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The Juicing Debate - Guests SoW Juice

Let's start talking about juicing so when we talk about the testimonials right, like I haven't, I think the most fun example of how this can go awry, especially on the internet on the most the example that's impacted me the most is juicing I mean, there have you have you guys read about this stuff online? Like what do you guys think about juicing? What have you heard? Well, I saw the documentary fat, sick and nearly dead about the guy from australia who did all this juicing, and and it leads me to the question of you could do that as a therapy, but I don't necessarily know that that's a life sustaining health style that you'd necessarily do for this next fifty, sixty years and have you read some of the testimonials from those people? I mean, there's some people they're like, oh, my god, it saved my life, you know, I was down this path and now I'm healthy and I'm thinking, yes, that's true, but again, is it a therapy that has an end and you need to transition something. All right, so ho...

w about does anybody know what the science actually says about juicing? Good point, everybody says no and that's true, because nobody knows anything about juicing, so I wrote a block post a couple months ago about you know, like what's the science behind using this is people are so fanatical about this stuff and I made a few points in the article one is there is no long term data right? This is a fairly new phenomenon this juicing thing so we don't know how it impacts people long term, you know, like cavemen didn't have juicers you know, we haven't necessarily evolved to juice that said, you know, we can we can hypothesize some things first of all you need to know like obviously depends a lot on what you're actually juicing right? That's important it's not just juicing in general is good we also need to know upper limits on safety you know you can overdose on water there's the upper limit of safety and juice for sure we don't know what that is, you know, especially kale juice apparently does fiber matter people like oh, you need to add back the fiber in the juice like is that true? We don't know that there's no data on that. It sounds like a nice hypothesis, but it's never been tested and how about storage doesn't matter if it sits around for a while or not everybody assumes it shouldn't sit around for a while, but do we have data on this? I mean it might change the properties of the juice itself does that impact my health when I drink it I don't know, nobody knows, um, and what if you're overweight doesn't matter if you're overweight versus if you're thin or what? If you have a specific health condition like cancer, does that matter? Or compared to when you're healthy? These are all big question marks. These have never been tested. People have a lot of theories about whether or not they actually are true, and they feel very, very passionately about it. I'm so I wrote this post they saying these things and and I did one more thing about a juice cleanse in particular. So the difference between drinking juice and doing, like one of those juice fasts and on this is what I found and pub med is thie biology, like science database for all the new papers and stuff, and I was just like, you know, what is the science have to say about about juice cleanse and there's absolutely no articles using a national nasal gastric tube came up, um, but I'm going to say there is very, very sparse data on whether or not a juice cleanse actually is good, bad anything, we have no idea, no idea. So I wrote this post and I started getting comments like this um, yeah, you're right, there is no science behind it ever wonder why I'm sure you know why, implying that there's some sort of conspiracy that I'm involved in to prevent the science of juicing from coming to light doctors don't want you to know that jews could save your life. Yeah, he mentions that a lot of these people come from the fat, sick and nearly dead cult of that that feels very strongly about this stuff. Another, another dear soul came to my bargain said not only is veggie in food juicing the best thing you can do for your body it alkali xyz your body, by the way, there's no science behind that either, and reverses illness, including art of rightists, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. Sign me up, um, and this one was my favorite juicing is is great for you. It even cures cancer, you know, when she goes on and on and says you could live off of only raw fruit and vegetable juice and live forever in a perfect physical and mental health. So I mean, people feel very, very strongly about this stuff despite the lack of data, and another thing I would point out is that I'm not saying all these people are liars, I've had people ask me, why are you saying all these testimonials are liars and it's not that it's, not that they're lying, but like when you are eating mcdonald's and processed food all the time and you stop that and you start infusing your body with nutrients I imagine there's going to be a lot of changes but is it because you're drinking vegetables? Could that have happened if you were eating your vegetables could that have happened if you just stopped eating all the process food these are the things that science is for testing those different hypotheses and that's not being done yet so on that note there actually is a sane way to approach is actually loved use believe it or not I jews I have juice pretty regularly and I at this point want to bring up my friends of mine louise the albert so and david katz are derek castro who work at so jews here in the city and they approached us with a very sane philosophy which is it's delicious and also wonderful for you to have so luisa come join us spread yeah hey how's it going great. This is great eso you are so inspirational for me and how you approach jews and how saying you are so you want to just tell us a little bit about that? Yeah, so we are so juice and we air base in san francisco and we specialize in making fresh giusto order hence this gorgeous set up this is what our set up those looks like we source everything from farmers direct all former farmers who were in california northern california so we get a lot of our produce actually from the ferry plaza market where we're set up on thursdays and saturdays can you talk about why that's so important? Yeah, I mean, I think for us you know, we think of juices food it's like anything and you really want to know when I go into a restaurant and I order something it's helpful to know where it comes from it's helpful to know how it was growing or how it was produced not anything insane but just like the basic information that I know it was it sitting on a truck somewhere or mishandled around sustainably grown on with juice what's really important is this whole idea of people using pesticides to grow crops and things like that. So especially with juice we're using a raw product you really don't want any pesticides anywhere near any of this stuff because it's literally this that you're going to be adjusting. And so for us it was just really important to kind of ask that question first and foremost before you know, kind of from a you know, dieting or cleansing perspective like what is that part of it? We don't even get to that part we were really just about, you know, how do we source the most beautiful produce from northern california where we live where there's like this bounty of crazy beautiful and season produce all the time so do you did you just like literally walk around the farmers work and talkto vendors and say what you got today? Yeah exactly I mean that's a lot of it when we first started derek my partner who will come back up in a little bit to do some juicy he went visited all these different farmers markets and literally for a a year just went around tasting talking to farmers and getting a sense of what tasted good at different points in the season you know, a lot of people complain well there's this really popular juice we have called the prescription and apples are one of the ingredients and it's a really, really popular drink and everybody's that is asking for and then all of a sudden we had to take it off the menu because lo and behold you know, apples were growing anymore, you know, god forbid we should take off this really popular drink, but for us me what what's important is really being able to provide the freshest ingredients and be really like, honest and authentic about where we're sourcing and what time of year it isn't that's reflected in our menu that's such a great point and that was what I was telling them earlier when one of the things that was a big factor for me was I didn't understand that like you can't get apples you around, you can't like get strawberries or I mean, you know well, in grocery stores, you can get this stuff it's exactly the same, like january, february, march all the way through december and like, nothing ever changes and you know, when you think about how farms actually work and how how food actually grows and make so much sense that, like you would have seasonal food but like we don't, we've been like conditions do not think that way and it's so refreshing to have someone do this could you can you tell us about like, how you guys are different from more normal juicers? Sure it's a fantastic question, because juices is becoming such a trend and like you were saying, it's, this very new thing and so people are still really learning about, you know, different methods of preparation, what to ask for on that sort of thing. So for us what's really important is we use this puppy right here and it's, you know, essentially really, really nice sort of commercial grade home machine by rebel and so we, you know, use this on dh started out with this, it was really, you know, inexpensive, um and decided tio only make juice fresh to order so folks would come in on dwi would offer them sort of this experience that was a little bit more than just someone reaching behind a fridge, grabbing a bottle and kind of handing it to you and not really knowing a lot about you know where that product came from or when it was made on dh just kind of trusting that it was made fresh and that it's got great ingredients they're going early, so I feel like like ninety percent of the people I talked to when they think of, like, juicing or doing a juice cleanse, they like, go to the store and go to the counter and, like, get a little glass jar and again the same all year, and then they're like, oh, this is your cleanse or, like there's these different ones for different purposes it's like this one's for your liver and this one's for, you know, your d talks flush things, and you know, the experience that I have when it come to so is so much more rich and it's, so clear that like, and you can taste the difference, you can't you really can't it's a difference. Yeah, and that's, what makes a big difference for us is because we were approaching juice from more of an appreciation of food standpoint and the desire to make juice that actually tastes really, really good because I think if you can get juice that super fresh, you know, we pick up derek doesn't run on saturday mornings were literally he's going to farmers that brought their crops that morning that we're going to do two hours from that time that were picked that week and, you know, that's a model that, you know, being a farmer's market is really easy teo, you know, tio do for people, but it makes a huge difference in the flavors and being able to incorporate things like herbs, like mentor sage on dh flowers, we use calendula flowers and just adding things a little bit more interesting that make the combination have a little bit more depth to it on dh showcase ingredients that people never really like big over understand, you know, we're seeing juice has been really cool for us, but I mean, you're talking about juice like it's art, you know, you're like talking about, you know, these different flavor profiles in his leg, you know, the herbs and the flavor and the freshness, and I mean, I love it so much because I feel like, you know, we've talked as we've talked about the last few days, like if you're going to build a health style that's really sustainable and really good for you it's so essential that it tastes good and like I mean when you like I read when I was writing my my article about the controversies of juicing I I quoted something that I found in another article that the jews tasted like, quote everything bad that happened to me in high school I guarantee you that like nothing like so ever makes is could be described that way in fact it's like the most delicious thing ever and you feel like you're just being like infused with health and goodness it's such a such a delightful experience whereas I think so many people view like there juices and there cleanses is this like torture thing they have to do to themselves to make up for the like pizza binge they had on saturday totally and for us it's more about incorporating juice sort of more of a daily habit, you know, making it more accessible it wasn't until very recently that just became more much more prevalent especially in san francisco which is strange but you know for us it's a lot about ok you go to your coffee shop every morning and you see your neighborhood very sta and you have that nice experience it's very comforting we crave it every day it becomes a habit and so for us what we're really trying to do is take that similar model on the way people think about that and kind of insert juice which is gorgeous and makes you feel good and, you know, gives you a high and not not exactly like caffeine, but but makes you feel like you could kind of take on the day. And so for us, it's really important to provide people with that experience, like I say, as opposed to, you know, a bottle juice experience, such a great point when I when I go to a coffee shop, especially here in the city with these beautiful coffee shops and you go in and it just smells heavenly, you know, because they've been roasting and brewing, and I had the exact same experience when I walked into the studio today because I was like, it's on oranges and, like, so smells so amazing, like you get that out of a out of a bottle juice at all, right? Like it's torture. So you guys think it smells amazing in here? You also have, you know, the other thing that I should say that makes us a little bit different, is that, you know, like I mentioned, we change our ingredients pretty regularly. And so what we tend to do is on our menu off for about six different combinations. Andi, they're really designed to hit people's different palates. And a different kind of desire is depending on the time of day or their mood or the weather, that kind of thing. And so, you know, thinking about it more from a customer experience and looking at a menu, you know, where you looked like a cocktail men, you've got your gin drinks from the virgin or, you know, other drinks, if you're in the mood for something different, and for us, we have way have three greens on the menu now ones the ones all greens, because some people just want, you know, big kick and that's kind of with this thiss situation is there, uh, the hero which we're going to make for you guys has some citrus in it, some orange, but also a lot of greens and a little bit of kick to it with the pepper crests, which is another ingredient you don't often is that the one I always order? Yes, you have above here and then the third one is a sweeter kind of easier to drink green, which is the one that I mentioned that we had to transition apples or oranges sort of come up with a different blend on, but we've got the sweet stuff, so we've got something that's, a little tart tang in season with lavender and rhubarb and that kind of thing. On beds available it's sweeter that's mostly citrus and so just kind of running through the seasons you'll see that people walk up and the order whatever's most in season because your body just craves that looks good to you you know, whereas something in the winter that's a little bit sweeter with berries may not be as appealing because you want something more comforting but now when it's when it's really in season people are drawn to that you know he's so true said sure I remember once one of the first times I came to your stand and I was you had like I mean it's so amazing. So you go there and it's like the's certain kinds of carrots like it's not just like carrot orange personally, whatever it's like this kind of carrot and like this and it like I asked you is like what? It was like a certain kind of great like what kind of grapes that you like those it's, those ones over there but there was a stand like a grape stand like literally like three it's like vendors down and I was like and they're these beautiful like pink and green sort of amazing race sounds like like when you get I mean when you get grapes and jews anyway yeah, and we were doing tasting flights too, which is also really interesting because like you're saying there are a million different varieties of all these incredible produce and so we did little juice tasting flights when we did our pop up and when we're able to do that kind of service and so we did the three different types of carrots where, you know reduced yellow carrots purple cosmic carrots on dh maybe we did like a traditional, you know, conventional more orange carrot on dh you could taste them side by side and they're all carrots, right? But when you isolate them that way you can really get a sense for what's got a little bit sweeter what's a little bit drier, sort like wine tasting almost on dh so I think that that's really what's exciting for us is is really showcasing the diversity of all of these different, you know, amazing produce in the bay area I love it, I love it on dh can you just give us a little bit of education on the different kinds of do juicing? So I know there's a lot of confusion about it and if people make a lot of health claims that are sort of plus or minus in my opinion on like truth and I'm just what's your what's your take on the actual juicing method well, I think that it depends on what you, uh, like you know and what you want to get out of your juice the experience so something like this we use it's a significant juicer so it does introduce some air and some people have talked about these types of users burning you know producer presented about andi it's not exactly accurate it's more the oxidation that happens because as the produce is whipped around and we'll see what derek comes up and and shows us that they are whipped around it's really quick it's a faster process but there is some air so for us it's sort of like an espresso you know you wouldn't bring an espresso home with you and drink it two hours later but you'd enjoy it right there, right and so that's what we're trying to do with this on as opposed to the cord press process which is two steps where you're you know mulching up produce slower and a much slower masticated juicer that kind of choose it up and then you're pressing it using hydraulic press and pressure to get a lot of that juice out so it's a little bit of a cleaner finer process juice all right, well let's start jews saying derek you want to come join us theo theo juice master self everybody start juicing nevil let's let's let's talk about like what you do so you are the you create the juices and what like in terms of how you're thinking about crafting a particular new drink like what what goes into that process looks much like this sort of ah kind of being in season also like things around the farmer's market it looks nice put on spread and then just kind of calculate on what I think will work a lots of trial in there okay and then how do you know when you got it right? She likes it I make a face my whole face lights up. What are you looking for? Like a balance of like, acidity thing sort of tea that want to use every kind of produce that's what? The market um so I just tried toe select maybe one thing and then work off from there um or just what you just sort of listen to what people want and try to make something uh what's desired and, um this kind of a, uh there's a limitation to be in seasonal but it's also sort of ah advantage because it puts you in a window like a framework to sort of look into um so yeah kind of other men you usually develops awesome. And then, like louisa was saying that you try to hit different pal it's a different time how do you approach like creating the diversity in the menu? Ah well there's definitely a tendency to go for green drinks and so you have what you mean consumers like consumers? Yes, sort of going for that mohr high octane kind of I want to super green juice no fruits or vegetables too much sugar I think and um kind of that route so there's always that balance of trying to make something that's green but not bitter right? And then, uh kind of the more friendly, approachable beginner juice that even a child my drink which is more sweet but also gooding and then maybe something right in between that um and just fortunate for us we're here in california and there's so much good produce and being at the farmer's market and being exposed to where we get these vegetables from there's ah, this is huge array surrounding this trek with about twenty different types of plants and you can use so inspiring that's amazing. So what are we having today? Uh we're making two juices for you the hero called the hero and the ark uh that's a green juices the hero it's gonna have kale, orange, ginger pepper crest, spinach and mint just really quick. I think maybe there's a good number of people don't know what pepper cress is can you tell us about it? Heh progresses the screen it's ah, a lot of foliage it's a little spicy it's kind of has like a radish kind of spice so it's like a delayed kind of aromatic thing radish different takes that spiciness and the spinach is actually a ah bloom stale spinach it's ah pretty salty the cale which is the number one hit and then I have some spearmint here and then some ginger and orange and that's the hero ok? And then our red drink which is going to be the ark is beat carrot orange, ginger lemon sage um it's a little sweeter a little smoother a little softer kind of push it's funny how sometimes people they read sage and they're immediately sort of turned off because they have an idea of stage already sort of in their heads and stage can be a pretty, you know, strong presence and something that I think as you'll taste the way that derek uses those sorts of ingredients and just sort of enhancers unless, you know, kind of shocking we wantto usa's much of this is we can so it's a little bit different you don't usually see that in a drink, but I think it miss our drinks a little bit distinctive yeah, I think that's a great point. I remember the first time I saw it was like really like staging a drink, but and I'm a weirdo and I like anything that's new and like y'all take two that's just but I think that I love that it's in there because it's like I see mints and drinks often I see parsley and drinks often but like sage like you don't even think and it's it almost like it's like a savory element that you get a little bit a little spice it's awesome anybody any questions at this point for for derek carr? Louisa very much so we've got a few people who have joined the charity match you have a number of health issues and they've got they've got really excited about juicing and some of the benefits they've heard so I think they will they want to do is see you press that button wait you're tasting off yeah yeah all right you went and just like walk us through as you as you go you know it's like they're in order you need to put stuff it was sort of um the way you put it in the juicer so you kind of get more of a maximum extraction from because obviously it's going you're gonna have more juice out of this orange is gonna have more juice out of these greens so you sort of layer um things with more juicier components that air kind of more uh oh and that's another thing that people really don't expect but that we do is sort of like to see the booth way thanks for being patient so there's not really what's nice about the hero in particular is the kind of interaction between the pepper crest in the orange is really cool andi you'll see when you know it's just man it's a super foamy kind of result and that's a lot because of the air that was introduced um but for a green drink like this, you want to drink it right away to get you know, just the maximum kind of flavor and and it's at its peak in this moment not especially but it's actually juicing machine for any of our online abuse you don't actually have one is there an alternative like a liquid eyes or a blender? Does that work just as well that jared drain it? Yeah it's different you know, you could use a blender and I guess you could straighten it, but with these, you know, the filter is so fine that it really does a great job of separating the fiber although you'll see in this particular juicer that some of the fibers does make it through a bit um, which we like the texture of our juice is very kind of silky and uh and so that could be a nice thing but there's, there are so many juicers on the market, so any blunders on the market really having a sense of, you know I want to make green drinks or I want to make orange juice every morning and knowing that first is really important and helps you choose the right sort of machine that I have just a regular food prices but I think it has a juice sing attachment yeah yeah you could say you know, I've never used it you can get crafty with it I mean, at the end of the day any of this the machines all they're doing is breaking down the produce or the greens and then pushing them through some sort of siv you could do that a million different ways yeah like you it looks delicious so what we were talking about when it was blending sorry was that you know, when she you know, she said that they take off the skin of the orange but they can leave on some of the lemon skin because it has that zest and it doesn't impact the flavor as much, but that the fact that there's no size on anything means that you don't have to peel your carrots or do all that extra work and you get all the benefits of the nutrients on the skin and all that when people ask us that a lot you know, if if our stuff is organic and and I think that that's what I'm most important questions you can ask us for that are we doing oh yeah I'm gonna do read red for these yahoos mark on the other hand you can pour if you wanted for garnish this other thing that we do, what we served at the market um a cz we like to be ableto you know have people enjoy and glass in a glass and garnish glass you should usually just sort of a nice experience again sort of in that that idea of like the experience you have you know drinking a cocktail or a coffee with you know decorative ending to it since the pepper crest that that's something I'm not familiar with that fairly easy to get hold off I mean what you need to go to a specialist or yeah it's not very easy to find on what will be an alternative maybe water crests or rock or mustard greens or even water chris um mustard or a regular a regular guy like a while to really because it's spicy okay yeah question for louisa actually you just mentioned that it's important to ask it this organic um when I go to the farmer's market there's actually a lot of farmers who don't have organic and I asked them you know what's what's the deal and they say it's too expensive to get that certification so what is your take on the farms that say they're pesticide free but don't have that certification I think it's most important just have some if you can go to a farmers market and and ask those questions you're good it's more if you don't have that direct interaction with a farmer that organic becomes a little bit more important as just kind of ah let's just start there but if you have the opportunity to ask the person who's actually growing produce about their practices and be very specific about I'm using this for juice I'd like to know if there are any you know pesticides or if you do use some sort of natural pesticide what that is so that I can do the research to know whether or not that's something that's going to affect you know my body or you know washington if they have any recommendations for that I think weii character usually just uh clean them down because the skin's not to think just the tops usually derek we'll just get you can buy beats that don't have the tops or you can buy beats with the tops and cook down those greens and those are awesome tio or juice those two but usually we just use the topless beats way have a drink with come quotes and people asked if we killed come quotes for every drink if you've ever seen a company there teeny tiny like a great great analogy did you give the hero tried already and I haven't yet I wantedto go for it what do you guys think? Surprise is really surprising I love how spicy it is bad public gosh that give it its like that yeah and yeah how does it compare to anybody had the juices in the bottles at the store no comparison right e I mean it's a completely different world I like so good the mints testaments it's also interesting you say about the aroma and sort of that being a part of the experience like a coffee shop and the aroma for juice, you know is so enticing and people stand there at the market mesmerized watching this whole thing go down and you'll see as derek seducing theirs you know this mist that comes in with you soon because it's all just fresh alive, really tasty stuff on dh so it's it's really pungent it's true, I like to sit around and watch the people just gape little here's love it too. They get us fear is asking, how can you be absolutely sure there really are no pesticides on your fruit and vegetables? Do you only buy organic called you only buy from the farmers market? When you're there? I question all the farms that I get produced from, um, that I think they need to go to through some sort of process and saying where in what? How they do their farming. Um for questions you need for the market price. Yeah, and also so places our own farmers right or farmers market organization so they have standards to even be there so not every farm that I source from is a certified organic farm um like he was saying he's, recognizing that a lot of the farms just don't go through the certification process because it's not worth it or it's too expensive um but as long as they are being honest with me and we also do farm visits and we go check out the farms it's great being so close to the source we can just take about a two hour drive to these places and check out and see what they're doing um I'll still use their produce if they're not certified organic but if they're doing natural practices and not spraying or using fungicides or anything weird, moody's said is also saying she's heard that some pesticides are actually approved organic that's right there's a lot of that going on right now it seems to have a oxymoron doesn't science is always changing things passed so there's there's natural, non toxic one a pesticide I learned this I actually have a gardener friend who works at the market and she is explain to me a lot that organic stuff often does have a very natural, non toxic pesticide on it just mean they have the same problems that they still have pests in their in their farms, so but just to clear clarify for anybody who's concerned uh the organic certification process is actually really rigorous and it is one of the labels of all the food labels you can actually trust is there they're pretty intense about it and it's expensive for that reason, eh? So you can trust you know if you're not gonna visit and I'm sure not everybody's going to visit every farm from every a place that they get their genius since you stuff from but if it does there again and you can be fairly certain that the practice is there going to be pretty legit yeah, I'm very curious about organic particularly because we usedto and when I grew up we actually fruit trees in our garden and the fruit never looked perfect tasted lovely but it really looked quite gnarly sometimes, but when I look at organic fruit in the store it's all this's something's going on here is not truly organic or is it have they worked out a way to make perfect organic fruit? Yeah, I think is this what we just saw a documentary that our friends did um called I think it's called living organic or the life organic something like that it's an awesome awesome documentary on dh heart the organic last life thank you so much for organically uh it's an awesome documentary and what they were talking about and it was that yes, organic produce didn't used to be as cosmetically beautiful and so sales really you know we're doing as well even though it was this beautiful products that they as a matter of survival had to figure out how do we make really beautiful fruit vegetables because we know that's what's going to sell and so it was just a matter of you know, we need to figure out a way to make this work but yes, you know if if a farm I mean ask the farm but if they say they're again again if they're certified it can still be really beautiful my rule of thumb is the ugliest ones taste the best because I really like the flavor of a truly organic like or heirloom varietal something that was grown by somebody who really cares they're breeding for flavor you know their brain breeding for quality and they are going to be those like picture perfect you know hard is iraq tomatoes you get at the grocery store on vine the red that looks amazing and tastes like nothing so the ugly tomatoes are my favorites do you ever add anything like protein to anything that you're doing all you really to stick this you make protein shakes in your business now little do you have a strong opinion about that? Is there a reason why you've steered away from that side of the health drink market? Blenders are staying away from blenders well, I think you know are the name of our business so uh we chose that name because it's you know, like sowing seed and so for us, it's really important tio have products that maintain the integrity of sort of their origin. And so derricks put together this really delicious, incredible almond milk recipe and two that we add fresh albi and strawberries and so that's sort of the protein are our answer or our option, as opposed to having, like, a protein powder or some other sort of offering people do want that. And so we I have made, you know, that's, sort of our answer, everything sourced from california growers, we have medjool dates, the strawberries, almonds, all from california. Where can I get this? You can get it at the farmer's market. Very building farmers working on thursdays and saturdays that also we sell on good eggs, it's good eggs, dot com slash so and we have the strawberry almond cream that we call it because it's a really creamy, delicious texture on and it's available on wednesdays for order around the bay area, and I am so getting that way. It's really nice wednesdays, that's coming right up way have nutritionally confused in the chat asking, I've seen a lot of juice recipes that call for apples to sweeten them a little, but you're using oranges. Does it matter? Aside from the change in flavor, does this go back to being seasonal? Can you talk a little about that it goes back to being seasonal apples, taste delicious and juice. We're not using them currently because we can't wait could get some farmers that still have apples from last season that they're kind of still selling, but they're just not up tio they're not really that bright tasting, so we're not using apple's right now, probably not until about maybe november, october or so guessing question about choosing at home because you said, eliot, the green shoes you wantto make fresh and I have had to sit at home and especially has slowed to choose just for one class of choose, so kind of make it in a bitch and then keep food one of two or three days, uh, center helping, yeah, yeah, I mean, I think that's where the question of what kind of equipment you're using comes into play, so for us, we've used champion juicers before they're sort of more that slower style masticated juicer, but something like a norwalk, which is sort of a little bit more advanced, but it's the two step process that I mentioned of kind of chewing up the ingredients and then the second step being to press them since that process is a cold process like they say the produce is an oxidized as much that will break down as quickly you could think of it that way, so if you did want to do like, you know, juice for three days, it could choose your day, get all your produce, run it through a machine that's more like a norwalk or a cold press machine, and it would then last a bit longer, you know, at least three days or so, just quickly can we talk about where to find some of, uh, this produce outside of san francisco? You were very lucky with our farmers, markets and the like, but we have a global audience here. How can we go about sourcing some of this goodness for our juice? Farmers markets hope I mean, hopefully that there kind of spreading throughout the nation, people kind of becoming a little more conscious about buying food locally. Um, I can't I can't speak for anywhere with within, like a two hour drive from here of where I would source my ingredient, but I would just encourage farmers market. We'll be talking a little bit more about sourcing in the next segment, but just you can go to the website, local harvest dot or ge, and it is a fantastic resource for finding farmer's markets and say esa is near you.

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