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Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Home Court Habits: Breakfast

Darya Rose

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Darya Rose

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22. Home Court Habits: Breakfast


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Home Court Habits: Breakfast

Today what we're going to do is take all that theory we learned and learn how to like put it in a practice in our daily life right? Because it all sounds lovely and I always get those people are like, really excited and then they go to try it at home and they're like uh, gosh it's harder than I thought it was going to be so today we're going to go through that, you know, work on troubleshooting, tackling things that you kind of think you know what to do but haven't been ableto implements it found good is psyched I'm super psyched so so the goal right is to optimize for both health and happiness we tend to go all or none, you know? We tend to pull at least our mindset tends to be like I'm either super unhealthy and like eating whatever I want all the time or I'm and a saint, you know, intent on demoralizes I'm being I'm being good and things are working out but that's not a sustainable. So what we're really focusing on here is getting health mohr of a priority but without cutting out th...

e joy you know, without cutting out the stuff we actually like and making it more fun, we talk, you know, one of the other really important points we need to keep in mind is really food is really the ticket here because really food tastes better it's better for you and you don't actually have to over think all the little nutritional details like how many carbs air in there how much sugar's in there how much fats in there you could just use the general rule of thumb that if it it's a food that comes out of earth that is good for you and that really takes a lot of that guesswork out of trying to figure out what's good and what's gonna work for you oh yeah and keep focused on the big picture to ah it can it can really get you can really be easy to get like stuck down in the details and you know, start worrying about which oil is better which which bread is better he talked about that yesterday we're going toe instead keep an eye on the big picture and remember that eighty twenty printable remember those home court habits that that's where you win is when you focus on things that have a huge impact and not the little the little details yeah we just we shop smarter and we cook smarter as opposed to just adding a lot of work to our lives we're trying to make it easier and say we learned about that yesterday so today the real focus is on practice right? We've talked you know we talked to on day one about the importance of having a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset and the main thing I wanted to take you guys to take home from that lesson is that a growth mindset means it's okay to mess up because I've got news for you. This stuff isn't easy if if eating healthy and like being thin were easy or if you could just feel guilty and do it, everybody would be thin and healthy like it's really hard and so you're gonna have to be comfortable with things not working out the first time you try something new and that's a really different approach from a traditional sort of restrictive diet, which is, like just follow these rules and if you break it, then all is lost, you know, all is not lost, you enter the rudest here, you know everything, everything is a learning process, and so the mentality I want you to take moving forward is if I try something new and it doesn't work for me either, you know, I still, you know, I ate a healthy dinner, but then I was still hungry later and in a bunch of cookies that's okay there's something else to address, though maybe you didn't eat enough, maybe there was a stress issue you need to deal with somewhere else, maybe you know, there there could be any number of things that could be causing it and instead of saying I'm just a failure you know, I just can't control myself around cookies saying why what's caught what's triggering me what's causing that and how can I address it earlier and not have to do that again? It might take months might even take I've had certain habits I've been trying to create it has taken me over a year it's just that it's just the process you know, so be open minded and practice because nobody is perfect because yeah so the devil's in the details it gets tricky so one of the ways to simplify that process so I think you know somebody will look at me and my block and what I do and I'm saying this is what I dio I eat mindfully I put my fork down between bites I eat breakfast, I eat greens, I go to the gym, I walk ten thousand steps a day and you're like, oh my gosh, how can I do all that? I don't do any of those things right now like that's a lot. So what? I want you to keep in mind I not only he can't you do that not only can you not go from zero to sixty in no time but it's actually counterproductive because we talked remember we talked a lot about how easy it is to tell your out your brain when you try to add more than one or two habits at a time, you get overwhelmed and you shut down and nothing none of them will work so what? I really yeah I'm getting some nods here yeah, it can get really hard so what I want you to do is focus on only one or two habits at a time tackle those for a month or two or longer if they're really hard, you know and that's the way you should judge so when you when you pick a habit that's really hard to do that one work on that one for two months if you have to you know, if you sent do something a little easier personally think breakfast is pretty easy you can do breakfast and maybe work on mindful eating to something like that but choose only a couple and just it'll right on those and so you get it right and then move on then work on exercise or something a little more challenging and and uh and more important started the ones that are easiest for you. We want to start building up some momentum because we don't want you teo just feel frustrated all the time so pick stuff that's super easy for you personally and that's gonna be different for everyone for some people they love getting being more active and so that's like a great place to start other people love cooking that's a great place to start so it's up to you, but think in terms of how going to make this easier for myself not how can I like, I struggle with this, you know, that's a struggle later, but once you get momentum that it's everything starts falling into place. Uh, lesson number three and this is tough for people really tough is to be brutally honest about what is and is not working. I can't tell you how many people I talked tio there, like I eat really healthy. Oh, except when I binge every weekend, you know it's like, or or oh yeah, this is what I weigh, and I totally don't we that or are you know, I you know, I think the biggest one is a lot of people think they're eating healthier when they're not, or they're not counting in their mind this one snack they have every afternoon because they don't consider it a meal because they don't sit down for it, but it's three or four hundred calories a day added up over a week that's a whole extra days of fourth of food in a week. So, uh, we are going to work on being very honest with ourselves, and I'm going to give you techniques on how to do that because not easy you know the way we do it or were amazing at the leading ourself we all are we're gonna work on figuring out ways to keep ourselves honest and to use that to our advantage and of course we're always going to have to operate and this again is the practice you know try something new if it doesn't work try something else if it does work do it for a while and then maybe build on it you know I am one of the this happened to me actually with when I missed her first started lifting weights on and we'll talk about exercise a little bit more today but I was terrified as I think a lot of girls are about like pumping iron as like man I don't want guns I don't want big muscles but uh and so I started really really slowly you know I had a friend that I was working out with his a guy and he was like come on it's just trial it use it just try it if you don't like it you can go back and that's a great attitude you'd try it if you don't like it you can only stop and so I started I started a little e little things you know doing a little bit of bicep curls like a little bit of you know, shoulder presses and I was it was hard at first as really weak but I was like all do shoulders but there's no way I'm going to do chest like that's a boy exercise now I do all of it I wouldn't have it any other way but it was a multiyear process for me to work up to the exercise regimen that I have now and so just keep that in mind that you don't have you don't have to run before you walk you know crawl first you know stand up like a baby and stumble around a little bit pick yourself back up you'll get the hang of it wait, you will so where does where do we start? Anybody have any ideas just getting I'm giving you a total cheat their way start with the highest impact homecourt habits, right? So we talked about home court habits on day one day I'm gonna talk about what they are, you know? At least you know, the the basic ones that work for me and the majority of my readers remember I have a lot of data points I'm working with here you will have to customize around the edges, but just to give you a general idea of the the types of home court habits that really have high impact will go through those so yesterday we talked about the importance of shopping and just to reiterate the reason shopping is so important is because for the most part that's when you're done you're eating, decisions are made right, and so it's really important to do shopping when you're in a rational, not hot states, when you have lots of willpower, maybe when you're well rested on a weekend is a great time, and and this is a critical, critical homecourt habit, nothing, nothing good to eat in the house, and I think good is going in your body. Mindful eating is another big one that we talked about and have you guys has anybody. So I've been talking about mindful eating a lot. We did mindful eating exercises yesterday does anybody? I would love to hear any insight you guys have had because I think this is a new concept for a lot of people, normally anything about getting healthy, we think about, you know, eating vegetables and stuff, but is anybody have ahead and any insights about mine? Fleeting? Yeah, well, ok, so yesterday, um, there's at lunches, meatball, and then I just grab only one and then a eat it. I thought that all maybe won't be enough, but I grab only one, but I she was slowly, and I realized that once I finish, I feel like a more full and I don't need more than that, it just feel like one is actually enough because normally I would grab a lot and I feel like oh it's not enough I don't really taste it maybe taste one more but actually when I chew slowly feel like actually I get everything that I want awesome that's exactly right that that is the experience that everybody reports to me so I actually have had readers tell me that they try to practice mindful eating and they would like recruit their spouse so one woman was like I all I did was start eating mindfully it she's like I have lost eight pounds and my husband who is doing nothing else at all lost twenty pounds and like a couple of months just from chewing and that's exactly the reason is because he ate slower he paid more attention to his food and just didn't feel like he needed to eat is much and this had nothing to do with you know trying to cut calories and everything to do with being more satisfied with the food you're already eating it's like the holy grail that's like awesome thank you thank you for sharing that um breakfast another big one we've talked about and already remember why breakfast is so important it's thirty percent of the food you eat so thirty percent of your meals every week if you can nail breakfast you are a third of the way there and it's really powerful to think about it that way you know it's very easy tio like I should need breakfast we'll just cut those calories out when you don't eat breakfast you make poor decisions at lunch and a dinner this is well documented you eat more at lunch and dinner you are cognitively less alert when when you skip breakfast and specifically in terms of breakfast recommendations the greatest results that science has shown and the people report from breakfast is when you eat um a breakfast that leans toward higher protein you know so if you eat a breakfast that is you know for instance eggs or oatmeal with a bunch of nuts and things like this in it uh it's gonna have a much greater benefit than if you're eating a lot of really quickly digesting process foods because what that does is it gives you a blood sugar spike and then you crash and that actually makes you more hungry later so breakfast is good but you got to get the right breakfast in there and and what's really interesting is what you choose to eat for breakfast and that there's been some like really cool studies done on this if you choose uh a very satisfying very protein rich a little bit of fat in their breakfast it helps regulate your blood sugar and your which means basically your metabolism throughout the day much better than a process breakfast and the result of that is even the calories that you eat during lunch no matter what those are, they could be exactly the same, but if you ate a better breakfast, those calories will be less likely to be stored as fat, and we're likely to be burned his fuel. So your breakfast trays is really, really important, so and it is both doing it. But having the habit and also choosing a very high quality breakfast big, big, big win right there, they win? Yeah, is there a time frame that we should aim to eat breakfast within a certain amount? Time when we get up? I've heard that too. I've heard that you should eat breakfast like twenty grams of protein within thirty minutes of waking, uh, I haven't seen data on that. I haven't seen very convincing daytime maybe one sort of ok study, but it kind of doesn't matter. I don't think I think it's more important to just sort of get the big picture if you want to try that and you find a huge result from switching your breakfast half an hour earlier cool, you know, let me know come from come tell me, um, I think I don't I don't really have a good answer for that. That would be awesome, I would love I would love to be able to tell people that with confidence, but I I'm not sure I ate first thing I basically like I wake up in the morning, I meditate for like five to seven minutes and I go downstairs and I'm just like zombie breakfast is on me coffee and then I'm human, so I don't even like nothing like I don't even think about it. So another ah big big home court habit is what you do during your weekdays for lunch, snacks and dinner. I'm going to go through all these individually bacon. You could imagine why these air big right? If you think you know breakfast is thirty percent of your meals every week, sure, your weekdays only five days a week, but lunch, but you made it work every single day it's going to have a big impact about twenty five percent of your weekly meals? Uh, any snacks you read during the day we've seen already can add, like literally almost a full day's worth of food and on the weak, like if you think about if you're eating like a four hundred calorie snack monday tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday four times five is two thousand and that's the two thousand calories it's a full day's worth of food just from one snack a week or one snag today, so we wantto obviously this could have a huge impact and we'll get into that and then dinner is the dinners that you do in your normal routine, you know, not, I'm not talking about anniversary dinners or special occasions or even weekends, you know, weakens I let loose a little bit on weekends, and I encouraged everybody, tio that's part of what makes life awesome, but you know, if you're just coming home from war, getting a little sleepy and you just want to, you just need something good it's better to go with health on those days, I've got some comments about breakfast from the online community it's interesting actually massive is saying they have a breakfast aversion. The coffee is very filling. I'm so full it's hard to eat breakfast for at least an hour or two, so maybe they're drinking too much coffee. Well, I'll talk exactly about that cookie monster saying they were actually watching dave asprey on a previous creative life course that they now start the day with bulletproof coffee on that's. Very rude, the coconut and better on the bus, nothing but coco, saying, lunch is actually the hardest meal of the day for me, I get busy and I forget to eat, I'm starving. And then to top it off, I'm terrible about park packing a lunch for work but they have brought a little crock pot on a lunch warmer with several inserts exception so when I plug it in the morning, the smell of hot food in a couple of hours helps remind me to eat lunch great great so that you're identifying a trigger and wait so yeah when you can so that that's a habit problem if you forget to eat lunch that's a habit problem and it sounds like a habit of the lack of a trigger so it's a very, very good idea to do something like that's brilliant, you know, set up something that will start smelling good at the right time that's it excellent trigger my duty said good on that we're going to talk more about breakfast shortly in those air excellence resistance but just really quick one more big habit, neat and ten thousand steps we're going to be talking about today these ah you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but these air forms of exercise that doesn't require sledding and we'll get into that and last behavior monitoring so let's get right into breakfast so we talked about already that it's thirty percent of your weekday mules weekly meals start simple breakfast does not need to be complicated at all like like I said, mine is that literally two minute microwave musically really super easy really filling and delicious be consistent I think that the more that's part of being simple like the more consistent you d'oh the breakfast I think it's a great place to not have variety because that takes thinking right out of the equation, you know? So you can just kind of like I do bee line in the kitchen, do breakfast and then you're done, then you can worry about lunch and dinner so again, some of the breakfast barriers, so that was that was we were just getting out, so I get this all the time, so people are like, yeah, that makes total sense, I should totally thirty percent of my meals healthier. I can't eat breakfast like why I'm not hungry, I could only drink coffee. I hear this all the time uh, so we can start asking like the way you would troubleshoot this sort of issue, so you're like, ok, why would I not be hungry for breakfast? One excellent hypothesis is that you're eating dinner really late. I frequently find that people who complain about eating when they wake up in the morning tent and also maybe eat a very light lunch and they need a very heavy dinner later in the evening, so if you're eating a lot of food at night or for eating very late at night sure you're not going to be hungry it you know seven a m when you wake up it's makes perfect sense so one strategy so this is what I would call one of those invisible barriers and invisible barrier that's preventing you from doing something that's healthy but is actually something that happened at a completely different time you know, this is a decision that happened yesterday that's affecting your decisions today so maybe work on your dinner hygiene habits starting to eat dinner a little earlier not it's sometimes easier said than done you know that might not always be an option maybe eating a lighter dinner uh similarly a lot of people struggle with breakfast because they're actually very dehydrated so and when you're really dehydrated and you wake up it could be difficult to want to eat because that feels more dehydrating eso drinking a large glass of water before bed or having a glass of water even first thing when you wake up and then try to see if that can help you get into the breakfast habit does that make sense the other way like the way we're approaching this right it's not just you know just like I can't eat breakfast is a is a limiting belief you know I don't I'm too full I don't like it I don't have time those are all limiting beliefs those gonna be addressed usually the night before you know um either setting up a good shopping habits you have something very easy to cook for breakfast either. Making sure the earlier is you're actually hungry for breakfast. These air how you tackle these sorts of problems. So let's let's brainstorm a few breakfast ideas, because so I've given you mine. I eat, I take, uh, take a half cup of musically. I make them usually myself, it's a five grain as rolled cereal. And I just literally just dumped the cereal with a thing. A trail mix intuit thing and start up and it's dry. And I have a little half cup scoop in there. And every morning in my zombie state walk downstairs the kitchen, I scoop it out. I put it in a bowl. I cover it just to cover with water. Microwave her for two minutes. Take it out and it's got like reasons and that's it's, delicious cashews, everything, sunflower seeds. And then I throw cem. I was a little like I use unsweetened tenth milk. But you know, if you want something in there to make it creamy could even just add water little more water, if you want. And a dash of cinnamon totally delicious. I make my coffee takes even, including eating, like five minutes really, really fast and it's it's perfect so anybody else have any really quick breakfast ideas that they love? Yeah miso soup miso soup yeah um I'll have veggies prepped and I'll just throw veggies and boiling water and mix in the paste and my husband and I grow uh pearl oyster mushrooms frequently so I'll throw some of those and just rip them up and throw them in it's really quick I love that I am I love japan and when I go there my foot my favorite thing is when I wake up in the morning and I get the japanese breakfast and it's like missus soup and a little thing or rice and a little egg and sometimes a little piece of fish and some pickled veggies and it's to me that's heaven so I didn't even actually think I could make me so stupid home for thank you for destroying that limiting belief killing anyone else simple breakfast ideas of question more than on idea well eggs or I have oatmeal is well and how much protein is in your musically mix thing are is quite what you caught up on that but right right there's quite a bit of nuts in there and also the protein and fat from the hemp milk and sweden to broadway and sweet time, eh? So it's it's quite filling I usually get hungrier like literally between eleven forty five and twelve like clockwork, so yeah, you don't need a ton you know you just need something really satisfying it helps that the grains are very rough and so they're very slowly digesting and so protein helps slow down digestion that's one of the reasons it's effective but so does make you khun mechanically slow down digestion with very fibrous foods like something like rolled oats makes sense anyone online of any hostile breakfast that they they love letters saying, you know, somebody saying massive is saying it's like they like a whole wheat bread with peanut butter and cheer seats that's great for some of this and that sounds very healthy archery my family's kristie scrambled eggs with creme fresh or nominate to quit cheddar onda polynesia same weekends I do the eggs and baked beans with toasted and what she does the rest week I love it so eggs are really easy so she started just going over and plain yogurt with nuts okay? I love eggs because I think people it sounds like complicated a little bit like a hawk upto pan fire but if I'm making eggs I will literally come in the kitchen to get a pan put on this tough turn it on then I'll go to the fridge blood things poor isn't like oil or butter in the pan just a little bit just put the eggs in there I put a little lid on time like get the you know, steam it a little bit said like over medium or whatever done in three minutes three minute breakfast I'll tell you though for me I have eggs often I have high cholesterol and soto a lifetime of indoctrination that eggs are bad a lifetime of never eating breakfast to be honest uh doing the coffee round I'll have four five cups and that's enjoyable but it's so it's so uncomfortable sometimes to eat eggs that often and for breakfast even though they come from the you know organic farmer from the farmers market so it's just sort of sometimes it's just hard to reconcile all of these different types of indoctrination side seem to come absolute orderly so those air you're you're referring to limiting believe u s o but there is a serious concern there so there are people who react there their blood cholesterol reacts to dietary cholesterol it's a small percentage of the population but they exist if you're one of those people, you should definitely be aware of it and you are for sure have you tried eating more eggs and saw your cholesterol go up e that's a long story but yeah, my cholesterol doesn't seem to ever want to go down and I don't want to do but it does that's what if it doesn't go down when you cut out the eggs and it might not be the eggs I've even cut out dairy so yeah it's definitely hereditary, okay, I've beaten oatmeal without any sugar or anything I mean that's basically paste right but I don't have a problem with me what's that cinnamon ok that's that's a good idea so that's really just sort of what's going on in my head and that's that's fair you know you know every like health style is different for everyone I love eggs yeah by the way yeah. Idol today's yeah excuse into very popular online as well and the guest fifteen eighty five is saying they actually make them in a cupcake pan I've heard that little egg muffins yeah, they make them ahead of time and they freeze them and then it just reheat them throughout the week so again getting rid of that sort of chore doing it they've got it all set ready to go brilliant that is brilliant but most people get foodists approved. Most people do seem to be eating granola yogurt fruit that seems to be the most records grain and they were asking about smoothies except to do you think that's a healthy breakfast they seem a little light to me but you know if it works for you that's okay one I want to caution a little bit with granola it can be really, really sweet I would if it's more than ten grams of sugar per serving and checking many servings readings that usually like a quarter of a cup then it counts also is desert so while the oats are good for you and the nuts or whatever, they're good for you. Um, if it's more than ten grams of sugar for breakfast, I would put that in the desert category. Dessert for breakfast is sounds lovely, but it depends what your goals are if you're trying to lose weight, that's a great place to look. Great, fabulous, great breakfast brainstorm.

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    Amy Cantrell

    Definitely one of the best classes I've purchased! I've watched it all, took notes and marked a few segments to be sure and watch again. I'm surprised by the negative review, the juicing segment was a bit slow but the rest was great. The science, psychology and strategies are fantastic if you want to eat healthier or lose weight. She is passionate, real, knows the facts and her approach is all about enjoying what you eat.

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