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Okay, so step three this is where we're gonna have some fun this is the key word research selection so this is where I want youto own your google real estate. The one really cool thing about podcasting is that enables you to rank on page one a google for any of your key words which is really exciting. So what do you want? Your podcast curable tohave one main root key word they called a slug so what that's going to be is that's going to be your main key where nobody sees this but that's where you can actually rank for that main keywords? So what I'm going to go through is we're gonna go over how to do this in a simple, effective way because this is where most people get overwhelmed keyword research and I want to just say it doesn't have to be overwhelming does not have to be it could be very, very simple, so the first thing that we want to dio is right now out of the gate. You could figure this out very quickly if you don't. If you want to own your own google rail, see if you haven't ow...

ned anything yet you want to start with your name, you want tohave the first few pages of google taken up with everything for your name, whatever whatever the case may be, so that should be your main slug now, if you have products or services so let's, say you've already got your your google real estate covered for your name, then you want to use it for your brand name or your product name, so if you have a brand or you have ah ah coaching program a signature, this would be your signature program, your main program that you're selling that you're using in your business. You want to make sure you own that you could also do this just for your brand name in itself if you don't have any products yet, but I already know what your brands about and what you want to be be known for online, but first, start with your name if you don't have that. Okay now, then what we could do is we can talk about the the key words that you can use to be found in your business. Now these air key words that you can use to be found with your block posts and then also within the itunes search and then with the podcast now there's some things that have shifted with itunes for the actual keyword search, but in your titles and your descriptions, people can still find your show, so it still is important tohave keywords. To be able to be found and to be ranked so again it's your your name your brand or the name of your thing your product name and then the main key word for your business which I'm going to show you how to do this right now so here's a couple ideas so this is the big question that people always have it what should be my mean cure what should I be found for and how if he will be searching for me so what I want to talk about here is this how you want to be found with regard to your brand your businesses and your services so a couple examples let's say that you are you know a chiropractor and you want to be ranking in your local area just two simple enough is your city and then chiropractor come work for that same with chicago with realtors or maybe your mohr on this the coach side so for business if you're you know fitness coach maybe you have a specific style of fitness I cross that that you want to be known for in your area that's what you want to rank and use that as your main slug that you get found for so how we do this what you want to do is you want to go to the ad words doc google dot com you want to sign up for free account I think I'm gonna log him and then it's gonna look just exactly like this so what happens is you go into the tools and analysis and you'll go right down to the keyword planner okay and when you click on that it's gonna open up and it's gonna ask you what do you want to search for? So this actually it has changed a little bit if anybody was using google you know tool the key we're planning before but it's actually really simple so you wanna click on search for new keyword and ag group idea is very simple and then you want to enter your key word idea now what's gonna happen here as it's going to give you think about the main rookie word you don't have to have a very specific to know if it's if it's that that's specific to start could just be fitness tips or what used fitness tips but um let's use this for example what I have on slides let's use back paid so back pain this is a great search but let's think about back pain when you think of back pain that could be, you know, twenty year old research or a sixty five year old researching it I mean it's kind of really, really, really brought so that's not necessarily the the key word that we want to use in our business if you notice here the average monthly searches is pretty high in the competition is high this it's just a bit of five dollars and thirty three cents, you know, that's, a very competitive keyword and it's very, very broad, so we don't want to focus on that. What you want to do is you want to exclude and the reason we want to do this and put back pain, so it only focuses in on back pain for what you're searching for. So the next thing that is you want to look and you can sort the average month of searches, because once you put enter and you focus in on just back pain so it's not going to have other words and everything incorporated with it, you're going to get some other ideas in here so you'll have lower back pain, upper back pain, it's going to help you start to narrow in to get much more specific for your key word, because what happens if you go and search these on google? Some of them may have have hundreds of millions of search terms and it's going to take you a lot longer to rank your podcast for it. So that being said let's talk about transactional keywords this is where what I really want if you're going to use this if you've already got your name covered, you already have your product your program already all that covered then this is what you want to focus in on tracks transactional q word so when people are searching there typing in something that they're already looking for an expert to help them so when they land on your podcast and your podcast shows up on page one that that's a way for them to connect with you okay, so if we look at this informational that's back pain that's just somebody searching hey, I'm back pain I want to know more about it pretty simple than early research turning buyer that's a log would but that's back surgery so obviously they're trying to research more about that what that means now a buyer is looking for back surgeon, so you kind of see the difference there and then the last one is a hot buyers to the best back surgeons what they would be searching for. So I know this might get a little bit too not too technical but a little bit more advanced in finance keywords, but I want you to notice that if you're going to focus more in on down on the buyer section that's going to be the best for your business because it's really going to help you position that and then be able to bring it especially if you're wanting to bring in high end coaching clients or you're wanting to bring in morris types of programs or sell more programs and products you want to use that to your advantage okay anybody have any questions? I kind of went over this fast yeah example collection cheated again and I did this um so when I started out with something very general like parenting and then I got all the way down to the hot what I thought I think it's hot buyer so um parenting expert or parenting parenting expert expert parenting show so that I help to funnel it down and I wish I had my nose they will bring them tomorrow but I did all this research trying to find how to get into that you know, hot buyer market exactly or somebody would be looking for why one expert parenting advice it was a parent yeah, what would be the main benefit? Have we think about the parents that you're working with what's their biggest pain point like what's the problem that you would be solving for I know you're gonna have a lot of topics on yourself but for your product overwhelm overwhelmed okay stress and overwhelm okay, so let's let's dive deep a little bit more into that because I was still really, really brought a sow then dive deep so so if they do it on stress it's very broad stress advice help with overwhelm like what? So all of those that you're doing it because I don't have time to do it but list all those out and then go back through this process and see what pops up because then so this this tool back here it's going to start to show you those? Yeah, and then you can start to see and I did that I'll bring it tomorrow just to show her because I think I got I think I got to that place, but I probably should run it by you, right? And this again this is more the advanced if you don't own your name and your product, I can't stress that enough because you don't need to even go into this category yet at all this can be used though for mork you're tools that your key words that you want to be using on your block post and on your content that your marketing out online so that people when they're searching for that they confined you through that so again we want to focus more on the transactional type of key words that are more towards people just think if I were to search for this term, what would that I mean for me? Would I be actually looking for somebody or what I actually be just trying to find information that's the best way I can teach that to help you make it really simple so you don't overwhelm yourself and just think about how you would type that him um there we go okay so and if you notice here you can see what the best keyword transactional is for buyers because back pain what they what what came up there's going to be fewer monthly searches for the most transaction the best transactional keyword and there's going to be a lot more searches for just general so that's going to help you differentiate that as well so you can start to put your key words and to see the difference between them to figure out what's the most important you also see the suggested bid the best one no pun intended there it's going to be a lot higher for the cost per click on that okay yes so when we were originally looking at that I thought the higher the number of searches the better but that but what you just said is that was that that's not what you want to dio and it has shifted a little bit and how this tool work so the one thing you want to look at is so my example here with back pains in sixty thousand every much average monthly searches on best back surgeon is ten so what happens is that that's telling you that that's they're much more serious about where they're at because back pains very elusive it's just such a big search so what you want to do is you want to look at these numbers and then when I go out into google I like to try to keep him lower I don't liketo have millions and millions anywhere from like five hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand that's a good keyword to rank for with your podcast you can go higher but I would suggest to try to keep it as narrow as possible and then really keep a focused and more towards the transactional that's what's going to serve you the best versus having a generic search term if that makes sense um okay so again choose your name or the name of your program and then obviously we don't have your google real estate and then if you do then you want to make sure that you have the best transactional keyword for your mean key word so it's just going to be the one that you get know once you pick it you can't change it so make sure you pick pick the right key word for your podcast to be found do we have any other questions right now? Okay I wanted to know if you could do an example of what to do if you're in that in each topic with a lot of key words that are already taken I think that maybe like, for example, they've searched all sorts of word combos for resume, and all of them seem overused already. Um, and just like once, I was tryingto understand what they're saying, but just really drilling down exactly what they can do if you're finding yourself in that situation, what I would do is, um, because this can be a tough area if it's a lot of them are taken, I would go for the main product that you're offering. What the best result? So what I mean by that is so so with ipod, they teach resume tips, tips and strategies. So what is the end goal of? Why do we want to have a bout a resume? We wantto exactly want to get about our jobs? I would go towards the flip side of what that benefit is and whatever the search term hattaway land, corporate, see what quarter office I don't know, whatever the search term will be for that, I would do the flip for the benefit look in sales, it's all about the transformation you want to provide the transformation that's what you're selling, you're not selling the resume per se you're selling what that resume gets that person so that's, why you want to look for that? I would just flip that keyword to look for for the transformation side wei have another question here from jonah, and they want to know how what do you do? How do you own your google real estate when someone else has the same name as you and they already have branded themselves? Do you suggest having a pen name for your for your podcast? Um that's a great question, so if you do already have, if somebody already has dominated under your name, I wouldn't I mean, you can't have a pen name if that's the route that you want to go when you really want to build that, but I would I would want to own my own expertise with my name. So what I would suggest is if I don't really suggest having a hyphen, but if you if you need to have that in order to make it simple to stand out so that you can because you do want to own your name with some point, the other thing you could do is get on the social networks and start using all those. Make sure you have all official social networks landed with your name to make sure that you can start to rank and show up for that. And then with regard to the podcast, they probably don't have a podcast yet, so I would use your slug as your main well, your main key were being your name so use that and then have that really show up in all of your block post as well. So as you start having more listeners that tap into your blawg when they come and listen on your block on your actual website, you also get ranking that way so concerned to pull pull so what I'm trying to say is your show is gonna have its own unique link, and then you're also going to have your block so that's where you can start to pull yourself up and possibly outrank someone else. And then I saw this question come up or just maybe a little clarification in the term of owning your google real estate and what we mean by that exactly if we mean tone the girl or what exactly we mean, so what I mean by owning your google real estate is that when someone goes will say they go to search for me, everything about me pops up and I have my website, I have my facebook profile, my linked in profile, my twitter, my youtube videos, all that pops up for owning my google real estate. So what I mean by that is if you don't have you you're all for your name if that's part of your brand than owned that as well, but then it's really just the appearance on google with all your different links that show up so own it because when people go and search there we'll think about it this way when you go to search for an expert and you come and there's a person that has, like, four links on page one of google, what do you think about that person? You really think they're the expert, right? No matter who they are, you're just like, oh, this person owns google, okay, I'll go check on them. So that's that's what I mean by owning your google real estate? Terrific. Okay. All right. So, let's, um, what questions do we have right now where I can help you walk through where we're out it's when I should have asked previously like way that ah what's been mulling around in my head is tying to camps together if possible. Oh, come in this hand over here I have a set of tools through my business partner and a community of people who provide mobile sites provide websites, cal, we can weaken gather leads um let's say you're speaking right now and you give someone a text a text x y z two one, two, three four we have those tools in our arsenal, something new we've recently invested in it's, a proprietary system, so we haven't even shared it with our clients yet, so I have that here and over here I want to work with you on your passions and helping you monetize that a lot of the people that are in this community over here they are reinventing themselves. Some of them don't know yet that they need to reinvent themselves, but they have somewhat of a platform out there but no help with the tools like we have they have and what they were interested in podcasting, but they're scared of it or there or they know they need a mobile website, but they don't know what to do with it. So I have yet to even announce any of this, but I have these two groups, this one that knows me on this one that doesn't know me yet that I want to do with podcasts I'm trying to figure out how do I I marry those two together, make it cohesive, not sound like I'm all over the place. Well, what are the two themes that can you have one main theme that weaves them together? Well, here we have people who are coaches, public speakers, authors, chiropractor's, a group with an audience it's been out there a while, okay? Some of them are reinventing themselves, which is my fame or some of the marked there are some who are starting businesses and they've been reaching out to people with audiences and they want help or they come to people like me and say I need you to coach me through some of the problems I'm having what marketing what tools you have that you could help me with because I already somewhat have a theme or I've been out there for a while okay? So that's here okay over here is a group that says, hey, you know, I've been hearing about this passion project that you're putting together and it's going to be a podcast well, can you tell me more about it and I've been fuzzy about it over here because I don't know if what I'm showing you with mindset and passion and how to tap into that and monetize that how do I marry that with that group okay over here, why do you feel you have to marry with both groups? Because this group I think the group that's been that the people who are business owners, entrepreneurs and all that I would definitely want to know about passions and all that you know, some of them are still reinventing themselves. Some of them already have gone through some cuts from sort of catharsis and probably could do a really good podcast show, right? We can help them, but their own podcast show together got try to get help from you of course are both of your ideal listeners it's I mean, it sounds like they're just they actually are very similar it's just you you haven't introduced this idea over into this group but they're going to matt they could massively benefit from it so I did this group of here which we had neither group knows about the other yeah that's okay though because when you launch your podcast you're gonna have people that are coming in from all over the place that I've never heard of you so you're going to be have mixing in people from your current network and letting them know and then and then when you launch an itunes in the podcast directors you're going people coming in from all over the place. So what this whole purpose of the session right now is to really help you narrow in that theme and then the benefits of the listeners tuning in so some of that group may all tune in or some may not and you're going to bring in new people just depends what you want to have the theme that that is going to track your ideal listener because you want to keep growing your audience right? So that theme and then also that you're going to be excited about to keep producing and putting content out there for so so if if you're in this group that is an author or a coach or a public speaker or a small business owner, we there already has a platform out there or you're looking to get my help to help you get it out there and some of them are authors you're saying I could marry these two well let's let's back up what was your foundational tell me what your um equation was for that what was your main answer? I was just kind of uh because I'm I'm trying to get clear on this the my main thing has been I've been wanting to for longest to launch a platform that teaches entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs who are in a transition period or they're already been they already been out there they they done gone through a transition but now they're ready to get out there and do whatever that next big thing is right? So I have a tool set over here that can help you so I guess the podcast could be used to introduce you to that tool set. But the podcast I would like to interview experts who are who have gone using their passions they have been successful using their passions so that way mindset is covered okay monetizing it and how to tap into your passion they're people who are miserable and jobs and miserable and careers uh don't know if you were necessarily miserable or you were e I have a good friend who just who just told me she had an anxiety attack last week I literally passed out I thought when we got and she's on a job this really just it's grind, grind, grind, grind I feel for every time I talked to her right that's part of my audience see in that podcast exactly so that that's your theme that you have right there, that's all your core content. So I think what we're confusing here is trying to bring in the two, but you already know what your main theme is, so stay focused on what you're wanted to do of who you want to help, and then the content you're going to provide do that in your audience will find you by doing that doesn't make sense. So then the set of tools you have here you could then it could come up in a podcast that, you know, one of the ways we could help you live above a bar exam check, because what you're facilitating is you're going to help them with those skill sets, so you're going to go over the problems and then you you couldn't have that. Whether you do an expert, well, obviously you're saying expert show you bring that out so absolutely so don't try toe a lot of people, you know, if they're starting over here with one pocket are one audience that they have, and they're trying to bring it, and you have to realize that this is casting, you're not big special for what you're doing and then people will resonate with you and want to dive in deep more with you and they'll let you know and they come over to your website and they'll engage with you that way so you want to share that on the podcast and then hadn't direct them back to your website okay? Like okay, acosta humps touch on those who might be might be starting out directly from scratch late start appropriately named says I'm late to the internet so what are some tips to get traction online? How can I own google if I'm starting weight? Yeah, and this actually ties into a few people that similar questions and jonah, who had this question earlier want to clarify his name and brand is taken by a real estate agent beverly hills? He has my twitter, facebook and domain name already set up how would I be able to rank on google for my name if, say, I'm an expert in food and cooking, but my name is already attached to say real estate because this person already did that right that's it that's a great question. So the one thing that you couldn't dio that so let me just let me think about this for a second because I'd love to ask him some more questions on his brand if he has a bran because he was cooking food and christine so that's, where you could have the name of your show be what you dominate, that that's, your brand that's, what people are going to resonate with? I was just watching the show, I would just flew from here for miami to here, and I was on virgin, then they had youtube channels on there. Uh, you know, the video, I love it it's so great! And then it was this cooking show, and it was just brilliant, and I forget the name of it right now, but that would be the brand of your show when you watch more of it and have that. So if you can create a brand that people can resonate around that's, what you're going to use, teo own your real estate, and then we'll get to know you as the presenter of the host, the expert, and be able to use that for, for especially when somebody owns everything that you have out there that's the best way that you could be able to set that up no kind of related question to that, so I have a relatively common names, so when you google on my name kate brennan, you get different. Kate brennan's one's a skier one is an author who wrote a book about a stalker I'm not sure I want to be known for that, but but so I can differentiate by putting my title dr kate brennan and now is that enough of a differentiation cause I can own that but then so how is that enough of a differentiation with a common name e think you still have to do a lot more with with a lot of back and theo to do things like that so I would just, um you could still use your name that way though I mean, I would just see what other networks there are that you can use that on google plus I really have to give it credit that's one of the best ways that you can really use that because of how so much it's tied into google for fresh, relevant contents if you're not on google plus, get on there and start using your content there connect then and dear blawg because that will really start to pull that up. I think that can help maurin those type of situations jiro has another another question related to the name and as an author says, should I should the show be under my name, which is not very catchy? Or should the show be its own brand with its own website and link that to my author say yes, so what's great about what so the main supply what we're talking about here, that main key word you could have it be your name but then your show what shows up in itunes is that brand and then with you know your name so that's two I'm having you do the back and side of it so you can rank on google, but then how people find you an itunes that could be different? It doesn't they don't have to see that side of it so he they could actually have that as there make you were for their name and then have the brand wrapped around that on the podcast we have a question here about search results related to podcast now do itunes podcast show up in google searches more frequently or differently or are they only showing up because they're linked to your website? Well, what happens is when I too so when you launch your show on itunes they actually give you a web based it's ah web page and then when you click on that it's his view and itunes so you have actually away web based page for your show and then it takes you into the itunes into the application. So what happens is every time people click on that or when they download your show, it actually is almost like back linking work gives you more juice so that your show can rank most of my students rank on page one of google for their key words because every time someone clicks and subscribes, that is what it's not fresh relevant content that people are consuming that allows you to rank for that so that's why that happens but then in addition we're going to go over this story begin a little more technical but you actually connect your audio to your blog's so when people are listening on your block they stay engaged on your website longer google loves that because the longer you stay there and connecting they're like oh this person found what they're looking for we're going to give them credit so then you can start to pull your vlog up as well so that helps terrific terrific and I mean it looks like there's just still a little bit of confusion especially for those who are wanting to get traction and just starting out like we mentioned a little bit earlier and actually andrea see said how exactly do I do that I have twitter I have youtube under my name but how do I strategize to hone in and make it beneficial ok so what what specifically there looking for like on howto own yeah yeah a lot that's fresh relevant content you have to keep putting content out there and having people engage with it and now with the social side of it you have two people sharing your contact so that's one of the biggest things with your podcast is driving them over to your website and then saying share this episode tweeted out facebook it make it very, very simple for them to be able to share your content going over its click to tweet a great little feature love it it makes a link so people need convenience today I know when I go to bloggers and they don't have things that make it easy for me to share I don't end up sharing it so if you could make it very simple already have things that are already pre canned I don't mean pre cam but like has a great little line piece of copy that already it would engage someone to want to listen to it that will that will help foster that traffic traffic any other questions here? Yeah uh we'll say we'll do what we've been on so pretty much I don't say own but my name's unique think think this s o I have a lot of content on there already justus faras my own name is concerned but now that I've wrenched it into the new business creating the whole new brand would you suggest then making that the slug the brand name as opposed to a main keyword or or kind of the biggest pain point yeah just start building up that brand name now yeah if that's what if that's what you're going now, which it is absolutely because that's only if you wanna have maur if it's in the case maybe where your names already taken and you need to have a certain situations like that or you already own everything then you want to have that so yes for you because that's what you're starting now is that new brand you want to get the authority around that and then how often do we want to introduce? You know the pain point type topics I guess the slug you so there's only one one and done yet so that will be the brand name but then you know, I guess we just with vlog posting things like that that's where we're yeah that's more for the topic ideas the reason I was focusing there is what's that transactional keyword that someone would be searching for that would want to come into your business or want to find out for you being the expert and then for the pain points that's how you can talk about it on your podcast but then you know what those keywords air that they would be searching for to find it? Yeah, so then that the reason I like this too even though it gets a little technical there is it gives you great ideas for your content, your titles, the name of your shows, the name of your block post titles that people would be already searching for organically and then also great ideas for you to talk about if you just need help, go to the he were tool, and it'll tell you what people are searching for make it really simple, so quick question, just back to the categories area so I've done all this research, a tte home and under the area of style and fashion um, the only two that really resonate, I mean, I've seen some fashion podcast under business I've seen some under careers, but that's not what my I want to go back foundation formula is my foundation formula is how to reinvent your style or upgrade your style uh, that results in confidence, earn more money and transform your life. So would that be society and culture or visual arts? I mean, I don't really know where anyone would go for style in that sense, not business anymore, right? I like business, though, because of the avatar of who you are bringing an innocent business person. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And then I would, um, um, society and culture might be because that you're goingto your especially with if you're going to go with the storytelling right there. We talked about today with your designer cynically, that could be really cool and then even maybe education. My idea may be a good fit, but you can you can play around with those as well, yeah, absolutely. We have another terrific question coming. What do you think is the best social media platform for sharing your podcasts? Can you share? I mean twitter and facebook were mentioned. Is there anything else they actually asked? Are you able to share a podcast via instagram? Soundcloud? Well, what you can do so soundcloud, we're going to train, I'm going to go into how to use that awesome platform really great for sharing your audio's. So for the social I think it really depends again where your listeners or where your avatars are hanging out and what you like ah lot of people, I mean, I didn't get twitter before and I'm just really getting into it now and I love it it's great for my personality type it's easy for me to respond, I can engage and I can get right back to people right away. So for me that works and that's where my listeners like to connect as well. So what I want you to think about is what is where people are hanging out, but that where you like to engage with this? Well, because if you don't like the platform doesn't necessarily mean that you're gonna really you're not going to show up as transparent, authentic as you'd like in that platform, so with instagram and with the other ones you can use images um and you could even do because in scream you can have little short videos, you could use that to play play into your podcast, but I think images are great with that to drive traffic, same with pinterest could be a great way to get leads in for your business and people listening. Have you used anything specifically? I create a graphic for each episode of the podcast, and then I pin that graphic and link back to the show notes page on my website where they can play the episode on the site. Yeah, and what's great with that. I'm going to show how to do that specifically in our in our marketing strategies, but like what she's talking about, you have a great image that grabs their attention, and when you have it connected to your blawg, when they click on that, it takes him right back over to there balog and then they've got the audio and the text there to engage with on that podcast so you can make it based on the pain, the tips that they wanna learn about, or quote from an expert or something that's going to intrigue them and want to bring them in into your your network.

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