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The Portrait Lighting Challenge: Natural vs Studio

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Shoot: Low Budget Hollywood Glamour

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

The Portrait Lighting Challenge: Natural vs Studio

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

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Lesson Info

17. Shoot: Low Budget Hollywood Glamour

Lesson Info

Shoot: Low Budget Hollywood Glamour

for these I found them in the store room and I thought these are lamps just clamp with what the I'm gonna keep shooting really happened you guys like each other right soon I'm ready so you found something else and I just want to take a shot just curve for um hand down by the side and just collapse here they had to go more that's it we should do another hollywood shoots just bring your chin down and work your shoulder up a little bit more good girl stay there you go that's what I wanted sorry uh you kinda unstoppable so right these are just let me give me a technical description lamps no idea they have these convenient clamps so I can just put them I'm going to put them actually in exactly the same place that I put these guys so soon I'm going to turn this off this hand here one more more awards front one sorry about that um if you're going to push your shoulder forward with your hand back you can just go like that and leave a gap that's it beautiful one more just one more turn around j...

ust one and take your backhand away just go chin up just a touch girl beautiful inspiring to see so inspired I was just so much fun look I tell you we talk about doing place shoots we talked about doing creative shoot all the time we're in darkness we're going to put the house way talk about it all the time and this was a way of you playing without leaning like massive photoshopped techniques on creative layering and it was like this is something anyone can do it so beautifully and it's cheap and fabulous and I can't stop doing it like I'm so excited but I just wanna keep shooting you have to stop you john loves for the hot if you would help me just take these one guys off and I'm gonna put these lights in exactly the same place so question yeah I don't hear a fan they're really hard to wait when do they blow in how long can they stay on for I think they're rated you know their movie lights so they're rated to go for a while these air fairly low power are three hundreds you can get them one point two k a lot of power and those have fans and all sorts of christmas and they sometimes they overheat but it hasn't happened that often so we're gonna put these I had some hang on aluminium foil no they say aluminum I know you said that a million I know that's how that's how it's spelt from wayne state has it over there what do you say in here will end salomon you english perfect exactly on going toe I found that in the kitchen and uh bring on set we're going to bring the role because I wanted thes I feel like they're not going to be very focused they're goingto the light's going to spray everywhere so I'm just gonna put a little layer of aluminium around this to kind of create a yes there we go from the sound greatest wealth hand down excuse my I mean horrible audio here just going to do this and if I could get some tape on that see if this will work as I said I haven't tried this kind ofwork felix's gun uh andreas and chat said everyone should hide their handbags because felix might dig through them to find some lighting tools you have no idea how true that is no comment so it's this is serves two purposes that stops the life from spilling out here on dh kind of reflects it into something let's see okay there's a there's a switch so I don't know how much this costs because I didn't buy it but you can get these lamps I know where wow this is gonna go right I think I need a clamp like the regular it's not quite strong enough this would be a bit deflated feeling thank you gonna just clamp that on there one extra on have we made a couple more uh okay I'll make these really quickly sorry but you can already see is it coming off horribly in the audio I just kind of like a one hundred fifty anything will work right we only need two sir that's fine okay perfect on another clamp please so I'm just really trying to give give myself the same level of control that I had with those other lights thank you john moore shelter that way yeah and now I'm down at sea that'll kind of weapons get more turn this one on and see the moment of truth yeah let's do that bring down the overheads room down there this's really macgyver I want stay two clamps nurse two clamps nurse there we go it's that's fine right so let me just have do the old best lighting trick in the world have a look at how it looks I think that's good you're blind blind now I can see two blue lights so that's actually a magnificent wow I mean to show the cameras how how that light looks from sorry soon I'm just going to turn this around so I don't look at it in the camera picked this up kind of just made a little bit bigger so you get that same shed a similar spread of light but what I do get out your shit yeah it was and I'm just gonna put them in the same place that's going to cost you fifty bucks at the most fabulous to do the same thing yeah perfect perfect perfect I love that it's amazing and yeah these air like less than fifty dollars like lights less than twenty dollars I think these things these air cheapen if you get him in a hardware store ten dollars each don't lean back so far with your head my lane just bring it back around that's a girl beautiful we're going to shoot anything on katie well I only had katie is a backup you know so kenny came in this morning so we don't need teo but if you want teo we've got I think the blonde hair might be interesting way about teo well in madeline meddling if you come this way actually you can exit left thank you so much you're beautiful gorgeous shop just avoid confusion I'm going to take this light and point it this way it's not on it's not doing anything here okay katya want you to do the first pose because the lie back is fabulous and so just lie back here well let's try with you bringing your arma onto this high ottoman because it was a lot of this a lot of lying and lounging so maybe turn your hips towards me because then you're she turns your hips towards me so that she can bring this arm and without squashing her boob too much is the ottoman further over when we defy can move here you just tell me where I think kind of decides we're moving her for the light and then we've got the chin extended long there okay so what's the most beautiful of course about versus the shape that we're getting through this hip line and really beautiful hands good girl let's have a look I'm interested to see how the shadows play on her from your face back to me now katie and third I wanted out of forty five like that that's it so you're going to tip up and in towards your chin ghost what pettit stop good girl I can't believe we're doing this with regular bulbs oh sorry my bad from there registers really different sit up straight and just put your hands behind you sort of that fingers out there think tips out that sits here alba's aaron so they splay out like that and so you khun sit forward with one of your shoulders yeah I'd go this one that towards that light now your hands need to just be away from your body a little bit that's it now bring you a chin this way stop and chin down now just to that's their it isthe go towards this light you know what I want you to bring your hands up because you've got this beer space here too let's do something where you have it that you've got beautiful long fingers and then let this one go just a little higher and that one a bit lower but you're not talking on the phone remember that's it they didn't have cell phones back then bring your elbows together and then lean forward towards the camera now chin comes up ever so slightly to go good extension so kind to show why we have the two lights okay we're just a bit hot take a bit of shot yes can so this is with just one light and it kind of becomes this really harsh and no matter what you do when you move it it's still going to look like that like that quite devilish actually sorry katie I keep making you hell this alien devil all right chin up towards the light again katie that's it and tip a little bit that to go chin up to me a little touch that's the one and then eyes down good girl beautiful I love it I just want to keep doing it I'm going to keep doing it beautiful era do we have any questions there's a question from marianne who wanted to know if the hot lights make the model sweater make the makeup melt are you you have to watch that yeah I think if you use really high powered lights that is definitely something that can happen on it also happens with strobes all these you know electricity always creates heat so that's why you have a makeup artist that's you know dusting powdering and this you know you get wet wipes from pits and and there's always shut up and suck it up because beauty is pain I need to say that never I mean like any that's what he did to me when I was being elizabeth taylor shut up suck it up for you to use paint deal with it I love it I love that you showed this kind of alternate version with with less expensive different lights one with the camera monica hofer and a few others are wondering whether you can use strobes to achieve this look or whether it really does need the continuous lights I think yes you can get a strobe head that has the same for now front I think continuous has because your molding it's so intricately to that shadow in under the nose and the shadows on the side I think it's very hard to achieve with strokes and I they they're too powerful and I think this is much easier to do with this all right well I know that we're not doing the natural light versus studio in this segment let's talk about why this is not possible of natural light just because the direction is almost impossible I can get so much beautiful natural light to hit her face but I can never get those hard shadows and uh the thing is is obviously nowadays those hard shell owes the biggest no no but when you apply it to the styling it just makes sense and you get it so I will retouch some of the hollywood shots in the segment after lunch you can see how we make it look even more hollywood you could put us straight in the sun I guess but then you're really gonna have that problem for the makeup melting off the face good question here from mh cooper photography how come you didn't defuse the clamp lights these cheaper ones um it's mama guy was set up so I just wanted to really quickly and we wanted to show what we can do with that but maybe it's them the front element off the little ari's is like this big and we've ended up with one that's about this big so it's already by nature of being a larger light source already a bit softer yes well and if you were trying to recreate this with stroke eyes this beauty dish use is this something I don't like really dish the person only not for me but that's it's a matter of taste I love it any questions from anyone here in the room we've got this opportunity you inspired to shoot from hollywood yeah you can it hides a lot of sins as well you don't have to be perfect it's just like it's there's this hash shadows but you just get the styling right and then the light is actually so simple for hollywood I think and the truth is is that the highlight is so intense that you really lose just about pimples or wrinkles or anything it's kind of quite beautiful you don't have to retouch the skin you deaf isn't that great I don't really

Class Description

As a photographer, nothing defines your talent more than your ability to capture, create, and place the right lighting. Award-winning portrait photographer Sue Bryce joins studio lighting wunderkind Felix Kunze for a lighting for portrait photography masterclass covering the universally most-used portrait scenarios. You will learn how to work with both natural and studio light — so that you are prepared to walk into any environment and take a gorgeous photograph.

Sue, internationally-renowned for her ability to paint portrait subjects with the glow of natural light, will teach you how she sets up different lighting scenarios. Felix, who's worked with the top photographers on earth, will then take the reins replicating Sue's shot — all using artificial lighting techniques he has honed from experience. The two seasoned photographers will take turns shooting, each learning and asking questions of the other in real time.

By the end of this course, you will know how to shoot a variety of portrait styles, including the classic beauty shot, the silhouette, high-contrast glamour, the soft flat light portrait (master that back light!), and old-school Hollywood glamour — all with both natural light and artificial light.


Aliah Husain

I loved this course! I purchased it as a beginner photographer, unsure of whether to shoot natural or studio light and how to get the best results. After watching the course, I am fully confident in my ability to use both natural and studio lighting in my photography. And most importantly, I feel I have the knowledge base to be able to experiment with lighting in any situation. I am both grateful and inspired by these two amazing teachers sharing their technical knowledge and a personal piece of themselves. It is clear that they genuinely care about making their students better photographers. Thank you, Sue and Felix!!!


This is the best lighting class I've done, including several in-person ones. Covers so much, and the contrast between and dialogue about the two styles (natural vs studio) was so helpful. I didn't think there was anything at all negative about how Sue spoke with Felix, which a few reviewers said. Clearly she has great respect for him, which she sincerely says at one point, and explains why. Wonderful to see specifically how they both shape light. So many topics are covered. Loved Felix's clear and specific explanations about studio lighting. This class is worth every penny.

Wasabi Ben Kenobi

This was a fantastic introduction to studio lighting, and one of the best courses I've watched on Creative Live. I've only ever done natural light photos, but I want to learn more about studio lights because I'm creating a basement studio. I'm already a big fan of Sue's approach to portraiture. Now I'm a fan of Felix's soft lighting approach, too. In this course, he demonstrates how to replicate natural light portraits with a simple lighting setup. With a big scrim, a strobe or constant lamp, and v-flats, you can do so much! I'll be watching this course again.