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Lighting and Posing for Wedding Photographers

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Engagement Shoot: Storylines and Pick-Up Points

Caroline Tran

Lighting and Posing for Wedding Photographers

Caroline Tran

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7. Engagement Shoot: Storylines and Pick-Up Points

Lesson Info

Engagement Shoot: Storylines and Pick-Up Points

Let's pick, I think because there's the bed, I'm gonna go cuddle up first. I know it's a little bit more intimate, and I don't necessarily jump into that right away, but I think it's kind of like the one that I wanna do already because I see the bed. (laughs) So, let's have you guys, actually hold on. Is this okay? I'm like trying to guess which one's which. Okay, so what I'm using today is a Fujifilm GFX, 50S, I believe that's a full name. (laughing) One thing to know about me is that I'm not very technical, like I'm very much more into the art of things, I like the emotions of things and I always joke that you can give me an iPhone and I'll create images with an iPhone. I mean, obviously it would be an iPhone photo, but (laughing) but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of creating that image, you know, I like that process of creating the image. So right now I'm choosing to use a 110 millimeter lens, which is really long. It's really pretty for portraits, but you have to be like ...

so far back. So I may have to switch to that lens if I want more full scenic ones. So and I'm actually going to switch it back and start with a full scenic one because the way I think about it is I want to set the scene first. So let's have you two, let's put the game consoles down first and I want it to just be like you guys just woke up. So you guys are still, don't go under the covers though. (laughing) But I want you to like snuggle up, like pretend you guys just woke up and you guys are watching T.V. Aw, see, and look at that, they just naturally got into it, I didn't even have to do anything with that. So if you paint that picture for them, that helps. Now I'm gonna help adjust her skirt a little bit, but other than that I love how they just fell right into it, like his arm, I couldn't have like posed that one, right? (audience laughing) I love it. So, let me adjust my settings. I'm gonna go ISO, let's try 400, looks good. And I like to shoot shallow, so I'm at 2.8, and this is a 63 millimeter lens by the way. It's a medium format camera, so I think a 63 millimeter lens is probably more like a 35, I want to say, on a full frame. I normally shoot, if I'm on a full frame camera, I'm usually like on a 50. So with a medium format, I'm usually on like an if it's my Contax, so that's why I like the because it gives like more compression and it's like prettier bokeh, but like again I would be in the other room shooting it if I wanted this whole shot, so I love this scene and I want to set the stage right now. So are you guys comfortable? Yeah. Yeah! I love it. Snuggle up and be comfy. And just close your eyes. And I'm having them close their eyes because it's not natural for them to be looking at me if they're laying in bed. (laughing) So I just got one that set the scene of 'em. I also love ones where just their feet's in focus, but her feet is not on the same plane as his right now, so that would result in only his in focus and hers out of focus but I love their positioning so I don't want to move her just get. 'Cause I was gonna ask her to move her feet closer to his feet so that both feet are in the frame, but I'm gonna take advantage of this beautiful setup first, and then I'll move 'em around. Okay, so, I feel like I'm on a leash, this is kinda fun. (audience laughing) Alright, so the cool thing about this GFX that I don't get to do when I shoot film is the live view screen, so I will say it's like really helpful for shots like this. And these ones I generally like, like eventually I'll flip 'em and I usually prefer that, but I really like them right now, maybe I can get in with her. Toby, your chin, yeah, there you go. One thing is that when they're laying down is to make sure their chin is not like this, because there's a tendency to do that, so just reminding them to elongate their chin. And then, just Kassia, can you look at me? So cute. And close your eyes. A gentle part in your lip. Gorgeous! I love it. Let's have, like maybe, throw a leg over his, and there we go, and then get your leg closer to hers, I just want legs, feet and legs. Can you bring your other feet closer a little bit? Love it, so cute. Oops, I probably shouldn't have, was that a problem that I turned the camera off by accident? Oh, like we're still okay? Oh, I turned the camera off by accident. Okay, beautiful. Toby, chin. Gorgeous. Do you see how he adjusted real quickly? Beautiful. Toby, don't smile. And then leave everything like that, and can I see just your eyes here? Gorgeous, love that. Alright, so now let's have, I think while they're like this I might as well have them flip to show you the other stuff I would do. So I want your heads here now and your feet that way. It's like Pippi Longstocking. Feet on the pillow. Love it, yep, okay, so right now I didn't tell 'em what to do, I let them fall into this naturally, so from here this is where I can now go in and tweak a little bit, right? So, this here, (laughing) there you go, but I think that was really important because I know that at least position-wise, that was comfortable for him. Like she was, like, nuzzled into the right spot, and like, he was comfortable so now I just have to tweak it a little bit to make it look, to all fit within my frame now. And that one, the reason why I would not have left that is that it looked like his arm was broken. (all laughing) But compositionally, like where is the arm pointing to? It leads you out of the frame, right? So this way now it wraps it back in so everything, it's like a circle here. It keeps your eyes looking at the right place. So, what if you guys go nose-to-nose with each other? Let's have, Kassia, head, like look at the ceiling, and then, Toby, with your nose touch her temple. Like nuzzle up, yeah, cute, close your eyes. Beautiful, a little giggles 'cause it tickles. Aw, cute. And Toby can you whisper sweet nothings to her? I love it, awesome. And you have that step ladder if you want it, need it. Oh, yeah! You see me on my tip-toes? (all laughing) And would you have a step ladder or use something else in someone's home? If it's in my studio, I do have a step ladder, if it's at a wedding, I do have a step ladder that I sometimes bring, but for the most part, I'm not going to get to do this at a wedding anyway, so I don't really bring it. But I have had, like, wedding planners that have ladders like available to me if needed. (laughing) So, gorgeous. Snuggle up again, aw cute. So adorable. And then just Kassia, eyes up here, like take a peek, yeah, love it. Look how sweet they are! Adorable, love love love. Okay, so to me that's one little pick-up point, right, from just the bed it's essentially the same pose, I just did it from two different angles, head-first and then feet-first. So now from here, I can move 'em into, let's have you guys sit up, and you can see that, like, I did a little bit of, like, the nose-to-nose and the sweet nothings, right, so it's all like little changes that makes it a different image. Yeah? So, quick question, do you actually show your photos on your camera to your client to show them? You don't? Typically not. Why not? One because it's not finished and edited yet, but two I don't want to bring, unless it's a really stunning image that I'm like, "oh my God, you have to see this," or if I feel like she might need that little confident boost to see that it's going really well, then I'll show it, but otherwise I feel like it kind of interrupts the flow, and I like to just keep flowing with it. Alright, so this next story, you guys are sleeping in, you guys are just hanging out in bed, you know, and you guys are probably gonna eat at one o'clock today, one PM today. So, but I think it would be cute if maybe you were knitting. Yeah! So grab the gray and then maybe you were messing around with her, like you're holding the ball, yeah, let's pull all of the, so for this one I think I want you to sit more upright, so let's try moving the pillow up. But I love this look, it's like an industrial, the little industrial loft and I feel the story. It might not be like they're story, but I've created the story for them. (laughing) But I think that's what you have to do for your clients, you know, like you hae to create the story 'cause then that's how they know how to act it out for you. So, this is super cute. Toby, toss the ball up in the air. (laughing) I feel like that's kinda realistic, right? (all laughing) And then let me have you sit up a little more, and I thought that was really cute how he was naturally doing it, and now I just wanted to try perhaps a more flattering position and that's why I'm scooting him up, but that was really adorable. Okay, so, you keep messing with her. And you two look at each other, giggle. Adorable. And then toss, aw. (audience laughing) And then toss her ball up in the air again. Let's see how high you can get it. (all laughing) I love it. Let me try going on a longer lens this time. Some people are still asking what camera you're using. So this is a Fujifilm GFX 50S, and I was using the 63 millimeter lens and now I have on the 110. Thank you. So this one is much longer, this one goes down to F2, which I will be at F2, so I should be getting a lot more better compression with this, so you can see the difference in, that's so cute. Go for the giggly nose-to-nose that you guys did, aw. And, Toby, toss up the ball not so high. And then, let's see, what if you're like, I don't know, like throwing it at her? (everyone laughing) Oh, no, Toby, pretend it's your hair! (everyone laughing) Okay, and now relax. See, so that was fun, but now it's like how can I make that look a little more polished? Right? So I actually liked it, like what if you left it on, so I'm trying to show you how I can, you know, it went from goofy and them having fun, but now how can we make that look like an image that they wouldn't necessarily be embarrassed to see posted, right? That's cute. And look at each other, giggle. Go nose-to-nose with each other, I love it. I love it! What if you guys were snuggling up together and the yarn was just over both of you? Ahh! (laughing) It's stuck on his earring. Okay, as a knitter myself, I feel you right now, I'm sorry I made him do that. Aw, okay, look at this cute snuggling up. Kassia, chin, you're not currently knitting, you're just relaxing with it, yeah, and try rolling your neck out that way, let's see. Chin up, I'm trying to get her to be in a more flattering position, Toby, close your eyes, beautiful, don't smile, just relax, gorgeous. And then how about both of you look here. Actually, Kassia, don't look here, close your eyes. And Toby, look right at me. Okay, so if you notice right now, I mirrored, I told him, "look right at me." So I showed him what I wanted him to do. Like don't tell your clients, show them what you want instead, and it's much more effective that way. I didn't have her look at me in the end, I'll take it so you can see why. Watch, look at me again, Kassia. I didn't have her look at me because I don't like this angle of her face. Right, but when her eyes were closed, it was fine 'cause it looked like she was sleeping. When she's looking at me, it's like, it was not flattering, so that's why I had her close her eyes again. Normally I wouldn't stop to tell a client this, but I'm telling you guys. (all laughing) With a client I would just keep moving on. Gorgeous, so go ahead and knit again. And both of you guys look at the knitting project, how's it doing? How's it doing, Toby, what do you think of it? Yeah, how's it doing, Toby? Soft! It looks like a blanket! How about, kiss her on the temple? Or actually can you, oh actually, that's really sweet. Cute, what if you two went for a kiss? I love it, I just noticed the yarn going around it, it's adorable. And then, that totally ruined my chain of thought, I was gonna have you guys, oh, I know! Whisper sweet nothings to her while she's knitting. And then kind of look back at him as he's telling you that secret. And then use your hands to grab his, use your, yeah, there you go. Gorgeous. So just close your eyes, both of you close your eyes now and just take that in, beautiful. Love it, love it. So cute. Alright, and then, tryin' think what else, what if, so this is kinda like my variation of a cake topper if they were sitting. 'Cause I feel like the cake topper only, the traditional sense of the cake topper works best if they're standing and there's like, you know, but I'm curious to see how it would work with this environment, so let's test it out. It may not work, but that's kinda the fun of just going with it and seeing what comes out of it. Okay, so you two, I want you two to pretend to be cake toppers. This is a cake, the bed is the top layer of a cake. I want you to make it your own. If this was a cake and you two were cake toppers, the cake baker just put you two up on the top of the cake. I want to see what they would do with this. Like, cute. And put your temple to her. Gorgeous, you guys. I love it. And then close your eyes, okay, so Toby, what if you hold her more? Aw! Love it, aw, cute. Chin. Not that much, a little down, beautiful. Toby, kiss her temple. Oh, so cute you guys, love it. And then just Kassia, look at me. And then giggle like it tickles, I should try to pull away from him, and then you go tickle her, tickle her neck. (all laughing) Okay, cute, okay, so what I loved about that is I used cake topper as a pick-up point for me because I'm thinking, what do I do next, but really what unfolded is just going off of what they did, so they ended up going into this super cute pose and then I was able to roll off with the kissing on the temple, and her looking, and I think we got some really cute snuggling up photos. So the other idea, too, once they're like this, 'cause there was a couple, even when I told them to pretend to be cake toppers, a couple ideas, 'cause I'm anticipating what are they gonna do, right, so one, I thought what if they ended up standing on the bed? That's why I started backing up, because I thought, why do I think they're gonna do this? And that make me think, what if they're jumping on the bed? Does that bed support jumping, do you know how strong that, no? Okay. And then I thought, they can also sit, like if it was like a cake topper but they were sitting. So lemme have you guys sit criss-cross apple sauce facing each other? Clearly I have children. (chuckling) That's cute, okay, so why was I envisioning that, too? I love it! Love it. Aw! (audience laughing) Pull her in for a kiss! Aw. I want you to play Paddy Cake again, and then I wanna see who pulls the other one in for the kiss first. Like, who can sneak that in? (laughing) That's super cute. Aw, that was so precious, you two. And then let's have, another, I'm just rolling off of the energy and what they're doing right now, but I think a pillow fight is necessary. Actually, hold on. For this one, I'm gonna go wide, because I wanna be able to capture the whole scene. Wouldn't it be fun if we had feathers flying all around? And then I'll never get asked to come back. (all laughing) Alright, back up on your knees again. And then I want you, on three I'm gonna have you guys start over. (all laughing) Alright, who's gonna get who, alright, ready, one, two, three, go! Boom! And then now put that energy into a kiss. Aw, okay, love that. (all laughing) Alright, let's, how about, I'm happy right now, I think that was great, like I think they should be happy with a shoot like that. So I'm tryna give you guys, like, a different variation at this point, so maybe we can have them sitting on the floor, so maybe your game console next. I could do like the pillow fight all day. Yeah! Or maybe, let's try right here instead. I'm doing this because, one, I want to change up the lighting for you guys, 'cause everything we've been doing has been this backlighting, so I thought maybe if we're doing this way, it'll show a little bit of side lighting, change the angle a little bit, and I actually felt like it was a little bit dark down here as well. So, alright, let's have you guys sit on the floor at the side of the bed. So let's see how much of a difference this actually makes. So, without, and yeah, huh? Okay, so, would you mind holding this? Thank you! So this one, anytime I start a new scene, so to me this is a new pick-up point now, it's a new storyline, right? So I love the pillow fight, I got done with that one, and then that was like the, ah, what next? Like the shoot's not done yet, right? So it's like, next storyline. What was the next pick-up point that I had in place? So when I show up to a shoot, I do already kinda pre-plan the pick-up points in that sense, where's it's like, okay, I'll have him carry her over at that scene, I'll have them sit at this scene, I'll have them stand on that scene, right, so it's kinda, it's a little bit, and it's not necessarily in any particular order, but I just know what are the things that I need to get through. Sometimes I do have an order where that has to be last, because they're gonna get dirty or wet or something like that. But for the most part, like it's, you know, I have a loose idea coming in, and then I think it is important to not be so rigid though because you wanna leave flexibility for when they start doing stuff, for you to roll with it. Like the cake topper thing, like I didn't know what was gonna happen with that, right? But the cake topper is what inspired me to do the pillow fight, because when they were in that position, that's when I thought, like, oh! I should totally have them, like, it looks like a position for a pillow fight. And I would have had them jump on the bed had that have been safe, too. (laughing) But I think the pillow fight got that same mood. So now I'm basically, it's a new mini-session to me, it's a new storyline. And this storyline now is them playing video games, maybe the just had lunch, they had a late lunch, and now they are chilling out again. Super cute. And then, let me try going on a longer lens for this one. So let's have you guys cuddle up, and then just Kassia, look at me. The hair a little bit, I do like the swoop, I just wanted to see your eyeballs, too. Beautiful. And then, Toby, give her a kiss on the temple. Cute, and close your eyes, just enjoy that. And then don't smile. A gentle part in your lip, beautiful. I love it. Okay, and then let's have, what if, let's see, so now I'm like hitting another point where it's like, okay, am I either done with this prop, do I do more of it, if I wanted to use more of the prop, one of the default, like I said, what was a good pick-up point for props? Do you remember? Was the cake topper, 'cause I could just have them standing and holding it. So let's try that, let's have you guys stand up. And sometimes a couple might like bring a prop that they really want to use and I'm not sure what to do with it yet. But, let's have you guys do that again, that was really cute. It's cute, I like that they're just kind of like making it their own. And then let's have you guys turn and facing me. And I think for this one, so I'm not, do you see the light, like how bright Toby's face is on one side and how dark it is on this side? Alright, so, even if I brought a reflector, it would reflect more light on him, but the good thing is he's wearing a white shirt, so he's reflecting light back on her, but for me, I could just even it out by making him turn this way, as well. So let's just have you turn this way, and you have the nice reflector already pointing right at you. So straighten out, to me. The reason why I make them straighten out and be on the same plane like this is because I'm shooting shallow, I'm on F2. So if they're slightly off, then only one is gonna be in focus. And I want them to both be in focus but everything else be out of focus. So pretend there are straight lines, this is a giant lined piece of paper, yeah, so make sure you're on the same line. There you go, perfect. And then I'm just gonna have you guys hold the game. Cute, what if you covered just your nose with it? That's cute. And then I want you guys to go for a, aw, and then go for a giggly nose kiss in the middle. Like let your noses kiss. Cute. Love, love, love. So now, drop the game console. So that's kind of inspiring me to go into the next one, which is a little more romantic. So now we're going for more romantic, and I want you guys to continue that nose-to-nose again and like I said, like this is the slow-dancing ones, I go between calling it slow-dancing and nose-to-nose because it's essentially just getting them close and I want them to just be in this moment together. So I'll take one as is right now, I love it. Kassia, drop your right hand, maybe down to, yeah. I love it. And I did that because I thought her arm was kind of distracting at the top of the frame like that, so that's why I had her lower it, so then I'm noticing their faces more. So lemme have you guys get closer to the bed. Okay, and then do that again. And the reason why is because I didn't like that dark blue in the frame, there's that one dark piece and I don't like how it's cutting, where it's cutting in the frame. So now if I move them this way, gorgeous. I think it's cleaner, and then just eyes on each other, keeping like that. Aw! Super cute. And then Kassia, why don't you use both of your hands and grab his face? So this one, so they're not engaged, so there is no engagement ring, but if it was an engaged couple, this is a great big shot you can do, as she's grabbing his face you can see it. So just pretend, aw, do that again. Adorable, I love it. So I love the height difference and how she has to tippy-toe up to do that, so I'm gonna do a full body showing that. So we'll move the reflector out for this one. Super cute, tippy-toe up to kiss him again. Kassia, tippy-toe up to kiss him. Love, love, love. Gorgeous. And I'm trying it with both compositions because typically I like, 'cause he's taller, I like the triangle coming down. So like this. But I thought this was kind of not as interesting as the bed, so that's why I did it with the bed to be more interesting. So the solution to that is, I could have them flip. So flip around, like, switch positions. Okay, so then now, love it. Okay, so then now rather than having him look, do you see the direction of where your eyes are going, now it's going at least into something relevant. So now, if I wanted, I can actually include any of like the props or if they had a dog or kids, like that would fit beautifully right here. Or if it was a wedding couple, it could be their bouquet. So now you have like a beautiful line coming in, so let's have, let's see, let's do the mugs. And for this one I was picturing, what if you're just sitting at the edge, at the very end of the bed? So just sitting and chatting, like it's mid-day, he brought you coffee in bed. Toby, let me have you try sitting more straight. You know, maybe if you were so far back into the bed, try coming, yeah, typically that's more flattering because if you're all the way in the back of the bed, like all of this is being pushed up, so if they're wearing shorts or anything then it's like a lot of skin being pushed up, so usually if they're more closer to the edge, it's more flattering. And again, every rule is meant to be broken, right, but in general I'm just giving you rules that are meant to be safe. And that's cute, snuggle up with him. Toby, lean in and kiss her. Aw. And I just want you to kind of look down, Kassia, and Toby, I want you to lean in and tell her sweet nothings. It's the sweetest thing you've ever heard. Hug her close with the other arm, really bring her in. Yeah. So cute, you guys. And then, Toby, let me have you come on this side of her now. I love the one shoulder thing, so I want something similar like that, but I want you to kiss her shoulder. Yep, and just look down at him. So cute, you two. Aw! Love, love, love. So if you notice, like, the mug is not even part of my story right now. But what it does is it gives them something to do with their hands. (laughing) And then, let me try some of Kassia by herself. So, let's put the mug down for this, and I'm gonna have you put both feet up on the bed. And I just want you to hug your knees and look at me, yeah. Gorgeous. And just look down. Beautiful. Leave everything like that and just eyes up at me. Gorgeous. I want to try to get just her lips, but I don't think this lens can get that close, let's see. Try gentle parting your lips. Turn that way. Close your eyes. Gorgeous. And then, Toby, I'm gonna have you come and sit behind, like facing me but, actually, hm. Let her sit between your legs, spread 'em. So I think one leg will hang off and one leg will wrap around her. This is usually my default sweet nothing pose, by the way, where one is behind the other. And again, sweet nothings can be done in any way, but that's kind of one way that I use to change up the positioning of people. Gorgeous, little snuggle up, tell her sweet nothings. Cute! And then instead of leaning away from me, can you lean towards me a little bit? Yeah, and do you know why I had her do that? Do you remember what I said about closer to the camera? Yeah, the closer to the camera looks bigger, so this way her head looks bigger and her body looks smaller, so let's try it. So in that one, she's like a little bit farther away, so this time I want you to kind of lean forward, too, go whisper sweet nothings to her again. Toby, come closer to me a little bit, yeah. Actually, let's put this mug down. And just, yeah, that's cute. Cute, and giggle 'cause it tickles. Kiss her on the shoulder. Love, love, love. And just Kassia, eyes here again, beautiful. And then let's have you guys try, when I said shooting her by herself, that was really short, huh? But sometimes, like she was in a great position, I got a great solo portrait of her, and then I saw this great opportunity to fit him in like a puzzle. Typically I usually do do that where I start with the girl and then I fit the guy in after. I feel like it's, especially if getting, like they warmed up really quickly, but if I feel like it's a little bit stiff and it's too much for me to try to connect with both people at the same time, I'll pick one person first and then I'll incorporate the other person in after. So let's try it the other way around, let me try Toby by himself. So, Toby, let me have you sitting, either leaning on your knee, or, that's good, and that's usually like a good one for guys. And then, don't look at me, go that way. And just relax, and then now leave everything like that, and then sneak a peek over at me. And then look right at me now. And then, Kassia, come behind him and like hug him from behind. (laughing) Grab onto her arm, too, like hold onto her. Love it. Aw! And this time you whisper sweet nothings to him. Love it, and then how about both of you look here? Love, cool. Any questions so far? Yes? First of all, everyone thinks you're adorable so, thank you. They are a real couple, for those folks who are asking. I do have a number of questions on, so you kinda, you set your exposure in the beginning, you haven't changed that throughout, because you're shooting in manual, how are you at 2.0, and you're changing your distance from them, people are wondering where you're focusing and how things aren't getting blurry, and could you talk a little bit about how you focus? Or where? I'm very shallow in terms of my depth-of-field, so you're gonna see a lot of blur. I focus on the eyes, unless, for example, like earlier I did one where I was focusing on the knitting needles and their face was blurry. So I'll do that, but I think what's really important is when you're composing that shot, asking yourself what are you trying to tell in this story? Is it a portrait, is it about her smile, is it about her eyes, so there were some where I purposefully focused on her lips, there were some where I purposefully focused, usually if I'm focusing on the lips, I cut the eyes out. 'Cause I think there's a tendency for when you see eyes, you wanna try to make eye contact, so if I'm doing the lip, it's gonna be like here down. And I did some of that for her. But yeah, I usually just go right for the eyes. Sometimes if they're purposefully like this, for example, only one of them will be in focus. So for most of these, my focus was Toby. And so it was more about the story about how he feels in this relationship, so she was blurry in a lot of them, or soft focus in a lot of them. But I think this is also a great one, so if you guys turn and look this way now, and then let's have, let's try to reflect some light right at the end of this bed up at them. Yeah, come a little closer. Oh no, no, you guys are fine. Bring the reflector a little bit closer, let's see, oh, did you see that change? Gorgeous, you two. I do change the exposure but it's only one stop here, like it's, so I'm at 2.0 and I've been basically between 125th and 250th the whole time, this time I went up to 500 because of this light coming in, it's a little bit brighter. Alright, so, Toby, follow my hand, move it a little bit down, and then the chin. Yeah, perfect. So you see I was able to direct him all that with very minimal words, and then smile, you guys! Cute. And then, let's have, I want you to whisper sweet nothings to him again. And, Toby, I just want you to kinda look towards her, turn your head towards her a little bit. Just close your eyes and I love it. Okay, and then, let me have you stand up, Kassia. And turn this way, yes, yeah on the floor, sorry. And look this way, and then, yep, just look at that wall. And just close your eyes. Slight part in your lip a little, yeah. Gorgeous, and then, Toby, I want you to be on your knees facing her, like on the bed, sorry. And facing her, and then I want you to just lean in and kiss her nose. Cute. Do that again, hold, and then wrinkle your nose 'cause it's so cute. (laughing) Cute, and then reverse. Toby, you kiss her nose. Adorable, I love it, cool. Yay! So, thank you. You guys relax for a little bit. Were there any other shots you guys wanted? (all laughing) Were there any shots you guys had envisioned coming in here with? I would be interested in trying just, if you guys were both standing on this bed and really, like, yeah. So this would be, like, whoops, the cake topper. And look at each other. And giggly kisses to each other, cute, and then, Kassia, grab his face. Use your hands and grab his face, and grab her waist, hold her tight. Cute! Love it, love it, and then how about both of you look here now? Adorable, okay, hold that for a second. So this is a like a great portrait right now of them, and so I'm going to, although they are so tall, I'm gonna, yeah, thank you. Snuggle up again! Drop the front hand, beautiful. Toby, chin, gorgeous. Close your eyes, love it. And then how about both of you look here? Toby, beautiful, gorgeous, love it, yay! Okay, relax. So you could see with that one, like how the cake topper evolved. Like that one, if they were in a formal dress it would've worked, or in a fun casual setting like this.

Class Description

Capturing the special moments for your wedding clients is a big responsibility. You only have one chance to evaluate and make sure the couple is posed in the best possible light for each image. Caroline Tran is a well-known wedding and portrait photographer recognized for creating images that reflect the emotions of her clients through lighting and posing. In her class you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the light you’re seeing and place your clients in the best place to capture it
  • Work with natural light and determine what additional equipment you might need
  • Understand Caroline’s system of using the 6 pick-up points of posing so you won’t miss any of the key poses that your clients will want to see
  • Use the proper cues to get the couple in the right posing position
  • Cull and edit your images so to provide the best product for your clients

Wedding days go by so quickly for couples, it’s important give them images that preserve the special moments and memories they’ll treasure forever. Caroline will help you to understand the lighting and posing techniques to capture the unique details of every couple. 

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I had such a great experience at Creative Live. Everyone was super nice. I flew from Los Angeles to Seattle for the first time and Mariangela was kind enough to help me with transportation, hotel, restaurants, things to do in Seattle. It was a fun continue education trip. Caroline Tran's class was amazing! I can't wait to go back for another class at Creative Live.


Enjoyed the class! Especially liked seeing how Caroline transitioned and shot the engagement shoot with the cute couple. The pick up points were great, love the analogy to piano since I'm pianist as well. I use her refined presets too and really like the outcome :) Would recommend that as well!