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Lesson 6 from: Lightroom Desktop for the Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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6. Importing

Learn how to import your images into Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile. This will provide you with access to your entire photo collection from anywhere in the world and also give you complete backup of all of your photographs.
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Now let's talk about importing your photos into the Lightroom ecosystem. Now this, it couldn't be any easier. You can import them onto your computer on your desktop in Lightroom desktop or you can import them into Lightroom Mobile on any device, whether it's a Samsung style device or if it's an Apple device, um or you can put them on the web, which we showed you how to do that on the web already. Now, I have a card here and I want to import these and I'm actually gonna use Lightroom desktop because it's the easiest way to put it in. I actually have a card reader on the laptop, so that's the easiest. But I could also use a card reader and plug it into my onto my ipad. Um and that's just as easy once I plug it in, I just simply go down here in the grid, go find the actual folder. I want to put it in instead of the camera button right there. I'm actually gonna choose the little plus button on the photo, just next to it on the bottom, right hand corner of the screen. And when I do that, I ...

can either choose to to import them from all photos from my camera, roll from my files or from a camera device. And that would be this. So if you are planning on importing your images on a mobile device, that's how you do it. But what we're gonna do is we're going to do it on the desktop. So I'm going to plug this card into my computer. I'm going to go to the add photos button and when I click on that I have the option to either browse and look for photos that are on my computer somewhere or I can look at connected devices Now right now my iphone and ipad are connected but my EOS digital card is in the computer so it's looking at that as well. So I'm going to click on the on that U. S. Digital card and it shows me all of the images that I could import on that card. And so I'm just I've got them all selected and I could just add 137 photos. But I first want to choose where they're going. So right here in the top middle area says add to album and I want to choose an album either from the ones that exist or I want to go in and create a new one. So I'm gonna click new and I'm going to create a new album and this album is going to be called um Travel in Northeast. So here's My Travel in the Northeast I'm going to create. And so now it's not going into the old album, it's now going into a brand new album called Travel in the Northeast. And then I'm going to hit add all 137 items. I could uncheck some if I didn't want to add some of these in. But if I want to add all of them, I simply hit select all and then add those photos and that's it. So now what it's doing is it's taking those images from the card and it's putting them on the hard drive in that place where we told Lightroom to put all original photos. Do you remember that spot? It's in the preferences and we told that this is the spot where we want all of our original photos. But then once it gets them there, it's also sending them up to the clouds so that the cloud has access to them as well. And then as soon as it gets the cloud, all of those images are also going to start coming down into all the other devices. So that's all happening behind the scenes. And we don't even have to think about it. All we know is that we imported our images into a particular album and Lightroom is taking care of the rest. It's saving a copy on our computer. It's putting a copy as a backup in the cloud and it's sharing all the images to all of our other devices. So we just have to go down and look for that and notice Recently added photos now has a option for two minutes ago we added 133 photos. So we're getting close to being finished. Well there we go. So we're finished. So 130, images were added two minutes ago. And if I scroll down, I'm going to find a new album called Travel in Northeast if I grab that, I can actually drag that up into my folder that I'm currently working with. And now all of them are located in a folder that I can easily collapse and easily open so that I can find them really easily. Now, if I click on that, I'm looking at that album of images. Perfect. So now I have them here on the computer. I can work on them. But it's also you see this little spinning icon that's happening here that tells me it's going up to the cloud. You can also see the spinning icon up here at the top of the album itself. And if I go over to the right to the cloud and click on that, you can see that it is synchronizing 137 photos. And those photos are going to start appearing in the IPad as well. And notice down at the bottom of this folder of albums is a travel in northeast. And when I click on it, those three images have been added and they're just going to continue to add. And if I want, I can simply click on this triple dot button and I can say I would like to store these locally and it tells me how much space I need in order to do that. And I click download and now all of those images because they're right here. That tells me that it's going to download those images so that they are on the ipad themselves. But keep in mind that inside of our preferences of the ipad in the settings area, we told it that we only want to download the smart previews, Which means it's not going to take the entire 30 MB for every single photo. They're going to be those small, really usable but smaller raw previews, which are awesome. So the smart previews are what I'm downloading. Um if I had turned that setting so that it allowed for downloading the originals then I would be downloading the entire full originals but I'd better have a very large flash drive inside of my ipad so that I can hold all those photos. So right now we have 13 images in our IPad, those are going to continue to come down as the system delivers them up to the cloud. So now the computer is no longer using this card because it's already copied everything from the card. I have a copy in the computer and a copy is being sent to the cloud while it's being sent to the cloud. It's also being sent down to my ipad and it's being put in the same album on my ipad that it was on my desktop. So everywhere I go, even on my phone, I will be able to find these photos and work on them and that's as simple as it is to import items when you import something into lightroom, you get the advantage of the entire ecosystem to back everything up, and then we'll start working on the images.

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