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Creative Photography Challenge

Lesson 1 of 10

Challenge #1: Making a Mess


Creative Photography Challenge

Lesson 1 of 10

Challenge #1: Making a Mess


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Challenge #1: Making a Mess

in this challenge, we are going to make a mess. I like to get my hands dirty, and I like to try things with paint or glittering or molasses or flour. And so that's what I invite you to dio. Our mess today is actually going to be with something called holi powder. H o L. I. This powder, it's really inexpensive. You can buy it online, and also I want to bring the color red into my subjects. Outfit you're lighting set up doesn't need to be very complicated. So in this example, I will have a one light set up. I'm going to be using a three by four foot soft box. And that's it. Because what's powerful about this image is not necessarily the lighting. It's the color as well as the mess we're going to make. Wow. Okay, so it is working with things pretty close to what we like, right? I think something around there, it's exploding from her. So let's try that one more time and then I'll try in her dress. Okay, get nice and focus that you tell me what? Okay, so here's the issue in the shot. It's k...

ind of behind her. So we're going toe, fill this dress with the powder, and then I'm gonna have you spin. Try a couple where you remove the dress. Maybe try one where you do one with movement. One of the hand up. I'll just shoot a bunch and get some Friday. Perfect. Oh, yeah, that was beautiful. Okay, cool. That's gorgeous. We can see the dress kind of moving and swirling. Yeah, that's beautiful. As as you can see, we made a huge mess, but we also made some really, really beautiful images. So what you guys need to do now is get out there, lose control, make a mess and share your image is what you're going to do if you're gonna hash, tag images, creative photo challenge, and definitely feel free to spirit images in the Facebook group. So good luck. I can't wait to see the images you make and the messy

Class Description

Feeling stuck and uninspired behind the lens? Stop scrambling for ideas on your next portrait.

Take Our Creative Photo Challenge

We teamed up with master portrait photographer, Lindsay Adler, for a bi-monthly series of FREE photography challenges designed to push you well beyond your comfort zone. Named one of the top 10 best fashion photographers in the world, Lindsay knows how vital it is to grow and explore to thrive as a photographer.

To spark your creativity, try a new (totally doable) challenge to help you discover and harness new techniques. Each 5 minute video will outline simple steps and ideas for a unique portrait. Take a moment to think about your point of view and deliver something outside of your norm.


  • Upload your photos and tag it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter using #creativephotochallenge.
  • Have questions or want to check in with fellow photographers? Join the Creative Photo Challenge Facebook group.
Step outside of your routine, see the possibilities and discover what you love to capture!

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Jid Kwinka

I am so much more willing to participate this challenge, tho' i don't have the materials and studio equipment. I only have a tripod, a camera, a softbox, a flash and a reflector but it ain't gonna stop me. I'm eager to learn new things, I love creative live, I love Lindsay, and I LOVE Photography! So thank you all for this free class! keep inspiring us!

Adiel Ahmed Munir

I loved it, I highly recommend this class. It's super informative and Lindsay is a superb Photographer and teacher. Thanks for sharing

Beyond Neverland

OMG! Is this for real? Lindsay is not only an amazing teacher and very knowledgeable but super creative! Such an inspiration! I watched this during my lunch break and now just want to grab my camera and go try some of these techniques!