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Lighting for Boudoir and Glamour

Lesson 8 of 17

Shoot: Rembrandt Beauty Boudoir

Lou Freeman

Lighting for Boudoir and Glamour

Lou Freeman

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Lesson Info

8. Shoot: Rembrandt Beauty Boudoir

Lesson Info

Shoot: Rembrandt Beauty Boudoir

Well, I'm super excited to show you guys this that's what we're going to try to emulate isn't that amazing you and we need to probably pull the background little tight. Do you see the little wrinkles? They're falling in the top? That was just my test shot. This is a speed light set up, and I thought it might be fun to actually show you how I did my ice princess story live right here and as you can trust him, things like this home, you said, lou, you take pictures in the camera, make everything happened right there. I like to do it that way. People assume these days that you do everything in photo shop, someone he mix it up a little bit. I like to do a little combo. So what we've done here, I'm gonna go through the whole step by step, but do you see that kind of foggy feel that we've created? I did that by painting. Do you guys have the spray? A can of spray? Or did you take that away? We have a piece of plexiglass hanging karen that I'm going to shoot through and the place glass, we pr...

otected the areas we want clean and in the background edges have been sprayed with a fraud, frozen ice spray it basically it's, not the snow it's a frozen ice if you look it up online, you can find it and you can make this affect the crack guys look right here. I did the ice princess by using poster frames, and this is a heavy piece of plex. We've got it secured very safely with era c stands and the knuckles holding it tight in place. We have balanced here on the boards and I'm going to use it to help me give a real fun edge to the set and I'm shaking through. We have a speed light in the background on the background with a rogue jill on it. It's set a full power back there. We have split lining inside here. Both of these lights. I've adjusted tohave power. I have a grid on the front, you can see the grid on the soft box right here. There's one just like it on this line. I'm not going to turn it around to show you just to keep things on track. How I've got the lights set up is we've got rembrandt high and to the side and the light that spilling over on the body split it's not unlike what we did for the playboy lining set up see there is it, uh, powers tone down, I had the stylist amazing joyce everything I asked her to do she does it with a twist of creativity and makes it even more exciting that's like the dream come true if you can find somebody that can create things like that for you I gave her the idea of the background we were going to use which is not nearly as blue as it is an image you're seeing there that we've jelled and shot we picked the images a photo print background from denny um really clean and simple you could do wedding dress shots here you could do all kinds of cool things white fur coats with lingerie underneath your mind can just kind of go crazy with all the cool things you could do it maybe even a senior portrait for somebody loves to ski so the lighting itself is all set up on the front side of the glass I'm working eso won sixty at one hundredth of a second there is no ambient light in the picture so I'm not worried about trying to pick up that light if I did it would be from these windows inside we made a choice to just use our own set so the entire effect you're looking at there on the edge is coming completely and totally from this glass on the front so when I'm shooting I'm going to be standing to start with and we're gonna put this black plaques right behind me so I should have worn black to pull this off, but the black plex will prevent I believe any light or any of the things in the wall. Oh yeah that's great. Can I wear your little sweater? Put that around my neck so I can hide behind the camera and virtually shoot the shot without being seen through the camera on me through the reflection. So this awesome outfit came from the designer off now and she had created this beautiful dress it's kind of an african tribal motif and I thought what a great thing to make into a photo shoot turn toward them so you can actually see we matched the underwear to the deep red tones you see in the fabric here perfect tongue would have been a little bit orange. I'll be easy to adjust if I want that to be like a burnt orange kind of color and we wanted to have the russian hat didn't have any for took a boa and made the hat and the make up that we're going to use I had description dark bronze I said all the colors kind of flow through this so the creative part of this is drawing all of that color together so you remember when I showed you the color will yesterday and talked about complementary colors the complementary colors charles bronze and orange is blue so she should pop right off the page when she gets onto the set so I'm going to position her in between the trees on it right in the middle in the front and kind of see footprints thank you for cleaning this you guys come a little bit forward and I'm going to shoot just three quarters to start and your main light is here to the side so you may wanna key right into that can you just pull the blackboard right up to my back beautiful you do one little test shot take a pic I think I can actually get in there much closer than I am beautiful awesome sorry again I'm shooting with all speed lights can you take their fingers and just push the head up just a touch this is absolutely stunning beautiful face there so this one's leaning slightly into the fashion around flat looks kind of cool with it um under exposed like that doesn't it so I think we're in a good place to start don't you guys do you like all right awesome so do you see how I've got the board right behind me to prevent anything this board here do you see me reflecting in there anywhere I think we're good to go don't you alright let's have some fun I'm going to probably have to have this window cleaned again beautiful beautiful the only downside to the shooting with e we're going to go again gonna have to window claimed again what? So you can actually touch these branches so we pulled this I don't know where joyce got thieves, but I suggested she go out into the woods to pull the tree limbs and spray paint and put him in plaster cans and put him out on the site we bury him in the fakes now now the fake snow if you buy fakes now you can use it again and again and again but you want to keep it clean and on a paint tarp and then just kind of roll it up when I work with it in the studio, I usually put my shop back down, clean the garbage bag inside of it and then just draw it all in and in the instant it's cleaned up so you thinking again in the beginning like, oh yikes what would ever dio so don't be afraid also toe lay the model in there after you're done and do some beauty shots, we'll do that in the very, very end of this part all right, so beautiful it's good coming a little closer with that board stunning I'm going to shoot a few horizontal beautiful turn your palm in the tree so your fingers air here chick probably can't hear me as well as I would like for her to do because of this plastic wall, so I have to remind myself to speak up beautiful so I'm going to back up so I can include a little more of the fog and this the effect held on beautiful look right at me. All right, beautiful awesome shot too soon. Sorry. Great, beautiful shot you say again? Sorry. No. Awesome. All right, that should give you a nadie relax for second on what it actually, it comes out with the last one with fire so cropping into that. Now you can make some decisions in an amazing how much you can actually see the clothes through the glass. So when you're shooting something like this, you want to plan ahead, prepare the place a glass so you can actually see into what you're doing could also put her right against it so that the texture sitting almost right on top of her skin, the images that are did you see in the back of the room that I showed you also from my ice princess story? There was a variety of placements on this place. I'm not going to move it because of the weight of it, but you're going to want to be able to move it in and out of the set to get closer and closer to her. So I'm going to move this away now that we actually have this actually covered give you that in that thank you, so I'm gonna step over here. Just relax for just a second. So awesome. So you could also do things like shoot that plexiglass without her in it. So you have something to work with later, and another form of your own template. So you're starting on the avenue of making your own edges shift to color, make your own things and that's what I did in that I created something's different points that pulled it all together later and on top of that and all together. That's, what has the impact rolling on that I'm going to shoot it now with nothing there and concentrate on the poses that I would do to show the underwear in the split light with the beautiful light when it's safe for me to get over there. Thank you guys for being so patient. Thank you. Amazing. Thanks. So now we don't have to worry about so much. Let's. Go to the apple box. Beautiful. All right. Who has the camera? Thank you, sweetie. So I have to compliment you guys on bringing all of us together and making such a huge impact with the set, it's made it wonderful for everyone, for you to be able to bring the wow factor, because the well factor to me is what makes it all gel if you just lottum somebody upon the seamless have nearly the interest points that something like this death thes air the kind of juicy things you want to get into and shoot for your book and when you shoot I'm going to talk to you tomorrow about concept if you have a great concept shoot more than one and the same place have a couple of outfits together it's much easier while it's all set up creatively that you really kind of expound on that so shoot your head shot your beauty shot your three quarter shot you're fooling change clothes come back tweak the light just a little bit second outfit work through that try to make a serious of five to six images so you have a story that you can show to a magazine so make the use of the effort is ultimately so let's try I had talked to you guys about bold poses tonight and this is definitely a bold outfit so what I would suggest maybe turn your toes out drop your hips down like you're going to do a squat turn your niece well almost teo say about here not quite so far and put your hands in the bend of your hips and then showing up like this awesome stunning beautiful take a peak looks the light on the face I know it's hard when something so beautiful to shoot one image beautiful yeah push the feathers up just a little bit awesome. All right let's do a few there get different expressions on your face awesome this beautiful and directly straight on to me kind of get a fierce look in your face that goes with the expression of your outfit beautiful kind of scowl at me just a little bit beautiful push that we have one feather right in front of your eye beautiful awesome beautiful one more had straight at me beautiful awesome right can stand up a rest your legs for a minute all right, let's do some where we kind of get in there behind the branch just a little bit great jimmy rotate maybe this side of you that's beautiful yeah and just keep your chin up face right at me beautiful, beautiful turn ahead come around the branch a little bit open up gorgeous flatten out your wrist in this hands I can see the bracelet a little bit and I'll talk to you about some deposes I'm directing her with good squint your eyes beautiful so when the hand it was laying hair kind of looked it was big and broad so I just had her turn her hand and just that little thing keeps my eye from going from face to the hand it's a big bright spot in the middle of all the chaos of creativity we have so the hand needs to be stronger place or better proportioned in place all right let's try with no hands just beautiful face right there beautiful whole squint to your eyes beautiful beautiful beautiful you can shift your hips like that and turn a little bit beautiful so she actually has the dress on backwards it has one split in front and I thought this would let us have a hint of the underwear showing without being so right in the middle and the front like that it's a little more tasteful um why don't you kind of open up on the head there and great beautiful turn your chest and shoulders around I can see the client in the back of your great well bit more a bit more beautiful kick your hip out a little harder beautiful awesome stay right there let's do to let me wait for my flash some tip your head around like this little bit forehead for me you have one little piece right in your eyes so beautiful it's actually really pretty with you looking across the room like that with a really strong pose awesome absolutely stunning I can't wait to see that so do you remember the images I showed you today with the branches that were on the beach kind of emulating the shape of her body that's beautiful how those air curving around her like that uh awesome just a couple more gonna have a hard time stopping on this one can you push back at that? You know that's probably I'm like a tortured artist when it comes to all of this. I love to take the pictures, but I also love to make the whole thing. The experience happened in the way that it does. Woops hold on one second, beautiful, awesome. All right, I think we're in a great spot, you guys, I cannot tell you how beautiful has turned out so happy. Awesome had so much fun, thanks. So thanks. Wow, so to me, that's, a playground to go and retouch on and work with and tweak and create, and it was kind of mixing fantasy and reality onto me is totally glam meets fashion makes everything. I love the colors. I love the richness of it, although I would probably sit down and start d satch ing it a little bit. I can't wait. Oh, god should go play with that.

Class Description

In this workshop, award-winning fashion and glamour photographer Lou Freeman, who has shot more than 500 campaigns for Playboy, will walk you through the fine arts of glamour and boudoir photography, including the techniques specific to both categories. You'll learn how to shoot from a variety of angles, when to shoot in hard and soft light, and how to use speedlights for powerful highlights. Lou will walk you through blockbuster boudoir concepts, from edgy black-and-white shoots to vintage, pastel beauty shoots.

Lou will unpack 35+ years of industry knowledge, arming you with a treasure trove of techniques and creative concepts to take your photography to the next level.

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Lou is one of the most inspiring photographers Ive seen on Creative live. When I watch her, its like watching a great guitar player... in that, she hears the music before she ever plays it. Lighting and posing flows out of her with incredible ease. She inspires me so much! No fluff here, just pure maximum quality info and inspiration. Id love to meet her some day just to thank her for what she has given.


Lou is one of my favorites. Although I shoot primarily woman, I don't do Boudoir. I love her calm, methodical style, and attention to detail. I respect that she always makes her women look elegant and empowered instead of objectifying them. Her images are sensitive and beautiful and I can't wait to watch her again today! I learned so much from her..

Bridget Murphy

I am amazed at how much information Lou gives away here. Her knowledge of the craft is extremely apparent and the end product is always stunning. I could watch this over and over for its ideas and inspiration.