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So if you're a new business, these air some questions to help, you kind of streamline your ideas and help you really put that podcast together. So first, let's, talk about what's your main niche that you want to be found for and that your ideas are going to that you want to talk about the second? What is this subject matter? What is your passion about for your business? What is that that you're so excited about that you want to talk about it? Just brain dump a bunch of different ideas that you have there, then again comes back to that listener avatar who is who is it that you want to help reach and work with in your business? Who do you want your message to tap into? Because that's really again, like we talked about this morning on the listener after avatar being so important, and then what is the demographic of your target market? This is going to determine the content that you're gonna be talking about on your show, and then also the different styles of content that you're gonna be t...

alking about on the last one of the topics is my favorite one that you can't wait to talk about this. I mean this you should have, like, a page long of ideas, so nobody should tell me that they don't have content like they don't. They don't know what to talk about other show so brained up all of that, um and start to really think about that. So now the next thing that we go into is this is where you're gonna choose your top three categories. So again, you hopefully you could see on the screen here there's there's, about twelve different categories, so what we want to do is pick the top three, and then you're going to pick the main one that your podcast will be found him. So that's business comedy any of those so pick three that it makes the most sense, and then when I also want you to do is you can go into itunes and if you scroll to the bottom, so when you log it, iet me click on podcast, you have the categories on the side, and then if you click on business, if you go to the bottom of itunes, you can see all the sub categories that they have and you could pick your subcategory, too, niche your podcast even more, yes. Question about that, because when I was doing my research, it seemed like I would go into kids and family and then go into a sub. Yeah, there is no subcategory for kids and family, some of them yet you don't have it. Yeah, yeah, like comedy. I don't think comedy has won not every single one of them happened. It seems like kids and family shaping up a little differently now. When I first went in a few months ago, it was just all children's audio stories and books and music, and I thought, huh? With a few podcast that were for the parents, that number is increasing, so I wonderful put in a subcategory at some point and added in otherwise it seems like kids and family would be where I would land, but maybe health, I don't know, it doesn't seems initially it should be kids and family. Yeah, definitely. I would think that for you as well, but also business, that health would probably be a good carrot agree for you as well for the mom's listening or anybody tuning, then to share that and find that but you can have the one thing that's great is, you could always go in and change your categories. If it's not working, or you want to change it up, or you just want to see, you can always go in and easily a flip of a switch, I'll show you how to do that. So this is just so ugh, you know what? Your main three categories are there, and then the top mean category that you'll be found for with your podcast, because that's going to determine in your new and noteworthy where you show up so helps you as well with the ranking. Um, okay, so the next thing that we get to decide is the format for your podcast. Now, we talked a little bit this morning about having audio or video podcast, so this is where you want to decide if you're going to start with an audio with a video or if you want to do video and then, you know, transpose the audio cut that over also, I didn't put on there, but if you have any content that you want to repurpose, maybe I already have a bunch of google hangout. If you had a block talk radio show, you can take that and repurpose that into itunes and use this launch strategy and the things we're going to be going over here in the next couple of modules on dh, then the performance side of this. This is where you decide on what type of show. So we talked a little bit about the solo show, the tip based show this morning interview experts, and we went over that wish rainy and some different ideas to help you really make that pop and stand out, then there's a combination where you could, you know, have that with the tip live engagement, talk show style. Maybe you want to have other gas on, and you could bring that the character in multiple host, you know, a lot of the comedians do that. They've got a round table, you know, they have all the all the gas going on dh, then you know, the live with the q and a. So if you want to use the google hangout and then repurpose that way, so start to figure out, start to choose we what format is best for you that you're gonna stay consistent with? You're gonna have fun and really going to be the format to help you shine. Now. Reason I talk about this is I noticed a big difference when I was doing audio podcasts. When I started doing video because video you have more senses now so now you're you know you've got the guest you're you're watching on audio you could be like looking at your questions you can figure everything out so be conscious of where you're at tio and what's going to produce the best show for you in the right format to starts and you could always adam or switch it up down the road but just just be conscious of that because it does make a little bit of a difference okay, so the next thing that so this is your your yep back on the previous slide and you may talk about this a little bit but is there like a length to each of these that you'd recommend? Yep great question so what's really, really interesting at the conference I was telling you about I was out at a few months ago that used to be the shows that were longer we're always listen to you but it's actually being proven now that if they're over around an hour they're getting mohr listens to so and I think that's part of the brandy and that's happened for the podcasters that do that but what I suggest is for solo for excuse me for an expert show thirty to sixty minutes I mean you could go longer than that if the contents really really good but you wanna have enough meat and substance behind your interviews because so many people do interview shows today, and so many of the same people are getting interviewed. You want to make sure that you've got great substance, look for something different, you know, I always like to research what other people have interviewed them on and then asked other questions that haven't been asked yet, or things that your audience, you know, that they would want help with, that you can really pull up more and pull it more than meat for those interview shows. The other thing, too, then on a tip based show ten minutes, this is a great is a great style I've got a lot of friends at have short ten minute podcast they drive overto bridget was talking about earlier continuity site membership site, so they actually there's only a few amount of podcast seven to ten podcasts, and one of my students actually did this, and within the first a few weeks of her launching, she was already getting member, signing up from from the strategy. So what? We'll go over this a little bit more monetizing, but what you dio is you only have seven to ten of the podcast show up in itunes, so when we go into this training part, you can you can have all of your podcast out there, or you can only have, like one of one podcaster seven or ten whatever the case may be, then it drives traffic back over to your website to sign up for your continuity site so hey, if you want the rest of the training, go over here and you can subscribe for a low fee of only nine dollars a month or twenty dollars a month, whatever the case may be and then opting to get all the rest of the downloads so I suggest on those tip and expert shows to do not experts although when you're when you're the solo expert I like ten, twenty minutes because of what happens for one tip if you go over fifteen, twenty minutes, it starts to like pulling content and nobody wants to listen to that so keep it fun keeping engaging, you know go only as long as you have tio tio give the sun's sustenance whatyou need there and let's see for talk shows if it's really engaging and you've got some really cool gas and it's flowing I mean an hour, thirty minutes hour and a half whatever really feels and fitz fitz for your audience that way that's kind of the general rule of thumb there for you okay, so this is just breaking down than the theme finale example so success secrets in life and business so that could be an audio podcast that then the main category b business and this subcategory, it would be careers. Another one would be an idea of strategic happiness in life. That's, an audio podcast, so be health main category. Subcategory could be self health. So what? I watched her right down now is that main theme for your podcast, and then write down whether it's going to be an audio or video, and then also what category that you're going to be in, and then if you want to be in a subcategory, just you could start to really formulate your idea. So it's your theme, your format, and then your category and subcategory photo tips isn't awesome. Park houses one of the top photo podcast on itunes and it's, a video podcast, and they just give video tips. Photo tips on their video podcast. It's. A great show.

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