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Differences Between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC

Lesson 39 from: Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Jared Platt

Differences Between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC

Lesson 39 from: Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Jared Platt

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39. Differences Between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC


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Lesson Info

Differences Between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC

Earlier on at the beginning of this course we talked about Lightroom CC being an app on your computer but it is tied to the cloud. So, anything you put into Lightroom CC which is the brand new but a little bit more limited version of Lightroom, it is going to put everything in the cloud so all photos that go in there whether they are raw or jpeg, whatever the original photo is, it's going to the cloud. If I make a PSD and put it in there it's going to the cloud so everything in it is going to the cloud. Which the advantage of that is that every image that you put into Lightroom CC is backed up even if you don't have a backup system at home, which means it simplifies your process of making sure that you never lose an image because that image is always in the cloud, always available to you and it's full raw image, or the gull jpeg or the full PSD, whatever it is you put in, it goes up there including video. So that's really great, right? That's a fantastic system and then of course we sh...

ow on the schematic that all of the stuff that's put into Lightroom CC goes directly up to the cloud and it's an original, so all these blue lines denote where the originals go, so your originals are accessible on your phone, their accessible on the web, they're accessible on secondary computers, they're even downloaded and on Lightroom Classic, the original photo goes down to Classic. Now, we talk about Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom Classic operates on a different philosophy. So Lightroom Classic is still looking at your photos but if you put the photo into Lightroom Classic in order for it to go to the web it has to be turned on so not everything goes up to the cloud if its in Lightroom Classic. Everything in Lightroom CC goes to the cloud it's a total backup system whereas Lightroom Classic, only the stuff that you put in a particular collection and turn that collection on goes up to the cloud so you get to choose what's going to the cloud and what's not going to the cloud and so that's an advantage inside of Lightroom Classic and I know that it doesn't sound like an advantage because you think, oh I want everything backed up. Well for most people that's true but if you're running a professional workflow and you've got thousands upon thousands upon thousands of images, you would actually fill up your space in the cloud very fast, and so Lightroom Classic allows you to upload only certain images and when it uploads it's uploading a smart preview, it's not uploading the full file. And so there are different things being uploaded at different times from different things. So Lightroom CC uploads the full file, Lightroom Classic uploads a smart preview. But whatever gets uploaded to the cloud is available everywhere all the time so if a smart preview comes from Lightroom Classic it's available in Lightroom CC, if Lightroom CC uploads a full preview its available in Lightroom Classic as a full image so whatever's in the cloud is available to all things, the only difference is what gets uploaded. Now before we finish though, I want to show you Lightroom Classic and how does that stuff get to Lightroom Classic, in what form and what shape, so the first thing that you have to do inside of Lightroom Classic to make it work with Lightroom CC is that you need to go in and turn on your Lightroom Mobile and that's right here if you just click on your name right next to the Lightroom Mobile or the Lightroom logo, you click on here and you will find a little play button next to sync with Lightroom Mobile and usually it will say, start Lightroom Mobile or something like that. Hit play and it will start synchronizing. You have to be logged in so as long as you're logged in it will go up, if you're not logged in it will ask you to log in and then it will start synchronizing. Now there is a file preferences for Lightroom Mobile right here, its called Lightroom CC. When you click on it, you have your subscription information there and then you have some checkboxes and one of those check boxes is to specify location for the CC eco system images. So that's this right there, the top section in the location so the top check box in the location is asking you to identify a location where something that comes from the Lightroom cloud from CC where do you want me to put it. So, what that's saying is this... It's asking you the thing that you uploaded from here, from Lightroom CC came to here I'm gonna put it somewhere, where do you want to put it? That's what its asking you, okay? So now, you're going to go to Lightroom Classic and you're gonna tell it, you're gonna choose right here where you want to put that thing. And notice that I've put it inside of a Lightroom folder inside, well actually, I put it inside of photography, Lightroom Classic, I put it into this folder and that's where it's gonna put it. And I told it to use a sub folder format capture day and it shows me the actual day the photograph was taken. That's what its doing. So its kind of mimicking the same structure that's over inside of Lightroom CC. So the date of the actual photograph, that's where it's gonna put it and so once I've set that up this is what it looks like. So lets go to the actual photography. If I go to Classic, there it is. If I click on there, there's a photo right there. It's a PSD, if I go here there's a DNG. So everywhere I go there are a bunch of images here and I can just, like and there's some images there, so I've got all these photos and they're separated but those images notice that that image was just of me and my mom on the airplane. I took with my phone. And so that image ends up inside of Lightroom Classic as well as all of my other Lightrooms because I took it on my phone, I didn't have to do anything else. Just take it and it's there. And that one I actually took with just my camera phone, I didn't take it with Lightroom. Its a jpeg and it got put into Lightroom and uploaded to Lightroom CC, to the creative cloud and then the creative cloud disseminated it to everywhere including Lightroom Classic. So here I am in Lightroom Classic and you can see that there's the Lightroom Classic folder that I told it to create and when I open it up there's all the photos all in their little folders that tell me what date they were shot. Now remember, I can also go into these images, so I don't have to look at them folder by folder, I can look at all photographs and then I can go up here and library filter through and say I want to look at images from Iceland and there they are. So I'm looking at Iceland images because those images... So if I look down here in key wording, there's no actual key wording here but it's finding those images based on their location. So there's actually location information on these photos so this one is actually the Iceland trip and so because its in a collection called Iceland, it shows up, right? But this one also has a location on it. So if I click on the location, it will actually take me to the map and show me exactly where it was taken. So I have the ability to look at my images by location, by name, by keyword, all that kind of stuff but remember the one thing that's not available here inside of this version of Lightroom is it's not tied up to the cloud where I can search with Adobe Sensei, so it's not visually searching. If I want to visually search, I need to either go to the web, I need to go to Lightroom CC or I need to go to my iPad or my iPhone. Those are searching visually. This is just searching by keywords. So that's just one major difference. So the other thing that you should notice inside of Lightroom Classic for those of you that are using it there is a collection set called From Lightroom Mobile, that collection set gets created when things start downloading. As soon as you connect to Lightroom, to the creative cloud in Lightroom Mobile, anything that comes from that Lightroom ecosystem so anything that comes from here down to Lightroom Classic, not only gets put in its' folder, the physical file gets put in its' folder where you told it to put it, but it also gets added to whatever collection it happens to be in so any images that come from Lightroom, from the creative cloud go into the collection where they exist on the cloud. So if I go here, I can look at any of the collections that are available so here's the Iceland and Sweden. If I click on it, all of those images are the same images available in all of the other albums. So it keeps you up to date as you move stuff around, it will move them in other places. So if I move stuff on the creative cloud, or if I move it on Lightroom Web or on my Lightroom Mobile, it will move it inside of these too, so everything stays up to date because it's all synchronized. But I wanted you to know from a Lightroom CC user standpoint, that if you want to use Lightroom Classic for any reason, that's how you tie into it make sure you start Lightroom Mobile, the synchronization, once you do that, make sure you tell it where you want those original files to go when its pulling them down and then know that it will also tie in all of your albums into collections inside of this from Lightroom Mobile collection set and that's where you're gonna find all of your images from Lightroom CC inside of Lightroom Classic.

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This class blew my mind! As a full-time professional photographer, with a very complicated workflow (that is next to impossible to explain to my assistant) I cannot express how essential this class is to overhauling and simplifying my workflow. I am so excited to finally be able to split my workflow between multiple laptops and work stations WITHOUT having to build a server at my studio. I love that I now have a framework to start building a new organizational and backup system that I can easily train others on, and mobilize quickly. With all of the changes and improvements that Adobe is bringing to Lightroom CC & Classic, this class is integral to understanding and utilizing the program to its fullest potential! Jared Platt is a wonderful teacher and this class especially is perfect for novices and seasoned professionals alike!

a Creativelive Student

I was lucky enough to participate in-studio for this class. Jared is a great presenter and broke down the complicated Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic changes. His conversational style of presenting kept things interesting and participants involved. This course was much more than just learning what the programs do. Jared walked through sample workflows to show when and why you would use the multitude of sliders and editing tools within the program. The course is worth every penny! Topics will remain pertinent well after newer versions of Lightroom CC and Classic are released.


I won't be able to watch all of this, but I purchased it anyway. Jared's ability to address the technical as well as the artistic aspects of Lightroom is unparalleled. He is one of my preferred presenters, especially for Lightroom. I especially appreciate how he has clarified the differences among the versions of Lightroom that are available. Thank you Jared!

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