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Lighting to Simplify Your Edit

Lesson 16 of 16

The Image Salon

Daniel Kudish

Lighting to Simplify Your Edit

Daniel Kudish

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16. The Image Salon


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The Image Salon

All right, I'm gonna take a second to talk about The Image Salon. It's our post-production service that we started four years ago. The core of our business is based on connecting photographers with their own editors, which then allows them to develop a relationship and get really, really consistent results over time. Our frustration when we were looking to outsource ourselves was that we were never sure who was editing our photos whenever we would outsource, and we would get very inconsistent results. So we've employed the same mindset as if you were to hire your own editor at your own studio, but instead of being at your workplace, well, they're in ours and they also have a lot of training because this is all they do. They edit 40 hours a week. Everybody works at our studio in Montreal so nothing is outsourced overseas. All of the training is done by myself or my management staff. We have upwards of 70 editors now. We've been growing like crazy for the last few years. It's been a wild...

ride in terms of business, and we have some photographers who have been working with the same editor for the last three, four years. So there's really this very good relationship that is formed by the fact that you get to work with your own editor. We also customize the approach to the photographer themselves. We don't impose our own look, so when you start with us, we'll do a kickoff call. We'll do a screen share over Skype. We'll really get to know you better and get to know how you like to edit the photos. If you're a little bit lost and you're not sure what your editing style should be, or you're not passionate about editing, which is totally fine, we can also help you develop your own style and really come up with something that you're gonna be happy with. Generally we'll do this by asking you what photographers you like, who you enjoy looking, whose work do you enjoy viewing, and then kinda go from there. One thing that we're pretty proud of at The Image Salon that we started just a few months ago, is The Giving Salon, and it was important to us to give back to the community around us, and the way that we do this is by offering photographers who photograph any charitable project, we'll do the editing for free. We want to support photographers who are trying to bring any cause, awareness to any cause that they believe in, and that's sort of our way to giving back a little bit.

Class Description

Good lighting makes for an easier edit, and solid editing knowledge allows the photographer to play more with light. That said, there are plenty of things you can do about substandard lighting in the post-production process that can save your photos. In this course, wedding photographer Daniel Kudish will conduct a live in-studio photo shoot with a real couple to show you how to create great lighting during your shoot so your editing process is easier. He’ll then do a full editing walkthrough in Lightroom® to demonstrate how to correct lighting problems and play with your lighting to bring your images to life.


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Sara NAomi

So love the way Daniel explains the thought processes for the images. Calm mental very very helpful. The D+D pair are an amazing photographic team from the feelings, experience, teaching and the results of their vision. So want to take a class with them in person.

Carlos Rosa

Amazing, very short compared to other classes that I have, but it's really relevant, he goes straight to the point and there's a lot of great info, and that's what makes this class so good. I really like his style​ of teaching, very simple and clear, and that's what we need.


Excellent course! Daniel explains in details how to take the pictures and how to retouch them later. I like his easy and clear approach and the use of a lot of examples. I recommend this course to anyone.