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Marketing Strategies for Baby Photographers


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The Client Circle

My name is ken klosterman and I am your host for marketing strategies for baby photographers with julia kelleher. Julia is a portrait photographer specializing in newborns and families and she lives in bend, oregon she at it educates photographers all over the globe and she is a sales and marketing expert so everyone please help me welcome back to the creative life stage julia kelleher thank you I appreciate that I have a question for you all first things first do you have enough clients know do you want more? Yes it's hard to get them sometimes isn't it it's like that ever evolving? You feel like you're constantly working for that isn't that kind of how you feel your business operates right now like when's the next client coming it's a challenge and I think marketing for clients and keeping that wheel of the client circle going is what we're going to talk about today and how I hope by the end of this you'll have an actionable strategy to actually start the client circle in your own bu...

siness grow it and it will eventually start to self perpetuate on its own which is kind of the dream situation when I was first starting out I had ah mentor and I asked her I go, does it ever stop? Do I can I ever like stop marketing? Can I ever like take a break because this is hard because I know it's that one client you get him it's great and then you know, because it is next one when's the next one coming where they're coming from okay that exhaustion gets to you and it makes a lot of photographers want to give up but once you understand that marketing is simply a circle a big fat circle and you understand where it three sources come from it's simply a circle that feeds on itself okay? And that's what we're going to discuss all throughout today and into the next second we're going to talk about how to bring in those new clients from the outside external marketing have them experience your brand book with you you provide the experience in the products in return and all of that is fueled by the customer service wheel and I call it the client cycle okay? But then in the end, what happens is when you're first starting out you have to bring in the clients from the new external source correct you don't have any clients but then as they go through the circle and experience the circle you're going to see that the referral start to bring in the qualified people as a secondary source of clientele and once you get this thing spinning enough, then this starts producing better clients more qualified clients clients whom will continue to feed the circle and grow grow, grow, grow, grow and ultimately, you get to the point where eighty percent of the income comes from twenty percent of your clients. And you get to the point where eighty percent of our clients are referrals and twenty percent are new. So that's, the shift that I want to see your businesses take. And trust me, it takes him hard nose work in the beginning and a lot of pounding the pavement and a lot of, oh, my gosh, is this marketing thing ever gonna end? But it's, truly one of those things where once you get it rolling, it does start to happen on its own. So I want to give you that confidence that it will happen. But first, we're going to start from the very beginning.

Class Description

As a baby photographer your greatest challenge is attracting, booking and keeping clients which is essential for running a profitable photography business. It’s what makes your business thrive, yet why is it so hard?!

Join award-winning baby photographer, Julia Kelleher, and learn advanced techniques for marketing to new moms, enticing them to book the session, and then keeping them for life in Marketing Strategies for Baby Photographers with Julia Kelleher.

Julia is an award-winning photographer with a busy baby photography business based in Oregon. In this class, she’ll show you how she earns and keeps loyal clients. You’ll learn about her affordable promotional strategies, smart phone scripts, and how to “sell” the experience.

Julia will help you make your sales and marketing strategies more efficient and effective in Marketing Strategies for Baby Photographers.


a Creativelive Student

I bought this class because we have a studio, my girlfriend is a Family and Newborn Photographer and I'm a Wedding Photographer, and even though I'm not related to newborn photography at all, I found this class so but really so good that I think everybody should take it. Everything about marketing and customer service and all the information provided by Julia made realize a lot of things that I didn't even know! And she is really good, I doesn't matter if she talks for hours, I promise you will keep your attention and will learn a lot, wether you are a professional with years on the business or just starting. Buy it, believe me, it's a bargain once you see everything you will get. Thanks to this class I bought like 8 more :) Did I already said you should buy this class?

Diane Yvon

I purchased another class of hers before this one and will purchase every class Julia teaches! I am in the maternity and newborn niche and her classes completely covers everything. I rewatch every segment over and over and learn something new each time. Highly recommend this!!!