten that's your imaging. So the show structure, like we talked about before, little bit, we want to make sure that this doesn't take over too much of that time. We don't want to have ten minutes of going into that spanning in on the front of your podcast, you can weave that in and out there. I know there was a lot of questions about what can I change it up when I changed the formula and in different sections, you could absolutely do that it is your show how you want to do it. The one thing I want to stress those when you're first getting sort of podcasting, you're getting out there. A lot of people get concerned about having the same intro on the show, but what came up over lunch is a lot of people are like, well, I watch, you know, these tv shows and it's the same jingle and I get excited about, and I hear that so part of this is about your brandy. Part of this is about remember, listeners and how people listen to podcasts, they don't always come in and just subscribed everything on your show, they could be coming in way later. Or even earlier in your podcast, you want to make sure that you're identifying your brand and what's in it for that lister that's the whole goal. So again, the body length of your show expert tips, khun b you know, ten to twenty minutes, and then the body of the chauffeur interviews thirty to sixty minutes based on that on dh, then your mini intro again, and we're going to go into that formula here in a second based on your benefits. So this is where we the rubber hits the road again, where I'm going to give you an actual script that my students and clients have used over and over going to know you can massage this and have fun with this. All this is and I know you all have the guy's right there in front of you to just kind of fill it in, but those of you at home, hopefully you can see all this really well, but it's, actually, you're going to fill in the details with what you want to have for your show, so we're gonna walk through this. We're gonna have some examples and they're gonna have some audience members share their intros, and then also anybody in the it's, the live studio audience or the home studio audience that wants actually share. We'd love to hear it because this really is remember now they clicked on your podcast. Now, how are you going to get their attention and grab their attention? Because remember, you want to tell him what you're going to tell him? You tell him what you tell me the podcast and then you tell him what you told him. I'm kind so first part here is welcome to the so this script is for the people that are having the expert status formula for your show. Okay, but you could also change this up if you want to get rid of that, you can just have it that excuse me and you back up. This show is for it does say that with your show name and then you actually have your host name with it. So if you want to have it for the benefit formula or you wanna have it for the expert formula, just fill in accordingly. You might need it just that a little bit. So welcome to you. So for me, the lifestyle entrepreneur with your host, chris gilbertson, and I introduced my own podcast, so I just say it myself. I don't have anybody else doing it, and then when I do so here, this is where this kind of changes up for he she if that's one of your, you know, voiceovers telling it where I share with you, and then you can define your target market there and what's beautiful about this is when people here who you're talking about, whether that speakers, coaches, authors, whatever that is, you really get to a laser focus in on who that listener is right from from the get go. So the minute they tune in, they've heard you're awesome music, they're listening, and they're like, oh, nathan's talking exactly to meet its exact location, and I'm gonna stay. I'm gonna stick around a little bit longer to hear what he's talking about, then what you want to deal is still in. So you put the title of your target audience? Yeah, absolutely. So welcome to the lifestyle entrepreneur my my name's, chris gilberts, and I'm your host, and I work with speakers, coaches, authors and experts on how to help them position themselves as the expert, so you can use that where you share who you and I just feel that whole sentence, and actually so this first part is your target market. Now you may not have that you could say where you're just talking directly to the listeners, but if you could start to frame that for who your ideal audience members, so we're going back to that ideal client avatar, so some people that maybe um for moms for kate for you so it's, you know, single single mothers were more specific of how you target your show just does it zoom that and so people know who you're talking to something that might be the tune of, you know, for moms who loved their kids but hate the struggle that's exactly what I'm getting at work exactly. So you have that that differentiator there of your target audience because we just say mom's again it's the same like just saying women entrepreneurs were all so different and so you want to try toe niche that down as much as possible so that when your listeners remember what was the biggest thing I talked about yesterday creating those me too moments where your listeners like, oh my gosh, this is exactly the podcast that I want to hear is exactly what I'm looking for help with that's where that's going to help you shine and then the next line is what I call your discovery action burb so this is you know how you find your teacher learn how to you plus your main benefit that we talked about on day one in the foundation formula so this is talking about what you do and what that benefit is like what I just explained of how I help people position themselves as the expert okay, so why don't let's work on that to start and then we can keep going here on dh then any questions that come in, just throw him out over here. So the next part of the first part of your introduction should be talking about your expert positioning who you are, what you do very short, very simple, okay, and then what you can do is then go into more but what's in it for the listener. So this actually you can add another sentence, and here, if you want that talks about what your expertise, if you'd been an amazon bestselling author, if you are, you know, the founder of a certain program, if you maybe you're in real estate, you have a bunch of accolades and awards, those air, different types of things that you can add in there, and you can make it sound where it doesn't have to be you like, you know, tooting your own horn like where it sounds where it doesn't sound great, but you could do that yourself and just practice saying it where it actually comes off your tongue and rolls off a little bit better for you, okay, but you do want tohave position out there that way because that helps people know. Why they want to listen to you? What? Bridget and what? When you were talking about you, do you wanna have that? So the best thing I can say is just kind of get over it and just realize you want to be ableto own that because the more confident you sound and have, the more people you're going better going to tune into you okay? So this next part then goes into what's in it for the listener, so you might have one or two sentences on the beginning. Prophecy knew your expertise and who you're talking, teo, then we're going to go into okay. So what? Why would you? Why would my listeners want to keep listening to me right now? So then you can say where, where I and then teach our show how to do this with. So what? You just explained that you d'oh. Now you're going to explain how you actually teach him, okay? Through main benefit strategy one, two and three. So that's like what you just did in the foundation formula, where you talked about the benefits that you provide that's, where you're going to share the results of they can get by listening to your podcast, so how are we doing so far? I'll let him fill in the blanks a little bit you gotta play around with this isn't like just automatically gonna roll off your tongue you gotta work around this a little bit but I try to make it structured a little bit to make it easier for you on how to fill that him and this is actually one of the shorter ones I have so just think just think in terms of again really, really three simple things you want to have in your introduction you're imaging in you're out who you are what you d'oh okay with excuse me let me back up who you are and what your expertise is, what your credibility is, why people want to tune into you one of the benefits of transformation you could provide from your podcast and then were to find out more about you so just one two, three then when we want to go into is let them know how often to tune in to your show when you release your show. Okay, so then you can have tune in to the say weekly monthly every friday every monday so that commits you to your schedule but also is going to commit your listeners to know when they're going to be tuning in and then also this just re identifies what you just talked about what says where I share with you strategies to help you now this is a little bit different than the first one, but where you want to have that, it stands out for how you can help them. So you're just discovery action verb plus your main benefit of exactly what you're going to help them do. So one main thing that you could have on your podcast so with you knows what was it? No stress, no stress? Excuse me, less dress, more fun. Exactly. So I share with you strategies to help you have less stress and more fun with your family or you are in your life, so that could be more of an all encompassing idea of how you're gonna help people. Okay, then you're called. Action is make sure to head over to your website facebook page wherever you want people to go to subscribe to receive free updates or you can fill that in tow, opt in for your free many blueprint. You're free video training siri's you're you know, whatever freemium, whatever free model that you have to drive traffic, too. So this is interesting. So if you want to have unengaged facebook group, for example, would you say, should you choose one over the other and say, make sure to head over to my facebook page? Probably bobby would, too. Engage with the community that's where you can change this up, so on the weeks, like when you're first getting started, I always suggest I mean my goal to help the entrepreneurs that I work with us to help them grow their number one asset, which is their email it because on any platform, no matter what happens, if that disappears, you still own your asset of how you can actually control your business. So I really think that's really important, but you would add, but obviously variety is really key. As you keep podcasting, you can throw it your twitter handle, you can have your facebook, you could have other things, this isn't it. This could be a work in progress, and you can change this up, make it shorter or longer as you go, but this is really when you first are launching and having so when people are tuning in and you're getting to grow your community, that people will understand what you're listening to who's turning them, I see some eyes that are big, so I don't know I'm still with you. Yeah, so and how about being specific to say to receive the free? Because I have already have a free gift exactly and overwhelmed exactly, so this is just more generic, because it's hard, so when you finish this up you could take out receive free updates and say go over too often or teo sign up I would actually get rid of subscribe it's actually been proven that not as effective anymore so I would say teo you know to receive your free bonus gift which teaches you x y and z and deliver always remember to deliver the transformation not the delivery ble so it's not you're going to get a pdf you're going to get a guide it's more about you're going to be a ble teo transform your life with I forget what what what is it again to receive your end end overwhelmed starter kit there we go what what is the transformation that happens from that oh I guess hopefully you and you're overwhelmed okay so that's where that guy could walk you step by step on how to help you solve your own problem and move into action so you want to deliver that transformation of how you're going to help people and see it takes a little bit of thinking but this is the things that will make a huge difference in your business ok so let's go back I don't let me actually show you an example so this is just a made up person so it's a welcome for the social caste with your host jill johnson where she shares with you um and so see hear it and actually have the person that issue conceive but leave it just like that where she shares with you how easily market your business through proven simple social media strategies she shows you how to do this through facebook ads linking groups and twitter promotions so tune in weekly issues as she shares proven in simple strategies to help you take your business online with social media, make sure to head over to www dot jill johnson dot com this's to subscribe to receive your free social media marketing updates so that's very, very simple but then you khun ad in like we just talked about more the transformation of what they would be opting in for something specific or just tow whatever the benefits are signing up on your email list, it doesn't even have to be to get a particular opt in. It could be more about the benefits of what you'll be sharing weekly over there or they can connect with you offline um in their mailbox to get so let's um that we have a creative live instructor previous instructor that's actually joined us in the chat play a bear so we we loved his course in here terrific and he actually shared his script in our top I'd love to hear it thank you for joining us do you want to read a clay says tune and weekly and head over to crowdfunding hacks dot com to sign up and he has a whole let's say he has here. Welcome to crowdfunding hacks with your clothes with your host clay a bear where we will help entrepreneurs like you get your project successfully funded clay has helped over forty entrepreneurs raise over four million dollars and we'll teach you how to do this through interviews, case studies and reviews of successfully crowdfunded courses and projects love it that's brilliant that's that's brilliant love it and that's exactly what you are doing for yourself because then it sets it up with the credibility peace what's in it for them and then where they could go find out more and then it opens a door up so that you can have different areas covered in your podcast but it's not so specific or you can bring in different ideas and concepts that are going to help your listeners and grow that but that's perfect I love it very exciting example yeah, perfect. Anybody wantto have won that they want to share here? Yeah that's here it's kind of scribbled a few different places so bear with me. All right. Welcome to rethink true health. My name is nathan breimyer, co owner of crossfit adventure and owner of rethink true health where I guide people who are ready to take back control of their life through listening to this podcast my goal is to help you sustained weight loss, improve your self image and gained the energy and vitality you need toe live your passion and realize realize your goals and dreams listen weekly as I share key strategies to help you rethink your health and regain your life make sure to head over to rethink true health dot com to receive your free daily checklist as well as more tips and strategies in our free monthly newsletter and now on with the show now that's great though boy yeah no it's great brilliant so that's just one example and like I said you can play with that have some fun with that you can change it up and later on a few months down the road if you want to tweak that and make it shorter and then have more cola actions later you could do that but this is really crucial because so many people since more more people are coming into podcasting and going in and checking out the podcast if you don't have that credibility ability piece their people will just listen our whole goal like what wendy's talking about we used these platforms as a vehicle to get our message out there but our goal is to bring that back into our hub we want to bring them back to our website or bring them back to learn more about who we are so we can actually get them off of just listening or watching and mohr into the community and the involvement of what you do due to bring them in so this will help you with that and also with positioning so that's where if you know for what you're looking for e mails or if you want to get people tio uh have you speak or different things like that that's where you can position that differently each time toe let the word out there of what you're looking for because again in the media the same thing that you learn in speaking in the media you have to tell people what you're looking for but you have to say it in a way where it's gonna invite them to come into it so this actually takes that sales burden than a lot of people feel off of the plate and make it more it's, professional and easy to follow and no for brand new listeners tuning in and then you can change it up a little bit for your loyal lester's as well so anybody else want to share still working on this's a once prosperous though it's great yeah this is really scary ok, okay, welcome toe on style with your host jill see for oh see that's where I get confused should you have the voiceover or am I speaking or somebody else speaking sorry now that I'm actually articulating it, you can change it up like like I said before I don't have to you can take that out I'm your host and then okay, all right, this one just has a little it's a different script all right. Okay. So welcomed uh on style I'm jill I'm your host um I work with business professionals that air looking for a lasting image and want to learn more about the world of style. I am the founder of the sixty day style upgrade professor of fashion and twenty years corporate fashion experience um I wrote in the wrong person sorry guys um I'll talk with you guys about fashion through inspiring interviews, case studies, intelligent conversation and share with you my insider tips and tricks tune in once a week as I share style strategies with you to help refine and define, refine and define your image and also live your life in style make sure to head over to www dot jill see for dot com and receive your free bonus gift you'll gain confidence through the use of my top ten style tips I love it yeah that's brilliant yeah so once you have this now then you could just practice that and but yeah, you covered everything there it's great that's the benefit of recording at once and using it over and over again just getting good take and then put it on top of everything exactly, but see how you covered everything that your listeners that really wasn't that long ago we were listening that's thirty seconds just because you're spotlight's on you, it just feels like but once but look, exactly what do you have a recorded and then they can that's what you can have out there and then you still always have your branding and your positioning set up a great job. Thank you guys, I know I put you on the spot we're doing awesome, he's great. So with that, like I said, you couldn't, you know, massage and change that up a little bit. However, you want to have that for your show, but that really is important for you to be able to make sure that you're able to bring that traffic. And again, this is about identifying for that brand new listener who you are. Why should they actually listen to you with all the content experts that are out there today and all the people that are, you know, spouting content? Why do they want to tune into you? So make it simple and easy for them to understand don't make them like, listen, you know, move forward ten minutes in the podcast to be like, what is this person talking about what's going on here? So try to make it as easy for your listener to keep saying yes to tuning into your content and your brandy and crime. So the next thing that we want to go into you know this is going to go into more the epic interviews do we have any more questions on the branding like the intro imaging at all before we move on okay awesome yeah is it what's kind of the fine line between um kind of branding yourself too much where is it you say your brand name over and over and over again especially for seo content all that stuff versus just sounding redundant you know how often versus how little can you give me an example because I caught myself saying rethink true health three or four times that's like is that a little too much but I still want to get it out there how much is too much I guess well in your intro I think of you recorded and then you just hear back of you're saying too many things I didn't notice it okay but yeah so that's there but if you're like constantly yeah but that's a great question because for example in your podcast you don't want to always keep like driving like keep hammering home go do this go to that people listeners are going to get so turned off by that the average the podcast listener the reason they like podcast is because it's not direct in their face marketing they like to connect with you and who they are and let them make their own decisions just provide value on the front and given great content, let them know where they could go find out about and I'm not saying that you can't sell on your podcast, you definitely can do that, but just do it in a format where they're held a lot, a lot of value up front, so they canoe, like entrust you, and then they will ask you, I mean, I think people that have been asking me, well, where do I find that sort of? I go to this because I actually didn't sell stuff on it, but so you want to make sure that you're providing value with that and then just have a healthy relationship with that, and you're listening to let you know if they like it or they want more trust may so it'll give you a good takes to make sure you take that feedback and then make sure you deliver that on your show going for thank you. Yeah, absolutely great questions. Okay, so the show framework, the, um again, this is about building your community, establishing belonging like we've been talking about here, relatability and how to find out more about you so goddamn focusing in on what's in it for the listeners that's, exactly the concept I want to talk about with epic interviews.

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