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Lesson 9 from: Market Your Service Business Without Spending Hours on Social Media

Tara McMullin

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9. Outro / Next Steps

Your next steps moving forward are not just obtainable, they are sustainable! Tara shows you how to continue these successful strategies in marketing small businesses.

Lesson Info

Outro / Next Steps

alright. You have made it through this class on marketing, your service business and it's time to talk about next steps. What are you gonna do from here to make sure that your business is connecting with the clients that you want to connect with on a regular basis without spending tons of time on marketing. When we started I said our objective was to create a simple effective and sustainable marketing strategy that connects you with the perfect prospects without relying on fickle social media platforms. Hopefully as we've gone through the three part marketing strategies, the difference between building an audience and finding clients and then that marketing ecosystem idea you started to build out that plan if you haven't. Again now is the time to download that workbook and get started building your plan. Throughout this course we covered the three core components of a marketing strategy discovery where we answer the question, what am I going to do to regularly connect with new people? ...

The second part of your marketing strategy evaluation, What are you going to do to help prospects learn if hiring you is the right next step for them and then three conversion. How are you going to start sales conversations with with the right people if all you do is answer those three questions, I can guarantee you you're going to spend less time on your marketing and it's going to be more effective for you. Again. The workbook that goes with this class is going to walk you through all of that so you can take what you've learned in these videos and actually produce that plan that's totally customized for you and your business and get started on it. Here's your next steps. Use the workbook and first identify how many clients you want, ensure that your business is built to work, make sure the numbers make sense and give yourself a goal for your marketing strategy. Second, I want you to brainstorm those three marketing questions. How are you going to connect with new people? How are you going to give them the information that they need to determine if buying is right for them. And then third, how are you going to start sales conversations with people and then finally choose your marketing activities. Take what you know about how you like to meet new people, how you like to communicate information with them and how you like to have sales conversations and select activities that make sense for you and your business. Again, one activity per objective maybe two. But keep it simple and you'll ensure that your business is not just a marketing business but instead is all about doing the work that you love to do in the end as I've been saying this whole time, keep it simple focus on finding clients instead of building an audience, choose fewer tactics, fewer tactics that are more effective and above all please resist fomo. There will always be a new fad or gimmick out there but they're not for you. Resist fomo. Keep it simple and have a great time marketing your service based business.

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Matthew Whitenack

Tara is great. I have been looking forward to new content from her. This class is major departure from her earlier classes. In it, she essentially argues that we spend less time on marketing, doing fewer activities....because that nonstop whirlwind of content creation didn't actually help her business (which makes me question what I learned in her earlier classes). I think this new class could greatly benefit from more specific examples of where she suggests we meet our ideal clients since she's suggesting it isn't on social media or in their email inboxes. I don't think I have enough information to actually "do" anything after taking this class.

Onyinye Onyejiaka

Wonderful class. I love that her practical tips are realistic.


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