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Choosing and Re-amping Profiles: Part 1

So now we've recorded a guitar town we've made profiles out of it. I'm going to show you some sessions and I'm gonna get into the camper at this point and talk about some of the different aspects of what we can tweak and getting in towns. So let's, pull up a shot over here on the campus. Basically, what I'm hearing is ah, I'm fine. What is j v m combos that we used here, so just kind of sort through here is the fifty seven b is the second one thousand fifty seven with a thief that's the fifty seven with the sea he was driven by itself. Cool. Somebody go this combo. All right, let's, start with this. So basically again, what's really cool is we've got a profile of our town it's basically spinning it back out here. So now we could start exploring with morgaine and or less gain weight, start increasing and decreasing. Blowing that q on q off on. So obviously the queue has a very powerful dramatic difference. So any of the little things that we lose when we're profiling, we really can make...

up with the extra happens here in the town stack in general, so onwards from there. Lott students like these tube screamers ideas the tube screamer too so let's go to our stop box section and let's go ahead and find a tube screamer here again what's really cool is that we have this auto load thing on so I can go ahead and just kind of play through and figure out which screen where I want to use so we'll go with that green when that sounds pretty good let's click on that it's just a mess with some of the options on it so basically it's got dr town and volume just exactly like a normal tube screamer gotta tell now you got an output bond you got you drive so I like to set my two screamers with zero driving like to smash the volume up and played the talent with so here's what the stump box I want to turn it on and then turn it off and show you before and after e way so very powerful at a very cool thing for the day. Michelle just a lot of it's a lot of aware defect just kind of show you how we can do some uh we need like walls and stuff like that so I really like the I'm a big I'm going digital effects guy in general like every like line six petals and stuff and having all of these type of pedal options and it was really cool especially because they're right here. I wanted to plug anything else and I have so many good heart pills at studio collect a lot of them and I have another point many and ever since I've been using this the effects sound cool if I wantto use a phaser minus what to pull us out, that sounds fun, you know here's some here's like watch which are obviously you control them with an external pedal so that's just a little bit about that we just turn off that all right? Cool. Another really cool thing I like to run like a tube screamer in the first one I believe being see open so I could maybe swap any pedals that I want. And then andi, I like to put in a queue pretty common to hear that a lot of dudes like to use is that the studio e q because it's just like a really nice basic studio, you kind of show you the whole thing you got your low frequency, you're high gain and then when you page over here you got a mid and then you got a second mid it also has this weird ducking future, which I don't really use on dh then you can make sure you keep going into the signal so it's pretty powerful like you just kind of go through it and show more options on there so yeah, as you see it as quite a bit about top in a cool way is engaged is it off take a town from its start out here are not they're actually I'm sorry I apologize I turn off the empty that smooth it started off like that and we've now ended up here so you tell you got a lot of options in here, tio kind of tweet with again we got our classic delay if you want to play with them delay throw some cool in here so I'm normal type of effects basically got all the stop boxes and effects one would want especially I find the tube screamers and the is especially useful I usually have those active at all times just ready to go into profiles that I can pull him up front a little unhappy with it. So okay let's um let's go ahead and just ah start ramping some profiles here I'm going to show you well, you should use your bank called sabretooth zombie good homies ofmy mind and there's me ryan dalton from japan and the rest of seventies only guys we'll hang out. We just met a record last weekend forty songs so we're working with a song from there and I will show you some cool tones so I'm gonna hook up into our ramp that we have here I have this we have box from radio, so I'm just going to go out of the send it's going into the camper to go, uh, into approachable session here. Say we got all right, so I'm just going to kind of the cycle through here and show you I'm gonna go through the tracks, just kind of, you know, everything that we got going on. We just started the drums, start building the knicks around it. All right? So let's, talk about my friend jay y he's a fifty one. Fifty he's is ah, fender strat into a fifty one fifty and we played through my orange cab. He had a ah, we ran his dye into the computer, and he used used much of stop boxes in line with that is river had a full tone overdrive and steps are if you look at these white forms here, they get pretty big sometimes and that's awesome because the rest of it is all hanging out of negative ten. And then when it gets up there, it doesn't clip it isn't going to zero. So something be mindful of making sure that if you're recording any dies, you're not clipping. Oh, I don't want to upgrade its computer right now that he was, uh so be mindful of your head room and make sure that you're getting optimum levels in and out of pro tools so let's just listen to his guitars the fifty one fifty so here's, what the hell is like tube screaming so that's the stereo version that z double himself. So we have one on the left one right now I want to talk about my friend eric who's, the lead guitar player in the band. He gets a really, really, really unique tone. A long time ago, I got this free app that just got left at my studio and wasn't working. It was marked to c plus, which is actually an extremely sought after aunt because metallic he used it on the black out, and so I got it fixed up. It sounded really unique, really interesting. I never really had it sound good for any of the guitar player besides eric from safety saw me so he can be one day I was like, hey, man, I need by and after you have anything that you could sell me for cheap was like, I'll sell you this mesa and as long as one condition, if you're going to sell it, you sell it back to me on and you're the only guy who plays because I never use it for anyone else, only him, so he used that amp and it's going into my martial eight ten. So it is a very unique tone. That kind of reference is black sabbath and things like that just super granny really grimy, really disgusting. Here's like what? Those over drives just really mean was here with this other I was here both in stereo and send it to my boss here. So the cool thing about their town is that when they bled him together, they just get this really huge. James got this cool tight fifty one fifteen kind of like, traditional kind of metal tone. And eric has this really weird town, and together they just sound huge. So what's next then we're gonna get in this really cool lead town. This is eric slater tone and it is wild beyond while that's really cool. So yeah, that's kind of an overview of seventies towns and, uh, on this record, I did it's a fifty seven blended with a out of the s c or m one sixty. I'm not sure which one it is, but it's one that's either either two of those women's and it's going into the er the count my copper cramps on dh, then into an eleven seventy six so well and I'm sure right now is I don't share that same type the chain I'm gonna run the going to go into the profiles that we made for safety's on me I'm gonna react to these guitars these four guitars and we're going to compare the camper versions compared to the real actual amplified version so on astrology allies qatar and let's do this so I want to put him at zero I'm going to send him out into my rant boxer got name there were three great now but I make a new track from a camper which is down here so let's open this up I want to call this left jae y camper cool so my input is the camper let's go ahead and let's pull up j wise profile here I'm going to scroll until I find it all right so I am I made four profiles for him I would find it four times and ah it's time I did it I increased quite a bit bottom so I'm gonna just change that and say that real quick um okay word let's hear how this sounds so that's the camera right there so let's go out and take a look at these way foreign levels let's make sure we're getting the same type of signal as his actual fifty one fifty was getting so still doing fifty is that negative ten where we have their camper let's go one second here wait cold so we've got a pretty good level going here let's just kind of listen to it and let's make our own educated adjustment with the drums we'll just kind of toy around with the settings on this camper and play around that's pretty good let's go ahead and let's just listen to the real guitar let's record this and let's just play between the the two tracks that we got here so let's bust this right so we weren't hearing anything weird over cool that's a relapse this fado right here this is the real amped this fader is the kemper let's see what we think sounds better that's the number from kemper has a lot more bottom and it's got mohr thickness and tightness because we're able to kind of take it to the next level because to profile so let's let's just kind listen back again and play along with it I'm gonna kind of a just a little bit more that is actually really impressive let me get this great. So let's just do this right now I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna react this I like to do this technique that it's really important there's probably one of those important things that I do when I'm way having I create a one kilohertz bit so that we split that into here and I could line us up afterwards and show exactly I mean uh it's control option shift three are actually is alright yeah it is boom and then select before and I'll press record cool now you see that we have got to have a transient look how much land sea we've got room let's go ahead and let's measure this we've got two thousand one hundred seventy seven samples of late and see so therefore hitting having this one k killers thing in there that allows me to send it out have a comeback and me to set it right back to the exact same point so we didn't lose it's not that it's ah the legacy has no issue with this this's also one of the most handy it's things that I'll do when I'm blending multiple profiles you print the town's before and that's the best way to ensure that all of them are in face another all different amps that you're making sure that your talent is coming back hitting the microphone and coming back in a pro tools and lining right back up to the start point of this one killer it's bit so let's go ahead and react this entire song and that will bring up the next guitar you know I'm on eric so cool so that's once again first thing we do have a transient know this back to the grid awesome look at us being best friends okay cool next thing we're gonna do is we're going to newt are actually we're going to need this effects we're gonna sign no, I'll put on that and we're going instead take his other guitar and we're going to ramp that into another camper so let me make a new track go ahead and make this thing bright green so we know actually just do this nice blue one ok, cool. So now let's react again and what I like to do is I'd like to kind of alter the town a little bit so that the left and right aren't exactly the same that we have a little bit more of a stereo separation so let me go ahead and name this right jae y camper cold I want to choose my camper as my input I'm going to send this to the ring about put boom let's go ahead and let's solo listen, I'm gonna go ahead and try another tube screamer out and I'm gonna play with the mccue some more so let's see what to wear listen to what the drums now make sure happy with that let's listen to it with the other camper let's just see how they sound compared with each other let's go ahead and we have that again first thing were to do we gotta print our town where it's like before ah wait all right so let me do this now go ahead and make this affects track and active and let's just go ahead and hide that it was this one I'm going tio put the campers on a stereo track I'm gonna put the original guitars on a stereo track and we're just going to kind of compare and see how this sounds before I do that, let me make sure that I lock myself to this people that I had perfect we're cool all right? And I get rid of this camper a track now when they make a j y real guitar track and we'll just kind of here the differences. Okay, cool. Awesome. Alright. Sold my drums here and let's listen to the original guitar so let me pull these fighters right so I could make sure that you guys I can see which betters aerial all right, so this left one right here in my hands on this one is going to be a really camper. This one's going inside this was going to be our camper. This one is going to be a real guitar amps, so let's, go ahead and play with us and let's demonstrate with them. Ah, a little thinner and it's got a little bit more bite, but that's because we're adding that to screamer and we're adding a little bit top and stuff so that's mainly the reason why it's got so much more gain, obviously, but really it doesn't sound worse and or like, that doesn't sound less than the entire it sounds like we've modified this and made this more punchy have a little bit more articulation and let's work on it. Let's hear this big guitar bright, as you can tell, there, we don't even have the same amplifier change just a camper, and we're extremely within the exact same range before making slight modifications that one would assume are just you and her base changes things like that. So any questions about j wise guitars of war? How we doing? We do have a question, can you please clarify? So that little blip that you put in that was to figure out how much latent you're dealing with, exactly? Absolutely so that you can line about re amtrak, right? Can you just explain that one more time? For sure? So for people essentially what's happening is that when you run any signal in a pro tools or signal out of pro tools, there's laden see that's, because the hard drive has to send single out and or it has to write the signal that it's receiving. So no matter what there's going to be a little bit of delay, so when we send our single out, we want to be able to make sure that it comes back in and it's a line to our drums at the exact same point where it began. We don't want to be milliseconds behind. We don't want to be any different, it's specifically meaning to be in town without drums, and we want to respect that. So it's it's my way of ensuring that when I sent a single out aiken tabb, the transient aiken tattoo that beat the very harsh beat, click that we're going to get another popular way as people like plugging guitars and like that to make something like that, I found to be to be really easy because it picks of the transient well, and then I could just cut it, move it right back to its original point. So what was the shortcut again? Getting shift option three shift option control option shift three control option ship three. Yeah, I simultaneously go.

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There is a reason why most pros use the Kemper Profiling Amp – it blows open the doors of what you can accomplish with a standard amp. In Making and Using Guitar Profiles, Sam Pura will help you make sense of all of your options.

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