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Launch a Successful Podcast

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Video SEO Formula with Wendy Stevens

Kris Gilbertson

Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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18. Video SEO Formula with Wendy Stevens

Lesson Info

Video SEO Formula with Wendy Stevens

Well, I'm so excited to introduce to you coach Wendy Stevens. She's absolutely phenomenal. She's a firehouse of energy and content, but what's really exciting is that she was a division one head coach for Vanderbilt and knows how to coach and train you to success. She's actually coached thousands of entrepreneurs how to reach six and seven figures In their business. She's created multiple businesses that have reached multiple seven figures. She's also the co author with Seth Godin and with Jay Levinson of The Greatest of Marketing. And then also she's worked with on her own self, with a number one Amazon best selling author Reverse Google Marketing. And she also has her own top podcast Guerilla marketing to Women podcast. So she's going to show you today a 12 step formula on how to take your YouTube videos in your video content and actually rank on Page one of Google for your keywords to get traffic leads and sales for your business. You do not want to miss this to make sure you're rea...

dy to take a ton of notes because it's all action packed, so I'm gonna let you take the stage and, uh, go away with your magic. Right on. Right on. Well, I'm thrilled to get to be here. By the way. I do have a background. This a division one, coach. So, um, you have to stand up with me just for a second. Stand up. Ready? Take your right hand, reach across. And if your home I want you to reach over poll and lock yourself in your strapping on your seat belt were about to go for a rise. Okay? So as a coach, almost really focused for a second, put your right thumb out in front of you. Keep your eyes locked on me. Take your arm out to the right to keep your eyes on May. Now, can you still see? Take it to where you can still see it in your peripheral vision. They go smack there. You okay? Can you see your thumb? If you're looking at me, what's the difference? I'm your primary field division. This is your peripheral field division. Okay, so we're focusing on podcasting, how we're gonna nail it, Get out there. New and worthy, Noteworthy Grab traffic. And, of course, leads and sales. So we're gonna move now and bring video into our primary focus knocked the cover off the ball so we can put the two of those in tandem and get a big result. Okay, so have a seat. So I I am Wendy Stevens. I do have a background in coaching. Both my parents were teachers, so I really want to thank creativelive. I think there's an amazing environment opportunity. So we're I'm really excited in this format for everybody to see this, get it and get results. There are three ways that we're going to do that. So, first, what is a video? Seo, If you're wondering what that this is, we're gonna nail that down right now. And if you want to know if this is for you, if you don't know anything about video marketing it all don't worry. I got you. You're gonna get it. Well, the simple formula and you can actually apply and market your podcast when we're done. If you a Jedi knight video seo person, you're going to be able to use this and really take everything. You're doing the next level. So have a pen and paper. I'm definitely gonna have some things that you'll be able to use right away. So we're gonna dive right in. I thought it would kind of work to have example out of the gate of how, Chris, I actually promoted this event. OK, so you're looking you're gonna look at a screen capture right on page one of Google of actual results. So I'm beginning with the end in mind, if you will. Why does this even matter? Video CEO is actually how you rank video using search engine optimization. That's the S E o portion. So it matters for lots of different reasons. But what it is is how search engines use their crawlers, if you will. And they're going to go through all the big data that's out there online. C. Eight years ago, 1% of content on the Web was video. Today it's almost 68% of everything out there now. Google happens. Has some software right there. The biggest girl out there. They're seeing how videos taking off. So they pull out their $1.65 billion checkbook right back in 2006 and they acquire YouTube. It's most stunning acquisition and online history. The reason you and I care is weaken jump into their jet stream by their rules and catapult up to the top of page one of Google. Nine out of 10 searches begin online. So the question is, how did they find you in your podcast? Because what you can't see, unfortunately below this. But if you're a home, you can google this search term. It is creative live. Chris Gilbertson had launched a podcast. And if you look it up, you're gonna see at the bottom of the page is actually ITunes one the biggest platforms out there. So you can do everything right on how launched a podcast. But the top four positions on Google in the organic sections, which is what we're looking at right here. Notice that three of those have video thumbnails. Number one, of course, is creative life. Creativelive is a part of the search term that we're using to look for in the first place. Right? So that makes sense. That's a thumbnail. When I refer to a thumbnail, it's that little box that looks like a little television camera, right? Why do you care? Remember, we've talked about what it is. Why you care. Reason you care. Is that someone not this is not Wendy Stephen's opinion. But according to Google, someone's 26 times more likely to click on one of those thumbnails potentially a link to your podcast than any other three line text. Ed, how would you like to get up on page one? 26 times more likely. Okay. And according to force A research, your 53 times more likely to achieve a page one result just by getting your video out there properly. And I'm gonna give you that 12 step formula so that you can do that, right? So I noticed that the second listing first ones creative life, and I'm actually going to step in front of this just Seacon CIA creativelive is actually the domain. That's a part of the search term. So when I start to talk to you today about title description and tags, we're gonna have a line those up like a site gun. Instead of doing a shotgun approach, I'm gonna teach you to the sniper, line them all up together. So sniper means creativelive. It's my search term. Creativelive is in the domain where that video is actually hosted. Do you see? Okay, So why is this one listing second. Well, okay, it's PR Web, but notice that how long should podcast Chris Gilbertson is actually a part of the search term. You following me? The other reason you don't know why this is the second organic listing. And first of all, the 1st 1 I'm gonna suggest you write this down. The first organic listing, according to Google, accounts for 40% of all the traffic on page one of Google. So how important is it to be there? Pretty important. When you follow the 12 steps we're gonna go through today, you're going to see exactly how you can do that. And this is so important today because think about your yourself. How much do you trust? Trust advertising? Very little. That's actually the paid listings. But people see and understand that the organic listing is a more credible place to position yourself as an expert. And that's a part of what we're talking about. Five casting. So the reason this is optimized is there's video embedded inside this press release. It's a part of our secret weapon. So keep that in mind. Whenever you're distribute your content for your podcast, I'm gonna show you what a simply always, always tag video into your marketing because it's becoming so so big today. All right, Next, if you'll notice here how launched a podcast. This is actually thank you creative life because you've given the opportunity to use use your beautiful content. I had the opportunity to use their content but uploaded through my channel. So if you'll notice here, it says Uploaded by Windies Stevens. That was how I was able to take this content and get yet 1/3 listing for us. And we have quite a few people registered for creative life today. So I'm showing you the end in mind the results of what it looks like. So you can understand why it's so important to get these next 12 steps down. Did that help to get the big picture? Great. Ok, terrific. So let's go ahead and jump right in. How many of you right now already have some content that you couldn't repurpose some audio already? How many of you guys? Yeah, Okay. So if you have any recordings of any kind, pay attention because I'm going to share with you how you can upload this into you too. Use the exact recipe and actually get new page one results. Now, Google is not gonna optimize video you already release, so we have to have it show up like a new snowflake. We're gonna have to use new video. We're gonna have to use new transcripts overly or some music. I had Chris recording audio last night that we could layer on some video to get a new result. So about 40% of your content will have to be repurposed and redistributed in order for Google to consider it new, dynamic, original content that that makes sons. So we're clear. It's got to be new and fresh content. So if you have great Thanh content, though particularly even audio of previous podcasts, you can take audio and layered over with actual images or clips from other events. Use new music, use annotations, which are unique to YouTube. And if you don't know all the terms that I'm using, don't worry. You can write anything down, go to YouTube and say, How do I use annotations? Anything that comes out of my mouth. You can do that. All right. Understand that if you've got great content, you can start to get it out there and get these kind of results. So you want to keep the community engaged, right? So if I have previous content, why don't I use something that's more recent and cutting edge to wrap around that package? So Chris and I launched a campaign. We took vault content that I'm talking about. There happened to be a Twitter AIPO the largest AIPO in U. S history. On Wall Street, we achieved a page one ranking on Google with an enormous surge of traffic. When there were big investment houses out there on page one. Chris and I were out there because we drafted off of that. That's called event traffic. So what I'm sharing with you absolutely works. Remember, we're gonna get the 12 steps, but it once you understand whether you've got blawg talk radio webinars that tell us some in our interview something that sitting in a folder somewhere we can repurpose that content you can layered over. And if you're saying you're going, Wendy Well, this is overwhelming. This is so much stuff. Don't worry. I'm gonna share with you how you can easily outsource this, whether it's oh desk or eLance or your teenager, which is I kind of gauge and little teenage abuse with my No, my son loved to do this, but it is simple, easy stuff, and you will have the keys to be ableto take that around the lap. So let's talk about content first and foremost. We all know we hear it all the time. Content is king, right? So we've got to come up with something valuable that matters to our tribe in our community, and you've got to use it early up front. Please write that down early. Upfront your video. The average YouTube video is 90 seconds, and if you don't reach out and grab your listener listener as well, they're listening. If they can't hear that video there could abandon it, by the way, So audios one the most important things to make sure, Even if the video is bumping around, love it. If they can hear your voice and get the content, they're going to stay in there. And if you've never looked in your own YouTube channel to see what are the engagement or abandoned rates, it's gonna tell you exactly what's happening with your content. So I'm that person that I had quick abandoned rates and I made the adjustment. So I'm here to tell you I went to rehab, YouTube rehab, and I changed what I was doing. And I realized that right up front 1st 10 seconds. Write it down. You've got to throw out a purple cow piece of marking something engaging, something powerful that set to apart that you are riel. You have something valuable that's gonna help the person that listens and that you're going to tie it all together at the end of the video. What's that gonna do? That's gonna help hold him in there. So they stay in the game with you and go to the end of the video. So make sure you're letting people know that because today in this segment, you're gonna have the entire keys the kingdom to be on page one of Google. But you're not gonna be able to know how to turn that key and put it in gear and said the end of the segment. So they're going to stay with me because you're actually gonna have it. Here we go. Quality check. Make sure videos air relevant, the relevant to the actual topic. So it begins with your keyword. I'm not gonna go into keyword research. Chris did an amazing job doing that One shoot shoes, your keyword. In this case, we're using Creative Live. How launched a podcast. So I want to make sure that my content is about how long the podcast I want. When someone sees that keyword, they go to it. I want him to have the experience to remember when Chris was talking about your cover art. Take a snapshot of that cover ARD. Always have. Whoever you're outsourcer is or if you want to use a freeze court source, it's called Anne Moto anne moto dot com. It's free software. I see a head nodding. You know what that is when you include your own image of your album, our album Art of Your podcast, Don't you think when they have a congregant experience, they typing Creative Life had launched a podcast? They then see there's relevant information. They click on it. What if the thumbnail that shows up on Page one of Google is your cover art for your podcast? All of a sudden were lining that up like a sniper gun? See, that's what we're achieving a smooth congruent ride. So my potential prospect viewer can become a member of my community and tribe because they understand and see what they're looking for. Lines up with what the thumbnail looks like that's gonna draw them like a magnet to your video. They click on the link and what's gonna happen? The 1st 10 seconds we're going to reach out and grab them to something unique. What is it that you do with your podcast that helps your people and let them know you're gonna deliver on the promise of whatever bit or piece of advice that you're giving them in that video? See, the video on page one of Google is really designed to be a commercial. Why? Because YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. We can't afford to not get in front of that tidal wave. And what I'm sharing with you today is a way to slingshot like a jet ski in front of that big wave and ride the number to search ends in the world. They get a video commercial of you And then, of course, the call to action. If you're looking to market your podcast is to have them come right there inside and I'll go into in a minute. In the description, you're gonna have a link where someone will subscribe to your podcast right there on page one of Google. See how valuable this is. Beautiful. So, are you attempting Teoh? Deliver all your content on YouTube. Know enough of the commercial to grab that traffic and pull them into your podcast, where now they have that epic connection. That's the brilliance of integrating video seo with the podcast. So focus on the goal. What's the goal? Its subscribers make sure that called action is very clear. Let them know what the end of the video that I've given you. Three tips on how launch of podcasts and to get the rest of those tips, Make sure you click on the link below. Subscribe here and I'll give you the rest of my podcast. Do you see the magic? They're beautiful. So that's why content is king. Make sure Short, memorable, brief, concise to the point. You really have to get in there and do a strong, powerful commercial that connects and engages your potential listener and moves them to call to action. The biggest mistake that I see brand new entrepreneurs make is dropping the ball on the call to action. You march dining nine yards down the field and you're about to score and you fumble causes like see you have a good day. What? Hey, click on the link right below the video, and I'll see you on the other side. Take him with you. Hold your hand out and invite them to join you to get the rest of the story. Okay? All right, that's important. So the title I think of me to clear the key word is going to actually become the title of your video. So, for instance, I have people make a mistake and they'll start toe title their videos, and we'll start with how to. Well, that's actually a category. So I don't want you need to include that in your in your title because they might be type and how to how to register for creative live and cross Gilbertson. But in fact, the key anchors our creative live and Chris Gilbertson. I'm gonna use the category of how to does that make sense. So we're gonna keep We're gonna keep everything in the specific order that's really necessary. Capturing attention with the title. What is it that you're actually doing? You want a lineup, search results and go back to the train that Chris did so brilliantly on keyword research. Line that up with relevant content and make sure that you're not doing what's called keyword stuffing in your title. If you start toe, you know how to bake a pie. How did it how to make a cookie? How did it? If you start putting in lots of content, Google literally is going to slap you silly, because what's happening is you're doing a shot gun approach and you're trying to be all things to all people, and you'll actually get penalized for that. The more relevant and targeted you are with your keyword as it relates to your content, the more Google is going to say, Ah ha, that's what people are looking for. Those words air coming out of your mouth in your video and we'll teach you how to use all the different pieces of transcriptions and things. So we're feeding those search engines so you zoom ahead of your competition. Okay, so that's why that's important when I say create a swipe file of titles on YouTube. What I mean by that go out there, get inspired. Go out there and see when you go out and look on key terms, they're relevant to you. Look at the videos that are up near the top, and if no one's on page one of Google click on the video section. They're doing some things right? Just not enough to get on Page one of the everything results. But you couldn't go into the YouTube section and see who's knocking on the door, who's gotten close. So go take a look at what people are doing out there and then you take the recipe I'm giving you today. You do all the things right. You're gonna be the one that jumps up on Page one. Nice. Okay, so tax title is the first piece, and I'll take into YouTube in a moment so you can see where you actually slipping your title. But in this case, it's creativelive and Chris Gilbertson Tags is the way search engines are gonna look at related content. Think of it as one of these things is like the other. So tags are related words to a specific area. So, for instance, podcasting is irrelevant. Tag right. ITunes is actually irrelevant tag because that's part of the part of the broader net, if you will, that's relates to creativelive. Chris Gilbertson have launched a podcast. You following me? OK, so that's what held tags air gonna begin to optimize your relevant keywords. You want to think about again? Think about your listening avatar exercise. Who is that ideal audience? Where do they hang around? Think about that, and that's could inspire you on some of the tax and you'll be able to look up my videos online, by the way, and you can go study. I don't unhappy for you to grab a swipe file and learn and follow the recipe to see what works. Okay, you're giggling cause I know you're doing this all right, so choose your tags wisely. Again. You will be penalized. If you try to throw every tag in the book at your video campaign inside of YouTube, you will get penalized. So think about is this related to the to the keywords to description to the content and what comes out of your mouth? I'll give you another great wonderful trick. When I'm shooting When I'm laying out my who am I? What do I do? What makes me unique? That's part of my formula. When I'm creating my video, I'm gonna make sure if I'm going to use the tag of ITunes I'm gonna make sure I speak the word ITunes out on my video. So make sure the tags you choose begin with the end of mine. Make sure the tax you choose come out of your mouth. It Issa Superjet I night tactic to rank your videos because what you don't know? Remember Google owned YouTube. They're giving preferential ranking to video. They have to do it for all video now by the same rules. So if you play the rules to win the game of hitting your keyword, you will Okay, Yes. Is there I understand. Depends on the content. But is there a rule of thumb for how many tags like really a six? There is. It's a great question. So thank you for asking up, because in is changing all the time. You know, I had the good fortune of of having a bestseller on Amazon called Reverse Google Marketing and Boy, let me tell you I crushed it like nothing else in the rules. The game changed and it's always changing. So welcome the game. That's why is a former athlete coach I love. I love this piece of marketing because it keeps me on my toes to answer your question. At the time of this training, the most optimal way to to share tags is between three and five. If you're gonna go for Maurin that we've and you only learn this by split testing, okay, I can share with you might my secret insider information, which is a gentleman that I met years ago by the name of Blake Goodwin, who built classified websites for the Navy. He went toe work with a group of gentlemen that were on the team that wrote Universal Search for Google. Now that was years ago, right there. Were there insider tactics? Absolutely. Are they allowed to share him? Absolutely not. But I was a recruiter. So Blake became my director of video seo for a company and I launched and we had amazing success work with companies like Zappos E Harmony, A lot of fun. So I picked up a few things the rules are changing all the time. Answer Your question between three. And five. At the time of this training is optimal. You'll have to keep paying attention and keep looking at new videos. That air ranking on page one of Google in your segment and you'll start to see the trend. Okay. The expert in video S E O. Today will not be the same expert. Ah, year from now, if this really matters to you, set up a Google alert called video S E O. And you'll be able to follow the rules of the game. So help Did that answer your question? Excellent. OK, so next we talked about choosing, I mentioned about choosing the correct category. So when I talked about the how to if you have a specific video that sharing with one Hey, this is how you do the title and description the tags, then make sure you're choosing the how to category. If I'm looking to get maximum traffic for people that are looking for training, I'm gonna actually I personally have found the most success with people and blog's why? Because blog's are so flipping powerful, incredibly powerful, and you want to be aware of three major trends. The biggest things that are growing right now, you've already heard about video we know about social media and, of course, mobile. 40% of all views on YouTube are consumed on mobile devices. That is what's happening. So make sure that you're making your your simple lead pages or whatever you're using for your pond gas picture you making. It's mobile friendly. Okay, so we're talking about choosing category. I like to remember the blog's air so powerful, too. So make sure you're remembering when you're doing a how to video. Choose the how to category if I'm gonna And I did not choose the how to category for this creative life, Peace ID shows to boomerang off some blog's. So I chose the people in blog's category. Now remember, if you're going winning, I'm not certain. Clear. Well, that's OK. You can go to YouTube and say, How do I choose a category and you'll be able to watch an in depth trading right there? I've got a couple of those. All right, so next number four the description. So we've talked about the title. You must must must repeat the title in your actual description again. One. The biggest mistakes that I see people make is they will go into the flowery description and prose about their content and forget toe anchor in that key word from the title. So make sure you were repeating. Remember I talked about that sniper gun shotgun. Everyone thinks it's a great idea, but actually it's going to take you down. Why so many videos are not unpaid one, by the way. But when you include that targeted keyword inside your description, that's going again give you another boost. Am I clear about that? So okay, so we've got the description repeating your keyword at the beginning of my description. So I talk about in my description for the video optimized on Creative Live. I said Creativelive features Chris Gilbertson and how launched a podcast I repeated at the beginning of corruption. I went into my brief, concise, flowery prose, and then at the end, I repeated the exact same phrase, because what do I care about getting in front of people? They're looking at that. I want them to see and recognize the branding of Creativelive and then again at the description the the M sorry at the end of the description. Okay, include the link to your website. Remember that piece I talked about? It's all about the cold action. If I'm gonna go over the goal line, I've got to give him the link to get there. So make it easy if you haven't used bit Li bi I t l y. I'm sure many of you have. It's a great way to shorten your link, so you make it very simple. Here's another big key. You ready your bit? Lee Link. That is the call to action. In this case, it was to register for Creative Live. If you go online to look at that video creativelive Chris Gilberts. And how long should podcasts at the very top is the only place that your link will show up? Because if I don't put it at the top, it's gonna be farther down the description and someone has to actually dropped the bar down to see it. Do you know I'm talking about so make sure when you give that called action you're including that bit Lee link. I'll never forget. I didn't use a bit Lee link and it wrapped around and you would think that the hyperlink would still work. Guess what, then? I was like a page one, and they can't. That's where fumble the football. I don't want you to do that, so make sure that link shows up right at the top of the description he got me. Okay, beautiful. So include the YouTube link to the video itself. So watch what I do. When I upload my video. I actually leave it. I'll show you that in second. I leave it private. I make the video private, as I'm uploading it. I've already chosen my title, my description, my tags. So I haven't marked private, so it's not live online yet. The moment I upload it and take it public, everybody knows everything about that video. Got it. So I keep it private just between me, while I'm putting everything in there. And when I actually before I save it and switched to public, it populates a link to the YouTube video. Do you know what I'm talking about? The actual video I'm uploading it populates that link. I want to cut, copy and paste that exact link. So that exact video at the end of my description. YouTube loves it when we promote itself. Now you can choose to upload a previous YouTube link if you want. But I have to tell you in all over tests this works. So do I really care if I go on the light switch? Flip. It works. I care about the page one. So I'm superstitious and I do all of it. Okay, so make sure using that exact video optimize again with relevant keywords. You're hearing the theme repetitions. A mother of skill, right? But it's not just perfect practice. It's the perfect practice that works, repeating it, the blocking and tackling we're going through right now. So Number five are the simple links and these air kind of obvious to you can remember. Always keep that one piece that I mentioned to the very video itself. But what if you have a next Tele Summit coming that's related to this video content? Is it okay to include that? Yes, as long as one of these things is like the other, as long as it's related. If it's irrelevant content, don't do it. And don't call me and cry. Why your video Stalin Page one. You've got to make sure it's connected. It's relevant. Provide those links back to either your blawg, your website, your podcast. This is all gonna be kind of woven together, right? A baby. Questions were clear. All right, transcripts. Now here's my another secret tool. It's called Rev. R e v dot com rev dot com. It's a fabulous app. I can record something and immediately send to get a transcript back of that recording. For instance, I shot a video from my IPhone two or three yesterday for a couple of friends of mine right here on one. The other studios jumped in their shot it open my app, sent the video. I got back a transcripts within six hours. And you know how much waas like a dollar 50. Almost nothing. Rev dot com Secret weapon Now wire transcripts important. They're important because Google loves them. See, the spiders can read text. I'm gonna teach you how to use a video site map so they can actually read your video itself. But when you feed it, the actual words that are coming out of your mouth remember, I'm going to speak the title of my video. I'm going to speak the description of my video. I'm going to speak the tags in my actual video. And when I provide that grant trip, do you see how the spiders now crawl over that and whom you will catapult over everyone else? Does that make sense? Beautiful. Okay. Yes. You got great question, E. Actually have another question for this one. So the transcript you have, you have you have, You know, you get that done, you have the transcript. Where do you put it? To places you can put it. And I'm gonna I'll show you in a moment on what's called a video site map. Okay, If it's a short video, remember, I'd personally you can You can go to three minutes. But I'm telling you, until you learn to keep your viewer, remember, the average person is bailing on videos pretty quickly, right around the 62nd mark. So you've got to give them something juicy upfront. If you're giving them something juicy and there's a promise of giving the keys the kingdom at the end of that video and you deliver on it and invite them to your podcast. Well, now you're really gonna hold him up. So if It's a short if it's a 62nd less. The answer is your transcript can be a part of the description. Okay, If it's longer than 60 seconds, you can't do that. You're gonna have to create what's called a video site map and I'll show you how to do that. Keep in mind, I'm gonna teach you today to be the captain of your ship. You do not have to know how to trim the sheets and how to take the sale up. And do you just have to be the captain the ship, and be able to say to whether it's it's the lance or your virtual assistant here, the rules, the game. I want you to play when you do X, y and Z, so you don't have to do all this. But you do have to be in charge of making sure it's all carried out. Okay, so prior. 60 seconds to go in description, post cystic seconds. It'll go into your video site map. OK? Yeah, I got it right. I'm since the previous slide. Um and I may have missed it while I was taking notes, but the upload video, it's the number six come, um, with different music. Uh, December 5 video with different music Tombo and all of this. And why do you do that? It's because think of a snowflake, right? Every snowflake is unique. If you have a video and it's a it has the same words certain it's got got Beyonce song. Okay. And by the way, I paid licensing rights degree How music? Beyonce. Okay, so I dio, by the way, I want to make a comment about that. Make sure that using royalty free music where you are paying to use the licensing I'm YouTube appropriately has really super clampdown. And for those of you that are paying for wonderful production, I'll let you know, make sure you have the artists. If it's a contractor, I'm talking about something simple. I had someone fill my event, paid for it the whole deal. I didn't have them officially signed the licensing that I own that content. Yeah, and they wanted me to do another project. And when I didn't do it, I had to go back and forth with you. It wasn't fun. So make sure that you're crossing your teasing, jotting your eyes on that, OK? Use world to free music or images, pay for the images that use and keep the records on that wonderful stuff. OK, but all I've got to do is I, and I'm gonna give you a little extra insider information. I might skip something else, but I think it's juicy and worth it. Google got yanked into some Senate hearings because there was a question of monopoly with YouTube, all right, and they actually they part of that hearing process. And I heard all this from Blake, by the way, they actually had to agree to give preferential ing preferential ranking toe all video, not just YouTube by the same rules. So v mo daily motion, quick all these other platforms. It's the same rules by which Google's algorithm and we can talk about other search engines. I'm just using the gorilla. When you use different music, it appears to be something new. You better have different. You better have a slightly different wording in that. So I Bridget knows that I recorded a couple of videos yesterday and I varied up my text just a bit. And by doing that, using different music, using rev putting a little different transcript all of that happened with five minutes variance. That's it. But they're totally unique. Dynamic, original content. And so on Page one of Google, I can have a video. That's YouTube Daily motion quay. Go. You got 45 videos on page wanting has awesome. Okay, did that help? Excellence. All right, so we talk a re clear on transcripts. When you transcribe your video, make sure you include that when you're doing a block post, you've got the link, the video. But you're also going to feed the search engines once again that beautiful content. And by the way, I strongly suggest that inside of that transcript it includes words that you're using in your podcast. You see how this related content? That's why it's called the Web. We're gonna we've it and bring them back to subscribe to your show.

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Millions of people listen to podcasts every day. Get ready to learn everything you need to know to create engaging podcasts that will reach your ideal audience. Kris Gilbertson shows you how to launch your own world-class podcast, starting from scratch and taking you all the way through marketing and monetizing a compelling, successful show.

Throughout this course, Kris guides you through the effective strategies and insider tips needed for navigating podcasting and iTunes successfully. You'll learn how to come up with epic interviews, repurpose content, launch and edit your show with ease and position it for financial success. Kris outlines the process of marketing your podcast and covers surefire monetization techniques.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a longtime podcaster ready to take your work to the next level, this course will give you the skills you need to create and grow a thriving show.

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a Creativelive Student

This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!