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The Foundation Formula

I'm so excited about what we're going to step into now because now we're really going to go into really the foundation of creating your branding and putting that together for the foundation of your podcast and howto how to really scale that for your business because the whole goal like I said in the beginning, I want tohave you get results with what you're doing so the five the foundation the five keys to success again remember what is your number one goal that yu want t with your podcast for your business so like well, bridget was talking about how you can use this to scale in different areas in your business whether that's to attract and high end coaching clients like what stephanie's done speaking gigs how many of you want to speak from the stage anybody wantto yeah, this is a great way you have to let people know that you wanna have that opportunity to speak from the stage there's quite a few podcasters out there that I know that they use their called action to say, hey, you want t...

o book me for your next keynote? Email me over at x y z and they used that to let people know where they're at the one thing that I see a lot of people the biggest mistake they make is they just jump on the mike, they start giving great content and then they don't have the beginning, the intro which we're going to talk about, but to let people know where to go find out more about them and let them know what they want. So that's what? You have to know what you want and then speak it in order to be ableto track that into your business, so and then the first thing that we want to go over them. So the main thing that we talked about today when we go into itunes, it's that dynamic album cover art work, you have to that's how they, how they find you, so when they're scanning and itunes, how are you going to pop and stand out for that audience? So what is your main focus for your podcast again, that needs to be demonstrated in your podcast theme and on the album cover? So what I want you to start to think about right now, sort of think about the colors think about the fonts, how does that resonate with your ideal listener? We've all seen fonts were like, oh, are colors that just don't stand out to us start to think about that as well through that listener avatar exercise of what they would be looking for, that they're going to resonate with because that's, the feeling that comes associated with your brand were all we really all make decisions based on our feelings, right? And we have our thoughts, but it starts with a feeling first, and then the thoughts come up. So what happens is if you have that brand awareness, like what bridget was talking about today by having that not the marketing side of it, but the brand, that identity that people resonate with, they're going to notice that and that's what they're going to see over and over again on dso the images and head shots we're gonna talk about how to actually position that the right way to have your podcast album art setup the second, then is then you're magnetic show title and I really mean magnetic this is what's going to grab people in tow automatically know hey, this is exactly what I'm looking for. I get emails all the time where people are like this is exactly the type of podcast I was looking for to learn about for my business and so that's what I want each and every one of you to have a swell when people record see your title, they know what the show's about what's in it for them and then where they want to tune in more. Um so what is your main focus again with your podcast and then the striking title? This lets the listener know what's in it for them now you can have the title be the direct link for your website that that doesn't have to happen, though, so if you have your podcast the title of it, if you want to have that as your domain name to make it simple, but no, if you don't have that domain or it's not available, it's not mandatory it's just a way to be able to have that as long as you referenced in your podcast where to drive traffic tio and be ableto have people know that so let's see here. Yeah, by dynamic show title you mean the title of sort of your overall siri's, not the specific installation of the exactly. We're going one podcast exactly. So you're gonna have the title for your show and the album cover up that's going to what people are going to identify as your show the name of your show, which will go into some formulas on that later. But then each episode will have its own title that you'll have so people can when they go into your catalogue, when they go into your show channel, they will to pick what episodes that they want to listen to and that's actually a really great point occur because people will do that when they come and find you an itunes, you might have let's, say, twenty five podcast out there. And they're going to go pick oh, I want this one I want number two and number ten and that's all they wanted and that's ok, so not everybody wants to come in and download everything they want to pick and choose because it got and what is our economy? We're in our on demand economy they wantto listen to what they want when they want that's how they're going to pick and choose based on those so the engaging show thing this is a big thing we've been talking about this morning is having that common theme that threads together for all of your your your listeners what like bridges talking about this morning about right now about having what is it that they identify with and were that common theme where everybody comes in with having that same type of interest? So think about the intrigue think about their pain points where they're at and then think about what they're interested in and how you can weave together your stories from your experiences as well as what they're going to be interested to want to listen to. Okay, so this is this becomes then there go to community so they're going to start to recognize for style or for women's empowerment or whatever your theme is they're going to want to come back to that to find out what's going on and a tune in and to connect with that this also like we talked about is what makes you stand out and be memorable so people remember and know that's your branding forward for for your show so do well I know we've had some themes I actually want will you share what you your breakthrough you just had sure okay, so I did my life on the hot seat and I was lucky enough to be given um from one of the studio audience members um the notion of rituals and I think that that really grounds sort of all the concepts and thoughts that I have into my that I have about the brand but the rituals will really give me a really nice starting place um to move forward from so just I could not be more thrilled of that thank you so much times we have all these ideas that we don't know how to create that theme and so for erica with what you were talking about this morning having you know the being present what was that one with the other team you know kind of addicted and connected that really boil down to the rituals that she can teach and the story she can share through that toe help people center in on those three main things so that becomes her theme so that's what people resonate with them they connect with and then they know that's their go to community and source to help them with that all right, so then the number four thing for the foundation is your launch plan, so this is really important in this is what a lot of podcasters miss on the beginning is having that pre buzz because it creates the buy in, but it also gets the word out and gets its start. Kind of like a train. You want to get the momentum going. So this is what you want to have a pre marketing show where you want to create, uh, the buzz around your new show, and what I love to do here is use also, the social networks where you can actually have let's say, you're right now, you actually could do this later on tonight, if you want. But you have. Your titles will be working on that tomorrow, but like themes, if you have ideas for your themes or your album art, you can actually put up an image that has different examples of it. And then have your audience tell you what they like the best and that starts to get a pre buzz pre marketing out there and it's going to create a lot of buy in but it's it's going to give you great feedback now I suggest do this after you've already had a pretty good idea of where you're at because you will get a lot of opinions will get a lot of people telling me what to do, what to change so make sure you kind of already are close to your final design but you're maybe just on the you know a few things that you want to speak on that but also then it lets people know what you're starting what's going on, you'll have people that'll be like, oh wow, you're starting this they'll start to engage with you connect with you may reconnect you with old connections as well but also then ask people to share it and get involved with your cause and what you're doing also if you're going to be doing interviews that's a great time to kind of start rounding up your interview is in letting people know the launch of it so you want to make sure that you have a solid land launch plan for six house which we will go over and the fifth main thing that you want to focus on is now you've launched and now what do you do to stay consistent and keep growing that following in that listener base. So it's marketing, plus consistency and then having your system, your marketing system for success. So we'll be talking a lot about that in the future modules on how to be able to do that. So pre marketing for your show, creating that buying and then having your marketing plan. So this is the fun part that's, where we're really going to dive in now into really setting up your podcast. So this is my foundational formula. I use this with all of my coaching clients, and it may look simple, but trust me actually does wonders for my coaching to students, because what happens here is, how often do we go to networking event and you're talking to someone and they've been talking for ten minutes, and you still have no idea what they do ever happened to you. So what happens is we need to get really clear communicating our message in a short. You know, elevator pitch whatever you have, whatever you want to call it but what happens here is this is going to help you identify your main expertise your focus of your show and then what's in it for the listeners to help you really start to narrow that down so when you start to go create your content, you've already kind of got your buckets so that you can go into your vault and bring that him so the first step to this so this is just really simple it says I teach show you how tio and then like I said earlier mad lib style so you fill in the blank here whatever your expertise is, I'm crime then through or that results in the main benefits. Now this could be benefits of working with you're listening to your podcast or the strategies maybe you're a marketing coach and you focus on facebook ads um lincoln and I don't know it could be dino three different categories that you focus on for results in the business. So for example, this is what I used to do for my elevator pitch when I used to sell luxury homes that's a show you how to sell your home in less than thirty days the results in a quick sale, a great price and no hassle, so if I wanted to turn this into a show I could have the expertise part I could turn that into the title of my show and then the main areas I'm gonna be focusing on for the listeners our howto actually position their home for a quick sale. I'm gonna talk about how to price it right, and then howto have no hassle for both the buyer and the seller in that transactional process. So for and these this is just to really help you hone in on what that main part of your podcast is going to be about so here's another one this is I teach you how to create your own unique podcast that results in more traffic, more leads and more sales. I'm going to come around and have you guys share your example, so make sure you're filling in the blakes um, on the next one, this is I show you how to easily master online marketing the results in social media, contact marketing and lists, building strategies and this is actually an example if if your friend amy porterfield she teaches a lot on facebook, this is her podcast, her podcast is different, the titles turnaround, but that's how that fits into it worried the listeners are going to know what you're talking about, so you identify what strategies you want, and a lot of podcast experts that I work with that have launched their podcast have done it too brand their podcast bigger to a larger audience and this is one area that you could do that so you could actually be on a bigger open I'm trying to say open bigger ideas for your for your show or you can actually make it really narrow and really tight next okay? So who's ready to share their answers okay again though I kind of going through this part a little bit so I get to cheat a little bit which is nice but essentially I ii show you how to live a healthy lifestyle one tip at a time I'd like to change that we're clear with that word that results in the health, energy and vitality you need toe live your passion and realize your goals and dreams nice I like say the first part again what was the first part of this? I show you howto live a healthy lifestyle one tip at a time okay, you know something I don't even know if I need to include one whatever at a time maybe just healthy lifestyle yeah, we've definitely massage that but what's nice about that though is they know right away the listener you're going to track ten minute tip I know I'm gonna get whatever I need from nathan that week on howto advance advance er my health or whatever they're focusing on so that's part of your brandy for them to know the length of your podcast and how long their actual going to be tuning in so that they know every week it's going to be the same show in the same format so that goes together anybody else wanted? Yeah I'm a cheater too before but I have to say which which may be some of the students and other viewers will will notice that I worked it for a long time and it's it has evil than it may I think I finally have landed even the show name so I could share that next to come up and I use the word support instead of teacher shit just yeah that's going teo but it's just so it started out as my support mom's at the highest level which results in less stress more joy and deeper connections and then that has evolved into the name of the show which is the ultimate mom skied less dress more fun oh I like that yeah perfect and I got the auriol for that good very go who's there we actually we had a response from online so well our in studio audience thinking we can share one of these um elsie juro said my foundation formula is romance me radio brings together experts in the field of relationship sex, money and others along with the best of romance novel reviews and releases to inform, motivate and entertain the modern woman I love it. That's her intro right there. Let's. Beautiful. Really beautiful. We have one more here from ipod. And they say my foundation formula. I teach you how to write a killer resume that results in increased interviews positions you for higher level jobs, increases your confidence and talking about and selling yourself that's. Brilliant it's, perfect that's a great market to be. And how many people want help with that? A love it outstanding. I'm minds and worked by somebody. Listen, you s o b we talked about, you know, being present connected an authentic. So at first I had said I teach you how to live a more present, authentic and connected life through and those rituals, and then I don't quite have anything else. Or do I flip it? And are the results that you're more present connected and authentic? I would agree with that. What would you guys think? This switch. But so then I am having a little bit of a hard time with the first part because I had something like I teach you how to live more fully. But that maybe seems a little not specific it off, I think, um, again, this is a way to help people kind of center their ideas and focus but I think what what you've just created is that your show on rituals that gives them the byproduct of those results so it doesn't this is just to help people kind of really focusing on what they're mean expertise is this isn't going to be your title this is just to help you and so but if someone were to come up this is wonderful because I've had a lot of a hard time because I'm in this transition if someone asks me what I d'oh I just sort of stutter and say well I used to be an engineer and now I'm doing something else and that's not very compelling right um let's try it again we're just read it again what you have before just so I can have a fresh in my mind well I don't really have anything for that well I do I teach you howto live more fully that results in living a more present connected an authentic life okay yeah well that works I mean living fully and you're describing what that means by the end of that so people have an awareness of what it means and who doesn't want to live more fully won't have more experiences in their life that's what a lot of people are looking for so and then by the byproduct you help them do that by being present being authentic being connected okay. Thank you. Yeah. Absolutely. Great job. Okay, so the next step now is then developing your show theme. So what we want I want you to write down, write down what? That expertise, wass and then your three benefit strategies, whatever those main areas are, and we're gonna come back to this in content creation down the road. Um, but if you have multiple areas that you're focusing on that's okay, so I just want you to write them all down and kind of brain down. The different interest where this is going is we're gonna help you figure out what category you're going to be positioned in itunes and then your subcategories just to help. Because a lot of times we have all these ideas and you think it can fit in all these different categories. We want to make sure we're position you and the best one, the best top three. Ok, so write those down, and then when I want you to think about what's that mean common theme that you have resonate now these air, very generic ones. Okay, this is social media, real estate mindset spiritually but what's the main overall top theme that comes to mind for your podcast. Maybe it's business maybe it's I mean health and fitness you got an easy one exactly so think about what that big theme is that stands out but what I also want you to think about is this the theme that you're really excited about that you're going to keep? I wanted to talk about and keep sharing content like you're starting another podcast and that probably well would you mind sharing that what that's evolved into why you've launched your second one now yeah, I mean at the helm was mostly about business, but I love to have fun I wanted to do something that I could just play with more on that would be a little bit more fresh. So co host and I are starting a pop culture podcast where we talk about movies and music and what's viral and trending and so it's going to be much quicker paste then at the helm, which I can sometimes plan ahead of time so it's very much we're going to record it and get it out there, you know, within, you know, twenty four to forty eight hours hopefully and it's just a fun fresh thing and I think we just recorded our first episode earlier this week, but it's making me more relax and have more fun during my interviews and other things it's definitely giving me more confidence in being a little bit more open, I think, with my audience, yeah, and that's, what's and that's, what's great, is that you can have one more specific, focused on what you're business results are, and then having that jim attainment that and, you know, side of it, where it's, fun and engaging and just fun for you. Yeah, you know, that's, that's, the beauty of it. So, in that sense, think about, is this really the one? Because the reason I go this route is because a lot of people are, well, ask me. Well, I've got three ideas her podcast and have three different shows, and you want to start with one main podcast now that can change and evolve as you grow. But that's. Why? I want you to think consciously right now about what your main theme is. If that's really what you're you're centered on.

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