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Launch a Successful Podcast

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Interview with Guest Rob Walch

Kris Gilbertson

Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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30. Interview with Guest Rob Walch

Lesson Info

Interview with Guest Rob Walch

We're going to be going tio into this segment as I'm gonna be interviewing rob walt who's, the vp of marketing over at lipson he's a phenomenal podcast or he's going to share some really inside tips on how to actually make your show sound phenomenal for yourself and your gas, but also then how to market it monetize, and then we're going to go into the itunes blueprint launch really how to get set up and launch your podcast on what I wanted to right now is this is the point where everybody gets too, like when he was talking about yesterday, you get to almost to the finish line, and then you either dropped the ball or you fumble it or this is where this is, where that mindset and it's usually not the technical aspect it's this it's this six inches right up here that holds us back. So what I'd love to do is have already talked to the guys in the audience, and I want to talk about because we're at a point now where you should have ah lot of things developed for your foundation, you're cont...

ent your show title where you're at, so I want to talk about anything that might be holding you back, so when you leave or when you go back home after the day, we can help you still break through and keep more moving forward to launch your podcast I'm gonna open the room up here and let you guys each share kind of where you're at in the process let's start here let's go let's go left to right make it big simple yeah well I mean I feel a little overwhelmed honestly um I am very excited I always get excited about starting a project um I understand everything technically, um I think the systems of what you brought up kate you know having a system in place methodology to approach this is going to be my best friend you know and really having a checklist and making sure because I just want to do it all you know I want the app I want the interviews I want you know um I think but having that road map that you're discussing and I guess just doing it's just doing it once I do it once I think I'm gonna feel uh it'll get easier each time absolutely I think it's just the first time because I mean that's the nervous about that but personally but otherwise I'm really excited you know, there's so many so much opportunity and um I mean I only sat and listen to podcasts for six hours last night chris I'm so obsessed facebook with our group talking about, you know, podcast and I mean there's so many things that you can really get your voice out there and really make this show unique that I'm really looking forward to having it all come together, so I'm not going to drop the ball. And, uh, I think having a system and a plan is going to be my next step before I do anything else, absolutely that I follow through. Yeah, and this has been a fire host. You just got to come back and take it step by step, and he only is set up that way. Tohave you bonk? Yeah, excellent. Homemade coming on the chat rooms that said, I'd say she's a natural, she speaks right to the camera. You know what you're doing? Couldn't agree more? Absolutely. Well, I, uh I'm just I'm really excited to get going. And I mean, it's just been just listening to you, especially this past segment. I was thinking that I was hoping we end early so I could get out there and start going with this. You know, uh, you know, I just want to get going with it. That's gonna be great. But my thing is, I know that when I do get home and start working on this stuff, it's more the focus than anything else. Um oh, this email I gotto got to pay the bill I gotta call this person I got to do that person and so I was just wondering if at some point if you have time if you could kind of expand on we're talking systems and everything we could expand on the systems that you use just to keep everything else organized so that you can focus more on your business absolutely and I will talk about that we're goingto in the marketing section and then we can do more of a hot take over yeah, absolutely come I think one of my biggest challenges will be that I don't have much content it also as I'm producing the podcasts, I will be just sort of getting my content together and so I think it will be self doubt that do I really have it together? Is it really going to be engaging to my audience since I don't have a whole lot of feedback from anything I've put out? So I think the self doubt will be the limiting factor that I'll need to overcome yeah, and we'll talk a little bit about that as well. But thank you for sharing that because in the beginning you don't know is anybody lis I mean, you're just getting started like me when you're totally getting into a new industry and you don't even have a lister following out interviewing started, but we'll talk about that and how in the interviews really help with that as well, because then you don't have to have the pressure on you for any of the content. You just show up and be a really great interviewer and really pull that content out, and people will follow you for that. Great so well, lots of lots of little ducks to get an order for me. So for me that a lot of pre show preparations, that hasn't it's not I'm not procrastinating with it, but I do like to have sort of thing set up before I launch. So trying to get the new website set up with the products set up andan, the cover art and all these little pieces in place before I go ahead and launch. Um, but I think you had mentioned nathan, you know, life can pull us in different directions and working and kids and family and all of that, so but so staying focused, and I think that that's not necessarily a problem line, which is a relief, but what I think I could really use help with because I can see this, um, it's an invisible blockade that showing up I have so many experts I know in the field and that step between now reaching out for them and I think when dear you had mentioned, like a nice letter to send so even an example of a letter, a format that I could then kind of tweak to make my own butt if that was already like a done for you product bonus, I would love that. I think that that would help me leap over and start just making those connections to bring in. Yeah, the experts absolutely. We'll come back and talk to that. We have rob live right now. So what I want to do is go in. I know, and I appreciate everyone sharing all that. We'll definitely get back to it. But I want to introduce the vp of lips in marketing with robb. Walsh was going to talk about really, like I talked about how to produce a really great show and then go into marketing the monetizing. So, rob, welcome. How are you today? Good. Chris, thanks for having me on. Yeah, so excited to have you here. So I love for you to share. Since you have such an insider perspective. When it comes to podcasting for the brand new pod casters that air getting started some tips on how to make the show sound really professional. Well, first off record, some place kind of quiet. One of the big mistakes you'll hear is people record with their air conditioners on in the background or the right next refrigerator, so record someplace required and get a decent mike the yeti mike from blue is a really good mike that my ninety five dollars, from being h photo because you're really good audio quality that's what I'm using right now, that's this big, you could see the end of the mic right there. Perfect, I love it. Do you have any other tips on any other technical thing for people that are doing interview shows? Edit, edit your interview guess I mean, one of the biggest mistakes I hear see from here from different producers is they don't edit people, just hit record and then stop and then post it. I mean, literally one time I heard someone say, hey, in the middle of the show, they go, oh, there's a knock at the door, they go hey, I'll be right back and you hear him walk away, answer the door and they come back five minutes later, they didn't edit any of it out. It was like, really okay, so editing is kind of your friend, and when you're interviewing somebody, editing is really important, because if you edit the interview with your guest and you make them sound really good they're going to promote it if you don't edit and they think they sound bad they're not going to promote it so you know having where there they've sounded better than they have ever sounded before they go hey yeah sound really good I'm gonna promote that interview, you know? So that that's one of the biggest things I can recommend for anyone doing the interview show is do a little bit of editing it really does help I love it now we've had some questions about interviewing shows versus solo shows and for the people that want to do their own show low show can you give us some advice on how to make it really engaging and fun for them and their audience? Uh, I do both so podcast for one of my first show was all about interview and then today in ios my other show, which is my actually my bigger show because much bigger brought berg subject is a solo show but it's a solo show where I bring in listener feedback so I engaged in my audience so that's one of the things I always recommend a social wherever possible bringin listener feedback have ah set up a case seven dot net number, get a gmail account, get people to call and email and with questions, comments, feedback rance whatever it is it doesn't matter just get him to engage in your show and once you get your listeners engaging in your show they're going to promote your show so that it has an extra benefit of not just good content but also the promotion of value yeah, absolutely so we've had a question that just came up right now but how does systematize there set up and their launch of their show so they can actually still focus on their business? So I'd love for you to talk about some tips on how to really help them keep producing their content you know that that's tough depending on what their content is and how much work you want to do the more work you're going to do the better your content the the larger your audience but you have to have a balance between work and life on your podcast I use ever note to balance my my life any time I find an article I tag it and then I congar oh in wherever I am and ever note on my iphone later on I can handsome or show notes when I've got some downtime I could be adding stuff to the show and I just use a different tag for each episode so that I know all my item to ninety seven tags or for that episode and all my item to ninety eight sir for that one and then some of the stuff I reused from one episode to the next they want him done using it I just changed the tag number two the next episode so I don't have to re hash that so ever note for me has been a really a lifesaver I love evernote on dh and since you can sink your notes between all your mobile devices and your computer that really helps out oh I love ever note do you have any other little lapse or things that you used to help be more productive uh again um I use garage band for the editing part of it and getting my template up and just reuse the last episode so I try to reuse as much content a cz faras the intro the outro some sounds uh I'm gonna have advertisers I keep their clips at the bottom and they go from one episode to the next s o using garage man or just using a template it don't start each recording his new just take the last episode cut out what you don't need and then start from there but again yeah it's really attempted it really makes it simple and easy for you so now that we're at the point now where a lot of the viewers and the instant you have already got their concept of their show what they're going to dio now we're getting into the marketing of monetizing so I'd love for you to share first let's talk about how to really effectively market their podcast yeah that's kind of important, so I put the card you don't put the cart before the horse you get worried about monetizing after you build your audience the worst first question is how do I make money podcasting? It could be it's a good second or third question, but the first question is how do you grow your audience and that's marketing? First, you got to make sure your show is in all the podcast directories starting with itunes, then stitcher if you goto podcast for one one dot com on and there's a directory of podcast directories saw fifty plus different directories that are active that you can submit to so you want to get it out there. Another thing that I really highly recommend now for marketing your show is having your own smartphone app it is really important to have your own smartphone app, especially on the android side. There is no native way on android for people does discover podcasts there's no pod kitchen client there's no podcast directory and if you want to reach the close teo five hundred million plus the android users the only way to get in front of them is tohave an android app for your show in both the google play and the amazon app stores and that that's really important and then again having your own smartphone app for iowa's and windows phone eight on dh android helps the other part getting feedback into your show you khun makes it easy for people to send you an e mail or give you voice mail messages so getting smartphone app is the next thing I'd say after you get into the directories on dh then after that is interviewing people even if your shows a solo show you don't plan to be an interview show when you're launching go out and find people in your niche and interview them for your show just so they can spread word about your show you can stop doing the interview after a few shows but getting interview guests of popular blog's in your niche is a great way to get promotion for your show from people that you would never uh been able to reach otherwise yeah it really is effective that's been one of the biggest conversations that we've had here so leading into that then how do you what are some tips that you have to conduct really engaging interviews for the brandy people that are just getting into that platform um first one in doubt edit yourself out don't be don't if you listen to the interview and you're talking as much as the person you're interviewing you're talking way too much um you know let your interview are just the person to guess that you have run and give him a couple questions and let them go. But have some questions prepared? Do some research? I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when they do an interview is they didn't research the person they're interviewing. The worst interviews have ever done in my life was where I was not prepared. I didn't have questions ahead of time. I didn't listen to the person's show or read their blogged well, whatever it was, I wasn't prepared. An interview went downhill. Then the next worst ones were were interviewed. Video game guys that gave me one word answers those air really bad too. But he's, not much. You can do on that when you get into one of those, uh, he deleted it and don't put it off. Uh, yeah, I remember one interview I did where the person basically said yes. No, I had, like twenty questions we normally takes forty five minutes to go through. We were done in ten minutes less than ten minutes. Yeah, it was bad. So I love that you share that's what air? Cem, what are some hay to say? Ninja. But what are some things that you've learned from all the different pa counters podcasters that are out there that you see that's working really effectively right now, so maybe for more the advanced podcasters, um one of the things is getting some celebrities on your shows, you know, and I think people are afraid when they're starting out to reach out to celebrities or even established podcasters, they're afraid to reach out to celebrities if you can find anyway, to get a celebrity on your show that in any way, shape or form relates to your content, do it and it's really not that difficult to get celebs you know, mainstream celebrities on your show, goto I am d b pro sign up for an account figure out all the people that you would ever want to reach out to and for one month pay for, and I am devi pro account find out who all their press contacts are, and then just watch for when these celebrities have new movies and tv shows something new that they have to go out on the on the circuit and promote and then reach out to their pr people if they have got the internet show. My podcast is the biggest one in my niche. They don't know your numbers, um, and just over promote your show and you'll get a couple celebrities, and once you get that well first celebrity on your show, then you can use that one to leverage and promote when you reach out to the other ones. Absolutely shared that website with them yesterday so thank you for sharing that I'm in the tips with that because it really really is effective so let's talk a little bit then about the monetizing strategy when people should start to really look into that and how they move into monetizing their podcast with their content creation efforts there's a few different ways you can monetize so you have to look at how you're going to do it and the most common ways you know people think about his advertising to get advertising for my show well, there's two different ways to get advertising one's called cpm once called cpi cpm means you're gonna be getting x amount of dollars for every thousand downloads if you're going to go see pm route for advertising, you need to be at least five thousand downloads per episode for to make sense for the advertisers to even want to start looking at you. So if you're not out of five thousand downloads us per episode, forget cpm advertising for now work towards it but that's not where your focus is going to be you what you want to look probably is affiliate advertizing with they call c p a cost per acquisition and then pick up some affiliate advertisers that makes sense for whatever your subject matter that you are you mean doesn't make sense for you if you're doing an iphone podcast to do an affiliate for waterbeds s o make something that it's kind of fit with your audience you go behold, my audience sleeps so hey, it makes sense not really and find something that works. I remember one time we had affiliate come through that they were selling lap pools and they were trying to push out to tech podcast because they thought that tech podcasters people that listen for some reason I don't want to put a lap pool in their house it wasn't gonna work, nobody wanted it so you know, make sure that the affiliate matches up well, um, and then the other way to make money with podcast another good way is premium, offering a premium content that is just special to people who pay a little bit extra. If you're starting out, you can't use your back catalogs, you're gonna have to create extra content if you've already established and you could do the back catalog. Marc maron does this very well. It makes a lot of money with his back catalogue and then occasional new content, but ben greenfield is someone who does both new content and some older content. So ben greenfield take a look at his app goto into itunes and search for the ben greenfield app or an android or windows phone and see his app and how oh, he integrates his premium content as probably one of the best out there of integrating premium content along with his free content and it's, right in a smartphone app, and it works very well for him. Yeah, absolutely. And lipson will work with you on their apse as well, which is so exciting about how you help podcasters get that set up. Ben was actually creative. Live instructor here is, well, that has a rocking podcast. Very exciting. So the last thing I wanna ask you, rob, is, you know, well, when we're just out of new media expo in january, you had some really incredible insights of the future of podcasting, and I love if you could share some of that sneak peek here for the viewers and people that are looking to launch their podcast were podcast where you see it going in the future years, it really used to talk about the future being mobile, but I think it's now the present is mobile. Last month, it was sixty two point. Seven percent of all downloads were directly to mobile devices. That compares to forty three percent just in august of twenty twelve. So in less than eighteen months, I went from forty three percent to sixty three percent that's huge change, um, and that has to do with mom's smartphone devices, smartphones have taken off, and its people are consuming on the go that's the beauty of podcasting and the consuming on their smartphone so mobile is not you know it's the president and it's the future a year from now we'll be talking about seventy five percent of downloads are directly to mobile devices so that's really what's important in making sure you have a good mobile strategy for your podcast is important you want to make it so that it is easy to listen to your podcast as it is to play angry birds two taps and they're listening that it should be that simple yeah well this has been absolutely brilliant do you have any other last tips that you'd like to share for brand new newbies or advanced podcasters do three or four episodes that you record have your friends listen to but don't upload to the world the first few episodes you do you're worried about the wrong things like is this recording instead of content you know so and do I sound like a door? You know there are things you worry about that he shouldn't be content is what's really important and the first few episodes get you through the technical hurdles and get you to stop worrying about if you're recording which by the way if you're doing an interview show am I recording is a really important question there's been a lot of people that do interview shows that will tell you afterwards somewhere along the line they forgot to hit record to interview do the interview and that's there's nothing worse than when that happens. When you lose an interview, you start to sweat on your forehead and your eyebrows and you realized you have to now put your tail between your legs and go back to that person and say, uh, yeah, can we do that all over again? But yeah, I do if you figure out the technical aspects, throw them away and then start out fresh because one you launch and you promote your show and that'll be the second thing I'm going to tell you here when you want to promote your show, you want people to hear you sounding a little bit more polished and there is a learning curve because they're going to listen to you on episode what they perceive his episode one and they're going to compare that to someone else they just listen to maybe episode three hundred so you want to be a little bit past that early learning curve and then here's the most important thing in itunes. The top one hundred two hundred search results are the top two hundred podcast that you see in those categories those air based on the number of new subscriptions in the last seven days and with a weighted average less twenty four forty eight in seventy two hours that means when you launch a podcast don't trickle launch don't oh I'm gonna launch it at mattel couple people today and a couple people next week and I'm a pro did here and then a week later there promote heavy and promote to everyone you know when you launch because if you can get everybody you know to go and click subscribe it doesn't take much five thousand subscriptions in two days if you have a huge email list that's not a lot if you could get if you get five thousand people to subscribe you'll be number one on itunes that's all it takes less than five thousand people in two days subscribed to get you to number one on itunes oh I love that we're going to go into a launch started to here right now so broad this has been absolutely phenomenal you confined him at at at podcast for one one correct her on twitter right or email me rob our o b at lipson dot com and rob is amazing to work with lipson is it a phenomenal provider that we just went through already solved more details on the inside for more ways to contact you but rob thank you so much this was so amazing we really appreciate you joining us live chris thanks for having me well I'm just like what we're always talking about their hap oh yeah sorry I got cut off I never know what they're fade out and how it goes so, um, and just went all of what rob was talking about, this brilliant tips and brilliant advice and, you know, having yourself be comfortable with that. But you know what I love about what rob teaches is just getting out there and taking the action, though, so getting those in the can like we talked about when you were saying this morning, or use your voice, we worry about all those weird little things, like our breath and this. So get over that, get those out of the way, and then go and be ableto launch and start that up. And when I love about what were, I was just talking about how itunes index is and how it's set up. You really that out when I don't want to say, average entrepreneur, but the everyday entrepreneur, the brand new person, started that's. How we haven't upper edge and can get up. And get started, a lot of people go into itunes and they see all these top you know, dave ramsey, suzie orman I know I've been talking about them a lot, but they're great models to look at you look at julian michaels I mean, she has dominated itunes with all of her products, her programs and her podcast enables people to then go by all those programs but what's great about that is everyone today with the right launch plan can actually have that ability to be showcased right out of the gate because when you think about it when you go watch a new block post are our blawg let's say does google does automatically put you on page one even if you do a bunch of work, it doesn't always happen that way. It takes a long time same with youtube. You don't just get a rank up on page one of gu u u gle that's a new one google the wendy's tips will definitely help you with your one keyword but what's great with itunes you get showcased in front of all the billion podcast subscribers and have that featured to have you stand out and that's where my students have been able to double their rates just from that expert positioning, so I hope you took a tender notes there that's um really incredible content that rob just shared only confirm like he said to do the three or four podcast that you don't put on itunes um we could upload those two lips in the first three and then delete them you want to do not up what he's talking about is practiced the recording get on the mic practice go through your whole member we just talked about make sure you check that you have your microphone set up that you're gonna press record that you've got your notes in front of you you're gonna have your each you know everybody's gonna have their own little it's the same stops you know you're set up for when you go to do an interview just pay attention to what you're doing and this is a great way to systematize your business this is what all I mean everyone that I've learned from from entrepreneurs, they go back through their day and figure out exactly what they're doing step by stuff that becomes your s o p your standard operating procedure for your podcast. So you're gonna have maybe a ten step checklist when you go to do that and just what he's talking about is going do that recorded or go or people here on the facebook group you guys can connect and podcast do podcast interviews with each other you know, set up the time like her actually going to go through what you're going to set it for tomorrow two p m you'll blow show up on skype and you'll do it like that person was going to be a guest on your show to get over those, you know, those little innuendoes, those things to get you more comfortable with the mike because it is different, like when you've come up here, I'm sure there's been, oh, wait now I'm live now, it's a little bit different, saying, when you actually go to do an interview until you actually go through that and get your body used to that so it can expect what that is going to feel like that's, what he's talking about, so go through that, and then after that, that actually do you're really wants to record that if you're interviewing someone that hasn't, like ever bun on skype or done any interviews like that, how do you make sure that they have the right recording? So they're gonna sound okay? How do you so typically people? Most of people that I interview already have that set up, but for if you're interviewing people, I don't have that e I still remind them, like I let them know it's going to be a video skype interview? I asked them if they have a microphone, so it let's say they're mobile some people, can't they? This could only call in on their phone that's fine, you can call them through their phone and record the audio that way, or you can use the free conference called the instant tell us something or just like leo was talking about having a backup plan very, very important, but also you can let them know if you have at least even earbuds for them to plug it. If they have a microphone, that's, even butter, and today you can hide your earbuds. The girls don't always want to show that, so you could hide that behind your ear if they have to have a headset if that's going to sound better because what'll happen, and I always test a little bit before when, when that chitter chatter is going on that first three to five minutes when you're warming up the gas talking about what we're gonna talk about on the show, maybe covering any questions they have or any direction they want you to take the interview, I always get that. Done up front okay and then that's where you contest the mic so then you'll hear right away in your microphone if you get feedback and typically what happens if you're set up the way I've taught with any of these microphones your your audio should be good it's it's on the back and if they're in the open if they're just talking into their computer audio so then I asked them to get your buds or if they have a microphone so where it's actually they're talking into a microphone and then they can hear so even just a large attack cuts out if they have something most people have some sort of of way to be able to do that, but you'll be able to hear that so in addition to that, if you get to the end of the recording has that little reverberation that feedback so what happened is I would be interviewing you and when you're talking, if I say anything, it'll it'll do it twice, so we'll have an echo you could have someone go in and out of that and they'll be able to see it on that now that's going to be a little bit more work, but that's what you try to have that set up where it doesn't have that so that's what he's talking about go through that to kind of test it so you know in situations and just realized that technology, you know, there are going to be little hiccups things that'll happen. You know, skype has issues every once in a while, teo, just work through that and know that's why having a backup plan is always good tohave that. Okay, yeah, would you be able to speak to the ap, the smartphone app that he mentioned? Yeah, well, I don't know, I haven't implemented a happy it with my podcast, so I'm not the best, but what if you connect with them? They actually will help you set all of that up and get that set up with what you want and then there's other acts that you could have if you want to have one of the google play store and put that together. What I like to do is I like teo, so for me with my business, I did a lot with webinars and with podcasting, and then I layer on. I don't try to do all of that once, but definitely what he's talking about having that to reach that android marketplace very, very powerful tohave that so especially with where it's shifted now, just what he's talking about that twenty five percent increase in mobile now that's, where you can have that and be able to start promoted that way and when I really like what he's talking about is having your launch plan that's really the most important cause? A lot of like what he said in the beginning everybody wants to jump to the end of heart of market how to monetize he talked to any podcaster in the first few months you are really putting your content out there to grow your audience and to get people tuning in and finding you and listening you that's the most important part of putting great content out and any contact marketing plan joe pulitzer, the content marketing institute he'll talk about this a lot of times the first six to twelve months a lot of building that audience up, but once you have that audience there any programs products that you put out there you have a built in audience so that's why I say take the time to build the right podcast platform ticket not platform but your contact of what you're talking about so that when you're out there you have the confidence you're attracting that and you've got a really solid show now that can always evolve so don't so it's kind of like tongue in cheek of what I'm saying, but at least you have a foundation for where you're going and then you can evolve that as you go, does that make sense? Okay, any other questions we have right now I'm just thinking through my head about, um, uh, the launch strategy, and he made a very good point of, uh, interviewing bloggers in your in your niche. I mean, I think that's smart for, um, because we all have specific areas, everybody out there and, um, least they have list. I mean, I have a list, and I have clients, but if you really want to get it out there on a larger scale, that's, right? One good technique, right? I mean, what are some other idea that alone is enough to keep you busy enough? Okay, I mean, there's over eight hundred million blogger. I mean, that's. How I launch. My show is just with interviews, and I still do that today because of how people searching how they look and how they connect now that's the basis of my show and then I have so my expertise is with the podcast, you know that helping people get their signature product out of them, but I bring other experts and they're talking about traffic strategies, monetizing in different areas to build that lifestyle business, so I'm still always gonna have those interviews because that's part of my brand. So if you having other experts that are coming in with style, you can do the same thing and then pulling off that audience and it's really about when you are interviewing someone else, even when you're just getting started and you're interviewing another expert, you already are perceived as the expert that's. What starts to happen with that expert show? So that's what I always suggest for brand new people because it really helps them get going and be able to build that credibility right from the gate versus just like what rob's talking about, have a solo show with an expert show, okay, okay, so you add on site, so I'm saying all there is a lot of technical things and you can have a nap, but I say, get started first with your podcast, grow it. Love a lot but now it makes a lot more sense and where we're at with mobile phones so don't overwhelm yourself I know you want to get all that stuff set up just one step at a time that's what's gonna get you taking action otherwise you have all these ideas and then what happens? We don't do anything with her. Okay, so one thing move forward, keep taking action. Keep moving your feet and it'll all start to happen. Rome is not built in three days. Yes, I have to sort of funny question actually popped in my head, so I want to get it out before I forget. So just setting up the at home studio often it dawned on me that there is a place with dogs and cats and kids and always that I could go and that's actually the basement, which is a family room and it's quiet and it's gotten good soundproofing, but down there, it would be wifi and my laptop. Okay, is that gonna work? And then plug in the yeti to the laptop? If your wife eyes good. Yeah. I mean, why fight today? As long as you've got that tested okay, and test the calls test where you're at, you know, every you know, with internet today you could have a weird corner of your house, if you're gonna do video, make sure you're lighting, setup and where you can have. I always like to have the lighting on the side like what abel had, and he's just has it on the side. Just a simple light you could turn on. You could even take. You're like a light for my kia and put a plastic bag over. It'll soften the light so it's not hard on you don't have it directly. How about off to the side, like how they've done, you know, where it shines in and just have that set up where it's simple, so you just have to turn it on, but just check it out tested out, didn't make sure how that's coming in because you never, you know, you drop you off or you know, something like that exactly. And then I have hardwired myself in in some of my rooms because of just how the internet is, so just just test it, check it out.

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a Creativelive Student

This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!