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Shoot: Dark Artistic Glamour Look

So we're gonna have torrey lie here on the bed and it's set up for your head to be down that way, but I think I read uh I don't know just let's put your head here let's grab those little pillows and have you just kind of the light is going to be over there you can start out lying on your tummy awesome so what we're going to do is we're going to direct her from here, which is going to be kind of fun I need my glasses, please on our lights are right there beside her on the floor can you guys see that, um do the exact opposite? The pose is beautiful, so she has just amazing dancer body in these long really beautiful legs and I thought she would be perfect to do this shot with on all on black and this is actually a real live fish net and actually a little pen or something in there, I just don't want to can I have you come over and adjust that just make sure everything's completely need to claim the covered and that this peace kind of goes across her chest. So when I'm when we were talking ...

a couple days ago about shooting down on someone and if you're standing here, you know, the first thing you're gonna say, well, where can I be to take the picture without distortion only thing you can do is to shoot from really straight above otherwise you're going to start for shortening something and aching thanks look bigger than they need to be or you're going to put scaffolding on top wide it from below and then shoot through a cracker hole in the floor that you pre determined that's limiting um when I found out about this I was trying to do a video of myself by myself for creative live I think and I realized that I could hook thing and focus and take the picture from the screen change my stop and I have a wall of windows in my office so I set up the shot behind me and put my you know, cheer in just the right light put my reflector down on the table like I would like somebody else aunt took a picture of myself with the ipad and then I set up the game ranger and video myself and stopped and started the whole thing and it was this close uh put my camera on a tripod connected it. Um where are you guys doing okay with it that's fine. Yeah, you can tell they set it all up on bring it on over so we have this cool thing with us called the levitate er pole and it has a tripod head on the top quick release um we have the camera, we're putting my five d mark three on the top and it's locked in. I don't trust anything anymore, so we've got the camera strap wrapped around this tape just in case because I wanted to fall right on top of her and what we're going to do is turn it on, set it up and I just wanted to see how easy it is to use this thing. Um, nicole is going to stand right here at a perfect square angle so she could get a nice, you know, crop and I'm going to direct her as I'm looking at it in life you from the screen, which is awesome set my eyes oh, change any of the settings right from ipad, which is very cool there's an app from cam ranger that you can download you plug in the actual cam ranger into the side of your camera, and when it's all in it links up, he will tell you exactly how to set it up super easy the window pops up and you said it how you would like I have information with me if you knew if you want to read about it super easy to look at and set up on your website as well the first time I ever saw somebody used this was a friend of mine had a really bad problem being able to see and trust them, they're focusing from the back of the camera. So this allowed them have that freedom. They take a picture and look at the the image this big and the freedom that it gave them was like, this is totally taking the stress off. I know it looks good. I could see it big. I choose to save the images in the camera and just let the view come up on the screen. That's pretty neat. Uh, to say the least. Pretty name she's going? I've got a little gripper on the back of my ipad there. I don't have the very, very newest ipad that was released, like a week and a half ago. This is the generation right before that on dso there the little grippers aren't for different companies and that's actually by delk in and I have a tripod mountain back and so we just put it on the tripod, you can shift it around so it's convenient, so we're going to set it up right here and do her entire photo shoot with a band of light along the front. So I'm sure you see, I saw the strip banks and thought what? Why would you do if I were going to buy a modifier? Why would I buy his trip bank? And what's gonna happen here is this basically matters will be a little tiny sliver of window like that will come in from the side on daz I mentioned to you side lighting makes nice shadows beautiful art and these images once you see them I'm most probably going to turn this into a high contrast black and white so even though she's in this mess she's got clothes on underneath that I usually let everybody stay dressed or asked him could be dressed in the night retouch everything out beautiful yeah and then almost pull your feet together and haven't kind of go off that way and you could even lay all the way down on your tummy like that and then look into the light so even though she sighed like guess what's happening the light's going to fall beautifully alone her face we had a phone core earlier if I were open enough in the space where I could actually put a wall here on may choose to do that but she's going to disappear into this beautiful silky black sheets this is awesome this is something people been waiting for this good that's awesome so we're going to set this up right here so you guys can see what all it can do guy but I shouldn't see her right there so you have to become a director right? And it can still autofocus there because is it stopping to get a hernia all right assumed all the way out and I don't want to shoot a wide angle on her body can you like pull it back a little bit zoom will move in the way so I guess we could do a fixed focal in plans but you can look over here on the screen and see how easy it is to set tap on the so raise it up you have live view on dh then you literally just move your finger around on the screen like your iphone and take the pictures so it's probably the easiest thing I've used in a long time pardon? Yes you could I give in to you that's the next step for you I see it happening awesome can you jump in and make sure her laces on the back you can just kind of hang loose there in the background and just make sure that's all good awesome if you can awesome beautiful can you make sure the license covered there beautiful keep wanting to move that thing that's great! Drop your chin down toward your shoulder little more really exaggerate your chin out and down toward your shoulder beautiful, gorgeous, beautiful all right let's, just move on from it I can't get it toe cell let you guys take it and you can have just popped the camera back I'll just shoot it for real regular hand me a step stone way had a little trouble with that get madder that connected up there we did kept losing the signal and then it just quit so I'm going to let them put it together for me and I'll shoot a few as if I were you doing it on my own, I would have done the same thing in that transition and this is a great opportunity to see what happens when something goes wrong yes happen on a shoot absecon work not work and you figure out what to do absolutely that's how you're so if you choose to get up on a ladder like this, the first thing you're going to want to do is make sure that you're not on the top step and if you're on the top step, you just want to make sure you're not leaning over so you could fall on her. I always say embrace yourself so that if you do lean, you have something to lean against if you're going to shoot down on her from this high angle I was put the head closest to me so that if there is any distortion at least it's the body's going off and elongated if you turn it the other way around the feet and hips are going to get bigger than the head and we don't want that beautiful all right? I'm gonna trade with you, awesomeness just hold onto that might get in front of the lands with me being up this high um I'm good I'm good thank you for asking so I need one of you to stand right here, sweetie. This kind of hold this so it doesn't go flying around in front. Okay? Awesome. Let me take another peek beautiful position you're right. Okay, beautiful let's open up a little bit is it possible that we can use the phone corps on the side there's a phil or perhaps just come get the hub of the cake pan that'll be fine she's lying down you can just hold it up like a little wall here and your right foot needs to come back closer to your left knee beautiful relax your feet just a little bit just kind of hold it like a wall along the edge of the bed that's great so that's shiny enough that it will definitely feel in the side of her body I could take your left hand and just put it a little closer to your face beautiful so I'm dying to stand up on the top step you have to come around so I just told you not to do it beautiful quite beautiful can you kind of go down the way that way with it and maybe you could be in denial but right there will be further away from her foot so we're not showing there we go so pretty is the warmth of that what you arch your back just a little bit more great, beautiful great let's have you lie down flat on your tummy? Can you just reach out and make sure she's covered beautiful that's beautiful stretch out everything as long as you can get it it's really? Pretty just a little bit longer on the back with a lace can you cover up a little bit? Just a tiny bit more at the bottom. Just a little guy that's awesome. Bring your left knee up toward your pillow of beautiful awesome right rolled onto your side just a little bit great and strike binger left me forward in your right knee back and I'll pull your foot a little closer to your left foot a little closer to your knee beautiful that's nice, yeah, it's beautiful and pull your hand a little closer to face. Beautiful, awesome relax your finger and hand both fingers both hands. So when I'm up here, I'm talking kind of behind my camera and I have to remember that she might not be able to hear me awesome it's really pretty I think it's like she's laying water we moved that one big one people owe their way can also try do you think maybe you could do you think you could style it when she turns over that's even pretty there if you can turn over we're likes your neck just a little bit maybe take the fish net and cover up the body a little bit and just turn your nose that way love it so the light can get pretty and I can see the white pillow peeping through so beautiful stunning beautiful she's actually looking at me and it's working can we take the left side of the reflector out beautiful well someone more awesome that's beautiful really beautiful your legs are unbelievable tell you're an athlete look at how fit and toned let's put your legs a little closer together or your ankles I should say that's really pretty long get your body and arch your back just a little bit awesome that's really pretty look over straight into the light to your uh shooting like they're beautiful close your mouth for me gorgeous awesome let's try someone you're maybe laying on your little more around can you turn the upper part of your body toward me? I should say maybe that's nice push your hips around get a little flatter on the things they're not so twisted can you just stretch out lengthwise, regroup let's get your arm down says world strong shoulders you lay in the pillow a little bit smoother and we'll take your hands and just reposition them over across the that's a really pretty and turn your head that way e can you straighten out your body just a little bit your legs and everything right you look your right leg totally straight put your left knee over that went now roll over that way with your dare that's great maybe take your left hand or right hand put it on your neck here beautiful that's stunning beautiful body they're awesome lift your chin up a little bit awesome no turn your head this way a little bit beautiful look back into the white little more gorgeous it's so pretty fun fun fur retouching come down a bit can we see all those in a group good thank thank you head shots are turning out nice aren't they I think I like the third one in on the second row she looks like she's running I just want to turn around yeah what is that it's so these images that you're liking what is it about the opposing the angle it is the I'm going to say the symmetry of it she kind of looks like you know you may only see the mask and you think darkness but then you see her in this pose and there's something embryonic kind of uh you know quiet and innocent about it even though she's laying on these black sheets I love the face the hand the neck the way the hair's falling back and the texture in the sheet it's just really amazing let's go back and look at the group again I still I'm drawn to that one right in the middle and the one next to it, and we ask where you're focusing a couple questions about focus, how and where you're focused right on right on her eye. Um and I do that because I think that's where we used to looking at anyone, we've go right to the eye and then we noticed the body and come back to the face so we expect that to be sharp from our past so dark, shadowy like can be interesting on the body and could definitely show off the physique. Um let's, try some can you lay flatly on your bomb are on your hips and let's just reposition the whole lice and everything again and you're going to want to use your elbows around the side of your body to kind of give you structure and you can actually lay your hands right there if you want to politely cover everything up, just kind of relax your neck a little bit thank you. Those are pretty legs to straight him out just to touch both of them and maybe roll your hips this way that's lovely, so thank you so I'm you know, moving that focusing point every time I shoot right up over onto her cheek using a little tall go bar right down to the eye beautiful beautiful something a little different now okay there's like a lot on her hip to that's pretty maybe and pull that down or like a little bit I love the texture of the mask thanks for that beautiful maybe open your eyes just a touch can you take your left your left hand put it into your fingertips and your hair maybe turn your palm towards your head elbow back beautiful stay right there for another one that's pretty it's really pretty you could look directly at me if you want that's stunning so there is a little tiny cropping thing that's going on I'm totally have her feet in but is cropping in onto the image itself close your lips for me beautiful awesome really pretty all right let's see I love that one as well one of the only one in the flashes what's going awesome and lose some folks notice the difference in color between the light on the legs and the lead on the torso that intentional there's that way of thinking behind we only had one strobe firing during this whole photo shoot so what we're looking at there is the ambient light from the modeling line is illuminating the total darkness down the shutter speed was slow enough to actually pick that up so the pictures that I did are showed you today with a girl with the heart I've executed in the exact same way is what we just did there with the red heart and we eliminated all around the side with all the strobes laying around on the floor like that and then from above I had a little bit of a spotlight pulling down and putting a lice glow right on her face cancels out all of the shadows that you might see here this particular set of images that would take totally into black and white and take out real high contrast on eliminate a lot of the great tones in the middle just like you would do a high contrast black and white um nick makes them beautiful software adjustments that might be kind of fun it'll take the black and make it just really poppy and snappy the results are instant I could do it on my own separately but it's a quick a solution if you're new tea coming into black and white and really show you what a black and white prints should like like um and I do a siri's of these from back to side to front to beauty maybe three four of them five of them and when we see all of them and a possibility of that could also do the thing with splitting the speed delights and putting on both sides so you could turn her from side to side if you like um the last one is really fierce and I love this head shot here. And this head shot over there on the far right. I guess we could pick them, look at them together, and then take them.

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In this workshop, award-winning fashion and glamour photographer Lou Freeman, who has shot more than 500 campaigns for Playboy, will walk you through the fine arts of glamour and boudoir photography, including the techniques specific to both categories. You'll learn how to shoot from a variety of angles, when to shoot in hard and soft light, and how to use speedlights for powerful highlights. Lou will walk you through blockbuster boudoir concepts, from edgy black-and-white shoots to vintage, pastel beauty shoots.

Lou will unpack 35+ years of industry knowledge, arming you with a treasure trove of techniques and creative concepts to take your photography to the next level.



Lou is one of my favorites. Although I shoot primarily woman, I don't do Boudoir. I love her calm, methodical style, and attention to detail. I respect that she always makes her women look elegant and empowered instead of objectifying them. Her images are sensitive and beautiful and I can't wait to watch her again today! I learned so much from her..