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Sharing Images Using Adobe® Spark

If I'm on my computer, and I want to share on my Adobe Spark, and Adobe Spark is available to anybody, but it's available to you as well, so you can use Adobe Spark to do stuff kind of free of charge. It's a free application. But if you are on the Creative Cloud, then all of your stuff that's on the Creative Cloud is also tied into that. So I'm here on Adobe Spark on a website. So I log into my account and I want to share something. So I want to make a say, let's say I want to make a webpage. I can simply click on it and say I want to make a webpage to show people my travels to Iceland. And so now I'm just going to add a photo and I can find that photo in Lightroom. Now remember I'm not in Lightroom CC, I'm just on the web. I can be on my mom's computer at her house, and I want to create a website, so I go to Lightroom and there's all of my collections right there. Those are all of my albums. And I simply go and find Iceland. And then I'm going to scan down and find my Iceland selfie, ...

and the people are gone. And there I am, there's my Iceland selfie. And so I can say Iceland and Land of Vikings. And, oh, and me. And then I, okay so I've already started my website, so now I'm gonna add some text here. And I'm just gonna say, This is, oh, this is the story of my travels to Iceland. I must return. So, fantastic. Iceland was amazing. I just loved every second of it. Okay so then I can add another section here and let's just add like a photo grid. And so now I wanna find my photos inside of Lightroom again. I'm gonna go down to my Iceland images and let's just start adding some images, so this one. And the sheep that I saw. And so I'm just going to add a lot of landscape type stuff, some drone photos that I took, here's those northern lights. Here's people taking pictures of icebergs. And let's see... Some big rocks. So anyway, and then I'm going to hit import and now all of those are in a photo grid. Right? So I save my photo grid. And now, see I go down and then I've got a photo grid here and if I click on those it allows me to edit the grid. And so I can say, you know what? I really want this image to be a large photo, and then see how it changes the position? And then I also want this one to be a large photo. So see how it's changing the grids so that I can... I'm designing a website and it's very, very simple to do. And now I'm ready to share it. So if I hit share, then I get all the options for sharing, I can pick a category, so this is travel photography. And then I can add some credits and then I can create a link. And when I create the link, it will just give me a URL, copy that, send it to someone, when they go there, they're going to see this beautiful website. So it's an amazing way to create a story that you're telling, and you can put video in there, you can put photos in there, you can put text, all sorts of things, big titles. It's a very easy way to share something. And by the way, right now you don't have the ability to... Those who are paying for a Lightroom CC subscription, can take the branding off so that it's just you, it doesn't say Adobe post on it and Adobe this Adobe that, it doesn't say that. But also one of the things that it doesn't have, which again this is a plea to Adobe, please allow us to put our own URL in there so that we can, it could go to or something like that, and I could have all my stories in one place. But for the time being you can't do that. So what I've heard some people do is they actually go to like GoDaddy and they create a webpage. So they buy a URL for nine bucks for the year and then they point that URL to this page. And then they do what's called masking, and they mask it so that it, that your URL always stays in the search bar. So that it looks like you're on, but it's showing through to this website. Which is some Adobe.blahblahblahblahblah. Whatever that. So you can create a very seamless experience for people going to your website. But it's a little tricky right now. Hopefully at some point they will allow us to be able to have our own URL point to these sites, so. But anyway, that's a really easy way to share and if I preview this, this is what the webpage looks like. So if someone comes, they'll see Iceland, Land of Vikings and me. And then they'll see my story and then they'll see photos. And if they click on a photo, they'll then be able to see the full photo and they can cycle through the photos, and then close it and then keep going all the way down to the bottom of the website. So it's a really beautiful way to see a website. So that's a really easy way to share and you can literally share from anywhere. You can be on someone else's computer and go to your account and start creating a webpage. So, now let's go to the, let's go to my iPad. On that spark page, is there a way to prevent right-click downloading of images? Well let's, I'm not sure, let's look at it in preview and see what it does. So if I click on this image here, and I right-click... It won't let me right-click. I'm trying to right-click. So, there's no right-clicking. You can't really prevent someone hitting Shift + Command + 4, and then doing this. Like that's, you can't prevent that on any website. Thank you for showing that to everyone, though. You're welcome. So. (audience chuckles) Anyway, you're always gonna be able to get, someone can find a way to screen-grab whatever it is you got, but at least the right-click, download the full file isn't available. So, like I'm, if I right-click the main one then I right click, it just doesn't. So it's just, it negating your ability to do that based on telling the right-click to do something. So, there you go. You're all protected against at least that.

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When you're taking thousands of photos every year, it gets harder and harder to keep them organized, back them up and edit them. Finding a specific photo can be next to impossible, Until now! Join Jared Platt, the world's photo organizational guru, and learn how to better organize, secure, edit and share your images no matter where you are, or what screen you happen to be looking at. Jared will help you to organize your digital photography life, so keep taking those great photos of your kids, your friends and your travels. Your life is about to get a lot easier and a lot more organized!

This class is for all photo enthusiasts and new professionals who need help organizing, editing and sharing their images. Even the Professional will find many applicable lessons and tips that will improve their workflows.


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