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Lightroom CC - Mobile: Cropping and Gradients

Lesson 27 from: Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Jared Platt

Lightroom CC - Mobile: Cropping and Gradients

Lesson 27 from: Lightroom CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Jared Platt

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27. Lightroom CC - Mobile: Cropping and Gradients


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Lesson Info

Lightroom CC - Mobile: Cropping and Gradients

Let's try and do a straightening. So I'm just gonna click on the straighten tool. And it straightened it but it didn't have to straighten it too much, it looked at it. I'm gonna grab it and make sure that I agree with... Yeah it's pretty straight. So I was on a tripod when I shot this, like I set up my tripod cause I wanted to get it perfectly aligned. Cause usually if I'm not on a tripod you know I'm looking, and I'm not quite, and then by the time I snap the shutter I've moved a little bit or I've tilted a little bit and then I have to... But I really wanted this to be organized perfectly, so that's when I stuck it on the tripod. So anyway, it's on a tripod, so I already had it straightened but we can go in and do a little bit of crop. So I'm gonna do a 16 by 9 crop because this is more of a cinematic look, so then I'm gonna just drag this up and down until I like exactly where I'm going with it. So I can either have more cobblestone, or I can have more sky, I think I'm gonna go righ...

t about there. Okay, so now I'm done with that crop and I'm gonna go into my local adjustments and I'm gonna create a gradient. The gradient is because I want people to be looking at the castle, but there's way too much brightness on those cobblestones. So I'm just going to go up here into the light, and I'm gonna bring the exposure down on the cobblestones. And then I'm gonna take the blacks down. See how I want more definition in the cobblestones? So I'm, by using the black, I'm actually creating more definition because it's the grout in between the cobblestones is what's actually getting adjusted. So that's gonna be a much better look for those cobblestones. So now what I have to do is I have to take my gradient, and just go up like this, and then I'm gonna increase there. And let's twist it there, okay. So now the cobblestones look good. The problem is that I've also added that same gradient up to my sides and stuff like that, and I don't want those to happen. So now I'm gonna go to the erase tool, and remember I want to see where the gradient is being applied, so I'm gonna click on it so I can see the red, and now I'm gonna be in my eraser tool. I'm gonna make sure my eraser is not super feathered, and I'm gonna make sure it's small enough that I can get close to those cobblestones without messing up. And then I'm going to have it go all the way up like that. And I'm just gonna erase out, oops, am I erasing that? There we go. So I'm just erasing out that area right there, like that. Then I'm gonna come and erase this area right here, like that, there. So now I can play with it and you can see that I'm only really effecting that one area of the cobblestones. Not the rest of it, so that's what I want. And hit done. I like that photo much better than I liked the original photo, right? Looks great, but there's one thing that I could fix, but I can't fix it here, so I'm gonna go away from that photo and it's gonna synchronize. Remember I have to move away from the photo because while I'm looking at the photo, Lightroom Mobile assumes I'm still working on it so it'd make no sense for it to synchronize the information. So I let it synchronize until that little green check mark comes up right here, that little green check box right there tells me that it's all ready. And so this is now up in the cloud. So then I'm gonna come over here to my computer, we're gonna go find that photo, which is where are you, there you are. And I'm gonna click on it, and at one point it won't be too long, that information is gonna come down so we're just waiting on it. To find the gradient, you said you're just right clicking on the, the middle of that, it's kinda hard to tell on the Ipad what's happening but you're just right clicking on the, where you started the gradient to see like the red haze? If you just click on it, so if you just take your pencil or your finger, and just click on that little pin, it turns blue and if you click on it again it turns red, and then if you click on it again it'll turn off, and if you hold click it it'll give you that little right click menu basically that tells you what you can do with it to auto show it or that kind of stuff, okay?

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This class blew my mind! As a full-time professional photographer, with a very complicated workflow (that is next to impossible to explain to my assistant) I cannot express how essential this class is to overhauling and simplifying my workflow. I am so excited to finally be able to split my workflow between multiple laptops and work stations WITHOUT having to build a server at my studio. I love that I now have a framework to start building a new organizational and backup system that I can easily train others on, and mobilize quickly. With all of the changes and improvements that Adobe is bringing to Lightroom CC & Classic, this class is integral to understanding and utilizing the program to its fullest potential! Jared Platt is a wonderful teacher and this class especially is perfect for novices and seasoned professionals alike!

a Creativelive Student

I was lucky enough to participate in-studio for this class. Jared is a great presenter and broke down the complicated Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic changes. His conversational style of presenting kept things interesting and participants involved. This course was much more than just learning what the programs do. Jared walked through sample workflows to show when and why you would use the multitude of sliders and editing tools within the program. The course is worth every penny! Topics will remain pertinent well after newer versions of Lightroom CC and Classic are released.


I won't be able to watch all of this, but I purchased it anyway. Jared's ability to address the technical as well as the artistic aspects of Lightroom is unparalleled. He is one of my preferred presenters, especially for Lightroom. I especially appreciate how he has clarified the differences among the versions of Lightroom that are available. Thank you Jared!

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