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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Setting Up Your Venue & Aha! Moments

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

34. Setting Up Your Venue & Aha! Moments

Lesson Info

Setting Up Your Venue & Aha! Moments

So you're now equipped to fill the venue. You want phil, to create the results you really want before I start reviewing and re capping, I'd love to take any final questions. Bridge it's also available for more questions. If you came up with anything during the break, what questions can I answer? What would you like to figure out about filling your particular venue? Let's? Start with jessica has a question about your business by where doesn't kick start labs fit in terms of venues? Oh, fantastic question, I would say, well, you know, it's funny, because the strategy for filling kickstart labs is such an automated strategy that, you know, the size of it, I would say, is maybe mohr small theatre college auditorium, but we use more of a concert in the park strategy in that it's part of my auto responders siri's we give way more exposure to something like creative live or ten thousand feet, and then we follow up with the offer for kickstart labs, so with less that it has its own marketing f...

unnel or its own marketing system behind it, and mohr that it fits into the strategy of filling other venues, which is a beautiful part of building a great business model when you have a great business model, the pieces work together to make each piece better to be achieved better all of your goals s o that ifyou're marketing one product inevitably, other products are going to sell us well, it's a really beautiful thing. I love business models. Other questions, sasha, if you have the living room strategy and use those intimate emails to invite, would you then not have a cell's page? Oh, that's, a fantastic question! Thank you for asking that I've done both. I've invited people to look at a sales page before, but I also just used a living room strategy to fill an apprenticeship program this summer, so teaching people how to use ten thousand feet tools on dh, what I did there was I wrote out a sales page, but I didn't build a sales page, so it lived in my every note, and every time I emailed someone to invite them to the programme or to invite them to apply to the program, I copied and pasted that sales page or the sales copy into a personal email to them so I'd write a personal email, and then I'd say all of the information here is below, but it had a headline in a subhead around a before and an after anna, why I developed this and all of those things it had a price and a call to action it tell people exactly what two d'oh so you can do it a lot of different ways you can also just say, hey, I'd like to hop on the phone with you to discuss this, you know, give them the relevant information to make them feel like you're not going blindside them with a sales pitch, but you could do that as well, absolutely so you could do it a bunch of different ways to figure out what feels comfortable for you. Yeah, anna okay, so my children's clothing is essentially three months to age six, maybe eight and then now with our workshops were kind of targeting an older audiences about age for five all the way through, we see, like age eighteen, so I'm wondering since essentially I'm talking to the parents of those children like I'm kind of wondering how I should keep that clear, like kind of on our website and our in our messaging on like our, um, I technically serving the same people or like like kind of business is that maybe are essentially talking to two people? How do I keep those get tying all the same people? Because the people who are yu might be creating goods for, you know, babies and toddlers and small children, the people who are buying those gifts are still there probably parents themselves and if they're not parents they know of other kids who might benefit from this and so they're going to be referring people to you I don't think you've split your audience at all you are work your targeting adults who care about kids who have a passion for children and creativity and um and independent spirit so your audience is still the same people has always been absolutely your messaging for this is a little bit different but it's still based on that core clientele okay, thanks. Yeah you're welcoming other questions back row anything karen um if when you're using the concert in the park strategy with the pre launch list do you recommend that that story arcs the thing that we followed with all of the different types of emails? Will those happen once you're ready to launch, what if you have thoth the pre lunch list open for quite a while before you're not ready for that launch yet what should you be doing in the meantime with that list straight famine? Fantastic question so what I d'oh is I create an auto responders siri's that starts warming people up and you do have to go in and tweak that auto responders siri's after each lunch but I let people know so right now there's an auto responders serious going for the ten thousand feet interest list right? And so they have gotten a couple messages that say the next session of ten thousand feet is starting in september twenty fourteen okay, s so that way, even if you're even if there is a downtime where you're not messaging those people, I don't think that's a big deal as long as you've planted that seed of anticipation early on. So just like what we were talking about with an auto responders siri's yesterday is a great way to draw people in and generate and initial interest either in an offer just in your business itself. I would do the same thing with an interest list and then come back at them with that content marketing arc again, jamari millennials wants to know how do you decide which venue to begin with? I have so many aspirations, I want to do a comp conference eventually am I naive? Tow want it now know and there's a better way to start so you're not at all naive, jonah, right? Isn't money making that jonah. Jonah, I'm talking to you, all right? It is not naive to want a conference right now, but you're not going to fill a conference right now, so let's, get real for a minute. Um, a living room strategy is going to help you fill your conference room. Okay, this is how you do it. You start hosting salons right now in your living room or your parents living room or at school or, you know, there's so many places, so if you were in high school or if you're in college, get in touch with the people who have extra curricular event it's and say you'd like to host a salon for millennials who are interested in entrepreneurship fill that living room first, then after you've done a siri's of those and maybe they're invite only maybe you target specific people and you invite them in and you have a guest speaker or you network with each other and you find out what you've been working on. In the meantime, you help each other out and on each other's businesses after you've done that siri's a number of times, then you have a a bigger event and maybe that one's not invite only maybe that one has marketing and local media involved with it, and for that one, maybe literally you fill your college auditorium all right, and then from there you can go on and build out maybe a national conference and it's that little bit by little bit that's going to give you the confidence and nearly guarantee that first conference is going to go off without a hitch. That is an extremely powerful way to approach her marketing and launch and great question other questions from online no was perfect casting other press etsuko gave me inspiration like life you have aah! E book a book or information proact book I naturally think that you want to saw as many as possible, but I was kind of having trouble was imagining myself doing this stadium strategy from the get go. So what you just said could work as well or, uh what what I just said in terms of, like for jonah, start start small yeah, yeah, certainly could work. Another thing to think about that is e books are unique, it just like creative live is unique in that you can take an e book and go sell it on amazon or go sell it on barnes and noble, or go sell it on gum road and use their platform to build out your stadium strategy. I wouldn't do a state stadium strategy by myself. Frankly, I don't I don't want to mess with that. I know how to do it. I don't want to mess with it, but creative live as an amazing strategic partner makes my stadium strategy possible. And so for your e book, amazon or barnes noble or the eye bookstore will make your stadium strategy possible as well. They'll handle the affiliate marketing, they'll handle the top ten lists, they'll handle the email marketing. Right and so there are ways their tactics you can learn that will help you leverage all of those things but the logistics of it which is the hard part of the stadium strategy they're going to take care of it for you absolutely whitney I came here with an idea for what my next big thing is and I'm leaving with five more ideas one for what they can be and now I'm really struggling with which one to do first do we use your, um different size strategies as a road map to start with something that's living room strategy and move into something later on that stadium or is there another way to more strategically choose what the right next big thing is uh that is a great question let me gather myself in my thoughts here for a moment I would say that nine times out of ten starting with a living room strategy especially if you haven't actively marketed something before or haven't successfully actively marketed something before is just a really great thing to dio because what happens when you actually fill that living room is a huge boost of confidence and the thing about filling a stadium is you don't do it without confidence, right? You're not even going to fill a concert in the park without more confidence in what you're doing and so isla I encourage clients and I love starting with a living room strategy because it gives you that sense of confidence, it gives you that sense of, you know what? This isn't that hard, I can do this and, you know, I go for me the way I approach launching have always approached launching is is that it's iterated ve so just like what I mentioned to jonah and you can apply to launch even of the same product or the same offer. So, like what I was suggesting to him was more like iterating on the idea itself, but you can also just iterated on the launch. So when I launched my first creative live workshop, it did not have all the bells and whistles of the launch for this workshop, right? And so and that's how I did ten thousand feet, it's how I've done kickstart labs is how I have done every single launch I've ever done. I iterated on what I've learned before, and so this time I think for me, this has been my most successful launch ever. I'm hoping to go into and way bigger, even better successful launch for myself this fall and it's happened because I've allowed the process to eatery remember the quiet power strategy make it a slow burn, the slow burn is just such a great way to approach launching uh yeah that's I think that's all I have to say about that actually this brings up a really good point natalie has been in conversation talking about the work that she's already done she built her program first not sales page first she's really glad to get this understanding but she said I just wrote my sales page last a week and I sent it out to all my people already will it be weird if I rewrite it and send it back out uh any advice on fixing a mistake on the launch I should use could you fix it while you're going or wait till the next iteration yeah great question so we did it depends I would say that it depends sometimes I'd suggest sticking with what you've done but what I would invite her to do what I did invite you to do what was her name again I'm certainly natalie what I didn't bite you to dio is take a look at the email that you sent out what was the open rate and what was the click through rate I think you might be surprised if it's really off a misfire in terms of your messaging then your click through rate is probably very very low maybe one two three percent which is actually not a terrible click through rate but let's just let's say that that's what it is that means ninety si seven percent of your list hasn't seen the sales page that you put out last week, so you absolutely can change your message in the middle of a launch if you sensed something has gone that wrong. Now, if your open rate was higher, if your click through rate was higher and you feel like it just like legitimately it's not gonna work for you to change message, I'd finish out this launch, close it out, teo, learn what you can and then maybe just move up the relaunch of this programme with fresh messaging next time. Another thing that can happen to is that you can put out a call to action. You can put out that pitch email and get nothing, get crickets and instead of you know, instead of just changing it and re releasing the sales page, you can actually start the launch over again essentially because so few people have seen your page or are considering your purchase that it may not even matter. If you close the cart on your product, you can re start the launch, build the mo mentum that you want and then re released a new sales page or, you know, rush messaging, all right, it is never, ever, ever too late, all right, let's talk about what we talked about over the last three days. How many of you came here with a sense of fear about marketing and launching and selling your next big thing? I think everybody did I'm assuming that you probably did online as well there's so much fear it's the fear that there's going to be crickets it's the fear that you've put too much work into this thing and now no one wants said it's the thing fear that you've invested too much money and you're not going to make it back it's the fear that you're going to make yourself look silly or look less professional marketing launching and selling ah big thing whatever that thing might be is it's normal to fear feel afraid to feel fear but if you employ the strategies that we've used if you think intentionally about the connections that you're making about your messaging so that you're making sure that what your messages that your message matters to those who matter most if you're thinking about your email campaigns and you're content marketing your building momenta muir building anticipation everyone here has been saying it's not that hard it's actually not that hard it's clear it's straightforward you could have victory and victory of course is all about filling the venue that you want to fill it's not your victory compared to my victory compared tto bridget's victory compared to jean marie's victory it's your victory it's the results you want it's the reception that you want it's the feeling that you want from your launch think about that be intentional about that set goals based on what you want not based on what I want all right, I would really love to get some ah ha moments so studio audience can you tell me your biggest ah ha moment for me it's that I am actually excited to like plan for my business it's which always kind of just made me freeze and I've done everything very last minute and very impulsively but I feel like I can sit down with what I've learned here and map out the next year week by week and it'll be so easy to just say, oh, this is what I'm doing this weaker like developed the content strategy it doesn't seem like a big scary monster it just seems like super straightforward yeah absolutely so liberating yeah, absolutely I call that revenue planning to because not only can you plan your launches out for a year but then you can plan your revenue out for a year. You can say if I do these things I could expect to generate x amount of revenue for that month so not only are you more confident in the launch plans that you have and that you're more excited about planning those launches but you have the confidence of knowing that my year is going to look like this my bank account is going to change like this over the course of a year no more being worried about living launched to launch because to me the only thing worse than living paycheck to paycheck is living launched to launch you can plan ahead for this I usually have a guide on this we did not plant that she didn't set me up but it's terry gentilly dot com slash plan if you go there you can download the revenue planning tool that I have which is also essentially a launch planning tool and that feeling like when you say that it's like oh, that sounds easy but had you said to me two days ago you're goingto walk away with a revenue plan for your business I would've been like oh my god no yeah because here's the thing in business is like many of ours you know your income khun go from twenty thousand dollars in a month to two thousand dollars in a month and that feels scary but if you've gone and planned twelve months and you know that yes there's twenty thousand two thousand five thousand five thousand thirty thousand then who cares if you only generate two thousand five thousand five thousand for those three months because you're you know what's coming you know what to expect? This was a huge ah ha moment for me back in the day when I was tired of when I was trying to you know I was I was I am and was the primary breadwinner for my family I needed to make sure our bills were going to get paid and I get really stressed out that I didn't know what was coming next and then I'd say terror you are being very very silly you know exactly what's coming next let's write it down and I'd make a plan and I'd look at my email marketing I've put it in my calendar and pin it to the wall then he would exactly what was coming next and was a complete game changer for may and so it's both launching marketing sales and knowing what kind of revenue to expect huge thank you michelle um the sales page was the aha mama and telling my story because I thought I was but I realized that I wasn't really s so now I can't wait to get home and do it wonderful I can't wait for you to send me or new sales paying okay fantastic whitney well so many ah ha moments but I wanted to follow up on tiffany's and what you were just saying I have been in business for nine years yesterday was six years that I've been independent with that business and I just thought I was so fortunate because where came to may I was really not interested in marketing myself because I thought that made me look like I needed tio and as you know after all those years of the work just coming to me and me adapting to whatever it was they needed okay now I guess that's my next three months and just accepting that as what I thought was the way it had to be when they didn't stop coming anymore because I wasn't doing the things that I used to do it was like death that's truly what it felt like and this concept that I can not on ly plan what I want my next year to look like and how I want to spend my time but then you use systems to attract the customers that I need to fill those slots that I've predetermined that brings in the money I want the business that I want at the flow that I want I truly didn't think it was possible and so it now gives me ah whole new perspective on what my business could be for the next twenty thirty years when the last ten years have basically been ah hope in a prayer thank you you're welcome we go into business to be in control right tohave to take control of our own lives to take agency over on lively hoods and yet so often we're not actually in control we're at the whim of somebody else this is your opportunity to take control of your businesses you there's no more excuses there's no more excuses to not be completely in control of your business that's what really getting down marketing, launching and selling is all about bridget for me the idea of one message, one idea being focused and singular because I think before I was all over the place and I was confused as to why my my marketing wasn't working and now I understand that it just needs to be one thing awesome. I love that. Thank you anyhow, moments from the interwebs yes, the interwebs have ah ha's uh, yes, kris with a k says I I was basing every single thing on the insight into what? Excuse me? The ah ha is basing every single thing on the insight into what your people need and smashing what they think I's stopping them from get it getting it sense absolutely all right. And then carol black says there's so many ah ha's I can't name them all. I can't stop writing all that it's in my head. Awesome! Wonderful! I'm so so, so, so very glad let's review the seven key strategies because that's what but that's what we've done here is go through seven key strategies for marketing, launching and selling your next big thing first, just like bridges said, find your one big idea find your one big idea is the message that matters most to the people who matter most find her one big idea to know your destination so often we start planning our marketing launching and sales efforts without knowing where they're headed sure, we know we want to sell that thing but we don't know what the path is going to be remember your the navigator you're the navigator you need to know your starting point and you're ending point to write the right directions number three use a story to connect and sell your story or your stories are those directions there? Your map between where your customers are right now and where you need them to be to make a positive buying decision create content that matters create content that actually matters something that feels relevant and riel and tangible to the people that you're trying to sell to whether that's blogged posts or emails or white papers or images or videos create content that matters leverage email to build excitement please no more excuses about email I hope that we have busted all of them that we've busted your your misconceptions and busted your assumptions about email marketing it truly is the absolute best way to reach people today especially if you can't get face to face with them like this six create a sales message that converts I was kind of straightforward you need you need a good pitch you need to give people a really reason to buy your thing other than that it's new that you really love it or that you're really passionate about it those are the top three sales messages I see online I don't know about you guys, but it's new I love it and I'm really passionate about it is not a good reason to buck for people to buy from you, so please stop saying it instead craft a sales message based on your one big idea and then finally connect with influencers this isn't all about you, you and you certainly can't do it alone. You need great people in the lives of you and your business to create real value for people and to find the people that you want to create value for way too often, I see business owners trying to do it alone, and I'm not just talking about building teams or hiring people. What I'm really talking about is leveraging your existing communities, finding great strategic partners, finding amazing platforms like this one to help you spread your message to help you talk about what it is that you love talking about, connect with influencers and spread your message take it to the big time. These are the seven key launch marketing sales strategies that you can use to take to make your next big thing truly big, so I want to give you one final quiet power strategy this is your last quiet power strategy for the day focus focus no what you want create an action plan act on it if you don't know what you want, you can't focus. If you don't have an action plan, you won't take action. Focus. All right, it's, your turn. Take it from here. Thank you, everyone.

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Linda Makes Impressions

The timing of this course was perfect. I am in the middle of a launch and able to immediately apply what I am learning to my sales page. I have confidence that I can use the tools to catapult my next big thing to even higher levels. I am grateful for Tara's bonus gift, free month in her Kick Start Labs. I am taking advantage of the knowledge and resources there as well. Tara is a role model of action, authenticity and clarity, that I aspire to be. Thanks! Linda Germain

a Creativelive Student

I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


Took this course and followed along in order to get my new product launched. Wow was I surprised at the amount of sales I had right away. Doing the work is paramount. You have to want to create, edit, rehash and be persistent. (Guess that is called discipline!) Tara is well spoken, methodical and full of the business advice I was lacking. Got a product to get out into the world? Tara's course will be a great help in your success. Do it.