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Finding Images in Lightroom CC

Lesson 8 from: Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Jared Platt

Finding Images in Lightroom CC

Lesson 8 from: Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Jared Platt

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8. Finding Images in Lightroom CC


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Finding Images in Lightroom CC


Lesson Info

Finding Images in Lightroom CC

We're in Lightroom CC and we're going to start finding photos. So we talked a little about finding photos, right? We organized them. So this is where we organize them over here. We can organize them by when we added them. We can look at all of our photos or we can look at them by date or we can organize them by albums. We can collect them into virtual albums. So, that's the first way that you can organize. The second way you can organize. We talked about going through our images, choosing images and giving them star ratings. So either flags, rejects or star rates. That helps us decide how much we like those photos. And incidentally it also helps Lightroom figure out how much you like the photos to decide which ones to throw on the cloud and which ones to keep resident and all that kind of stuff. We have all that way of doing it. We also have keywords that we can add to photographs. And we also have information like titles and captions and locations and things like that. So that's the w...

ay we find photos. Now, I told you that there was something really cool coming up and I'm going to tell you that now. So, not only does Lightroom use the information that you put in to help you find photos. But now, because we are so ingrained in the cloud, and this is because of the cloud. Because in the cloud, there is a program called Adobe Sensei, and Adobe Sensei is not something you download, it's a program up in the cloud, and this program is looking at billions of photographs and it's machine learning. It's figuring out, what photos look like. What people look like. What shapes look like. It's looking at keywords that are coming up and telling it this is a photo of something. So then it looks at it. It knows the shape of a tree. It knows the shape of a cactus. It knows the shape of a male versus a female person. It knows the shape of a dog. It can find out if you're smiling or wearing a hat. So Adobe Sensei, has the ability to help you find your photographs and because we're connected to the cloud, when you are working either in your Lightroom mobile, which is on your iPad or your phone, or you're working inside of Adobe CC or if you're on Adobe Web. I mean Lightroom Web, whatever you're on, it's using Adobe Sensei to find the images because all your images are in the cloud. It's not searching on your computer. So when I do this search I want you to understand that it's not looking at my photos on my computer. It's looking at the same photos on the cloud and then delivering a search to me on the computer. That's how it does it quickly because you've got these huge massive computers up in these server farms and stuff that are doing all the computation. So there is no way this computer. This little dippy computer could not do these computations fast enough. But Sensei is up in the cloud doing the computation and then sending down, choose this photo, this photo, this photo. You're ready? So I'm going to go to our organization and we can tell it what we want to search for. So we're just going to go all photos. So now we're looking through 2,000 photos, and I'm going to search for something. So I'm going search for a dress-- So I just found photos with dresses. You see that? There is a goat wearing a dress. There is a child wearing a dress. There is a bride wearing a dress. When I click on this. If I go to the keywords, you can see that there is-- It doesn't say dress. Anywhere in those keywords. Now, I put child in there, but I didn't think to put dress on this photograph. So I would've never found it except Adobe Sensei found the dress and showed it to me. So now, let's go dress and hat. Let' see if we have-- There we go. So this girl is wearing a dress and a hat and now I can say. Oh you can see hat. That's not technically a hat but it's close enough right? So I've got all of-- There is another dress and a hat. oKay? So now I can also say tree. Okay. So now It's not-- Oh no, black hole. So it didn't find a tree. Probably, didn't find a tree. I thought it would find this tree. I thougt it would find that, but maybe it's too blurry for it to find it. But you can see how helpful that can be to you. Finding a photo that you don't know where it is. A lot of the times, especially for those that have used Lightroom Classic in the past. If you keyword you can find things. But if you forget to keyword something you're lost. So then you search and search, I know there is a photograph of a goat. I know there is a photograph of a goat somewhere. There it is. And also, it thinks those are goats, which they're silly but-- But there is no goats. It's a donkey but it thinks it's a goat. Right? So I can also look for sheep. There, thinks those are sheep too because of the hair on it. But see how it's intelligently looking for things, that look like sheep. And it will find them for you. So, the ability to find stuff through Adobe Sensei is pretty amazing because now you have the ability to look and by the way if you just want to look through say your portfolios-- So if I just click on portfolios, then I'm just looking through a Portfolio thing. So like, let's say, ocean. So I just want to look at the ocean. So now you can see that it did a pretty good job of finding just the ocean. I've always wondered if it would do this. Hold on. So we're going to do the ocean, and we're going to do yoga. Did it! Yoga. So, now we're looking at ocean and yoga. Now it's possible that I keyworded this yoga. So let's take a look and see. Do we see yoga in there? Okay, so do you see how it could possibly be using the yoga keyword and this together. But they work together rather than just alone. So when you are looking for something, this is where you want to search. Now there is a difference between Lightroom Mobile-- Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom CC are different than Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic is not connected to the cloud on search. So when you're searching for something in Lightroom Classic, you're only going to be searching inside of your data base resident on your computer. If you can't find it. If you simply go over to another computer that has Lightroom CC on it or if you go to the web. So if we go to the web, any search that I do here on the web, is going to be a Sensei search. So if I search for snow. Here, and there is all my snow pictures. Then I can highlight oops-- So then I can go into all of these and I can highlight all of these and I can make a collection called snow. So I just create an album called snow. And then I can take these images and share them to that collection. So I can just grab this. Drag it. So I'm making my snow collection. This one is not snow. But it-- See how it thinks that's snow? But I can add things to my snow collection, and then once I'm done, then I can go back into Lightroom Classic, and there will be a collection of snow, then I can re-keyword those, right? So you can use Lightroom Classic and Adobe Sensei which is that search capability. You can use those together you just don't get to use the connection to Adobe Sensei to that search in Lightroom Classic because it's an older program it's just not connected that way. I hope some day they'll connect it. But I think maybe they'll let you just use Lightroom CC for it. Which is the one reason why someone might want to use Lightroom CC as a secondary helper, when they're working primarily in Lightroom Classic. Does that make sense? So you've got Classic, which is this workhorse but Lightroom CC has all these amazing connections to that cloud. And what Adobe Sensei is doing is it's doing machine learning and it's also paying attention to what everybody does. So it's basically. They call it, group IQ or-- So it's IQ is the combination of all the people in the world that are using it. So because you're IQ is deciding what certain things are and what you do with certain things it adds that to everybody else's IQ and then that becomes the collective IQ. I think that's what it's called. Collective IQ. It takes collective IQ and puts everybody's IQ together. And that's how it's figuring out all of these things. So, is there a question? The question from Ed. Can you then add the keyword dress, for example, into the photos that are selected? Yeah so, what you would do is, for instance here, when we went and searched for dress. Like that. Okay, so now we've got a bunch of dresses. So then you could just simply highlight all those images and I did that by hitting command A or Control A. So I select all images, and then I go to the keyword section and then some of them already have dress in it maybe, but others don't, so I can see that there is-- there, there is a couple that have dress in it, but not all of them. So then I'm just going to go in and put dress and that added the actual keyword to every single one of those images because they all have dress in them. Now this one doesn't have dress in it, Ss I'm not sure why this one has dress in it, right here. This one. That shouldn't have dress in it. And so this. See how if I float over it, it has a little cross through it? So I'm just going to go up and remove it. So that one should not have dress in it. And I'll just kind of scan through and make sure that all these others make sense for dress. And if there is one that doesn't have a dress or shouldn't have a dress in it. Then I will remove it. Look at this. It even found this. These are like little play dresses. But they're there. They're dresses so. They found them.

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This class blew my mind! As a full-time professional photographer, with a very complicated workflow (that is next to impossible to explain to my assistant) I cannot express how essential this class is to overhauling and simplifying my workflow. I am so excited to finally be able to split my workflow between multiple laptops and work stations WITHOUT having to build a server at my studio. I love that I now have a framework to start building a new organizational and backup system that I can easily train others on, and mobilize quickly. With all of the changes and improvements that Adobe is bringing to Lightroom CC & Classic, this class is integral to understanding and utilizing the program to its fullest potential! Jared Platt is a wonderful teacher and this class especially is perfect for novices and seasoned professionals alike!

a Creativelive Student

I was lucky enough to participate in-studio for this class. Jared is a great presenter and broke down the complicated Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic changes. His conversational style of presenting kept things interesting and participants involved. This course was much more than just learning what the programs do. Jared walked through sample workflows to show when and why you would use the multitude of sliders and editing tools within the program. The course is worth every penny! Topics will remain pertinent well after newer versions of Lightroom CC and Classic are released.


I won't be able to watch all of this, but I purchased it anyway. Jared's ability to address the technical as well as the artistic aspects of Lightroom is unparalleled. He is one of my preferred presenters, especially for Lightroom. I especially appreciate how he has clarified the differences among the versions of Lightroom that are available. Thank you Jared!

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