Lighting & Posing Large Groups

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Lighting & Posing Large Groups


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Class Introduction

So what we're going to talk about is photographing groups. I have been in business for 17 years, but before anyone ages me, I started in high school. Okay? But when I was, when I first started, I did what I think many people do, I photographed everything that someone would pay me to do. And so I photographed babies and maternity and high school seniors and weddings and all that stuff, and there were two things I found overwhelming. Babies and groups. Babies 'cause, not my specialty. I was super overwhelmed, but also groups because not only do you have to worry about photographing one person, but you gotta make like five, six, seven maybe 20 people look good at a wedding. And then on top of that, when I learned lighting, I learned really basic lighting. Okay, let's put someone next to a window, and that will look nice on them, but window light doesn't necessarily work in a space, maybe a wedding venue where you have 20 people that you have to illuminate. So groups took me a long time to...

figure out. So I'm going to pass that on to you guys, and so we are going to talk about a lot of things like what lenses should you be using. How do you make sure your entire group is in focus? That was a big one when I would shoot the entire wedding party, and then like the whole last two rows were out of focus. So I'm gonna make sure you don't do that. And then also posing. Posing in a way that I'll talk about kinda the basics, but also to create more dynamic group poses instead of everyone just kinda lined up in you know, prison style. We going to be doing a little bit more interesting than that. So that's what you have in store for this class. For me, nowadays, I don't actually shoot a lot of big groups. I'm usually focused on small groups. I do a lot of fashion style portraits or fashion editorials, and so maybe I'm posing several models together or maybe I'm doing, you know, stylized family portraits. So I'm usually focusing more on the three to six size group, but we'll talk about concepts that apply no matter how many people that you are photographing. So this is what we're talking about. Lens choice, depth of field, what modifiers to choose, where to put your light, and then posing, not only in a way that makes people look good, but also creates balance in a shot. And I've got some good examples of what is bad and what is good because I think that's another thing that, for me, helps me learn is seeing what bad is so when I do that, I go oh. I need to change this. Sometimes just seeing what's good isn't enough. So you'll see all of these things.

Class Description

If you've photographed groups before you know it can be a challenge! This class will answer your questions and cover the most important considerations to keep in mind for your next group session. You'll learn depth of field, lens choice, posing, focus considerations, light modifiers, light position and more.


Veronica Tierney

I did really enjoy her class and learned a lot! Only downfall was that I wanted more on posing large 16 or more. Other than that, it was great and worth every cent!

Александр Антонюк

Very interesting masterclass with usefull tips of composing a group and using diffirent light modifiers. Lindsay thanks for knowledge, you are very talented!

Karen Witter

This class was very helpful to me to understand what I need to know to shoot groups. I have taken several of Lindsay's courses and Lindsay Adler is a top-notch instructor. If you're wondering about shooting groups, this is a great course to take!