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Wedding Shoot: The Groom

Lesson 10 from: Lighting and Posing for Wedding Photographers

Caroline Tran

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Lesson Info

10. Wedding Shoot: The Groom

Lesson Info

Wedding Shoot: The Groom

I think for grooms, there's a few standard ones that I do. And again, like I was saying, I like their limbs to have something to do. So a couple options is exactly the way he's standing, if you want something very more like stoic. We can do this one. Let's have your hands in your pocket. Pants pocket. Very nice. Let's have you turn sideways slightly a bit. A little too much. Very nice. Turn towards the light actually. Yeah, that looks better. Let me see the difference. And then let's have... What if you were like buttoning your jacket. Button and unbutton for me. Take a step back. Perfect. I just didn't want the lounge in the. Turn towards me just slightly. Perfect. And look here, peek up. Very nice. And then how about, do you have cuff links on there? I do. Yeah, go ahead and adjust those. And this is your groom getting ready. Turn towards me. And we'll pretend that they're like fancy custom ones or something like that. So like make it towards me. Bring your arms out a little bit ...

more, yeah. Or actually, maybe, what if you kept it this way, but you switched sides. Yeah, there we go. That a way I can still keep you in the light. So turn towards me just a tad. Yeah, and then just go ahead and adjust like you're just putting 'em on. A little lower. Yeah, and then eyes here. Very nice. Very handsome. Alright, let's have you sit down on there. Let's try sitting on the highest point. I think that might be very nice. Is it too low if you were to like lean? Yeah, get comfy. We're having a conversation, we're talking. Yeah, there you go. (laughing) Awe, looks great. I love it. And now what if you went. How's that feel? It's good. And then kind of, yeah, let's keep talking. Let's keep talking. Yeah, there you go. (laughing) Looks great. Perfect, I love it. And then let's have some of you holding the bouquet. I think that would be so cute. Cool, alright. So I'll have you stand, yeah, right there is good. And I'm only having him stand there 'cause I don't want the back of the lounge in it, but I'm too lazy to move the lounge. So move slightly this way. Perfect. And I think I will do one super wide covering the entire bouquet. Cover you face with it. Awe. And then peekaboo. (laughing) Go again. Surprise me again. Ready? Peekaboo. Obviously I have kids. (laughing) Love it. And then try rotating the bouquet a little bit like how we did with her earlier. Yeah, and then a little lower now. Keep coming down. Even lower. That looks good. And then hold it higher again. Then close your eyes. Cool.

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I had such a great experience at Creative Live. Everyone was super nice. I flew from Los Angeles to Seattle for the first time and Mariangela was kind enough to help me with transportation, hotel, restaurants, things to do in Seattle. It was a fun continue education trip. Caroline Tran's class was amazing! I can't wait to go back for another class at Creative Live.


Enjoyed the class! Especially liked seeing how Caroline transitioned and shot the engagement shoot with the cute couple. The pick up points were great, love the analogy to piano since I'm pianist as well. I use her refined presets too and really like the outcome :) Would recommend that as well!

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