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Lighting to Simplify Your Edit

Lesson 9 of 16

LIVE SHOOT: Photographing Through Objects

Daniel Kudish

Lighting to Simplify Your Edit

Daniel Kudish

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9. LIVE SHOOT: Photographing Through Objects


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Lesson Info

LIVE SHOOT: Photographing Through Objects

Alright so again, like the, the scene the location where they are is interesting we really wanna try to maximize the opportunity here and keep evolving on a creative situation. So you guys are gonna stay there. I'm actually gonna have you guys back up a little bit more. So a few steps back. I'm just changing the window in which they're framed. Back up a little bit more. Alright Katie you're perfect, Mark just move in a little bit. Okay good, looking at each other. Wonderful. Alright so here there's few different things that we can do. I'm gonna start just by including these strong leading lines in the front of the frame and then we're also going to try to frame them within an actual light bulb because it distorts what we see but also it keeps them sharp enough that we can read the frame properly. I'm just gonna adjust you guys so take a few more steps back. Back up, back up, back up. Alright wonderful, good. (camera shutter clicks) Frame number one, get in a little bit closer. Perfect,...

chin up, closer, good. (camera shutter clicks) Excellent, you guys are good. (camera shutter clicks) Good, just hold it, I'm just perfecting the frame. (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) Alright, beautiful you guys, you can relax for a second. So, I started with a wider photo just try to, you know, keep working the way that I started with showing a lot more of the window but in like the balance in the photo I felt like there was, the negative space was too strong against the lights here, so I decided to zoom in and really include some of the lights in the foreground. I'm gonna keep evolving that into something a little bit more interesting. Try to go even more abstract then we're gonna frame them in the light bulb. So come back the way you guys were. Good. (camera shutter clicks) Good. (camera shutter clicks) You guys are doing great just hold it. Take it, actually without moving your feet just lean back in Katie's direction. There you go, perfect. What I've done here is just eliminated that strong line going through Mark's head. So lean again a little bit more. There's no physical metal going through your head, don't worry Mark you're good. (camera shutter clicks) And now the rest of the work is just me adjusting my viewing angle in the camera and try to get as much of the bokeh and the foreground. Your hands are perfect Katie, I haven't had to tell you anything but you're posing them perfectly. (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) Do that little lean again, just back, there you go wonderful, guys hold it. (camera shutter clicks) Alright good, and while I have you here now I'm gonna just try to frame them in the light bulb itself. And for that I'm gonna just turn off the wall, the lights. We can keep the other ones on which is fine. Okay so this is test shot number one. You guys can see what it looks like. We're just gonna try to perfect it and make it a little bit more interesting. And eliminate some of the literal elements. (camera shutter clicks) You guys are doing great. Lean back this time in Mark's direction a little bit. Good, look at each other. Sorry come back in Katie's direction. Little bit more, good. What I'm looking at is really framing them as well as possible within that window. (camera shutter clicks) And one last one. (camera shutter clicks) Good, perfect. You guys can relax, we're gonna change spots ever so slightly.

Class Description

Good lighting makes for an easier edit, and solid editing knowledge allows the photographer to play more with light. That said, there are plenty of things you can do about substandard lighting in the post-production process that can save your photos. In this course, wedding photographer Daniel Kudish will conduct a live in-studio photo shoot with a real couple to show you how to create great lighting during your shoot so your editing process is easier. He’ll then do a full editing walkthrough in Lightroom® to demonstrate how to correct lighting problems and play with your lighting to bring your images to life.


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Sara NAomi

So love the way Daniel explains the thought processes for the images. Calm mental very very helpful. The D+D pair are an amazing photographic team from the feelings, experience, teaching and the results of their vision. So want to take a class with them in person.

Carlos Rosa

Amazing, very short compared to other classes that I have, but it's really relevant, he goes straight to the point and there's a lot of great info, and that's what makes this class so good. I really like his style​ of teaching, very simple and clear, and that's what we need.


Excellent course! Daniel explains in details how to take the pictures and how to retouch them later. I like his easy and clear approach and the use of a lot of examples. I recommend this course to anyone.