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Lesson 7 from: Learn to Draw: Landscape

Amy Wynne

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7. Outro

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So I have a landscape drawing challenge for you. Getting a challenge, getting a prompt is a really great way to motive to draw and I think that for me, I do this on my own drawing practice as well. I often give myself the challenge to do the series to do more than one drawing. To do maybe three drawings or maybe seven drawings. Or a drawing each day for a week that I'm on vacation. This idea of doing a series actually starts to build your creative habit and starts to make it a little more fluid and easier approach to drawing. So in terms of a landscape drawing challenge, one that I gave myself recently, was to get outside and do a lot of really small quick sketches. Maybe just carry my sketching things with me everywhere I go. So that if I have an extra 10 minutes and I can sit down and do a quick sketch, it's super easy to make that happen. So, a couple of examples of these. So I've been doing these sketches where I'll do one in pen and to dissolve it with water like we did with that ...

water-soluble graphite earlier. And then maybe I'll do a linear version. I'll do some journaling on it which really helps me center. And sometimes I'll even write a Haiku that's inspired by the place. You can manage this any way you want. If you just want to go out and do a simple pencil sketch. keep 'em in a little sketch book like this that you can put in your bag. That's a really, really great way to work it. You can even do it from your office window, right? You can, you don't even have to go I mean it's great to get outside but if it's easier for you sometimes just to do it from an interior looking out you can absolutely work with that. So some of these sketches I did. Look at how small they are. They're little thumbnails. They took me no longer than three or four minutes to do. I paired color settings with them on occasion. I'm not really making a whole lot of rules for myself. I'm just trying to have fun with it. Which is really the key, because if you're not having fun drawing, then you're not gonna keep coming back to it. So you gotta keep it loose, keep it reactive, and keep your curiosity. Like, you go somewhere you find something beautiful or inspiring, like have some curiosity about that and why are you inspired by it and what's motivating you to draw. So we'd love to see your drawings. We'd love it if you uploaded drawings to our student gallery. We really want to support you in your creative habit.

Ratings and Reviews

Diane Boland

Amy is an excellent at teaching in a clear and concise way and getting exactly to the point. A good brief introduction to get you started in landscape drawing. I'm not sure it was exactly as I expected but the information presented is important for any beginner. Class was fairly brief but I still need to learn to put what I see down. My tree looks nothing like hers. This is where i need help next and was not really covered. I could easily take more of her classes if she had them.

a Creativelive Student

I cannot understand the few people who were critical of this class. She gives dozens of excellent ideas for the beginning landscape artist. Especially helpful was the explanation and use of the viewfinder to focus your drawing. Five stars fom me to her. Thank you! Extremely helpful and inspirational.


Good tips on relaxing and enjoying the outdoors before you begin drawing. Great course.

Student Work