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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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How to Grab My Audience's Attention

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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3. How to Grab My Audience's Attention

Lesson Info

How to Grab My Audience's Attention

We're going to do an activity for the rest of this segment and so we're on page four in the work buck this is a little chart that you can fill in to get exactly this kind of information for your own business so the question I'm going to start with our is who our the three people most likely to buy from you right now now ideally everyone's going to have some sort of offer in mind it could be a physical product, an information product some sort of program on the learning program coaching program or it could be some sort of service this is your next big thing this is the thing you're ready to put out into the world in a bigger way either because it's new or because you want to put it out there bigger than it's ever been before okay or you just want to make it easier than it's ever been before right cause bigger isn't better so you want to make it easier you want to make it more genuine you want to sell well okay so what is that thing what's your next big thing and then think who are the t...

hree people most likely to buy this thing? Everyone should have a gn answer to this everyone should be able to come up with three names of people whether they're previous customers or previous clients whether they're friends of friends who you just think our ideal customers or clients for you uh or whether they're people kind of in your broader audience maybe you've been doing some blogging or some twittering or cem ppe interesting and you're building an audience but you haven't put an offer out there yet or maybe you've put an offer out and it didn't work really well but there were these people in your audience you just kind of assumed would buy right I think that's a pretty common ah pretty coming an experience for people who are those three people who are most likely to buy so in your workbook you can take a little chart and write their names up in the first in the dark gray area really do use names I won't ask you to out anybody audience members but online make sure you are putting in specific names or twitter handles or you know exactly it doesn't you just need to know who that person is this is not an archetype of a person this is not an imaginary thing this is a really person are we clear? Yes I'm good already busted to reemphasize edwin china chan ho wants to know when you're talking about products or things are you talking about tangible products or can the product being online service or service yes just to reemphasize so tangible intangible, intangible tangible intangible it could be something that you've designed and that is physical good that you're selling retail wholesale doesn't matter it could be an information product it could be a program you know something that people go through over time or it can absolutely be a service something that you deliver one on one something thatyou customized for people or something that's kind of set in stone anything you are selling I can be your next big thing okay? Awesome oh, the other thing that we talked about yesterday that I kind of briefly mentioned but I will say again your business khun b your next big thing so if you're just starting your business you can think about kind of the overall launch of that business using these same strategies today so in this question who are the three people most likely to buy? You might think about who are the three people most likely to contact me about my services or contact me about my product as I launch who were those first three dings from papal going to be right that's what we're looking for today okay, who are the three people most likely to buy? You've heard me talk about this is a virtual focus group before that essentially it's it's exactly the same thing now we're going to ask a siri's of questions they're all kind of shorthand in your book and you can jot down notes about this and I'll go over each of these three questions I want you to think about the answers to these three questions or to thes four questions for each of those three people and think are their differences you might see a whole bunch of redundant see and that's totally fine, but each time you ask that question for those three people, ask yourself, is there something different here? All right, so the first question is, how does each one feel about the problem you're solving? How does each person feel emotions about the problem that you're solving? We're all solving problems, even for customers who are focused, really focused on desire? The problem is they haven't gotten their desire yet, right? That's a problem s o every single product saw some kind of problem, even the most kind of you. You know, the jewelry designers are always the people asking me that. Yes, your jewelry solves a problem. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel confident, right? That's that's the problem that a jewelry designer is solving largely, although it could be more specific. So every product service offer program has a problem that it's addressing. How do your clients feel about it right now? What does that? What does that problem make them feel like? The next question is the reverse of that. How do they want to feel so think about that coffee shop situation again. And think if your if your client, if you were ah, fly on the wall watching your client in a coffee shop situation, how would she be saying she wants to feel instead? What kind of emotions does she want to embody to cultivate for herself? How does your customer want to feel instead of the way she feels now? How would each one like her situation, her circumstances to be different? So the kind of things that you know are her day to day activities, the details of the problem that she's facing the just the circumstances that she finds herself ban in any given time, as related to this problem, how would she like those circumstances to be different and last one what's standing in the way of each one of those people, creating that experience for themselves, what's standing in the way of each one of those people creating that experience for themselves? Because a common problem that we have is people don't buy our stuff because they just do it themselves, right? Or they think they're going to do it themselves, which is what I do. I'm not going to buy that, I can figure that out myself, I'm not going to buy that because all I'm I'm good at this, I've got the time, I'll figure it out that's never true. Almost never true at least for me s o figure out then if she's the kind of person who's going to object to buying the product or the service or the offer because she could do it herself or her she could have a brother do it or she could have a kid nephew do it what is actually standing in the way of that happening right? So let's use web design for an example here because I feel like this question is a is a little intense above but it's super important um let's use web design so a lot of people say I'm not going to spend the five thousand dollars on a web designer because I'll figure out how to do it myself there's all these free tools out there there's this that the other free tutorial I will figure this out it's not worth spending the money on now what's standing in the way of her actually getting that done well probably designed skills because all the free tools in the world doesn't make stuff look good right um it's not knowing how to approach all the different moving pieces of her website so it becomes overwhelming it's time because not only is she having to do the thing but she is having to learn to do the thing at the same time so it takes an obscene amount of time so time is a huge thing that's standing in her way and so if web designer were to take those different things and say I can save you time I can make it look good and I can make all the moving pieces work together so that you managing your website is effortless you've now just created a message that's going to resonate with those deep seated fears that we have about our own d I y nous right because every problem seems d I y a ble every problem seems figure out a ble on the surface but we all know better too sometimes we still get trapped in it sometimes we so get stuck but a lot of times we know we don't have the time we don't have the money we don't have the energy we don't have the effort we don't have the willpower and so if you can actually tap into the specifics of what those things are then you can figure out how what's standing in the way and you can combat those things all right got another reader question before we move on this is from lanny harmon photographer she says I know that part of finding your target market is figuring out where they are but I'm unsure how to do that I'm imagining there are people are sitting on line maybe even some of you guys right now thinking well, I have tara I'd love to do this exercise but I don't know where are who these people are uh, if I knew where they were, where they hang out, what they're into, then marketing to them would be so much easier for one of my target markets. I want to work with professional women, women with a solid career, but since I'm now a stay at home mom and an entrepreneur, I'm not sure where they are. We'll lanny or lonnie, professional women hang out on linkedin, right? They also hangout in professional networks, and the good news is that if you're an entrepreneur, you you qualify as a professional woman, and so any of those organizations that your market belongs to you, khun, belong to two so that's where I would start if I were you linked in, and then from link dinar on linked in you could actually find professional professional associations for women. Do you find them in all different industries? So ifyou're specializing in a particular industry or two, you can find them there, you can also find general ones um, and and then a lot of those people. A lot of those organisations, of course, also have facebook pages and they have twitter feeds and won. One place will lead to another and another and another and here's the good news, you'll start to see the same names. Over and over and over again so that once you get to know those names that you start resonating with the people that you see over and over again, you can take your little chart and fill it out for those people and you'll have even if you don't know them personally, just by virtue of seeing them over and over again online interacting with them online, you'll be able to start filling out that chart maybe not perfectly the first time through that's okay, try it another time and another time and another time now the next exercise so we're on page five now is the before and after exercise, every offer has a before and after every product has a before and after, okay, that goes back to that idea that every product is a tool that we use to accomplish something, whether it's a fun pair of shoes that I bought for creative live to make me feel sassy right that's the before was I didn't have shoes that I was going to feel comfortable in today on then the after is I feel sassy and my new shoes right that's a before and an after for a product is simple as a pair of shoes were also fairly comfortable, which is also a great aftereffect alright, so every product has a before and after there's, the place that people are before they buy all the search circumstances, all the details, all the stories, all the feelings that are going on in the afternoon the before and then there's the after after they've used the product after they've engaged your service after they've gotten the results of your program that's the after there they are before and after so, um what I want you to dio is fill out that before and after for your customers now this you can take those three people and kind of smush it all into one thing so that you're filling out what their before what those three people's before is and then what you want those three people's after to be and that can be both what you want for them and what they want for themselves I'm going to talk about more on that tomorrow, but basically this cool thing happens that we know that things can be better than other people than that our customers often no so what they want is often not as great as what we can create for them not always true but a lot of times it's true so feel free to fill in that after with some of those other things so let's bridget I'm actually going to pick on you for a minute is that okay? Can you talk us through your before and after? Well first tell us who you are I know, but no one else does what lots of people do probably but anyhow so tell us who you are where we can find you online what your next big thing is that you're thinking about and then phyllis in on this before and after my name's bridget and I am a personal chef and a health coach and you confined me at white apron chef dot com the website hasn't launched yet, but it's lunching very soon and a saw I'm excited and what I'm going to be doing for people is creating these customize menu meal plans on dh helping people organize themselves around their cooking lives and it's not just a menu plan it's like really helping people from top to bottom get really organized around their cooking life like if someone's been diagnosed with celiac disease or some other illness and they need like a specific diet and they don't know anything about cooking or which grocery stores to shop at and just like really helping people around that cool all right? So what's the before what is their circumstances what's the situation what kind of details do you have and what kind of emotions or people feeling in the before chaotic chaotic um lethargic overwhelmed um maybe chubby or sick sure I would imagine they probably say things like well, I would cook if I had stuff on hand right or I would cook but my diagnosis means that I don't all the recipes I have in my repertoire I can't eat anymore or I would cook but see how I'm doing this I would could cook but it would cook but the grocery store by me really stinks excuses yeah anything else in the before no that's all yeah I love him yes what you said though exactly excuses what are all those excusing what is standing in the way of them being able to create that experience for themselves right? Because it's not that your people don't I want to cook they have tto want to cook to be want of the one of those three most likely to buy people it's not going to convince someone to cook you have to give them the tools to make it possible, right exactly which is one of the places that we will small aside that's one of the places we get hung up on selling right is that we are trying to convince people to do things that they don't want to dio we actually target the wrong people and we can get traction with that you can get people to read a blogger post but try getting them to part with twenty bucks let alone five hundred or a thousand or more the people who are most likely to buy are the people who already want what you want them to do it that they don't have the right tools okay, so what's the after I mean, I just had calm, energetic, collected then and healthy well fed well, peg, do you think they feel empowered in the kitchen? Yes, do they do they have a refrigerator full of delicious leftovers that they can eat the next day? Yes, see how I'm making stories more exactly maybe there now throwing dinner parties for their friends uh maybe they are instead of always going out to eat for a date, they're inviting their perspective lover's home for a delicious candlelight affair. I'm totally exactly so now you can make your marketing messages this risque as you want, but but it's fun to play with those kind of details and this is the opportunity to do exactly that. The more fun you can have playing with those details means the morel wash iss your stories become, the more you invite people into the world that you're creating, the more they feel like they've got those results already and that by not buying what you have there actually having to give it up that stinks. That's a great psychological tak kick all right and it's not manipulative it's giving people what they want, right? You're not you're not playing on some fear that they have your acknowledging that what they want is possible, you're telling them you have the tool to make it happen and then it's up to them to say yes, please don't take the tool away from me, right? How many? I mean, I think we've all been in that kind of situation before. So now that you have this before and after the key to grabbing your audience, attention is unlocking the door between the two right the before and the after for your customers feels like the difference between one side and the other side of a locked door. So there's a locked door right here, you as thie expert as the idea person as the designer as the creator have the key, you have a piece of knowledge, you have an idea, you have a system, or you just have the desire to make something beautiful or functional, or whatever it is. That is that key to unlocking the door. It's, the tool someone hasn't had before that's your key insight that's your key insight? We have a question coming from online, so one of our users asked. My customers are wholesale retail buyers. They need to turn a profit that they don't feel any benefit from my product other than achieving their financial goals. So I guess the question is, should the cellar think in terms of the final, the final customer or the shop whose purchasing the good yeah excellent question. So the answer to this is you want to think about both. So you want to think about how your product does help someone achieve their financial goals or fill a hole in the product spread that they have, or better tell the story of the business overall, cause those air all other goals that a wholesaler has. But then you also want arm your retailers with the stories that they need to tell to move the product to the customers that come through the door. So you want to tell two stories, one story to the retailer who's purchasing your things wholesaler wholesale. But you also want to tell a story to them about the customers who are coming through and give them the information that they need to tell that story over again, right? Because that's going to help them. It's basically it's a one two punch, right? You're going to help them sell mohr of your work in the store. So yes, if you're a wholesaler, you want to have this, you want to have two layers all the time. And you have experience with this, right? You want to tell us any of your experience with that? Yeah, I mean, I think you hit it right on the head like it's in your best interest to help them sell more of your works that they buy more of my work in the first place, I have a kid's clothing company called an apple and an apple dot com and yeah, it's it's the more tools that you can give them very clearly to succinctly in one or two sentences sum up. This is why this product is rad it's on our shelves, and this is why I should be going home with you is the greater so give us quick what's kind of an example of the before and after story that you tell your retailers that they're them passing on to their customers. Sure, it's basically, hey, people are going to come in and they want a unique baby shower gift or something to just maybe just adjust because to celebrate the little one in there life that's turning for andare our products really help you kind of celebrate your personality and inspire thiss concept of giving right so the before is boring baby guests. Yeah, and not only boring, but the same stuff ready there's on ly so many patterns the target carries or walmart carries their babies are asked kerry is right that mba julian people right that every baby is going to be wearing. Because that's just what happens, but when they walk so that's the kind of the before story, which is, which is what you're saying people come in looking for a unique gift, implying that there before is boring and redundant on the after is that your your product helps people be a rock star gift giver and show off something that's truly unique, just like the kid they're giving it to exactly right. And so you're telling both of those both the story of, you know, yeah, I'd like to put together this order for you that you're going to sell out of next week and let me tell you how you're going to do that, right? Awesome other questions from in here, we've got a little time for q and a if we have questions anyone else wanted offer up an example that's megan let's get an example from you since we heard from you in the role play microphone. Yeah, so my before and after, um bye before and after would be she really has a lot of racing thoughts is feeling very overwhelmed is feeling slightly disconnected on dh then after would be feeling present to her life feeling, um, like she knows what's most important to her and is able to make that her life, um and just this feeling of happiness and freedom yeah, okay, so let's take it to make it a little bit more tangible again, right? So the before the butter example was so strong. So whether it's butter or it's, another drink or it's olive oil or something fried it's fixating on whatever that particular food idea is that she has right and there's that story there, and I think probably the corresponding detail to that isn't a food related thing. It's probably like seizing opportunities if she sees them without don't double thinking everything right? Because that's probably is what's happening now, whatever. When you're obsessing on something when you're focusing on something at the expense of something else, you're constantly over thinking what if you could seize an opportunity, make a decision without double thinking at all the time, right? Yep. Sound good? Yeah, good. One more example, sasha microphone. I'm thinking about somebody that I worked with in a class, and then she came to buenos saturdays to meet me for the tango trip that I lent, and she had a really amazing transformation in in her life as a result of taking the class where she wound up leaving her job. Traveling the world alone for five months, she is the word embrace her in her sex kitten. That was like a part of why I like those of the great things that other people say that I wouldn't say, but I guess my question is, I feel like I can understand so much better this before and after by interviewing her. So what? What do you suggest? Like, how do you when you have an amazing story like that of someone? She was really turned off and unhappy and her job for eighteen years and not dating or dating bad people? And she just totally changed her life, and the class was the window to that? What would you do, tow maximize that I'd have her tell her story, so instead of you trying to tell her story or instead of you using her as a hypothetical, if at all possible, I would have her either write the story herself or shared on video and absolutely interviewing is great, and you can ask more of those questions, like instead of saying, don't tell me about your greatest fear. Tell me about your biggest problem, describe your last experience dating someone horrific or describe the moment that you decided you're done with dating and then described the moment when you fully embrace that inter sex kitten, right? And so you're getting her to pull out bits of the story instead of those broad generalizations, okay, and that's going to be what's most compelling, but you could absolutely lead her through the process of telling her before and after detail by detail by detail. But I would have her tell that story and I think that that's a great trick for anyone who's in a big transformation kind of industry like bridget even that could be really applicable to you, meghan. Absolutely, tiffany absolutely whitney absolutely atsuko absolutely. Any time you're seeing those kind of big transformations, I think going to the source and getting people to tell their own story is extremely powerful because as idea people as experts will people kind as marketers people kind of expect us to promise big thing things and when you can turn that around and have someone else share their own before and after, but you could have someone else tell their story on dh actually have that be part of your sales process or your launch process? Okay, does that make sense? Yeah, and I did. I actually had that impulse and I interviewed her on camera and buenos ideas, but I was just thinking I would do it with a skype now, even with more structure of the questions to ask like that, yeah, depending on how game she is, you might try something like a google hangout and invite people teo, hop on the hop on the video call with you and ask her questions directly, you know, yeah, what you're doing right now is launching mohr and more high end, more and more high touch, like where people have tto have kind of an intimate trust of their working relationship with view. And so being able to kind of establish that back and forth, giving people that kind of access both to you end to her beforehand, is going to really establish the, you know, she's. Not just saying these things. This before and after, is re ally and she's, the one that has the key insights that make it happen. The m for me, she is a leader who is inspiring other people on the trip. So, yeah, awesome.

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I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


Took this course and followed along in order to get my new product launched. Wow was I surprised at the amount of sales I had right away. Doing the work is paramount. You have to want to create, edit, rehash and be persistent. (Guess that is called discipline!) Tara is well spoken, methodical and full of the business advice I was lacking. Got a product to get out into the world? Tara's course will be a great help in your success. Do it.