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Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Lesson 13 of 40

Basic Editing in Lightroom CC: Crop and Straighten


Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Lesson 13 of 40

Basic Editing in Lightroom CC: Crop and Straighten


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Basic Editing in Lightroom CC: Crop and Straighten

We're gonna go back into the same photograph that we were just working with. The next option that we have for us is to crop. The crop tool is very very simple. There's some flip and rotate stuff here that you can play with. There's also an aspect ratio here, and you can enter custom ones as well, so if you have some specific size that you want to get to, like a weird Facebook size or something like that, you can enter that it in. But in general you can just choose a standard size, like an eight by 10. I like to keep the original crop on anything that I'm putting out there, because if you think about the way someone might print this, and I think about it from more of a professional standpoint, but even you as, if you're just taking pictures of kids or family or golf outings or whatever, and then you want to print them, there are standard sizes that you print to. Because people have standard, you know, four by six, eight by 10, that kinda thing. And if you crop it to an eight by 10, and ...

then you decide you want a four by six out of it, now you have to crop from the eight by to the four by six, and so you're going to lose even more off of it. But if you keep it, if it's a four by six image, if you keep at that and try and crop it within that, then if you choose an eight by 10 from it, you're just knocking off al little bit of extra space. So, I would generally prefer to keep it at the original. So, if you do that, if you lock this. So there's a little lock there, and you hold it, then if you just grab this edge and you crop, you'll always stay within that four by six ratio. So I just keep that lock on, and then I just always crop to the original. And then whatever I crop, I'm just always getting the right. Now in this one, I like the crop itself, I just want to rotate it a little bit to make sure that it's perfectly straight. So anywhere that you click outside, you'll see that the cursor turns to a little curved arrow. So you just simply click on that and drag left and right and it will change, or you can just grab this straighten bar and go like this, and it will change the angle of the crop. Or, you can, and let's just go back to normal, or you can hit auto and it will automatically detect the lines in it and try and straighten your horizon lines so that everything's correct. This one, it actually kind of did it a little bit wrong, because I think it's probably mostly pulling from like back here in this barn, but I want them to be straight up and down, so I'm just going to go like that so that they're more straight up and down. And now, I'll just move this around until I like the frame for it. I really like the idea of having more of this in it, and I'm not all that concerned about out there. So I'm going to move it over to here, and I'm going to try and increase the. There, okay. So that's the best I can do to straighten it and get the crop that I want, I think. Yep, okay. So then once I turn the crop off, then I lose the outsides of the crop, but anytime I turn them back on, remember it's non-destructive, so anything that you do to cropping, adjusting, or anything like that you can always go back and undo it.

Class Description

When you're taking thousands of photos every year, it gets harder and harder to keep them organized, back them up and edit them. Finding a specific photo can be next to impossible, Until now! Join Jared Platt, the world's photo organizational guru, and learn how to better organize, secure, edit and share your images no matter where you are, or what screen you happen to be looking at. Jared will help you to organize your digital photography life, so keep taking those great photos of your kids, your friends and your travels. Your life is about to get a lot easier and a lot more organized!

This class is for all photo enthusiasts and new professionals who need help organizing, editing and sharing their images. Even the Professional will find many applicable lessons and tips that will improve their workflows.


Adobe Lightroom CC 2017



This class blew my mind! As a full-time professional photographer, with a very complicated workflow (that is next to impossible to explain to my assistant) I cannot express how essential this class is to overhauling and simplifying my workflow. I am so excited to finally be able to split my workflow between multiple laptops and work stations WITHOUT having to build a server at my studio. I love that I now have a framework to start building a new organizational and backup system that I can easily train others on, and mobilize quickly. With all of the changes and improvements that Adobe is bringing to Lightroom CC & Classic, this class is integral to understanding and utilizing the program to its fullest potential! Jared Platt is a wonderful teacher and this class especially is perfect for novices and seasoned professionals alike!

a Creativelive Student

I was lucky enough to participate in-studio for this class. Jared is a great presenter and broke down the complicated Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic changes. His conversational style of presenting kept things interesting and participants involved. This course was much more than just learning what the programs do. Jared walked through sample workflows to show when and why you would use the multitude of sliders and editing tools within the program. The course is worth every penny! Topics will remain pertinent well after newer versions of Lightroom CC and Classic are released.


I won't be able to watch all of this, but I purchased it anyway. Jared's ability to address the technical as well as the artistic aspects of Lightroom is unparalleled. He is one of my preferred presenters, especially for Lightroom. I especially appreciate how he has clarified the differences among the versions of Lightroom that are available. Thank you Jared!

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