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What You Get With This Class


Light Painting


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What You Get With This Class

This is night photography week on Creative Live. Night photography presents a whole new set of challenges to conquer in order to get dynamic images. We're bringing in the best instructors in the world for a week-long event to teach you everything you need to go into the night and make stunning images. National Parks at Night photographers Gabriel Biderman, Chris Nicholson, Lance Keimig, Timothy Cooper, and Matt Hill will teach you night photography from A to Z. We'll cover focusing in the dark, exposure settings, light painting, gear, night portraits, post-processing, and so much more. Individual classes are available for purchase. But, if you wanna master all of the techniques of night photography, then the bundle is for you. You'll get five unique, night photography classes, additional bonus materials, and unlimited lifetime access to all of the videos, so that you can learn and rewatch at your own pace. Hit that blue, buy button, and begin to take on the night.

Class Description

Shooting at night can create dynamic landscapes or portraits through long exposures. By using a wide range of tools, you can add light into your night photographs to create dynamic highlights or unique shapes. Painting with light opens a door into night photography that will keep you out until the wee hours of morning. Tim Cooper is the author of The Magic of Painting with Light and in this course you’ll learn:

  • The basics of light painting from accessories to camera considerations 
  • How to use test shots to capture your focus and exposure in the dark 
  • How to post process your night images in Lightroom 
  • How to use layer stacking in Photoshop to build up light in your photographs