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Lighting and Posing for Wedding Photographers

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Wedding Shoot: Bride and Groom Look #2

Caroline Tran

Lighting and Posing for Wedding Photographers

Caroline Tran

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12. Wedding Shoot: Bride and Groom Look #2

Lesson Info

Wedding Shoot: Bride and Groom Look #2

Let's have you just right on there. Oh, I love it. I love, like, when the bride has a long veil, I love playing with it. Alright, let's have you on the backdrop. Perfect And the veil actually kind of acts as a soft box as well cause it's defusing a lot of the light bouncing things back. Oh Try this for me Yeah Close your eyes Keep playing with that veil Gorgeous Love it And then let's have you look straight out that way. And then how 'bout close your eyes and just feel the veil. Yeah And slowly go down And do that again (laughing) And then, actually, let's have you hold the bouquet under What if you kind of... Oh, what if you held it like Miss America? (laughing) That's cute Ooh, that's pretty Yeah, let's do that. Smells great over here I'm gonna switch it right now just in case so it's so we're not like in the middle of a good moment. Alright. Love, love, love, love Yeah, keep looking down like that And then just, eyes here Beautiful And look that way You're, turn your head that w...

ay And you see whenever I say look that way it's not as clear as when I actually use my head too, right? cause look that way, it's like, you're like, just my eyes or my whole head? Hold that a little lower, perfect. There was just that one tulip in her that was a little too close to her face. And close your eyes? So pretty Perfect Spring color palette too And then leave everything like that Yeah, and just eyes here Gorgeous, love it. And then let's have, I'm gonna have you go under the veil with her. And haven't decided with the bouquet yet (laughing) We'll figure that part out So, so cute, okay So, Audrey, I'm gonna have you look at me and then... Beautiful And, Colburn, whisper sweet nothings to her Close your eyes, Audrey Lower the bouquet Is it possible to lower the bouquet? Yeah. Okay, perfect Colburn, put your hand on her hip or like hold her, yeah. (laughing) Love it And you guys, give me a little nose kisses Let your... Adorable So cute Alright Let's have... I want you to try standing behind her this time, so... Under the veil? Well, let's try not since we've done so many under. So this one... I call this one prom. (laughing) Prom and sweet nothings go hand-in-hand for me (laughing) I usually like have him do the sweet nothings while he's in prom position. (laughing) But I didn't put prom, cause I wasn't sure if the generation nowadays still do prom that way, but... (laughing) So cute, snuggle up Love it, okay. So, if you notice, she's a little bit like that right now Right So a... Don't pull away from me, pull towards me So maybe, Audrey, try leaning towards me a little bit Like hi! (laughing) Yeah, and then now whisper your sweet nothings to her. Then close your eyes, listen Cute Hold her closer Squeeze her, there we go There we go Adorable, love, love, love And then how 'bout both of you look here now And snuggle up (laughing) I love it and then... Cool, and then let's have... Let's, I want you guys to pretend you're slow dancing That's your first dance With the flowers? Yeah, let's have, I'll have, yeah, there we go And make 'em problem solve it Cute, try letting Actually, let Colburn hold the flowers behind your waist So you're holding the flowers and you're just gonna embrace her underneath the veil Yup, there we go And I love shooting the flowers under the veil as well. Actually, you know what, since you guys are... You guys are having your first dance in a tent. (laughing) So now the whole world disappears and it's just you two. Let's have you guys slow dance. Audrey, try arms like this in front of him. Yeah, or maybe around... Yeah, but maybe down Yeah, yeah, yeah, there we go Cute, get closer Get closer Cute, and then leave everything like that and just eyes at each other. Look at, yeah, stay just as close Let the foreheads touch And just eyes up at each other I like leaving them in this position for a little bit because, have you tried that with anyone by the way being that close to somebody? (laughing) For that long? There's like this brief awkward period And then there's like a little discomfort, but then it's also cute and it's giggly and I think it's a fun experience. (laughing) But, also that's where like you get to see what they, what they make out of it as well. Super cute And then let's have, I wanna try and get this veil under, the bouquet under the veil. What if you guys wrote, both of you turn so that Audrey's back is to me. Love it (laughing) So hold the bouquet nice and low and I'm gonna probably help you rotate it a little bit. Oh, someone's stepping on it. Feet up, one at a time, one feet at a time, yeah Okay (laughing) Alright, hold that again That's gorgeous I don't think I shot her with the bouquet under the veil yet, huh? I think it was... Right, like the, I think Okay, Colburn, give her back the bouquet. I'm just loving all the sparkles here. Okay, but, yeah, Colburn step out (laughing) Leave the veil, okay And then... There's more sparkles on this side than that side. Alright, let's have you back onto the... I love all of this tool And I like it just kind of all bunched up and showing all the texture too. Turn the... Yeah, I think that was good, the other way Pretty, yup, nice and low Close your eyes Trying to get this to look like it's naturally falling So pretty Leave everything like that and just look out the window. Oh, like turn... Sorry, yeah. Yeah, pretty That's why verbal cues are not as well as demonstrating 'cause what was I saying? Leave everything like, but look out the window. That's just your eyeballs then, right? But that's not what I meant at all So (laughing) So, that's why it's better to actually do it rather than saying it. Okay, gorgeous And close your eyes So pretty Love this, it's so good Okay, now I wanna try to get something like where I'm playing with the sparkles and... Look that way Close your eyes Let's drop the, let's hold the bouquet nice and low Yeah Audrey, look at me, gorgeous Close your eyes Love it, okay And then I think I just wanna get her back on that chair cause we haven't had, the lounge, sorry What's that called, pull the bar away Let's, no let's do the lounge And then, so let's have you step over here first We'll put the lounge back in Set it where? I think like this is good, yeah, switch it up this time Perfect, thank you. Wanna experiment a little with me? Yeah, I do (laughing) Let's see, how is this? (laughing) Maybe something like that? Yeah, I can make that happen. Okay You need to hold my bouquet And I always try it before making them do it because them and their fancy gown and all (laughing) Yeah, but we'll make sure that you're not laying on the veil Shoulder up a little Perfect, okay. Is that how you want it? I guess you can arrange the dress and my feet, huh? Yeah Wow, it's so pretty, okay So this time... I love it Maybe just... one hand like this Gorgeous, okay Step stool Thank you Look how pretty that looks, okay Let me just like this So pretty Exhale through the mouth Gorgeous Let's see if I can... I was worried I might cast a shadow if I stand here, but let's see. Love And then just eyes here So pretty And just relax And then... Colburn, I'm gonna have you be right here I was gonna have you sneak up under the veil but I don't think that logistically works (laughing) I'm just gonna have you, actually... I think if... You gonna pull it out? Yeah Go for it And I don't think there's any bobby pins, so perfect No, I think it should just pull out, yeah. Yup, okay There you go So you are gonna sneak under (laughing) And I moved it so that the comb is slightly behind and doesn't show up. But you're gonna sneak up under there and steal a kiss. Oh, kiss her on the forehead You can see the giggles in her as she's anticipating this. (laughing) Okay, hold on Hold that Freeze I love it Let's try that hand in the back, hold on to him This one? Yeah, like you're bringing him in for it This hand, maybe try like the-- Is she scared? (laughing) You know what he's thinking? He's trying to tickle me (laughing) So cruel I love it, try putting this hand under her neck or under her... (laughing) So cute, okay, kiss her Hold on just a... So cute Love Audrey, try dropping that back arm again Back to where it was, yeah You wanna do that again? And then how 'bout eyes at each other Yeah, that was cute, do that again and eyes at each other There Love, love, love The front arm try dropping, Colburn drop the front arm again, the right arm So this time, I'm trying to see if I can get some more details in her, in her hair piece, so I don't need the arm there. But go ahead and kiss her again So pretty, go nose to nose with each other Then I'm gonna back up and get a wider shot of them like that. That's so cute, you guys Love it, okay, that's good I have, Coburn, you can crawl back out (laughing) I do love this happening right now, though, all the crystals and stuff on you. I'm putting the comb back in just so I don't see it Okay Pretty, so chin up, actually look to your right Yeah, just slowly drop your head to the right and then chin up Love it, I'm liking you, look at me And then how 'bout looking at me this way So turn your head all the way, look at me Gorgeous Oh, so pretty Love it, okay, let's have you set up now And I think I'm pretty much, like, good with what I have So, I think the only last shot I wanted was just a good detail of the comb of the thing underneath So I've gotten all my shots, is there anything you want still? (laughing) No, you're wonderful Gorgeous, look down Turn, look that way Actually, I love how you're sitting, does it work if you flip 180? If I'm facing the window? Yeah Probably I just like how you're sitting, it looks so comfy. (laughing) Yeah, just get comfy again, like how you... That's cute Nope, static So pretty Okay Gorgeous The colors are stunning Chin down Chin this way a little bit And look out the window now Close your eyes I love it Then, I just want like a detail of the hair piece without the veil in the way And just look down And then eyes here Beautiful And then what about, go sit in front of her That's cute, yup, snuggle up Adorable Love it, grab his face Grab his what? Yeah (laughing) Super cute, Colburn, use your other hand and hold her close Your left hand There we go Love it, and then how 'bout everyone leave just like that, but just Colburn look at me. So, Audrey, keep snuggling up to him the way it is. Head out this way a little And then, Audrey, drop your hand Put it on his chest, yeah, gorgeous Love it, yay Is there any other shots you had envisioned? (laughing) I think you got all of them and more. Yeah (laughing) Thank you so much, that was so much fun. (laughing) Thank you

Class Description

Capturing the special moments for your wedding clients is a big responsibility. You only have one chance to evaluate and make sure the couple is posed in the best possible light for each image. Caroline Tran is a well-known wedding and portrait photographer recognized for creating images that reflect the emotions of her clients through lighting and posing. In her class you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the light you’re seeing and place your clients in the best place to capture it
  • Work with natural light and determine what additional equipment you might need
  • Understand Caroline’s system of using the 6 pick-up points of posing so you won’t miss any of the key poses that your clients will want to see
  • Use the proper cues to get the couple in the right posing position
  • Cull and edit your images so to provide the best product for your clients

Wedding days go by so quickly for couples, it’s important give them images that preserve the special moments and memories they’ll treasure forever. Caroline will help you to understand the lighting and posing techniques to capture the unique details of every couple. 

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I had such a great experience at Creative Live. Everyone was super nice. I flew from Los Angeles to Seattle for the first time and Mariangela was kind enough to help me with transportation, hotel, restaurants, things to do in Seattle. It was a fun continue education trip. Caroline Tran's class was amazing! I can't wait to go back for another class at Creative Live.


Enjoyed the class! Especially liked seeing how Caroline transitioned and shot the engagement shoot with the cute couple. The pick up points were great, love the analogy to piano since I'm pianist as well. I use her refined presets too and really like the outcome :) Would recommend that as well!