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Travel: Away Court Habits

So when when we think of, you know, basically what we're talking about in this session, I'm focusing largely in restaurants, but we're also just talking about how to handle when you're not in your home court, right? Because you have a lot of control at home. Well, some of us do, but when you are out of your home court is a new set of challenges and another big part of that could be travel. I call these away court habits anybody about any basketball fans? I'm like a weird I'm a girl I like obsessed with the mba, so I just want to spend a brief amount of time on travel. I will be completely honest, I'm not great at this yet. I, uh depends on I'm in a place in my life for him, it's another life transition, right? Health styles adjust, and when I was a student I like was not allowed to travel, my experiments would die, so I know I almost never traveled the last couple years that troubled a bit more this year, I'm traveling like crazy, I have been I can't even remember the last time I went ...

to the farmer's market was like six weeks ago because I've been out of town every weekend, as you can imagine, this is a crazy adjustment for me. You know, I'm not getting I'm not I mean, I've been able to adopt adopt my home court habits so that I'm still fine at home, even without the saturday farmer's market, I've been ableto go to whole foods more often or, you know, go to the off day farmers markets to make up for it, but when I'm on the road, it's really tough and I, you know, when my it's similar to the restaurant situation, when I was going to restaurants very infrequently, it was okay for me to just indulge every time, and that was always, and I always traveled so infrequently that I would just indulge every time it was no big deal, I get home and get right back on track, but now I'm traveling a lot more and it's been really, really tough for me to sort of balance that obviously this is a special occasion, I'm in copenhagen, I should eat whatever I want here, her and trying to balance that with yeah, but next week I'm going to be in london or next week, I'm going to be in omaha are next week, I'm going to be at my friend's bachelorette party, so this has been tough for me, and I'm trying working currently to develop this, but I just want to show you that like the you know I still struggle with some of this stuff you know we all are going to go through these adjustments and this is one for me but I can tell you what I've learned and and I'm going to guess some people do travel a lot you know I get this complaint from people especially for work traveling for a girl I could be really really tough um but you know if nothing if you don't travel a lot yet just take this as a as just a load of a way to watch me and how I'm learning to adopt tio anew new lifestyle and it's gonna happen throughout your life okay, so the biggest issue is that your habits just completely fall apart when you're not in your home court and one of the biggest reasons for that is the triggers you're gone right like when I'm at home I know exactly how my day is going to go I wake up I do my meditation I have my breakfast it's already in my kitchen and I move about my day when I wake up in a hotel room none of those triggers of that I don't have a kitchen you know I don't have you know the morning sun waking me up the even the night block out shades totally throw me off when I'm traveling because I'm not used to my bedroom being that dark so I sleep through of things um when travel is very infrequent for you like I was mentioning earlier it's perfectly ok to just like enjoy yourself and not worry about health I mean, if you're foodists, you know, if you've already built up really strong sort of home court habits when you get home all those would get you right back on track in no time and that's great um so generally speaking of food is could be a little more lenient when traveling even even if you travel sort of a lot and I found that teo, I haven't gained weight from all this, I've just found it difficulty is many vegetables I would normally want to eat and things like that it's harder to get my workouts, for instance, when I'm traveling, um but if you're going to be traveling a lot like you know happens, then you need to be a little bit more vigilant and you need to start learning to develop certain away court habits that you count on while you're traveling and these things have been tough for me to find I wanted tio uh give a little shout out to my buddy tim ferriss he he wants treated this and I thought it was so brilliant that I quoted all the time now and he just redid one day each time I ate airport food, a small part of my soul dies and it's. Funny, when I thought I was like I could picture he just he was just a airport. If I just ate something awful and was just like, why why me? But yeah, like I can't think of any good thing that comes out of eating at an airport or eating in a plane. I mean it's the worst, like we were talking a little bit about this earlier on it. Every time I fly out of sfo, I'm just, like, elated have you? But terminal two? Yeah, there's like organic cafe and there's local and all this amazing stuff. I'm pretty maybe it's only airport, but it's like the best one I remember, but ok, so this is true. So there's a new terminal to its name from sfo san francisco airport, and they have a pretty excellent selection of green juices and organic food and, ah, all sorts of wonderful things I've traveled a lot of places in most places are like that. So, yes, if you're fortunate enough to be flying specifically using a virgin america because they're the only. Airline that flies out of the terminal and having to be in san francisco then you can indulge in that but for the most part it's really hard in airports I think they've got a little bit more conscientious so having because more and more airlines don't provide food any more on what they do is completely processed in pre package so they I think they've got more savvy that they know passengers are actually now more like you to spend money in the airport if this decent food but you're right is catching up with some self disco is ahead but I don't understand even why airlines even bother serving what they're serving is un edible told me so what's the point and even putting it out there right? I almost like, you know it's funny well, I'll get into this but it's it's yeah, I feel like it's almost like I'd rather go hungry like like it I'll just have like a zen mindful moment and like, you know, practice being self sustainable without food because it's just awful is it's so not worth it. I have so many questions like yeah, I my I spent a lot of time at airports and yes, a lot of myself that I saw I totally relate to that, but I found that the easiest to things to get our buffalo wings because those air kind of hard to really screw up I mean they're not great and probably get sugar sauces but you can try to avoid those sometimes in pretzels so is like the easiest things that you can just kind of get by on and they seem rewarding seem fair. Cheryl did you just say I was thinking about a travel think five times since november and I found fantastic food sfo san jose, dallas, houston in milwaukee, chicago and some reading the week what is it? Where is he going? Because I'm seeing things like salads or not just iceberg lettuce have got baby greens mess glenn there's the's little protein trays where there's apple and egg and cheese and so I'm thinking for me it's changed a lot when used to travel a lot you know, several years ago where there was nothing right the other than a bag of chips and be president what this quote is a couple years old yeah so I'm feeling optimistic that like you said that there's nothing on the plane or there's nothing on the plane worth while there's I think there's so many more options now yeah, good that's that's great to hear certainly there's more than there used to be you sean uh I'm just going to say that uh nick and I actually travel a lot and we usually bring our own food you khun totally take it through security and it's ok, even take out from a restaurants, you can be really yeah, so we're going to get to those sorts of tips as well. Great, I'm one thing what I actually often rely on is, ah, mexican food could be pretty good, because you could get beans and usually some sort of protein and salsa is like the healthiest condiment on earth, so that's, you know, if you get some, like, welcome only in theirs, pretty satisfying, so I often rely on that and then package nuts to get me through the flight off often, um, graceless dig in a little bit to these habits. So, like sean pointed out, one thing you can do is really plan ahead to avoid these sort of hot decisions when you're starving and you don't have a lot of choices, so bringing your own food, bringing nuts, trail, mix, things like that, um, you know, and it's funny it's, like we talked about, like, what? What options are and aren't at the airport, but, like all you really have to do in most cases is just eat before you leave your house, just I mean, we tend to not budget that time, you know, it's like a pack, and I've got a shower and I've got to call my mom but if you just it doesn't have to be a long time you can scramble some eggs scrambling eggs like you just scrambled two or three eggs that'll get you through like four, five hours you know not not a terrible option on and then takes a couple of minutes so if you can avoid especially a thing on the planet or if you find something great in an airport awesome but on the plane it's I've never had a spectacular meal in an airplane I've never even yeah, nothing even really edible you just sort of pick around the fruits and stuff that sometimes they let you have it's even hard to find peanuts on the plane newsday's because so many people are so violently allergic to peanuts, but if you are on one of those longer flights one pro tip that I've used a few times it hasn't been terribly bad is asking for sometimes they're vegetarian or a gluten free option. Sometimes you can specify that beforehand yeah that's a week because I used to already it which shown menu but translate most of time it's just past or something and when you get the vegan dish it's probably rice and vegetables and you mostly get a salad and no dysart foods but it says so even if you're not begin a vegetarian I think that's the healthiest option you can do I love it I love that so vegan choices are better than vegetarian and I was going toe say that is like the only thing to be careful with is if you're ordering vegetarian is often the option is just a really, really gross pasta, which isn't much better s o quote that yeah that's why including free is sometimes available to and they'll skip pasta in that case yes recently had a gluten free meal and it was like they gave me this like gluten free role very process like decision have been disappointed, but I was surprised that I baby this role thing take home messages to order vegan bring a hard royal dig if you need it oh, and here's a here's one of the things that I do that I think it's really easy to forget, but I find absolutely essential this is the first away court habit I really developed and that's buying water at like a ah liquor store something as soon as I get to my hotel like because you know what what'll happen is I'll be totally dehydrated from the plane because you know, it's really dry and then I get to my hotel and like the waters like eight dollars or whatever for like a tiny little thing and you don't want to drink it because it feels like such a rip off so to avoid eating out of dehydration, confusing hunger with thirst and to just make sure you're hydrated and, you know, being inter best the first thing I do is just run down, get like two or three large bottles of water such a good call such a good call and then you sometimes I forced myself to drink it before I leave, which is also good one of my better pro tips uh so also into sometimes it can be difficult to find good food options when you're on the road. Not every city has farmers markets and whole foods on every corner, so one thing that I've relied on quite a bit when I travel is there's often it's not that hard to find at least one health food store like a healthy grocery store, you know, sort of typically a coop type players from by hippies and places like that will often have the deli and a deli it's sort of like this is what I call like foodists fast food, you know it's like you go to a sort of organic type healthy grocery store and you can get at least a decent salad, maybe some some grains or some beans and maybe even some decent you know, meat dishes or protein dishes without feeling like you have to goto do it denny's or something like that just to get some food in your stomach not all the places have it, but I used, you know, if you just google the words natural, they were organic. There were whole food. Locavore. So, like, buzzwords that people often associate with obnoxiousness, but they can be a great sort of guide post in a new city when it's really just hard to find anything fresh at all. I am. I am, I am I getting this boundary, right? You guys know? I mean, like, when I say that obnoxious, I mean, I feel like there's this, you know, sort of aura of, like, west coast, or even just bicoastal, like elitism. That involves, like, super fancy foods. And I'm not saying that we need to be that way, you know, my goal is not to turn you into a bunch of elitist. I'm just, you know, it can get I know some people find it obnoxious, and I am aware of that, I can understand why, but on the other hand, like, it is a place to find higher quality food and that's, really the goal. So and they have any issues with that or comments on that? I was just thinking of a recent drive, aided with my father from the midwest to the west, and I was thinking that I was probably just gonna die of starvation because you have he'll stop it like denny's and I'm like I'm just gonna die have nothing I'm gonna survive on this bag of nuts so we get there um and I actually when he used his funny little gps and find places that were called like the good food spot or happy foods or something and you just have to look for these like very I guess like hippie ish asked words and I would find these natural food stores in the middle of nowhere and I was amazed he was like, how how are you finding these places like do you guys have some weird connection thing it's like there is like populations like in the sixties this stuff was all really popular too, so there are like these small pockets of people that like have always focused on real food and almost every city there's a one and you know if you're if you're good with google and sleuthing, you can sometimes hunt them down. So another thing you can really take advantage of when you're on the road is the mini fridge in your in your fridge so um if you can if you do find one of those stores for instance, sometimes you could maybe bring stuff back to your hotel with you you can eat for breakfast or for snacks or something like that the saving grace for me often when I'm traveling, is walking. So even if I'm making maybe slightly more indulgent food choices, I if I'm walking everywhere, I will just keep, you know, totally even keel. Yours recently traveled to thailand, right? I had a similar experience where I went to thailand for a month, they're not quite as long as you and I was terrified because I was it was really, really hard to find vegetables. I mean, I could find some fresh vegetables, but most dishes were just either a pile of noodles or a pilot rise with some meat on it and maybe some sauce, and then I would have one of those sugary coffees, which were delicious and, you know, and then maybe a beer later was that I was just, like, how? Like, I'm going to go home, like, ten pounds heavier, but I walked everywhere and ended up coming home five pounds lighter, which was crazy, but I really do think it was I really do think it was the walking because I would get exhausted every night, so walking is key and it's fun tooks for news to me that way, by the way, I mean, I get to see a little bit more than if you're just popping cabs or popping on the subway. And one thing that I it's harder to do but it's great if you can, if you can, manages to do squeeze in quick little workout so there's aa lot of hotels these days will have little gym if you want to use that. But more recently lately, I've been relying on little aps that let you do little workouts and you're right in your hotel room, so fit star is one that I really like, where you know it's, just like little six to seven minute workouts for you. Just focus on abs or focus on planks or do whatever it is and, you know you can squeeze in a little sure little workout right before your shower, and at least you feel like you did something no gets your blood moving a little bit and be less sedentary. Um, and probably the biggest danger of traveling for a lot of people is they go away, they may be indulged a little too much, then they feel guilty, then they feel bad about themselves, and then they go home and they don't fix it, you know, they're like I'm already screwed up. I'm off the bandwagon and they just figured that, you know, laziness kicks back in. The most important thing you can do is a food is just get right back into those home court habits, a sap don't let something that maybe took you off your course a little bit derail. You mean this is a health style, right? This is it, it's, never going away. Get back on track as soon as possible and don't don't like, don't get caught up in the guild. Don't get caught up in the shame. Just get back on track, and you will be back before you know it. If you have strong homecourt habits, I mean, it never takes me more than a week and a half. You right back where I was, so keep that in mind. Don't let travel devalue can always recover.

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