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Launch a Successful Podcast

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Uploading & Scheduling Episodes in Libsyn

Kris Gilbertson

Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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29. Uploading & Scheduling Episodes in Libsyn

Lesson Info

Uploading & Scheduling Episodes in Libsyn

This is what we want to do know this. We were gonna make your episode so click on content. Now this is where you're gonna upload your media file. So for purposes of this, you know, we mainly talked a lot about mp three's, but you can upload it and before you could also they also have tabs here where you could add in text, feed just a text feet or you can actually have pdf, so they've made it. They've added more features in to make it really nice, but for for the purposes of this, we're just going to talk about an mp three file. So you go click to upload, you're going to choose your file name. Okay, so again, organizing contact like we talked about yesterday, when you go in and you do your interviews let's, say for right now, like if you're doing this all yourself right now, you want to save a folder on your desktop. Podcast episodes have one that's edit two at it and then finals. Always save your finals into that folder so you know exactly where it's at, so organizing it another reason...

why I have the number system and set it up that way is it makes it very easy for you to know where you're at in your shows what's going on and also for when people email you and they'll say, oh episode they'll actually reference that so number so it makes it easy for you but then what you want to do is you'll have those all wind up in order makes it really simple so you just go back and choose that folder that file where you're at and up look very, very simple okay, so you'll click that now this is where you're going to put in your title and your description now here's what's what's different right now is what you could do not different here's what happens that's different that we're talking about for the main part of the show you can put your title and then they have this subtitle section now this will actually show up so when I show you in a second what it looks like final you're gonna have your title which will be so itunes will actually rank your podcast they go backwards also your newest is going to be a excuse me your oldest is at the bottom and the news is at the top okay, so some people might think they're downloading it wrong, but that's how they do it so what'll happen is you'll have your episode number with your title, and then they'll be a section where it goes into the description. This first sentence of subtitle you want to fill that in with keywords because that showing up but now that's going to take the place of your first sentence of your description, that makes sense. So whatever you type in here for your subtitle, it's not going to show up on the first line it's going to show up under your description the first line, any description so keywords sense, keyword, you know, rich title um, your number with that and then you're subtitle and then your description. Now this is where you can put your show notes. This is where you can put a description of what that shows about what I like to do is have a little engaging sentence like two or three that really gets people fired up about who disgust is what differently we're going to be talking about from other interviews. Then I go what's in this episode, and I list out whatever is on my block post over there, and then we have a call to action. I cry very, very simple, I know my audience doesn't read that, so I keep it short, I just have it there when people come into it so that's that's up to you some people actually fill this up with all of their there they're trying to say the transcript from the show and I know that some of that could help with key words but it's not really proven so it's kind of up to you how you want to do that so again you khun ad it all of this so this is like a block post but it's going to be on your own lives lips and creates your own blawg role I call it as well so that feed that I was talking about where you can create that custom domain that's going to go to where your blog's feed is, where people can subscribe to your feed for their email where they can get your all of your updates that way so you can make this look as pretty as you want. You could change the font you can you know your album marks will show up things like that, but in itunes none of that will show up so any bolding bigger fonts it's all the same, okay, any questions on that? Yes, you said people don't really pay attention to the scots my audience okay not ever there's other people's audience I know, I know I shouldn't say names for sure because I don't know for sure, but I know some people put all of their transcripts in there because people want to have that and you can use that for search for different terms I just don't like to clump it altogether without I just keep it short that's that's what I do but you can add the transcript in there or organize it out differently and like you said in itunes it shows up it doesn't have a bold or colors at all is it like if I do a couple of spaces in between paragraphs does it keep those air it all sit all together? Yep exactly so that's why I keep mine short and then what I do on my episodes though or excuse me where it says what's in this episode I do put little lines though, so try to make it better but I mean it's just gonna be a clump attacks for the most part time so what's that but then if they go over to this website you're feed over here they actually will see that laid out more but typically what happens? Well especially for my audience it's more they go listen to podcasts and then they go over to the website it's not going over to this actual block post website all right okay, so that what happens here? So now this is where your thumbnail if you wanna have this is where you can change up the thumbnails for each episode instead of when people searching nineteen so there's two ways that people search on itunes what'll happen is they're going to shoot search for an expert name plus podcast and then they'll have the channels down below with all the album arts and then all the episodes that would have that person that they've been on all the different podcasts so it's organized with that and then the images or they'll go search directly for your channel pick that and then it comes into your itunes paige your channel page so what happens here is if let's say that you interviewed, you know, expert x y z and so if you put a different image up than what your album art is when they see that the top role when they see where all the people have been interviewed, it'll be a different image than your album cover art. So that's a great way to bring other people in based on different images where you can change that up because you want your album art to be consistent on your channel page, but you can change that up for each of your guests for each of your episodes if you want my chi so that's where you could do that and then this is your category this is based on that episode it's not the category of itunes it's your cat like a blogger role like when you have okay, these episodes air for business these episodes air for health that's what that does for on the block grows so that's where you can keep it general or you drop down we'll let you add a new category that then you can reference whatever that would be okay? Yep, just some nails again yeah lost you have okay, sorry this is for the individual episodes so when people go into your itunes channel and I know I referenced itunes a lot but it's the other platforms you'll actually just give them the album art and they'll have that all set up for you. So with this what happens is this is where it's going to come from, how you put your feet here, how it shows up in the other the networks and the directories as well. So if you wanna have a specific thumbnail image for that episode that's different than your album cover you could upload that here. So do you lose the album cover then and people don't recognize that it's yours or what'll happen is it's when you go and log into itunes at your channel, you'll have your main album cover and then if they go in search for an individual episode, they'll have the little images okay, yeah, so that's two grab different attention, you could still have your brand with it and then just have the image of that expert. If you want to do something like that, make sense to maybe use that same from a nail picture for your blawg you're the expert. Well, you're blogging online, like on your website? Oh, absolutely, if you're going to put the branding, yeah, like let's say you've got the rethink logo and then you've got some cross federer's, whomever and then you've got maybe a description like through two three words of what that episodes about, I would use that same image on your block and then give that to them to share a swell right? Yeah, exactly that's just an option to keep it simple just have your album artwork show up, don't don't over don't don't overthink it with that that's. I'm just sharing a different option for you guys tio have some variety in there, okay, so then you pick your category based on what that content of that episode is about. Again, the key words. Take words, I don't even worry about it anymore. Just make sure your title, your subtitle and your descriptions are really taken care of, and you'll be good there, okay? And we're gonna go into different ways to market as well for showcasing, and then the perma, like permal link points back to your show's blawg page. So what we want to do is this will drop down this. We either go to your lips in block page or over to your website that's, when you want to select that one, and then so that's setting up your whole show there. So then what'll happen. Is this where you get the rating for that episode? So if you have one that's. Just a little off kilter and you want to let people know you could put that on there on dh then this is for tv that's if that's video so that's letting people know as well for the p four files so the top is just for mp three so once you do that now this is where you actually get us set up the release date. So this is what I love because this is where you can come in and create a system around your podcast so you can actually go in have you got your answer? You've got your own trail you ever album cover art you have all the back and set up now so now what you could do is you can actually pre record everything at the beginning of the month pick your publishing time like we talked about and then you can go in and schedule everything to show up and you're done for the whole month or too much, however, for in advance that you want to do it to make it really simple and fun for you. So the release the time here you could do release immediately unpublished I think it defaults to that if I'm not mistaken and then yeah does and then the second one if you want to actually take the time you wanted to show up, then you put it push set new really st set the date and then put the time and that you wanted to show up and I suggest having the same time every time that you want to release the episode to create that habit for your listeners, okay? And then you want to put the expiration date that's never expire so currently itunes will you have up to three hundred episodes showing up that's why I do the zero zero one and then after that it's going to cycle out on dh then what happens is you can put an expiration date let's say you want to do we're going to talk about later today is that membership continuity option where you bring people back over to your website to get the rest of the content so let's say you're only releasing seven or ten episodes at a time and so each new one pops up that's where you could set the expiration date so then they don't show up and then you can actually have them go over to where you're going to store them on a membership site that they have to pay to get access to so you see you're producing content that they're still getting great free contact they're getting value there getting to know like entrust you and they can keep tuning in every week in getting all of it but then some people are gonna want to actually go over and get all the archives sort of creative live you can watch it free for a while and then if you'd like to continue watching it, a referencing at you would exactly and that again remember, we talked about what your main goal with your podcast what's, your number one thing that you want to have accomplished, and so for me, I have everything free because I do a lot of interviews with experts, and I want all that content out there for people to be able to connect with, engage with other people, have a different platform like dave ramsey, one of his shows only has one episode that ever gets released, so that's a different purpose behind that podcast, okay? And like some of theirs ah eh, I'm forgetting. Well, scott smith does that with his membership site, but there's also a project management institute that does that side where they only have seven podcasts up, and then they say, go over to get the rest of the episodes for the continuity program and you could do that in different ways. You can use higher and coaching membership things, but that's, how you're able to do that set up there? Yeah, from chat and you know they're a little bit you can definitely let us know if it's something you're going to get to in a little bit, but in terms of the keyword where I ipod again, no saying that it's kind of an issue for them. How much time do you recommend we spend researching on key words? They say it's turning into my personal black hole? I know. Okay, this great question. I totally understand it's literally. This is the one area of my students all have the most questions on it's about keywords and because I know it's very technical what I would suggest you khun goto, fiver f I v e r r dot com and you could have people do this for you, okay? And there's other people on the lance know just be careful because seo is kind of one of those black zone territories where people will charge very cheap toe like tens of thousands of dollars for it. All you need is to really think about in itunes, and I want to keep this. A simple is possible the majority of people. When they go into itunes, they search with an expert. That they're already looking for or they're searching for more of a specific like business podcast or you know, weight loss or something a little bit more directive it's not like a google search where they're like typing everything out because one there's just not enough room in that search bar and people come across that organically and then also what we're going to go over later of how you market and start to get people to engage and share your content for you so what I would suggest is getting those maybe five to six main things for each one of your up but not each one your episodes for your main show that aren't too intensive so you could go to five and have somebody do that bring back some of those keywords but think about the key words of more if you were your prospect or your listener and they were the problems that they have that's what that listener avatar exercise is so important because it actually pulls your copy out of you what people would be already searching for just pick a few of those don't overthink it I would much rather have you going and taking action and getting out there and then as you learn that and get involved with maura that seo then you can add that on but don't hold yourself back from launching because you're worried you don't have the perfect key words okay and are you doing this for each episode that you put out so typically with each episode? What I do is since idea interview style it's more of what the content that experts talking about because remember, that expert already knows what they're talking about people already searching for their terms so you could take the key words right out of what gets said if that makes sense to make it very simple for yourself and then if you're doing a solo show, just focus remember solo shows are typically going to be one idea per show, so you could do like when he was talking about you could type and I to let's say it's a podcast episode podcast podcast hosting itunes, stitcher and keep it very simple, more generic terms to be found for and then the more you get, the better you get at that and understanding, then you can add in more, more intense keywords. But for the most part, it's, the simple, bigger keywords to focus on. We have a few more quick technical questions here, and micro fun has an interesting one here they're wondering if you've ever seen multi language use in lips and for this they are multi lingual, and they're thinking about putting out a podcast in different languages is that something that supported here? Oh, absolutely, I know haley's adjusted language podcasts are one of the areas that are the most open area there's so much opportunity there for you as well as just anybody starting their own podcast but I think more so on that side because there's not enough of them out there so if you are able if you're bilingual multilingual however many languages you speak if you can have that consistent you know maybe just pick too if you want to have one in english and then your main language to your other main language that you wantto present that in but absolutely a highly suggested people are hungry for it they're looking for it and it's a great way for you to connect with a whole new audience do you have any specific tips on how to maximize that if you if you are going to go into actually is going to be so when you enter your feet into itunes it's based on your country with itunes what people still will find your podcast that way so when when you reference in here what it's remember when I showed a couple sides back where it said what your languages that will help identify that for you as well great yeah no that's exciting I love that okay so now that we so you can set the times expire and then on dh then you can put if you're doing it based on the release schedule that's what media files are available based on the release schedule, you push, you can either save this as a draft or you can publish right now and then it will either automatically publish it or it'll publish it at the time that you set it. For now realize let's say you go to immediately publish itunes doesn't pull that in, like all of a sudden you go check on itunes it's not like a ghoul google refresh and it's like set up it could take twenty minutes, it could take a couple hours sometimes it could take a day or two, so if you ever notice that something's going on with that itunes like anything, they'll be little glitches every once in a while so just noticed that that I'm a reboot. Now, if you are, if it's a long time, then you want to check your feed that's freaking connect with lips are anything but typically it'll self correct. Can you talk a little bit more about the if there's a relationship? I think that you said between the expiration date and download availability, so let's say, I want to have ten episodes, so I would on expiration date hit set new expiration date, right? Because really st the day, yeah, then underneath no simple says set new expiration date, right, so I'm looking at all that one thing and then than under download availability, I would pick media files are available based on release sketch that's only if you want that episode to ever expire. So this is when you, when you wanted to show up that's, if you want it let's, see, you only want that episode to be live for a week, or for two weeks. That's, where near the acceleration of that was showing up, right, exactly. And if you do have quite like I said reference, they've got a great blogging, a website, you can go back. This is all a brand new interface that they might have even more updates coming. So just be aware that that happens, but you can always go back over to there, block, and they'll explain what each one of those are. They're very good at it. But, yes, if you forget or anything, did you go back over there? It actually be really simple? It's it's. Once you can, and then you'll see the interface is actually very simply, just take it, step by step, take it slow and know once you have that set up. Once you understand it, anything that we do that's, brand new it's always like, oh, my gosh, but then once you get through it, you'll be like, oh, yeah, boom, boom, boom. You'll be able to move forward with it. Just take it slow in the beginning to make sure you do it right, and then you'll be ableto to move forward with that. So the next thing, then, this is where you're actually going to connect. You're file that file that we just created, that mp three file to your blog's so people can actually click and play the audio or the video directly on your website. So we've talked about now we're going to we're going to talk about marketing and how to get your feet out in the whole bunch other different directories podcast directories but this is how you have it where it shows up nice on your website so what happens is now your content you want to go into previously published content typically this will pop up after you publish your show. Okay, but you'll notice here this is an episode it shows the little player it's got my album cart album cart album art image and then if I if you notice here I have now lucy a how to create off the charts results in your business so that title that title's a little long it's not going to show up on itunes but the main key word of who I'm talking with and what the idea is there will show up and then the description will show up more but what we want to do is you want to click the third link and it looks like a little infinity link and then it's got the two arrows that's what's gonna pop up to get your mba bad code okay? And I know there was a question yesterday from youtube within bad codes in bed code all it is is the html code that you simply copy and you put it into your block post you put it under under a block post now you're going tohave were you actually what you get what you see is what you get that's, where you actually type there's a text tab, you click on the text tab and that's where you paste in urine bag codes for your videos or for your audio or your video, a podcast episode and that's where it's going to show up then on your blogged okay, so all you do is over here you pick which option that you want to use, whether that's going to be a standard player and you can play it and it'll pop up and I'll show you what it looks like. They have different options there of different players, so you're gonna click on the option above it so their standard standard mini and legacy and then it says preview slash get embed code click on that and it populates it it's all done for you you simply take that and then connect that over on to your block post so it makes sense, it's very, very simple to be sure by connect you mean cut and paste exactly cut gonna be dr forrest, copy and paste and they're going to put that over onto your block post so that block post episode that's going to show up on your own log you wanna have the right episode showing up so that just make sure that you're going to the right episode and then I like to do right, then over my block post. I don't know if I put a link up on here. I didn't, but, um, I put the title if I do the same thing that shows up in itunes on my block growing ok, I changed the text a little bit now on my block girl to make it, because obviously the content that I put into itunes is very short because you don't want to get slapped with google on anything because there is a web page for your lips in law girls, I change that up just a little bit that's why keep that one short? And I have my block content. I've got more images. Ah lot of the contents changed up for content. Okay, so what happens here? This is how this displays then in itunes. So you're gonna have to see if you notice the numbers go backwards. So one is the most recent episode, but it's episode twenty eight so it's going to show that way. But I do that because then the the user has a really great experience of knowing what that podcast, what number there at and on their phone as well, and also sometimes the apse will jumble up and if your movie because you can create playlist like stitcher, has a great way where you can actually create playlists and actually put them how you want to, you could bring in each one of your podcast into one own area that you want to listen to you. So then, you know, also where you left off with somebody else's show just because the more opportunities that are happening with podcast them or the bigger it's getting you want to try to keep it as organized as possible for your listeners because you remember a lot of these people, listeners going to brand new people, so make it easy for him, so you'll have the number, then the name this is how I do it now you can change us some, I have the name and then that line and then it goes into what their business about, but do you see where it has the dot dot dot that's what I'm saying, ah lot of people will go on and they'll they'll not use their real estate wisely, okay? Or they don't put anything there, it's just it has makes no sense, and you have no idea what that shows about then that this, then they'll have the time so they can see how long it is when it was released. Then you'll have the description, so that first line that's where that subtitle you can use now and put your key words and and have it descriptive, and then it will go into the rest of the description and that little eye on the corner that's where they could hover over it and see what all goes in what's in that episode. Okay, so that's, what that will look like there's also, we're going to go into this in the marketing section, but there's also a tab to the right now where you can share that individual episode, you can copy the link you can share on facebook. Are you going to share on twitter? So we're going to talk about some other ways that you can share with your audience to market and for easy for how easy it is for you to mark it out directly from itunes. So when we go into that itunes blueprint launch and just a little bit, you're gonna see different ways where you can share directly from itunes, so you have a back link so people don't have to try to jump around to find your episodes. So that being said so, then if you notice you're that's what it looks like on the phone too, which is really great, so you've got your album art if you notice album art is like how people find your show, it really is what shows up and then you have your title and then you have you can edit the settings here so people can go in and when you go at it, you can delete out any episodes that you don't want to listen to or you've already listened to you or you might not be interested in you could have how many show up on your phone do you want the three episodes? Do you wantto automatically download? Do you wanna have it stop? And just when you go in and download it to your phone doesn't get overloaded it's up to you you can have the different sightings of at all the episodes, so it actually makes it really simple and then you could just search my station's you could have top charts where you go find out with the top podcasts are so it's very easy interface to use and stitch your radio has another awesome app as well that you can just pick and choose which one works the best for you on your own is that the itunes this is this is the itunes app? Yes, I use both and I love it as well as whenever you're listening. We're talking about this yesterday how if you stopped right in the middle because a lot of people are worried? Well, I should only make a twenty minute show because they're not going to come back it's actually showing the longer shows where people are going to come back. If you think ageing content and it's going an hour, it'll stop, and if you close out of that when you re open it, it'll pick right back up wherever you're at, so it makes it really easy to consume your content and keep going with it, and you can change all those that that's just to play around with and have fun, you can figure out how you like to have it set up, but this is how simple and we're going to go into okay? Well, I mean, let me just go in tow. So this is now where we want to submit your feed to the podcast directory. So what lips and does is it creates your own unique or ss feed that that's what you're going to copy then and paste into all the different directories. So again, any changes you need to make on your show are going to be on this back on it's not going to be on any of the directories. So whatever you see in the directory and itunes is what you fix here. Now, the other directories I'm gonna show you of hajto, submit your feed, you're going to give them the information, and then if you change your album art or anything, you just need to let them know to going to change that, okay? But for the most part, you'll have all that or or the description, if anything changes. So this is where you actually to figure this out where this is that? Yeah. Are there how many keep talking about itunes? So regarding podcast directories, how many besides stitcher and itunes air? They're like there's, a lot of there's, a lot of podcast. I'm gonna go over in the bonus. I'm gonna have a bunch of extra ones, but I'm gonna go over the main ones. Well, that mean ones. I mean, everybody. The cool thing about podcasting is people over the past ten years, they're all you know, listening on different platforms and how people like to find it, so you want to submit your feet, all of that. So however, your listeners want to engage or what they're used to already, they can go and find it now some of them come and go, but I'm gonna give you the big ones that are really where you want to have your show up. No kind, so when you click on destination, you can click add our view existing that's again, where that feeds going to show up. Now, if you have the custom domain it's going to be the custom domain with our sous or it's going to be like when I talked about before, it'll be your slug your key word dot lipson dot com forward slash or assess, all you're gonna do is you're going to copy this and that's what you're gonna take and put with the feet. So now what? We're going to deal, we're going to come back to that we're going to go into how to actually do that put that together on go into the marketing section next, we're going to go into the the itunes launch and then how to actually launch it for success and how to connect all that together, but do you have questions on any of that so far, where we're okay let's, go over here for a second when they will come back. Yeah, we had some questions in the chat room regarding our ss I know you. Maybe we'll get into it a bit more, but we had multiple people here with similar questions, and this is from karl ohlsson as well as jonah, and they want to know what are the disadvantages or advantages of using lipson czar ss feed versus your own website. Or, for instance, feed burner or the blueberry plug it yes. So I have great questions. So I did this for the island. Let me let me start over here. So, like I said, there's, so many different ways to podcast that you can connect and use your own feet. I have found with the thousands of students have gone through. My course is what I found is when they connect through their website and they use their website as their feed with their podcast there've been having more problems with plug ins that are interacting with that. I love blueberry as well. I used that plug in, and I have a bonus train that goes into how to do that and connect that what's great about this, though, is it keeps it very simple, and you have your feed directly from lipson, so it doesn't interact with any other any other plug ins there are definitely other ways feed berry fee burner is that you don't want to be using that anymore, but the what was the speed blitz? There's a couple of the ones that you can use there's other features with that with with email, I don't use any of that. I keep it very, very simple for a lot of my students, so I do have another bonus training that goes into how to have a different player show up and use that feed from from lips and as well, you can host with lipson, and then if you want to actually use your website feed, you can connect it and do it that way. It's just there's there's a multiple different ways that you can podcast sound this is just one option. All right, little more basic. Uh, when you're submitting to the director, is where the director is that there's a meaning to there's a there's. A lot of lot of them were going to stitcher. It's. Okay, so there's other. So their podcast pod catchers, pod feeder, there's. A lot of different names form, but it's just another platform where people actually are searching for podcast, because lips in and blueberry and some of these other platforms already have places where you can they already have a built in network as well because people already know that their podcast there and that's where they can search and find you so that's why I'm gonna show you with itunes and stitch or those of the big ones they're the main ones that people are wanting to podcast with or to search for listeners and podcast that they already know and then there's a bunch of other ones that I'll show you that you can share what does each industry have their own podcast directory for example like are there fashion podcast directories are their fitness podcast directories or they're just generic stitcher podcast directory well what's great eso the categories there may be networks that have started to develop that and you can find those in different areas there's a lot of different little places that I've started to put networks together so podcast one has a great network directory that has specific hop past podcast but they bring in everybody on that platform so you could look for different ones I mean I don't know all of them I mean they're used to be like eighty of them and some of those have gone away some come and go that's why I want to show you the main ones that you confined but this is where people are actually looking and finding the podcast the feeds that they already know where to look and so just so I'm clear right now we've with up until now what we've done we haven't uploaded in lips and its there in lipson we've gotten the link to bet it into our own website and right now it's not anywhere else exactly okay so you haven't lips people confined in on lipson and you have it there but now we're going to take that feed and put it into the actual directories where people actually searching it's organized yeah it's just a general question so when you're referencing the link into your blogged that could be interchangeable with into your website because they're that again well you were saying that something back about ten minutes ago you were saying you get a the link that goes into your blogged do you mean your website the embed code that creates the player that's how you asked me are able tto have ah image that shows up on your web site where people can play and go right to your website and were on your phone and blair yeah maybe but I don't think that was it but if I remember okay mark you're connecting there is that's going to be that in bed code because that puts the mp three or the mp for player onto your website and then the link that we're going to take a cz your or s s fee that's what it enables people when they go into itunes and click subscribe to download right to your phone or tear to your computer or wherever that isthe. Okay, I guess on that note the em back. Oh, would it be more beneficial to I have a video podcast in bed that onto your website or put it onto a youtube channel and embed that? So where should I weigh were talking about yesterday? You have that community youtube page where it's not for ranking on page one of google with your youtube, with your key words, it's, more for your community to follow up so you could have a video podcast or a video interview style. You can put the video on youtube and then have that embed code on your block post and then take the audio, stripped the audio from that and put that in itunes, where the majority of people are going to listen with audio that yeah, so I do that. I mean, I've got text, I have audio and I have video, so I mean the majority, my audiences, all its audio listeners, but some people are now starting to come or into the youtube and checking the channel that way. So what if, in the long run, we end up with a video podcast? What I then want to put it up on the on itunes as well as youtube? Yeah, you could definitely do that later and then you would just create a new channel you'd add a new feed so you'll have a new slug right because you want to make them separate so what you don't want to do is now start adding audio and video content to the same feed because that's going to really annoy your listeners because it's gonna be one the same show but to it's going to take up a bunch more band with and then they're not going to know that was audio that's video it's annoying so keep him separate so you'll have one, feet that would be audio and make sure you change the album art so it says audio lets them know loud and clear a lot of people keep the same album art drives me crazy because I go in and I'm like, oh it's video and the way you will know and I know it sounds funny because it's just that simple but how we are today like we're just we get so annoyed with the littlest things even though our technology is so advanced so just make it simple but what happens is you'll notice an itunes the background would be black that's video when it's white like what mine wass that's audio seal know right away when you see that on itunes ok but definitely you'll make a different feet and to do that it's just go ad another you just go through that same process a gun very, very simple okay, great questions wait did have a few questions popping up about the differences between the video and audio so the process for setting up the video podcast will be the same in lipson yes okay, yeah you're going to do the exact same thing it's just going to be an mp for file now you want to change your album are thousand out says video or tv and lets people know right away and then that tv setting where that languages that's where you're gonna change if it's explicit or not but it's going to be the same exact thing and you can upload audio video pdf ce that way that used to be bigger when it first started where they could our syndicate that I would suggest referring people back to your block to your hub for any of that tim pecan tent but yes so it's the same type of thing you just upload that and p four file and there's other formats but I always suggest mp three and before to keep it simple more of an advanced question but let's say you've got, um twenty podcast out there but number five seven and eleven are so outstanding you want to actually pull them out and create a a product or bonus or something for your clients with that if you pull them out is that what does that do to the sequencing? It just might say just will skip and go from five tio two seven and that episode will be missing now are well, if you delete it, yes, but what I would suggest just keep that out there, and you can create your own your own bonus content because you're probably going to adm or in to make that a product, and you can repurpose and use that in different ways. Make sure, though, if you're interviewing experts, do you have a mission that you don't just take their content and then sell it as your own, or even if you're giving them credit? Just really make sure you dot your I's and cross your t's there, because that's nobody would like I mean, if you think about that for you, you won't want someone again and that's what I had referenced on pay on day one about getting them to sign an agreement before you have an interview exactly, or if you are having that as a plan, make sure you just talk and make sure that that's okay, that that there with that and some people, you know, this is where you can create your venture partners, you know, if you have a really great concept, they end it promoting you, I've seen that happen where whatever you've created, it's turned into a movement. And so it's, really exciting. That way. Just be up front and be, you know, careful about that.

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This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!