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Creative Photography Challenge

Lesson 10 of 10

Challenge #10: Silhouettes


Creative Photography Challenge

Lesson 10 of 10

Challenge #10: Silhouettes


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Challenge #10: Silhouettes

in this challenge, we're going to shoot a silhouette, and one of the reasons I love silhouettes is there clean and their graphic and they're timeless. And you can shoot so many different subjects. You shoot it for portrait's from eternity, you name it. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna show you a very simple way to set up a silhouette using window light. If I have my subject, just stand in front of the window. There's nothing in front of its just the windowpanes. What ends up happening is you have a lot of distractions. You don't get a clean white background, so I am using window sheers. It's just a very thin piece of white material and costs, like 10 15 bucks, very inexpensive. Now I have that in between because that is really just turning it into a soft box. That's what it's doing. So now that I'm photographing her here, I have to remember that in a silhouette I need to see her and profound. It's about shapes. She stands straight onto me towards camera without an interesting pose.

It's boring. It's not going to be a creative or compelling shot, so I'm going to focus on posing her with interesting shapes and being able to see the profile of her face. I'm gonna have you put your do what you just did. Turn to the side there, pop up your left knee. Great. Put your hand here in the lower back, A little bit lower. Uh, then I'm gonna have you keep your head at all times to the sign and then bring it out. Take a look at me. Forget like this. Perfect. Okay, we take a quick shot and lean your chest forward, forward, forward, forward. And then right Elbow down. Great. So I'm taking a look at my exposure here. And when I'm deciding my exposure, I recommend that you shoot in manual mode. So by default, what your camera will think if you're shooting on, maybe aperture priorities that thinks she's too dark and it lightens everything up. But we're shooting a silhouette. It's on purpose. So manual mode is going to give me that control. Looking at the shot. It's OK, but it's not super interesting. So we're going to take it up a notch, get more creative, make it graphic by actually making some interesting props out of cardboard and out of phone Court. Good. Perfect off. That is perfect. Okay, hold on. Good. And right there. Head hard to your right. You're left, though. Great. Okay, so you help me out with this. You come in real quick. Perfect. Just like that. It had hard to your left. You turn your body if you need. Great cool. Super cool. Great. Wonderful. All right, so I'm looking at this. It's a nice clean. So let there's not a lot of work that I really need to do, but you can't tell that it's cardboard, but it makes it look like it's a high fashion accessories. Now, of course, you don't need to shoot fashion. You consume any subject matter, just have to get creative of how to make it interesting. Shooting as a silhouette. Don't forget that You want a hashtag creative photo challenge and feel free to join the Facebook group. Can't wait to see what you make out of your silhouette.

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Feeling stuck and uninspired behind the lens? Stop scrambling for ideas on your next portrait.

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To spark your creativity, try a new (totally doable) challenge to help you discover and harness new techniques. Each 5 minute video will outline simple steps and ideas for a unique portrait. Take a moment to think about your point of view and deliver something outside of your norm.


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Jid Kwinka

I am so much more willing to participate this challenge, tho' i don't have the materials and studio equipment. I only have a tripod, a camera, a softbox, a flash and a reflector but it ain't gonna stop me. I'm eager to learn new things, I love creative live, I love Lindsay, and I LOVE Photography! So thank you all for this free class! keep inspiring us!

Adiel Ahmed Munir

I loved it, I highly recommend this class. It's super informative and Lindsay is a superb Photographer and teacher. Thanks for sharing

Beyond Neverland

OMG! Is this for real? Lindsay is not only an amazing teacher and very knowledgeable but super creative! Such an inspiration! I watched this during my lunch break and now just want to grab my camera and go try some of these techniques!